Beakerz Science Boxes for Pre-K through 3rd Grade!

I love traveling to all the homeschool conventions that we attend in the spring, because we get to discover all sorts of new companies. Beakerz science was one of those companies that we all fell in love with! Our Character Badges booth was right next to them and my girls spent hours at their booth. […]

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A Year of Playing Skillfully For Our Whole Family!

I finally did it. At various conventions we’ve attended I’ve visited the Homegrown Preschooler booth more times than I can count. I’ve poured over the A Year Of Playing Skillfully curriculum, trying to decide if I should get it for my girls. Well, this is the year that I actually went ahead and purchased the curriculum […]

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How to Homeschool Through Challenging Seasons

*This post is sponsored by Teaching Textbooks. All thoughts are my own!*  Homeschooling has seasons of bliss and seasons of difficulty. We have had a few years where overall I looked back and had a good feeling about what we accomplished for the year. But there are definitely years where we struggle through. Pregnancy, sickness, […]

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Homeschooling Through High School

It feels crazy to be writing about high school, but we are about to start another school year next month and I will have a 10th grader! I thought I would share what I have learned so far, and help relieve some fears from those of you who are entering this season. My biggest tip? […]

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The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts

What We Are Using For Language Arts

I’m back again with a look at what we did for Language Arts this year! If I’m being honest, Language Arts is my least favorite topic to teach. I don’t enjoy all the technical steps of grammar and writing (which I’m sure sadly comes through in my writing), and it’s been hard for me to […]

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