If you follow me on Instagram than you might have watched my story and saw that I have a stye on my eye, and I was asking for ideas on how to get over it. Because of the stye I didn’t take pictures for the post today, I stayed home from church and slept as much as Emily would let me sleep! I constantly have to keep reminding myself that I need to show myself grace…being up multiple times in the night nursing is exhausting, and I still need extra sleep!

All the suggestions I received were excellent, but I had already tried all of them. I’m going on day four now, and was really hoping it would clear up! Maybe in a another day or two…

We had family over on Saturday night for a little Christmas party. We fixed finger foods, and watched Sean’s favorite Christmas movie, It’s a Wonderful Life together. It was a lot of fun! This has been a difficult month, so that was honestly the first time I really felt in the Christmas spirit. Wednesday is Olivia’s 9th birthday, so we are going to take our Christmas break from school starting then. Friday we have our cookie baking day with my sister and mother in law, so it should be a fun week!

I have to share this cute picture of a different Lilla Rose stylist wearing the holiday bobby pins. Isn’t she adorable?!! I love her curly hair! Today is the last day to choose priority mail for Christmas delivery from Lilla Rose!Β 

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  1. I had a stye a year or so ago, and it took forever to go away. πŸ™ Or so it seemed to me. But hopefully yours will leave much quicker! The good thing is that it’s not usually a health issue, just an aesthetic one (usually only to ourselves). πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for hosing the link up. πŸ™‚

    I was trying to watch your recent video on the right hand side of the page. The commercials were playing so often that I gave up. It was seconds of you talking and then another commercial. I don’t know if you can control that or not, but I thought you should know.

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