The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts

What We Are Using For Language Arts

I’m back again with a look at what we did for Language Arts this year! If I’m being honest, Language Arts is my least favorite topic to teach. I don’t enjoy all the technical steps of grammar and writing (which I’m sure sadly comes through in my writing), and it’s been hard for me to […]

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History Curriculum For Large Families

It’s time to talk about one of my favorite subjects in school – history! I have encouraged my children to love history and to look for what happens when people follow God, versus when they choose to follow their own desires.  History is the easiest subject for me to pick curriculum for and the subject […]

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Review of The Compass Classroom Filmmaking Class

Do you have a child interested in filmmaking? Depending on your convictions and beliefs concerning what movies your families watches, it can be a difficult interest to have your child pursue. Israel has had a huge love of filmmaking for several years now. Normally when a child has an interest in something, it can easily […]

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