Yet another Modest Monday and a link up!

For those of you who follow this blog, you know my husband is in college full time. He goes back for his final semester this week. I’m trying to keep a smile on my face and encouraging words on my lips for my husband, but inside I’m really not looking forward to this last semester! The Lord has given us incredible strength to get through this college experience and at times I feel like I should pinch myself that we have actually made it this far! I would really appreciate prayers for our family as we start this last semester. On top of college there is a good chance that Sean will be taking on an immense amount of responsibility at our church. Life will not be slowing down, and the only way we endure each day is through the Lord’s strength. When I feel like crumbling, I stop and pray. I want to bless my husband and be of great strength to him, so I must be fed through the Lord in order to be that strength.

Sean and I went on a date Friday night. It was a casual date, we went to Chipotle for dinner and we went shopping. Marshalls for dumbbells, Walmart for a few practical items. Then we visited the Christian bookstores looking for a gift for our son who was baptized Sunday. We dressed up though because we attended a visitation that night also. The outfit below is what I wore.

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Gray Maxi Skirt for Modest Monday

A coat was still needed, but thankfully as of Sunday the snow has finally melted!

Modest Monday link up

I really like these vintage looking earrings.

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Curling my hair is so easy with this hot roller set.

Modest Monday Outfit

What I Wore

Maxi Skirt – Deborah & Co. (On sale right now!)

Purple Sweater- Gap (I just purchased it on clearance)

Scarf- Target

Shoes – Thrift Store

Earrings – Carolina Earrings from Mialisa

Makeup – L’BRI natural skincare and makeup

Flexi Clip – Daisy Dangle Freestyle

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  1. I’m praying right now that you would both be of one mind and one purpose when it comes to making any & all decisions about how to order your days over the next few months, and for that sweet peace that passes all understanding to guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus!

    Isaiah 26:3-4 has been a help through many full seasons 🙂

  2. Hi Caroline, I love seeing your outfits on Monday mornings and I always think you look beautiful but I thought I would write to tell you this morning you look even more radiant than usual! That shimmering snow behind you is a perfect backdrop. I will be thinking of you and your husband as you face this last semester together. Many thanks for your lovely blog, it’s a regular encouragement for me. In Christ, Jennifer

  3. I so remember the days when my husband was in school – and he worked full time to boot! It’s so hard juggling schedules and responsibilities during this season of your life, but date nights are absolutely essential! Glad you are able to take time to reconnect thru the busyness. Essential for a happy marriage. Super cute outfit too, by the way! 😉

  4. Oh how I feel your pain! I remember well my husband going through EMT school, being on-call, and working full time running our own business- all while raising 3 small children. I had no friends or family to help. The church we went to was 45 mins. away and I didn’t feel close enough to anyone to ask for help or visit with. I remember feeling like that season would never end! And now here it is, a distant memory 🙂 Anyway, I will be praying for you. God will get you through it!

  5. Thanks so much Carolyn for sharing the pictures of you all dressed up to be with your husband. I will pray for you as you go through this semester with your husband in college. That isn’t easy with children.

    Thanks for hosting the linkup today 🙂

  6. Before my husband became a full-time pastor he worked at his “secular” job all day and then at night he worked on his studied, worked on his sermon, had meetings, and, of course, tried to spend time at home with the kids and I! He did that for six months before quitting to be a full-time pastor and it was rough. Especially for him, but hard on all of us.

    Our youngest, especially, felt like he rarely saw his dad during that time. But it was a season of life and, as you said, the Lord is the source of our strength! Praying God’s grace and strength for you all during this time! Thanks for hosting.

  7. Caroline,
    As i read the comments of our dear fellow bloggers above, seasoned women farther down the road of life than you are, I can add my amen to their words. You’re in a physically demanding stage right now. In the throes of parenting young children, working (and yes, blogging is WORK), homeschooling, and trying to be an active church member and loving wife. It’s hard. Really hard. From the other side, I can assure you that you’ll make it through. Not just make it through, but if you throw yourself on Christ every morning before you do anything else, seek him in the Word (even if it’s only 5 minutes), and pray for him to enable you to do what he’s called you to do for THIS DAY and this day only, his strength will be made perfect in your weakness. An important thing to remember is for you and your husband to guard your date nights. When you homeschool and parent 24/7, you HAVE TO GET AWAY regularly to focus on him. He’s your first priority, but good husbands often get pushed to the back of the line (or out the door) with a houseful of clamoring children. Imagine what your life would look like without him, and then purpose to love him first and best. I’m praying for you today.

  8. Caroline, that purple sweater looks great on you!!! So glad you guys could have a date. It’s so important to connect and reconnect and be on the same page, not to mention just enjoy each others’ company, eh? I will lift you up this semester. Way to persevere! I pray you will both know exactly what the Father wants you to take on (or not). Are you familiar with the song by Jenn Johnson (Bethel Music) called “God, I Look To You”? I highly recommend it. xo 🙂

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