10 Easy Hair Buns

*Affiliate links are used in this post. For more information, see our full Disclosure Policy. I’ll never forget putting buns in my hair when I was younger. My hair was incredibly thick and I had a huge handful of bobby pins that I stuck in my hair at all angles, including little ones and long, […]

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Toddlers Have Feelings Too!

“She gets away with way more stuff than we were ever allowed to when we were little!” My oldest uttered those words to me in frustration after our 4 year old was quietly running back and forth between Sean and I during a family prayer, as she couldn’t decide which parent she wanted to stand […]

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This blue Pink Blush maxi dress is so comfortable and looks great with a short sleeve halftee under it! I'm styling it with a dangle necklace from JCPenny.

Halftee – The Perfect Layering Solution!

It can be incredibly difficult to find modest clothing. Everything is so low cut, or the dress is super cute but has spaghetti straps on it instead of an actual sleeve. Even finding a cami that is high enough can be quite a challenge. *Affiliate Links included in post  Years ago I was delighted to […]

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Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Review

I’m not one to get the all the latest hair products to try. For one, it’s expensive. I also don’t have time to learn all the new hair tools out there. I mean, I feel good if I get a shower in every 3 days! *Amazon affiliate links are used in this post.  That’s why […]

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Striped Sweater + Denim Skirt for Winter Months!

It’s that time of year when I wish I could just sit by a roaring fire all day long with a good book, but life must go and so I dress as warmly as I can! Dressing modestly in the winter months can look something like this – *affiliate links included in post* Lots and […]

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Why We Haven’t Joined Disney Plus

I guess I’ll just come out with it. We are not going to jump onto the Disney Plus bandwagon.  Now before I explain why, please know that I say all of this with much love, and this is strictly my own opinion. It’s not gospel truth; it’s what our family has chosen. *Disclaimer – Amazon affiliate […]

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