Do you know one of the easiest things ever to ditch and switch? It’s found under your kitchen sink! Go ahead…run over to your cabinet and open it up and took a good look at what is inside. You might be surprised with just how many chemicals are found underneath there!

The 409 cleaner that I’m holding in my hand?

It has a rating of 8 (10 being the worst) on the Dirty App.

The Thieves Household Cleaner that I’m using?

Totally safe for your entire household to use, plus it’s actually good for your immune system! 

So why would you want to switch to a toxin free household cleaner?I involve my children in cleaning around our house a lot. So I want to feel good about what I’m putting in their hands to clean with.

The European government has banned over 1,000 times more chemicals than the USA! According to the EWG there are thousands of hidden toxins in household cleaners! Even the ones that are labeled “safe” or “natural” or “green” can be actually quite harmful for you!

I bought into the belief that Mrs. Meyers was good for you. Come to find out, it has the same rating as the 409 cleaner, it’s an 8! This is SO scary, and it makes me believe that we have to be our OWN advocates for our families! There are cancer causing chemicals, asthma triggering chemicals, and HIGHLY toxic chemicals and even hormone disruptors in these household cleaning products that no one is talking about!

Did you know that one of the causes of major health issues in children is environmental exposures? There really are such super easy and AFFORDABLE solutions, we just need the knowledge!

The Thieves cleaner from Young Living is what I’ve been using for months now. It’s a completely toxin free cleaner formulated out of 100% plant and mineral based ingredients. You can use it on every single surface of your home!

It comes in an ultra concentrated bottle that you dilute down with water in a spray bottle. One spray bottle costs less than $1.00 to use, so you will actually save MORE money than if you keep buying the cleaning products from the store! Say what?!!

What cleaning spray do you use? I’d like to challenge you to go look up your cleaning product brand on the Think Dirty App and see what the rating is. Come back here and tell me.

Did you know that Young Living is offering a never before seen special this month? You can join with a new enrollment kit and get FREE SHIPPING!! This is so awesome! Plus, sign up for the ER option and you get a free bottle of nutmeg (so good for your adrenal glands, and it smells good!), and I’ll send you a free gift of glass spray bottles and other goodies!!

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  1. Oh wow! I didn’t realize Mrs. Meyers cleaners were so unhealthy! I was letting the kids use her cleaner for cleaning the bathrooms. We recently ran out of it and I have a different cleaner for them to use now. But still, I had no idea! Thank you for sharing this. I will be taking a closer look at my cleaners.

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