The Best of Amazon Prime Deals!

Did you like this post? Visit a popular post on Why I Wear Skirts All The Time or a tutorial for a quick but elegant hairstyle. Also, please come join me on Facebook I’d love to chat with you there!It’s Prime Day on Amazon! That means you can find some amazing deals. I wanted to […]

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Modest Monday and a Link Up!

We start our new school year officially today! I feel more prepared than last week, I tried to jump in and start with the little girls and realized I had to get our school area more organized and get the older ones ready to go for this week. We have a schedule written up and […]

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Breastfeeding Friendly Dresses on Amazon.

Breastfeeding Friendly Dresses on Amazon

I used to desperately miss wearing dresses when I was breastfeeding a baby, but I’ve since learned that with the help of a Halftee tank or a Halftee Short Sleeve and wrap style dresses, you can easily wear dresses and happily breastfeed a baby! You can watch the video below for more information on how […]

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