Pregnancy Update: Week 19

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It’s been an interesting week. Between the world series game that my husband and sons have been excited about and a birthday for our oldest son, it’s been a very busy week! We don’t have a tv reception (on purpose) where we live, so we have gone over to family or friends house to watch the games (we were cheering for the Royals all the way to the end!). This pregnant mama is tired after being gone and up so late!

I will add..I’m not a sports fan. I had to keep asking what was going on throughout the games. :) But I was excited because my husband and boys were excited, and our hometown was super excited to have the Royals finally in a world series! Don’t ask me baseball questions though. Thankfully my husband keeps his love of sports contained to big events, like a world series. ;)

19 Weeks pregnant and loving maxi dresses! I’ve felt the baby move a lot this week, and Sean is really close to being able to feel it. Of course every time I grab his hand to feel where the baby is kicking the little one stops moving. :) It honestly is just as exciting to feel the movements of the 6th baby as it was to feel our 1st baby moving. Pregnancy is such an awesome experience. It is so much work, but very worth it!

In not so good news, I had to get back on progesterone this week. My levels just were not up where the doctor wants them, and he wanted me back on the shots. I asked to take a week and try progesterone pills, plus the Young Living Progesterone Serum, and he agreed. I’m waiting on my blood work to come back from being on it for a week, and just trying to be hopeful that the pills will be enough. I’m guessing at this point I’ll stay on progesterone until the end of the pregnancy.

Pregnancy update on week 19! I’m wearing a Motherhood Maxi dress (found on ThredUP) and a jean jacket from the thrift store!

 The children are getting amazed over how big my tummy is growing. I told them they haven’t seen anything yet. ;) It is special to be pregnant and have older children who are more aware of what is going on. During lunch yesterday I had to stop talking because I sneezed wrong, and had some round ligament pain that was really hurting. I looked up and saw my oldest staring at me, and he was all concerned and wanted to make sure I was ok. It is sweet to watch the love and concern they have.

Last week I shared about some of the Thanksgiving resources we are going to use in our home this November. One of the resources I’m most excited about using is on sale for a few days! You can get ahead and purchase the Thanksgiving and Christmas Hymn Study in a Bundle and save over 50% off! It is only on sale like this for a few days, so don’t delay! The sale ends November 3rd. Normally priced at $14.98, you can get both ebooks for just $7.25. I’m really impressed with the quality of these ebooks. We love singing hymns in our family, so these are perfect for our family!

I hope everyone is having an awesome week! It’s amazing that November is almost here!



Wearing Boots With Skirts

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During the chilly fall and terribly cold winter months, I love wearing boots with my skirts. Here are some reasons why.

The Positives of Boots

~They are stylish. You can find casual or dressy pairs of boots.

~They help keep you warm. Wearing that extra layer is nice!

~You can wear any sort of socks with them, and nobody knows! Seriously, I’ll wear thick wool socks sometimes that normally wouldn’t look very good with mary jane style shoes.

~They go well with leggings under your skirts!

The Negatives of Boots

~Cheap boots are normally not comfortable. I can handle wearing my cheaper boots to church, but they are not something I would want to wear all day long. I have a nicer pair of boots that are cushy on the bottom and I can wear them all day, no problem. But it’s hard to invest in good boots if you have a house full of children that need clothes and shoes also!

Lace and boots! Source

 Boots can be worn with all different styles and colors! This is a very feminine, lovely outfit with adorable looking boots!

Pencil skirt with bootsSource

 I’m not a huge fan of pencil skirts, I don’t even own one. But I have to admit this is a really cute outfit!



A midi length skirt looks great with boots. Sometimes I think midi length looks like an awkward length, but it is perfect with boots.

 Honey Skirt Outfit with Boots

I wear shorter skirts during the winter as I wear tall boots with the skirt and have leggings on underneath.

Source: Skirt: Deborah & Co. Blouse: Deborah & Co. Boots: Zappos

Navy Polka Dots with a little brown
A few more thoughts on boots…
Shop at places like TJMaxx and Marshalls to find a good quality boot for less money. I always see good deals on boots on Black Friday as well.
If you are looking for a high quality boot, some names to look for are Sanita, Bass, and Keen. If you have other suggestions, leave a comment!
Tall boots go with pretty much any sort of modest hem length (knee length on down).
Ankle length boots are in style, and while I’m not a huge fan of them I know it’s possible to pull them off with skirts. I often see them paired with shorter skirts. Here is a longer skirt outfit to give you an idea of what that could look like.
Ankle Length boots with Skirt
I find that putting boots with a skirt or dress is an easy way to dress up an outfit and add a little fashion style without going overboard. Personally, I stay away from boots and heels that are super high as I don’t feel comfortable in them and I also don’t like the message they send.
High Heel Boots
Shoes can be sexy looking, and I find that thin, really high heels can easily add a sexy look to an outfit. It’s ok to look fashionable, but let’s remember the goal is to look modest first, modern second.
Do you like to wear boots with your skirts? Drop me a note below and let me know! 

Birthday Sale at Deborah & Co. Today Only!

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Today is our oldest son’s 11th birthday, so we are going to celebrate with an 11% off sale at Deborah & Co. But before we do that…we need to introduce the winner of the $100 Shopping Cart Giveaway!

And the winner is!


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Now is a great time to grab some fleece lined leggings, a cami, a new skirt or blouse, or some fantastic gifts for your daughters!

Modest Monday and a Link Up!

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Denim Maternity Skirt for a casual, everyday outfit! Saturday I had a rare day at home alone. It was so nice! Sean had all the children at his mom’s house cutting wood for her, and so I was able to stay home. Originally I had some online work I was going to do, but I shut the computer and cleaned house for the day. I’m so glad I did. It was nice to accomplish a lot without the children around to undo it, and I threw away a lot of trash! Most of it came from underneath my boys’ bed. :)

For those of you who like seeing a more casual outfit, this is what I wore to clean house. A classic denim maternity skirt, and a Ann Taylor top from ThredUP (it stretched a lot so it’s not maternity!).  I don’t wear necklaces everyday during the week, and I try to remember to put earrings on, but some days it just doesn’t happen. I do always fix my hair, and more often than not I will put some sort of makeup on. I just have some light foundation and lip gloss on here – nothing fancy.

A casual outfit to clean house in!  I’m so excited to finally be carrying plus size, higher neckline camis! I get asked all the time about plus size items, and this is a fantastic addition. So many plus size shirts are cut lower, and these camis are a staple for a modest wardrobe.

Plus Size camisole for modest layering option! The full length layering shells are available now in the standard small-x-large sizes, but also in 1X-4X! The 1X seems to fit a size 14-16 well. The plus size camis come in white, black, and beige.

A lovely denim skirt and modest layering cami! Our model is also wearing our very popular Rainbow Denim skirt! She looks classy and modern yet very modest!

Don’t forget to enter the $100 Deborah & Co. shopping cart giveaway! It ends tomorrow! 

What I Wore

Skirt – Rainbow Denim Maternity Skirt

(The maternity version sold out quickly, so it is on pre-order until December as we are making a new batch! The women’s version is still available to order.)

Top – Ann Taylor brand from ThredUP

Shoes – Mary Jane shoes from Zulily

Makeup - L’BRI Pure and Natural (I just had on light foundation and some lip gloss).

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