Making glycerine tinctures is not hard! I'm sharing the step by step instructions at

I’ve read for years on how to make herbal glycerine tinctures. I just never actually did it. There are so many wonderful things out there to do and my list of things I’d love to try seems endless! However when winter hit this year and the flu came along with it, I decided now was the time to try making a tincture for my children.

I was in for a pleasant surprise. Making herbal glycerine tinctures is the easiest thing ever! Anyone can do it!

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An herbal tincture is a very concentrated herbal liquid. You place herbs in a jar, and cover it with your choice of liquid and then let it sit, 3 days to weeks depending on which liquid you put in it. When it is done you strain the herbs out, and then you use the liquid that is left.

There are two different types of tinctures available to make. One is a glycerine tincture, which is the best option if you are making tinctures for your children. The other option is to use vodka, which can make a stronger tincture that lasts longer, but most people don’t want to give that to their children.

Glycerine tinctures are made from food grade, 100% vegetable glycerine. The Bulk Herb Store sells glycerine that is palm based instead of soy based. Glycerine is naturally sweet, which makes it a good choice for children.  Mothers know it can be difficult to get nasty tasting things down children! 🙂

The tincture I made was the Double-E-Immune Booster from the Bulk Herb Store. This tincture is only to be taken when you are actually sick. You don’t want your body getting used to the herbs and then when you really need them, they are not as effective. Think of this tincture like an antibiotic, if you gave your child an antibiotic every day the body would become so used to it that it would no longer work.

How to Make a Glycerine Tincture 

Supplies needed: A crockpot, herb or herbal blend, glass jar with lid, glycerine, water, and something to strain it with ( knit fabric, old t-shirt, or ultra fine strainer).

glycerine for tincture | themodestmomblog.comI used glycerine from my local health food store. I needed to make a tincture quickly so I didn’t want to wait for an order to come in the mail.

herbs mixed with glycerine and water in a canning jar. | themodestmomblog.comI filled up a jar about ⅔ way full. You can do ⅓ to ½ full, I just ended up using all the herbs in my package which made a strong tincture. Then you cover the herbs with a mixture of 2 parts water and 3 parts glycerine. If you put in 1 cup of water, put in 1 ½ cup of glycerine. I used a knife and stirred it together a little bit. I suggest putting the water in first to wet the herbs, I think the glycerine will mix together better.

Place herbs in crockpot | themodestmomblog.comPlace the jar in a crockpot. You will want to put a towel down first, then cover it about halfway full with water. Keep an eye on your water as you might need to add more water halfway through. You do not need a large crockpot as the lid does not need to go on.

Cover your crockpot with a towel | themodestmomblog.comCover your jar and crockpot with a towel and turn on low. This will sit for 3 days, so you just need to push it back on the counter and wait! I had to add more water about halfway through, so keep an eye on that. Otherwise, just go on about your life and forget about it!

The glycerine tincture is ready to strain! | themodestmomblog.comAfter three days take your tincture out and let sit on the counter for about 10 minutes to cool down. Now it is time to strain the herbs out! I found using some knit fabric the best choice, if your husband has an old t-shirt you could use that would be great. Since I sell maternity skirts I have lots of knit scraps sitting around!

Strain your glycerine tincture with knit material |

Put the fabric over a bowl and start pouring the herb mixture out. I had to use a spoon, and dumped out a little bit at a time.

Straining-tincture1Squeeze the herbs until all the liquid has come out, dump the herbs in the trash and then repeat that until all the herbs in the jar have been strained.

Use an ultra fine strainer at the end | themodestmomblog.comThis is optional, but I didn’t want any herbs left in the tincture, so I strained it again with a really fine strainer.

Pour the tincture into a glass bottle | themodestmomblog.comUse a small funnel and pour the tincture into a glass jar.

Herbal Glycerine Tincture | themodestmomblog.comLabel your tincture and you are done! Make sure and put the date you made the tincture on the bottle.

It really is easy to do and now I’m excited to make some other tinctures! I love the blend of Red Raspberry that the Bulk Herb Store sells so I’m thinking of making that into a tincture instead of a tea. We are so blessed to have access to herbs and other healthy items to give our family! In other countries mothers are struggling to just have enough food for their child, so I consider it a great blessing to have an abundance of herbs readily available for us.

*If you have not visited the Bulk Herb Store before, it is a favorite of mine! They have high quality herbs that can make excellent teas, tinctures, smoothies, and more!*

Great selection of bulk herbs, books, and remedies. Articles, Research Aids and much more.


Here is a list of all the sales at the Bulk Herb Store for January. I use the Super Green Drink blend in my smoothies!

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19 Comments on How to make herbal glycerine tinctures

  1. Thats awesome! Thanks for sharing. I make cinnamon extract from vodka and cinnamon sticks from Mountain Rose. It is great for baking! I’ll have to try this! Where did you get your bottles with the dropper?

  2. I’ve only recently come across your blog and have enjoyed all of the posts I have read so far. I purchase my herbs from the Bulk Herb Store too. I have wanted to make tinctures but haven’t yet. I’m glad it worked out well for you!!! 🙂

  3. What herbs did you use? This is a very new idea to me… I would like to try it but I don’t have a clue what herbs to use…

  4. I am so glad you posted this! I have always been scared to try to make tinctures. I think I’m going to try this one and also the Fast Asleep as a tincture. I have been suffering from insomnia due to restless leg syndrome. My doctor has prescribed me sleep meds, but I would much rather deal with this naturally.

    • it’s me again! I ordered the “Tincture Kit” that was on special at the Bulk Herb Store and got it in the mail yesterday. I’ve already started my tinctures…the long way…my crock pot is tied up making ox tail soup. 🙂 anyway, I want to thank you for posting this. it inspired me to try making tinctures. I am using the Snooze tonight as a tea.

  5. This was a super awesome post! DEFINITELY the easiest tincture-making post I’ve seen. After reading THIS/YOUR post, I feel like, “oh! I could do that! J” Thanks so much, Ms Caroline! 😀 😀 😀

  6. Hi Caroline, a quick question…is it safe to make tinctures using ordinary drinking vodka? Is there any danger of bacteria forming in such a tincture? Thank you very much.

      • You can use vodka but I found it difficult to find a high enough alcohol content in my area. When I finally found it I was shocked by the price. The vegetable glycerin cost far less.

        • When using dried herbs with vodka you use regular vodka that you drink. The ratio of dried herb to menstrum is usually 1:5. For the dried herb you only need to be about 60% alcohol. So skol vodka would he plenty high enough for dried herbs.

          • Rule of thumb: Never use less than 1/2 & half alcohol & Distilled water, it is best to use more alcohol than water, and ALWAYS use DISTILLED as no bacteria is in that, and usually 1 ounce of herbal mixture makes the proper strength tincture. I make and sell tinctures. I had just never made a glycerin one. I used to use Grain alcohol, but it was very hard for people to handle as it burns inside the mouth but is the highest % of alcohol, I now use the highest % of Brandy and is more palatable. I myself am alergic to Vodka & Rum.

    • Yes, you can use regular vodka or other alcohols depending on what you are extracting. Some herbs require a higher percentage of alcohol to extract all of the medicinal constituents. The alcohol acts as a preservative so no bacteria will grow.

  7. I have been drinking Hibiscus tea for my blood pressure and it is working great. My question is I would like to make tincture with glycerine. After I make it how much of it would be the same as the tea. Would I be talking drops, teaspoons or more. I use a teaspoon to make my tea. Thanks for any input Ann

  8. I’m extremely nee to tinctures and there is information I can’t seem to find. We made all kinds of herb tinctures using 80 proof Jenkins vodka. The two we filtered and bottled today were Hot & Spicy Oregano and Thyme. I’ve never used tinctures so I have zero experience with them.
    Is it normal/natural for the to smell like I dunno fermented plants? They don’t smell like herbs to me. They smell like decomposing plant matter though. Got a headache bottling them. I plan to use some myself and gift the rest. I don’t want to give anything that isn’t safe to friends nor do I want to consume anything that isn’t safe for me. How do I know if the powerful smell is just powerful medicine or something gone wrong?

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