Feminine Friday (Corals, Grays and more!)

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Feminine Fridays at The Modest Mom

I look forward to these Feminine Friday posts. I think it’s fun to share outfits that have been put together and see who likes what. :)

Stylish Sumer Staples - The Modest Mom

Stylish Summer Staples

Skirt ~ Top ~ Purse ~ Earrings ~ Flexi Clip

I know some ladies might look at this outfit and think it’s only for nicer occasions. Maybe a date night or going out with your girlfriends. However I’ve come to the point in life that I would wear this outfit at home. We don’t live on a farm or in the country, and while I have a baby and younger children I haven’t really found that to stop me from wearing nicer everyday clothes.

It makes such a drastic difference on how I feel, it’s worth the effort to put a nice outfit together.

Sea Mist - The Modest Mom

Sea Mist

Skirt ~ Top ~ Cami ~ Scarf ~ Sandals ~ Earrings ~ Flexi Clip ~ Nail Polish

 The gray maxi skirt combined with the turquoise colors has the perfect amount of color to make it pop.

I’ve been using the Essie nail polish and I’m pleased with how long it stays on. I don’t have time to repaint my nails every 3-4 days. I barely had time to do my nails last week before my baby needed me. :) So I want to choose a nail polish that will stay on for awhile and still look nice.

Cute in Coral - The Modest Mom

Cute In Coral

Skirt ~ Top ~ Cami ~ Sandals ~ Earrings ~ Flexi Clip ~ Nail Polish

Coral is a popular color right now! It is bright, cheery, and overall a happy looking color. :)

The Wedding Guest - The Modest Mom

The Wedding Guest

Dress ~ Cardigan ~ Sandals ~ Earrings ~ Bracelet ~ Flexi Clip

What a lovely outfit, and the dress is very affordable! I’m sure a lot of you already have a cardigan or shrug in your closet that you could pair with this dress!

Some of these items you can find at Deborah & Co. and we are having a Memorial Day Sale through Monday! Save 15% off everything in the store with the code: MEMORIALDAY at the checkout!

Memorial Day Sale through Monday, May 25th at Deborah and Co!

How To Overcome Homeschool Burnout

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We have all had the bad homeschool day. The children don’t listen, the house is messy and you feel frazzled.

However sometimes it’s not just one day. It goes on and on, and you begin to experience classic signs of homeschool burnout.

We have all had the bad homeschool day. The children don't listen, the house is messy and you feel frazzled. However sometimes it's not just one day. It goes on and on, and you begin to experience classic signs of homeschool burnout.

Now, in case you don’t know what those signs are, they look something like this.

1. You start looking at a boxed curriculum that you can just hand to your child. You are really tired of stressing over pulling curriculum together and trying to teach it all.

2. Then you start thinking of doing strictly online school. Someone else can teach and grade but the child is still home!

3. Finally, the difficult homeschooling days continue and before you know it, thoughts of private school enter your head. You even start researching different schools in your area.

Have you been there before? I was shocked to find myself having these moments at the end of our school year. After all, I was homeschooled from K-12th myself; homeschooling should be easy for me, right?

I’ve discovered that coming from a homeschooled background helps you be more familiar with curriculum and confident in the fact that homeschooling works. It does not help you get through those heart wrenching, “can mama disappear in the bathroom for an hour” type of days. Being the student versus being the homeschooling mama is totally different!

For our family private or public school is just not an option. Yes, I actually thought about it for just a brief minute, but we feel like the best place for their character and spiritual well being is at home.

Notice I didn’t say academic. That’s because we are not homeschooling for academic reasons, even though that is important to us. I’m sure there are private schools that could give them an amazing education, but we want to be in charge of what goes into their heads.

So what can a homeschooling mom do when she experiences burn out? For me it’s been helpful to take an early summer break. We are taking May and June off school and will start back up again in July. I had a friend tell me she always does this so her children can enjoy the weather before it turns really hot. Since we are not big summer people (as in, we don’t live near a beach or swim all summer long), I knew this would be a good decision for our family. We did this last year and enjoyed it.

Look back over your year and see what made it so difficult. Did you have a new baby, move, go through a difficult church or family experience, suffer through an illness? Or did you possibly choose the wrong curriculum for your children and you struggled through it all year long?

I have realized our year was difficult because of my long and exhausting pregnancy, some of my expectations of how our year should go, and some attitudes that need changed in my children.

The pregnancy is over and I’m feeling better (not perfect but better!). After every pregnancy I struggle getting my hormones all back to normal (thanks to adrenal and thyroid problems) and struggle with being dizzy and overwhelmed when I’m out and about. The solution to that is we stay home a lot, and I work on trying to feel better.

My expectations need to change and I’m working on that. I really do want my children to excel academically. However I’m coming to accept that some of my children will be strong in certain subjects, but math is not one of them. As long as I accept that and plan our math curriculum accordingly, the year will go much better. We use Teaching Textbooks and will continue that, and eventually will get back up to grade level with the child that is behind.

Character Badges are a blessing in our home!

Attitude adjustments…that’s always a work in progress. :) We took a month off of using Character Badges when I had the baby and it was a rough month! The children were all ready to get back to their charts. It really is a blessing in our home and Sean is really involved in using it as well. We continue to press forward, pray for our children and have family meetings once in a while. :) It’s not just the children that need attitude adjustments. There are plenty of days that mama needs one as well!

I’m getting all our curriculum lined out for next year (I’ll share in a different post), and I’m excited over some things we choose. It seems the financial cost of homeschooling goes up every year, but it’s still far less than private school. A friend reminded me that sometimes it is worth it to purchase curriculum that will be a huge blessing to a busy mama. 

I like the curriculum kits from Timberdoodle, but I still love to pick and choose my own things and I can’t afford $800 per child. I’m using their kits as a suggestion guide, especially the hands on items they have included.

Sphere 2.0 Robot

For our sixth grader we just found the Sphero robot on Zulily yesterday and got it for him! It was cheaper there, plus I had some credit to put towards it. That will be a fun, end of the school day item he will love, but will only be used on days he cooperated and got his school done! You can learn some basic programing skills with the two apps that go along with this. Timberoodle includes this in their 6th grade curriculum kit and I know we will all enjoy it.

Our fourth grader loves history, and wants to read a lot. After looking at practically every history curriculum out there, I picked Beautiful Feet History that involved a lot of fun reading in his favorite time periods.

While I can’t make every subject fun for them, I’m trying to get more input from my older boys on what they like and buy according to their strengths and weaknesses, keeping in mind what I can handle teaching.

I’m also excited to choose some curriculum from the Build Your Bundle Curriculum sale that starts next week! You can enter to win 3 bundles here and receive a 10% off coupon to be used when the sale goes live! I can’t tell you what is in the bundles yet, but you might recognize some of these companies.

The Build Your Bundle Sale is coming soon!


Make sure you enter the giveaway!

Finally, I’m reminding myself to pray more about our homeschooling days. Instead of getting upset during a difficult day, give that anger over to God and pray more. My flesh can be so weak and I long to be a good example to my children of patience and long suffering. Starting the day out in God’s word is crucial, yet so many times we sleep in late and I tell the children just to start their regular school lessons and let that time with God go by. I want to do better!

I know I’m not the only mom that experiences burn out! What gets you through those difficult days (or years) of homeschooling?


Modest Monday and a Link Up!

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Maxi skirt and blouse

It’s been a busy week! Since we are on a school break I’ve been conquering the house! :) A lot of different things have inspired me to do a big purge, so I’ve been going room by room and have quite a huge pile of things to get rid of. Between taking care of Sophia and doing this purge, that’s about all I’m getting done each day. Our goal is to have a garage sale the end of this month.

My children make me laugh and I can't imagine life without them!

The children are happy to have downtime to play. Even though we are on school break, I’m still catching my boys reading through the Usborne World History book and telling me all sorts of interesting facts. Carrianna is reading lots of Dick and Jane stories to herself, and music lessons of violin and cello still keep going on over the summer. Learning never ends!

Flexi Clips are wonderful for busy moms!

I’m thankful for Flexi Clips! They make fixing my hair as a busy mom so easy. :)

I love sandal weather! The Essie Nail Polish color for 2015 is some of my favorite colors!

I love sandals! I found these at Marshalls last year. The nail polish color is from Essie’s 2015 Spring color line.

What I Wore

Skirt – Maxi skirt from Kohls (found on ThredUP, a gently used clothing store online)

Blouse – Thrift Store

Tank – Undercover Mama Nursing Tank

Necklace – Mialisia

Earrings – Mialisia

Sandals – Marshalls

Flexi Clip – Lilla Rose

 Makeup – L’BRI Pure and Natural and Smashbox

Link Up Time!

Please feel free to share posts about anything concerning being a godly, feminine woman. Topics include: modesty, being a wife, mother, homeschooler, homemaker, cooking, sewing, etc.

Please grab the button below and share on your blog post so others can come and join in the link up as well!

Feminine Friday (Lots of Good Outfits!)

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I’m excited about this week’s Feminine Friday. I’m inspired myself! If you want to know where you can find these items, just click on the links!

Delightful in Teal - The Modest Mom

Delightful in Teal

Skirt ~ Blouse ~ Cami ~ Sandals ~ Bobby Pins ~ Necklace ~ Earrings  Chapstick

I want this whole outfit! Well, almost!  I’m not sure about the necklace since I have never tried statement type necklaces, but I would totally wear everything else! :)  

Simple, classic outfits that look modern yet modest are a favorite of mine. I like being able to homeschool the children, yet walk out the door for music lessons and look put together. I would wear an outfit like this at home or running errands.

I just wouldn’t scrub the floors or a dirty bathroom in this outfit. 😉

Breezy Coral & Black - The Modest Mom

Breezy Coral and Black

Skirt ~ Blouse ~ Halftee Tank ~ Sandals ~ Purse ~ Earrings ~ Flexi Clip

When I was shopping at Costco yesterday there was a mom there with her young children. We smiled at each other several times at the food court, because we both had on long maxi skirts and this outfit reminds me of her! Sometimes you can just feel a common bond between women when you are out shopping, and you wish you could stop and chat!

The sandals in this outfit as SO cute, as well as the earrings. They come in several different colors, including dark blue.  I’ve been looking for a dark blue pair of earrings, these might be perfect!

Spring-y in May - The Modest Mom

Spring-y in May

Skirt ~ Cardigan ~ Cami ~ Belt ~ Scarf ~ Sandals ~ Earrings ~ Flexi Clip 

I have a maxi skirt like the one above and really like! Putting the rose belt with it is a great idea!

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I hope you have a blessed weekend!