Modest Monday and a Link Up!

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We spent the weekend at our local homeschool convention. It was really encouraging to talk to other moms who are ahead of where I am, some have graduated several children. I left not feeling so alone in some of my homeschooling struggles. If you have the opportunity to attend a convention close to you, it is totally worth going!

It is possible to dress little girls in a modest, yet modern style!


Our weekend was so crazy, I only had time to take this quick picture of our seven year old. At one time she had a flexi clip in her hair and different shoes on. :)

I really like finding maxi dresses for her to wear, and we are using the girl’s short sleeve halftee under her dresses.

What She Wore

Maxi Dress – Found at ThredUP

Cami – Girl’s Halftee from Deborah & Co.

Sandals – Purchased at Children’s consignment sale

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Confessions From A Husband About Homemaking

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Confessions From A Husband About Homemaking

You may have heard – the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is here. Even I’m excited about it! And why shouldn’t I be? For the past two years I’ve seen how it encourages my wife with its excellent resources and helpful tips. Homemaking is not a sprint, it’s a marathon and anything that can help keep a spring in my wife’s step deserves my appreciation.

I didn’t always think in this way. My early views on keeping a home were, well, cringe worthy.

As you may have learned by reading this blog, I like to keep things clean. When I was in High School I began keeping my room, my car, and my things meticulously. My first job was at a local grocery store and I relished the challenge of finding efficient ways to fill a grocery sack as the food beeped across the scanner. A few of you out there might relate but at this point most of you are probably pitying Caroline for ever having married me. Read on. : )

Sean and Caroline

Years later Caroline and I met, and for all of the wonderful things about our courtship it failed to disclose just how different she and I were in this area. That’s not to say that Caroline likes a good mess. It’s just that messes don’t speak to her the same way they do me.

Random stuff on the living room floor likes to jaw at me. It laughs at me; calls me names. I have to shut it up. To Caroline its saying, “Here we are, out of our places. No hurry though. We know you’ll pick us up when its convenient for you.”

So, of course she walks by as if it weren’t there. I simply can’t. Or should I say “couldn’t”. Six children does something to you in this regard. The stuff just kind of grins at me now – no words. I think I’m improving – don’t you?

Early marriage, though, was different. I can remember coming home from work and Caroline telling me that she had taken a nap during the day. “A nap?” I thought. Whatever for? I mean, it’s just you here, in this tiny house. You shop for groceries and you clean this house and you need a nap? (Are you cringing yet?)

There were days where she only had energy or time to tidy up one room before I got home. I’d walk through the door, size things up and quietly make my displeasure known, never mind acknowledging the work she did accomplish. This always hurt her a great deal. Ok, now I’m cringing.

“Yes you fool, she needs a nap. And no, she doesn’t need you guilting her into keeping the house clean!” That’s the me of today talking to the me of yesterday, or, at least that’s what I’d say if given the chance.

Starting a home based business really altered my thinking on this. You see, I was home more, and the more I was home the more I was able to see just how difficult, how complex, how thankless, how physically draining, and how mentally taxing homemaking really is.

Simplicity Quote on Motherhood

I quickly began to realize that not only did my wife occasionally need a nap to help her through the burden of the day, she deserved something eminently more important – encouragement. On a daily basis. From me.

I saw so many needs pressing upon her every day. I saw, with my own eyes, how the tasks she performed were critical to the overall wellbeing my home. To the casual onlooker, of course, these are menial, unlovely tasks not worthy of respect. The mother’s role in society is not exactly an exalted one, and my wife had long since come to terms with the way the world views what she does.

But what about the way her husband viewed it? Did she find honor and praise for her work from him? Something a wife simply cannot and should not be expected to endure is disrespect from within the home, particularly from her husband. He is, without a doubt, the best person to provide the encouraging words of appreciation she so desperately needs and legitimately deserves. She can endure the slings and arrows of the world’s harsh judgement if only he will affirm her work and bless her constancy.

I could have spared my wife a lot of hurt feelings if I would have made more of an effort to better acquaint myself with the demands of her work in the home.

Now I’m a true believer. My wife is irreplaceable. Her work is legitimately difficult. Most men couldn’t handle it. I mean it – they couldn’t handle it. It places physical and mental demands on her that I didn’t know even existed until I spent some time by her side.

Joyful Motherhood!

Too many men treat housekeeping like professional sports. The greatest athletes make what they do look easy to the point that in some of our more delusional moments we think we could actually do what they do. It’s just like that with our wives. They make it look easy, and we think, “Homemaking – nothing to it.” What nonsense. If that’s the way we look at housekeeping is it any wonder that they receive so little encouragement from us?

So that’s my little plug for not only the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, but all forms of encouragement we can give our wives. Caroline gets excited about the bundle every year. It helps to keep her spirits up. It motivates and inspires her. I’m all for it. God knows she has a difficult job.

**Caroline here – I have to let you know my husband totally, completely surprised me by writing this. I didn’t ask him to do this, and I was deeply humbled by what he shared here. I love my husband so much, and am thankful for his encouragement!**

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Feminine Friday (Plus a BIG offer!)

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Feminine Fridays at The Modest Mom

I love looking at new outfit ideas, but it makes me really wish I had all my spring and summer clothes out!

I have big tubs I store our off season clothing in, and I still haven’t been able to get quite a few of my summer clothes out since I had Sophia. I’m not sure what will fit yet, but I have a small selection of clothes in my closet right now.

Which probably isn’t a bad thing. It just depends on if you are a minimalist or not, and I like some variety. :)

Hawaiian Flower (Plus) - The Modest Mom


Due to time constraints this week I listed out the outfits differently, next week I’ll try to go back to the old way.
The Hawaiian Flower is a plus size outfit. The shirt looks a little low, so I would layer a cami under it.
Mint & Black - The Modest Mom


I love this striped skirt from Kohls! It’s one of those skirts I consider a staple for your wardrobe.

Spring Afternoons - The Modest Mom


The blue top looks really pretty, but again I would make sure and layer under it with a cami.
You can find the flexi clips and bobby pins at Lilla Rose, and they are running a sale through Saturday!
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Cami Offer at Deborah & Co.

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A Mother’s Guide to Natural Remedies

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A Mother's Guide to Natural Remedies, learn how to treat common colds, flu, fevers, and more naturally!

When my children get sick, the very first thing I reach for are my natural herbs, essential oils, teas and tinctures. I’m not opposed to using medicine, but if something natural can help my child why not use that first?

Our 5th child was at the pediatrician’s office more than all the others, simply because she was my first child to have earaches her first year of life. The first time the doctor gave us the standard antibiotic for earaches and being an exhausted mom of a new baby I just gave them to her.

I honestly had not done much research on earaches, because my children had never had them before!

After another earache returned I knew I didn’t want to keep giving her medicine unless I absolutely had to. I started reaching for natural tinctures and oils that help earaches, and those seemed to work well!

While using natural products can work well, you have to know which ones to reach for and what is safe for children. Some moms never even try using them because they are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

I’ve been listening to a brand new resource that I’m excited to tell you about, because it has already been a help to me!

A Parent's Guide to Natural Remedies!

A Parent’s Guide to Natural Remedies, An Online Course for Parents was created by a holistic health coach and a holistic nurse (who was a pediatric nurse for a long time).

This course will teach you everything you need to know to safely and confidently use natural remedies at home.

Your Course Benefits:

  • Know how to reduce your child’s fever without using Tylenol.
  • Get rid of an ear ache without antibiotics.
  • Stop a cycle of never ending diaper rash, cradle cap, or reflux by looking at the root cause.
  • Soothe your child’s uncomfortable symptoms without hard synthetic medications
  • Stop feeling like you are taking a wild guess at which remedy to use
  • Avoid damaging your child’s gut flora by using antibiotics and cause reoccurring illnesses

I recently listened to the course on sleep and bedwetting  and I used some of the suggestions on my boys, who have a hard time unwinding at night and going to sleep. One of our boys will get up and sleepwalk in the middle of the night often. Both of them slept soundly all night long, without waking up!

Here is what you will receive in the course:

  • A a welcome e-mail that includes a link to the free “quick start” videos to get started with tips you can use right away.
  • Classes covering 14 topics! Each topic is delivered to you via a video recording that you can download and listen to on the go. A PDF with the slides for each webinar is also available for you to make quick reference to when your child is in need.
  • Bonus materials – the recorded expert interviews, the remedy recipes, and more. Check them out in details below!

This course is normally $99 to purchase, but through Monday April 23 you can get it for just $29.97 when you purchase the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!


When it comes to alternative medicine you have to pick and choose what you feel comfortable using. I’ve never used homeopathy for several different reasons and it is promoted in this course. Even though I don’t use that, I still found lots of helpful information and ideas to use with my children. Take what will work for you and start using that!

You can get the Parents Guide to Natural Remedies ECourse, normally a $99 value for just $29.97 when you purchase the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!

This course is part of 100 different eResources, all of which were put together to help you as a christian woman, wife, mom, homemaker, homeschooler, and more! Over $1000 worth of products (plus bonus items!) for 29.97.

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May Flexi Of The Month from Lilla Rose! This might be my favorite Flexi Of The Month clip yet! So pretty and graceful looking.

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