Two New Homeschooling Books That Are Must Reads

I normally try to get one or two new homeschooling books each year. They keep me going and give me fresh perspectives. After traveling around to 3 different homeschool conventions, I left all those conventions with only purchasing 2 different books. It took some restraint, but I was so pleased with what I purchased! The […]

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Homeschooling the Middle School Years

Homeschooling the middle school years have been a mixture of fun times and challenging moments. But that sums up any homeschooling year. To be more specific, the challenging moments come because of the age of the child you are teaching. You are working hard to encourage them to be independent learners and, more importantly, to […]

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The Good and The Beautiful Kindergarten Curriculum

I don’t often find myself so in love with a curriculum that I call it perfect, but that’s the way I feel with The Good and The Beautiful Kindergarten Curriculum! The Level K Primer course book is a brand new book that was recently released to help close the jump between the Preschool and Level […]

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Gift Guide For The Homeschooling Mom

Inevitably the question always arises. “What do you want for____(Birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day…) and you struggle to find a good answer. So I decided to put together a gift guide for the homeschooling mom to give you ideas! You could even just email your husband this blog post to give him ideas and he could […]

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