Studying Missionaries In Your Homeschool Day

When I look back on my homeschooling experience certain things stand out to me. A big one is the faith I developed as I read through stories of great missionaries. I wanted the faith to endure trials like these men and women, and when I read about how unselfish they were I knew I had […]

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How To Teach Music In Your Homeschool Year!

I’ve been wanting to write about the importance of music in your homeschool year for quite awhile now. It’s something I feel very strongly about since I grew up surrounded by music, and not just any music, but beautiful and inspiring classical music. From the time I was young music was a part of me. […]

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The Build Your Bundle Homeschool Sale Is Here!

Would you like to save hundreds of dollars on homeschool curriculum? The Build Your Bundle Homeschool sale can help you do that! This Bundle sale comes once a year, and it’s designed to help you pick curriculum for your new school year without breaking the bank. The sale starts today and I’ve been so excited […]

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