This is a simple, but super effective tip to share! Did you know that you can use coconut oil to remove mascara? And that it works amazingly well?

It’s true. If you are on the journey of ditching the chemicals, get rid of those makeup remover wipes that are toxic! I looked up many of the name brands on the Think Dirty App, such as Aveeno (which uses the word natural on the package!), Olay, Target’s Up&Up brand, those are all rated at an 8 (10 being the worst!).

So how exactly do you use coconut oil to remove your mascara?

First, buy some coconut oil. I always just use the same coconut oil that I buy for cooking.

Take a little bit out of the jar and put into a small container.

Put by your bathroom sink, along with a jar of cotton pads.

Every night, simply dab a cotton pad into the coconut oil, wipe gently across your closed eyes and it will remove the maskera and be so good for you! Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer, so it won’t harm the area around your eyes at all.

Super easy and affordable.

One other tip for removing mascara or your makeup in general…if you love actual makeup wipes but want to find a more natural solution, the Young Living lavender baby wipes actually work perfect for makeup remover wipes! I went through a whole package and loved how well they worked.

Lavender is soothing and healing to your skin, so it’s an extra boost to use these wipes to remove makeup.




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  1. Great tip! Another thing that works really well to remove makeup are the Norwex Face Cloths. They are re-usable and all the do is wet the cloth and rub off your makeup. I have been using them for years and they are my favorite! I even bring them on vacation with me.

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