Where was All About Reading when I was trying to teach my oldest how to read?!

It was a frustrating process. I threw all kinds of stuff at him to see if anything clicked. I’d try one curriculum, and then another. I would read about all these “proven” methods and then give them a try. I wasn’t in love with any of it. It just didn’t seem to be working!

Then one day I was lying in bed recovering from the arrival of baby number 4. Suddenly I heard something that made my heart leap! In the other room my son was reading a little book to his siblings.

I couldn’t believe it! My son was reading a book all by himself! Fast forward 7 years and now he reads almost ALL THE TIME. Reading ability is certainly one area we don’t have to worry about!

Growing Pains

Our second son basically taught himself to read; but when our third child came around I was busy homeschooling our two oldest. At this point, what I needed was a scripted reading curriculum – something that told me to do a, b and c.

When I stumbled across All About Reading I knew I had found what I was looking for!

The true test, though, is if a homeschooling mom will use a curriculum more than once. You know it’s pretty amazing when she sticks with it through several children. Well that’s exactly what we’re doing with All About Reading!

Our two oldest girls have successfully learned how to read using the All About Reading Level 1 program. Our 6 year old daughter is currently working her way through the new version and I plan on using it with Sophia and Emily!

What makes All About Reading so great?

It’s teacher friendly. It gives you the script of what to say and do. As a busy mom I just can’t say enough about this. It’s a HUGE plus.

It has a solid foundation. I’ve seen this program take my girls from struggling with basic letter sounds to reading short stories in little time.

It combines several different ways of learning. Your child can touch the letter magnets (or use the All About Reading app on the iPad!). They can also cut out words and use the worksheets included. On the app they trace their finger under words to spell them out and hear the letter sounds. It’s more engaging than simply putting a book in front of them and sounding out letters.

The readers for Level 1 are actually on level for beginner readers. It can be frustrating trying to find beginner reading books at the library. So many of them have words that are impossible to sound out. It’s also difficult to find books that aren’t ugly or just plain foolish. The level 1 books in All About Reading are totally age appropriate and give your children confidence that they can read actual stories! I also love that the words in the stories go right along with the lesson they are in.

We see success. Both of my girls (ages 8 and 10) are reading. Just as importantly, they absolutely love it! All About Reading has really made the transition from basic letter sounds to full blown reading much quicker and much less difficult for them.

I’ve previously written a blog post on why your child does not have to read at six. In it, I explain why we don’t push our children to read at a really young age. I normally start All About Reading Level 1 when our children are six and slowly work our way through. Sometime in their 8th year they take off and start picking up books to read all on their own!

Some of the cons of All About Reading

I don’t have much to say, but here are a couple of things:

Some of the lessons are very long. If you have a type A personality that loves to finish a lesson every single day, this might bother you. There are weeks where it takes us 3 days to get through one lesson. It doesn’t really bother me, but I know that it might frustrate certain people.

The price. It’s around $140 for the set. However, I totally feel it’s worth it, especially if you have more than one child who will be using it. We all know that learning to read is critical to your child’s success. It’s also critical to the success of your homeschooling!

I always suggest All About Reading to every homeschooling mom I chat with, and have yet to hear many complaints about it! So thankful for this program!

If you are needing a list of beginner reading books to use after you work your way through Level 1, sign up below and we will send you a list of our favorite books!

All About Reading just released an exciting announcement! On January 10th they are releasing levels 1-4 in full color! I think that will be awesome! To celebrate this new launch, they are doing an amazing giveaway! Enter to win levels 1-4, plus a $400 Amazon gift card! Head over to their blog to enter. 

All About Reading sent me a complete set of Level 1 to review, but all thoughts are strictly my own. I was not paid for this review. Affiliate links are included. 

I wrote another post about All About Reading a few years ago, if you want to read more about it!

We love using"All About Reading" in our homeschool days! We are currently teaching our third child to read, and this is the best program I've tried!




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  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I’ve been leaning towards purchasing this and was looking for some positive awards.

  2. Just started looking at reading curriculum the other day for my daughter. I came away thinking All About Reading looked like my favorite choice – glad to hear others really recommend it!

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