A Year of Playing Skillfully For Our Whole Family!

I finally did it. At various conventions we’ve attended I’ve visited the Homegrown Preschooler booth more times than I can count. I’ve poured over the A Year Of Playing Skillfully curriculum, trying to decide if I should get it for my girls. Well, this is the year that I actually went ahead and purchased the curriculum […]

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How to Homeschool Through Challenging Seasons

*This post is sponsored by Teaching Textbooks. All thoughts are my own!*  Homeschooling has seasons of bliss and seasons of difficulty. We have had a few years where overall I looked back and had a good feeling about what we accomplished for the year. But there are definitely years where we struggle through. Pregnancy, sickness, […]

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Homeschooling Through High School

It feels crazy to be writing about high school, but we are about to start another school year next month and I will have a 10th grader! I thought I would share what I have learned so far, and help relieve some fears from those of you who are entering this season. My biggest tip? […]

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