Modest Monday and a Link Up!

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Maxi Skirt with ScarfI haven’t been wearing scarfs lately but this one is lightweight, so I can handle it in the summer months. I like how it adds an extra touch of color. And yes, I totally did go to Pinterest to remember how to knot my scarf this morning. :) I don’t wear scarfs all the time, so I always seem to forget.

Modest Monday Outfit My hair is so heavy, it normally is just flat as can be. I teased the top part of my hair after blow drying it, so there would be at least a little bit of volume! I pulled back just a little bit, so I used a mini flexi clip to hold it.

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 Yes, the Build Your Bundle Homeschool Edition ends TONIGHT!! I’m letting all the procrastinators know so you can grab your Bundle before this sale is over! There are some excellent home school material contained in these bundles that you normally don’t ever see in a sale like this!

What I Wore

Skirt – Teal Maxi Skirt from Deborah & Co.

Coral top – Merona brand from ThredUP

Scarf – ThredUP

Sandals – Ross

Makeup – L’BRI pure and natural makeup

Flexi Clip – Lilla Rose Mini Dangle Clip (the free shipping on enrollment kits is still going on!)

Link Up Time!

Please feel free to share posts about anything concerning being a godly, feminine woman. Topics include: modesty, being a wife, mother, homeschooler, homemaker, cooking, sewing, etc.

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New Princess Items at Deborah & Co!

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Royal Pink Princess Dress!


We have new princess items at Deborah & Co. I’ve received nothing but good feedback on the play dresses we currently sell. We now offer this Royal Pink Princess dress for girls ages 1-9.

We also offer a matching doll dress!

Royal Pink Princess Doll Dress

This sweet dress will fit a 16″-20″ doll or stuffed animal.

No princess is complete without a crown!

A pink princess crown for a sweet little girl!

My girls went crazy in excitement when they saw this new princess crown! They are just stunning and any little girl will feel so special when they are wearing one of these!

They are perfect for dress up play, and birthday parties.


Don’t forget that when you purchase a Bundle Set from the Build Your Bundle going on right now, one of the $500+ bonuses is a $15 off $30 coupon to the media and toys page, or the cami page at Deborah & Co. So you can get $15 off these new items when you spend $30!

Build Your Bundle - Homeschool Edition Sale - Up to 92% Off!This Mom Bundle is normally $118 if you buy it separately, but you can get it for only $10 through the Bundle Sale!! Even if you don’t homeschool there are items in here that are of help. The Easy Peasy Chores ebook is $18.99 by itself!

This sale ends Monday, so don’t miss your chance at getting this bundle, or one of the other offers while you can! When you purchase 2 bundles, you get the 3rd one free!

Build Your Bundle - Homeschool Edition Sale - Up to 92% Off!

There has been some feedback given that families wished this sale was at the beginning of the month, due to when paychecks are issued. While I never promote credit, Paypal does have the option of Bill Me Later, where you can just pay a few days later once you get paid without any interest. If you had your heart set on a bundle and feel it would be a blessing to your family, that is something to consider.

Wearing Skirts in the Summer – Seasonal Blog Hop

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I missed out on the seasonal blog hop for Spring, but I’m delighted to join a group of bloggers for the Summer blog hop! It is hard finding bloggers who have a niche in modest dress, so you will definitely want to look around at all the different posts and see the cute outfits that have been put together! The focus on this Blog Hop is wearing skirts in the summer months.

I don’t consider my outfits to be super stylish. I try to look on the more modern side, but my first focus is if the outfit is modest. Being a mom of five children I have to keep things practical as well. Skirts are the easiest for me to wear, and I layer with cami’s a lot.

I love this easy outfit of a polka dot skirt and blue top! I like outfits that are easy to put together. I don’t spend a lot of time in the morning on doing fancy hairstyles, it’s either down, or pulled back in a flexi clip. A few times a month I’ll take a couple of extra minutes and braid it before I start my day.

It's easy to braid your hair with a flexi clip! I braided my hair in two braids here, and twisted them together with Mega Tree of Life flexi clip.

 If I’m going out I normally put on some foundation, blush, eye shadow and sometimes mascara (I like the L’BRI makeup), but around the house I normally don’t wear makeup. I’m not the type of person that can’t ever be seen without makeup on, and I don’t have a problem going out without it on either.

Using a simple bobby pin is an easy way to add a cute extra touch to your outfit! Using a bobby pin to pull your hair back can add a simple, easy cute look to your outfit.

I keep my makeup simple! I keep my makeup simple. I don’t want people to look at me, and the first thought they have is “wow, that girl is wearing a lot of makeup!” I use makeup as a tool, not to totally change how I look.

A striped maxi skirt is a modern modest look!A striped maxi skirt is very comfortable to wear and it is a modern modest look. I’m so grateful that maxi skirts and dresses are still in style, because you can actually find a long skirt or dress in stores still!

A tiered skirt and blue top is an easy outfit to put together If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been wearing this blue top a lot this summer! I sold it last year at Deborah & Co. and it sold out pretty fast!

I wear this rainbow denim skirt several times a week. I wear this denim skirt about 3 times a week. Sometimes more. I have 2 of them hanging up in my closet! This skirt is my favorite denim skirt. It is versatile, comfortable, it goes with everything, and it’s easy to move around in it and be an active mom.

I wear a lot of clothes that I sell at Deborah & Co. but I also find clothes at Zulily and ThredUP online. Very occasionally I will find something at Target, Kohls, or Marshalls that I buy, but a lot of my tops come from either ThredUP or the thrift store. Lately almost everything has come from ThredUP since I’ve been blessed with a lot of credit to the store. I love getting to share special links like this one, where new customers get $20 in free credit to ThredUP and can get something free!

You get some amazing bonus offers when you purchase a Build Your Bundle Homeschool Edition!

Don’t forget about the amazing freebies and discounts that you receive when you purchase a Build Your Bundle, Homeschool Edition Set! You can choose Tot-High School level, or a Charlotte Mason package, or a Mom package. You get a $15 off $30 coupon to the Cami or Media and Toys page at Deborah & Co. when you purchase a bundle!

Seasonal Skirts

I’ve joined up with these bloggers for this Seasonal Skirt Wearing Blog Hop

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Keeping a Balanced Approach to The Pre-K and Kindergarten Years

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Keeping a balanced approach to preschool and kindergarten is wise for the sanity of mom and child!

Since I was homeschooled all my life I had a good idea of what homeschooling my own children would be like. I remember the fantastic days of school, singing civil war songs around the piano, nature studies, reading so many wonderful books, and watching Andy Griffith during lunch time. :)

But I also remember the days where we started really late, my brother and I laughed during the entire devotion, my mom breaking down in tears and getting so frustrated, her worry over our weak areas in school, and trying to juggle school in between doctor appointments and moving six times in six years! Homeschooling takes a devoted mom with a steadfast vision to continue year after year.

When our oldest was approaching pre-school age I was very much into the Charlotte Mason method of letting young children learn through playing, being outside, reading to them, etc. We didn’t do very many workbooks, and I didn’t push him to read young. I still remember being pregnant with our youngest, and being in bed during a very difficult first trimester. He was seven at this point and still hardly reading anything. I was beginning to get frustrated, even though I knew all the statistics about boys being late readers. As I lay in bed I overheard him reading a book to his sisters, and he literally started reading overnight! I couldn’t believe it. He now is an avid reader, and we can’t keep him supplied with enough good books to read!

I have changed my opinions concerning the preschool/kindergarten years as I’ve had more children. Surprisingly, I’ve gotten a little more proactive about what we do, instead of relaxed. It’s still a season of life that I don’t stress about though.Children learn through observation, through living life, and yes, through workbooks! (Olivia writing her letters in a one room schoolhouse!)

There are two different approaches that I’ve observed when it comes to preschool and kindergarten.

The first is the super excited first time mom that can’t wait to get started. She takes her baby to infant music classes, teaches her sign language, and at 2 years old is trying to teach her the ABC song. By 3 she is hoping to have the child reading some simple words, and excelling in Kindergarten at age 4. A strict school routine and a formal school area is found in their home. The parents are so proud of their smart child, and they are quick to show off the child’s work to everyone.

The second mom lets the child simply live life, play with lincoln logs and dolls and cars, help the mom in the kitchen, play outside for hours, and teaches him to count using blocks. She traces letters in the air with her finger, and has a special box of salt or sugar that the child makes his first letter shapes in with his finger. Formal workbooks and teaching him to read comes much later, at the age of 6 or even 7.

Both approaches can work. However neither approach works perfectly for the large family. My 4 year old is the 4th child, and I have a 5th, 3rd, and 1st grader that must be engaged in school work every day.  By the time I get done with all the necessary schoolwork, I just don’t have the energy to go make letters out of clay, or sit and play blocks with my 4th child by herself.

What I do have the energy for is some scheduled workbook pages that she can do while I’m working with the other children. Olivia begs to do her Horizon’s Preschool workbook, and when we don’t get to it she actually gets pretty upset! Workbooks sometimes have a bad name to them, especially for little ones, but at this point that’s exactly what she needs.

Preschool years are so much fun! (Yes, that is a princess in the background! She loves her play dress.)

Olivia already knows how to count to 10, her ABC’s, colors and some shapes. Did I sit down and do one on one instruction with her when she was 3? No, not really. She learned most of these things by simply being the 4th child, observing her older sister as she counted and sang the ABC song. She watches Preschool Prep videos, and I sing the ABC song with her about once a week. :)

When I started homeschooling I had a hard time getting settled into a routine. I switched curriculum a few times, and I focused so much on teaching my child to read I think I neglected a few other areas. Math does not come easily for him, and we struggle through it every day. Grammar and spelling is another weak area. Those are all textbook related subjects that are learned through sitting down and studying from a book and filling a worksheet out. It’s not a bad thing, unless your child has a learning disability that makes worksheets very difficult. Children learn through observation, through living life, and yes, through workbooks! 

I really don’t stress about the preschool and Kindergarten years – I’ve grown to really enjoy them. When my child hits first grade, that’s when I get much more intense with them. I’m doing math, reading, science, grammar, handwriting, and reading out loud with my first grader this year.

If you are looking for Preschool resources, there are some excellent ones in the Build Your Bundle sale! Normally the Tot/Preschool Bundle would be $171.37, but you can get it for just $29, which is 83% off in price! 

Build Your Bundle - Homeschool Edition Sale - Up to 92% Off!

A few of the products I’ve used and highly recommend from the Bundle -

New England Primer Manuscript – I’ve shared before about how much I like this. We use it often, and just keep it in page protecters so both of my girls can practice handwriting skills.

Character Concepts for Preschoolers – It can be hard to teach a young child why they need to share, to not lie, hit, steal, etc. This book is wonderful about teaching children through stories. Highly recommend it!

Hands on Character Building- I’ve read this book and it has some wonderful ideas on projects, activities, games, and more. Written by an experienced mom of 14 children!

Large Family Homeschooling – I almost cried when I read through this book, because it reminded me so much of my mom. Written by one of my favorite bloggers, Amy from Raising Arrows, I can’t recommend this book enough! Every mom should read it, whether you are just starting out or you have a large family.

Character Badges- Our children have been loving the Character Badges system lately! My husband created this program, and it really rewards the child for good behavior, and gives the child and parents accountability for their wrong behavior. Sean has been giving them 10 shots at the basketball hoop for a candy bar when they earn a #3 badge. It’s a pretty exciting day when they get the #3 badge and they get to try and win the candy bar! :)

If you have a Kindergarten through 3rd grade child, there are some great resources available for that age as well in the K-3rd Grade Bundle

Build Your Bundle - Homeschool Edition Sale - Up to 92% Off!The K-3rd grade bundle contains your literature, science, history, math, handwriting and Character resources for the school year!

If you want to Build your own Bundle, you can!  Ebooks that are $19.99 or under are included in the ‘Build Your Bundle’ option. You can pick 5 items for $25, or 10 items for $39!
Build Your Bundle - Homeschool Edition Sale - Up to 92% Off!


To make the deal even better, when you buy 2 Bundles you get the 3rd FREE!

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