Kindergarten and Preschool for our 2015-2016 School Year

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What we are using for Kindergarten and Preschool in our home!

I have written before that I try to keep a balanced approach to Pre-K and Kindergarten. I don’t feel like my kindergartener has to be reading in her kindergarten year. If she does, great. If she doesn’t, I know that first grade is rolling around and she will learn it then.

I really try to let the child lead in kindergarten. If they want to learn how to read, we will work on it. If it’s really hard for them, we set it aside for awhile.

As for preschool..I do just a little bit when they are 3 and use the Horizons preschool book in their 4th year. Since Deborah has a December birthday, we might start the Horizons book in January. I’ll share what she is doing for now below.

What we are doing for Kindergarten – age 5 with Olivia

All About Reading Level 1. This is an awesome reading curriculum for Kindergarten age!

Reading – I really wasn’t planning on jumping right in to reading with Olivia at the start of our kindergarten year. Last year was a super difficult year because of a rough pregnancy. I didn’t complete the pre-reading program from All About Reading with her, and thought we might need to do that first. She came to me one day and asked if she could learn how to read, so we pulled out level 1 to try.

To my surprise and relief, she is doing great! I am excited to see how far we get this year in reading.

We love using All About Reading!

If there is one curriculum that makes me want to almost cry with joy over finding it, All About Reading would be it. When I pick it up, I feel relief and joy. Seriously, a year later I still feel happy when I pick up the book. I plan on going through all the levels with each of my girls. We are in the middle of the second level with our second grade daughter.

Math – We started kindergarten math right when she turned 5 in December, and we are about ¾ through book 1 of Horizons K math. We go slow, but she seems to be good at math. She loves patterns, and gets excited when she sees a pattern in toys or in a book. :)

Handwriting- A Reason for Handwriting, K. We also use the Handwriting without tears app on the iPad, and that has been fantastic for her! I’ve tried several handwriting apps but that is by far my favorite.


I’m planning on printing out and laminating this free ABC Ringer set to take with us places (like music lessons) for her to keep practicing her handwriting.

She sits and listens in on the book we read as a family. Right now Sean is reading a biography of a man from our church in the evenings, and I’m reading “These Happy Golden Years” from the Little House on the Prairie set in the mornings to them. We try to have devotions and then do our read a loud book right after that, while everyone is still together.

What we are doing for Preschool – age 3 with Deborah 

I mainly do preschool because the younger children see the older ones doing school, and they want to do workbooks as well! When they are 3, my goal is to keep them busy. Why not keep them busy with educational things if they want to do it?!

Right now Deborah’s favorite thing is her ABC Wipe-Clean book from Usborne. I plan on getting a lot more of these Wipe-Clean books, as she just loves them! The quality of the books are really good as well.

Wipe Clean books for Preschool and Kindergarten age from Usborne! She listens in on our read alouds, plays blocks, sings, and colors a lot! Lately her favorite coloring book has been the Weddings color book. Lots of girly stuff to color in that one. 😉 The girls also like building puzzles, and playing legos with the older ones!

The ABC Wipe Clean book from Usborne is a fun Preschool and Kindergarten book!

That’s about all we do for the young ages! We focus mainly on math and reading in the kindergarten and first grade, because once they get those skills down they can accomplish so much!

I recently joined Usborne Books and More as a consultant. Honestly, I joined for the fun of it because my children adore the books so much! My 9 year old loves the history sticker books, both boys devoir the history and science encyclopedias, and our girls love the activity books (doodle art books, fashion drawing and coloring books, and much more!). Plus all the other educational items they offer.

I’m having an Usborne Facebook party this Thursday night at 8:30 PM Central time, I’d love to have you have join as I’m giving away some free stuff! 

I’d love to hear what you do for Kindergarten and Preschool in your home!




Modest Monday and a Link Up!

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Green Polka Dot Skirt with Pink Cardigan and sweater

We went to a wedding Saturday night and this is the outfit I wore. If I’m being honest, I put very little effort into this outfit. It was a busy Saturday, full of running errands, cleaning house (at the end of the day you couldn’t even tell I did anything, anybody else relate to that?!!), and we actually left our 5 month old, exclusively nursing baby with my sister while we went to the wedding! Trying to make sure that she was fed before we left was a high priority, and thankfully she did great!

The theme of the wedding was 1920’s, and you were encouraged to come dressed that way. I thought about actually doing that, but realized I’d have to go buy a whole new outfit to get that look. The practical side of me decided against it, so I just picked something from my closet and went. :)

Hair in braids with Mega Size flexi clip

It was an outside wedding so I put my hair up to avoid being hot. For this hairstyle I french braid each side, and then I gently tie my hair together in several sections, tuck the ends behind the braids and use a Mega size flexi clip to hold it all together. Yes, I have very thick hair. :)

What I Wore

Skirt – Deborah & Co. (no longer available on there)

Cardigan – Deborah & Co.

Shoes – Kohls

Flexi Clip – Lilla Rose

Makeup – L’BRI Pure and Natural

Link Up Time!

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Favorite Weekend Links…

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I thought I would share a few blog posts that have blessed me recently!

Why I Keep A Clutter-Free Home – I found myself agreeing with this post, and longing to be able to do this. However, we don’t have a few acres in the country. We have a very small yard, and in the winter months especially I need to be able to keep them busy! If we are ever blessed to live in the country I will be purging more toys. I have a large cabinet for them right now.

On Being Outnumbered and Teaching From Rest – “I’m finding that the hardest part of homeschooling with toddlers and babies underfoot is that the vision that lived in my head since I first dreamed up this crazy idea to homeschool looks nothing like my reality. ” Yes and Amen. I have such dreams…most days they are crushed by the reality of six children that don’t share those dreams.

You Can’t Keep Sin Out – What I got out of this post is summed up in one sentence that Amy wrote. “We MUST stop believing we can follow a formula or method and reap perfection. ” A good reminder!

Becoming Who I Am – If you have lost your mom, this post is good to read.

Finally, here is a new video that we made for our Character Badge Kickstarter Campaign that shows what our children think about Character Badges. We think it’s pretty funny. :)  (If you are reading this in an email, click here to watch it!). There are 20 days left to make a pledge to get your Character Badge set, if we don’t reach our funding goal than we will not be able to manufacture these. So now is your only chance!

Feminine Friday { Fall is Coming! }

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Modern Countryside - The Modest Mom


Oh this outfit makes me look forward to fall! My sister actually tried this jacket on when we were at Maurices together, she liked it but they didn’t have her size at the store. The scarf looks so cute with it!
A Pop of Blue - The Modest Mom

A Pop Of Blue 

Maurices flounce top / AB Studio clothing /Cropped Layering ShellSacred Heart helens heart shoes / Champagne bracelet / Earrings / Flexi Clip

I fell in love with this blouse when I was at Maurices last! I even have that skirt from Kohls.

Stripes and Floral - The Modest Mom


Stripes and Florals

Maurices pink top / Wedges shoes /Full Length Halftee / LC Lauren Conrad pink jewelry / Cato | Mobile / Flexi Clip

It will be time to pull out scarves again soon! I love this floral scarf.

3 Day Lilla Rose Sale!


Don’t forget the three day Lilla Rose sale, and the mystery hostess party going on! Free shipping on orders of $40 or more, and up to 30% off!

Have a great weekend!