Triple Braid Hairstyle Updo For Women and Girls!

This triple braid hairstyle works for both women and girls! I tried it on our 9 year old daughter and loved how it turned out! She is trying to grow her bangs out (it feels like it’s been a year now with very little growth, but that’s beside the point!). This hairstyle worked great to braid her bangs and get them out of her face.

Triple Braid Hairstyle Updo

This hairstyle is very easy to do, and there is no french braiding involved! For those of you who only know how to do basic braids, this hairstyle will be perfect.

Supplies Needed: a brush,  3 small elastics, and a flexi clip. 

First you want to brush out the hair really well and remove all the tangles. We have struggled with tangles more this winter and lots of static in our hair. Use a water bottle to lightly mist it if needed.


Then you want to part the hair in the middle, and gather up a section of hair the length of your part. This helps keep the braid in the middle of the head as shown below.

Tripe Braid Hairstyle - step one is to braid two small braids on each side of hair.

Braid each side of the hair with two small braids and put an elastic in each braid. Don’t use the super thick elastics, make sure and use small ones like these so they won’t show up later.

Triple Braid Hairstyle Updo

Once you have the two side braids done, gather them into a regular braid going down your back. Just split your hair into three sections (include the small braids into each side section) and do a quick braid).

Triple Braid Hairstyle Updo

Once you have the braid done, flip it up and tuck the ends behind the braid and use a Flexi Clip from Lilla Rose to secure it. I’ll include a sizing chart below to help you figure out what size you need. We used a size large here, but could probably use the medium as well. Those are larger sizes for thicker hair.

The Flexi Clip holds up your hair all day long, and work well for children and for adult women! No headaches or pulling on your hair!

Triple Braid Hairstyle Updo

If you need a sizing chart for Lilla Rose, here you go! Just pull your hair back into a ponytail and test the thickness. Don’t worry if you get the wrong size, Lilla Rose offers amazing exchanges and refunds!

I’d love to know if you try this hairstyle out! Leave me a comment and tell me how it went! 

Triple Braid Hairstyle for girls and women!



Valentine’s Day Sales at Lilla Rose and Deborah & Co.

Happy Valentine’s Day!! We are keeping things really small this year. It’s a really tight month for our budget so I told the children we would do something tomorrow.  I’ll go get them each a box of Valentine’s Day candy half off. They didn’t seem to mind which was a blessing for me.

I was excited to see that Lilla Rose is offering a 41 hour Valentine’s Day sale for you all! You can save 20-40% off select styles, and receive free shipping on orders of $60 or more! The free shipping is even good on international orders, which is awesome.

If you spend $60 to get free shipping you will also receive 2 free bobby pins of your choice at the checkout! This is the special for the month of February!


Deborah & Co. is also having a Valentine’s Day sale! Receive free shipping on any order of $25 or more, and many items are already on sale! This sale goes through Friday, February 16th. Use the code: LOVE to receive the free shipping, USA only.



Modest Monday and a Link Up!

If you have been waiting for maternity pictures, here you go. I ordered a maternity shirt that Old Navy came out with for Spring because I was in love with the print.  Even though I technically don’t need maternity clothes yet, I wore it Sunday. I think it made me look a little more pregnant than I really do right now.

I’ve actually lost a few pounds and have yet to gain any weight at 3 months, which is totally fine with me!

The print on this shirt instantly called my name! It’s hard to find cheerful looking maternity shirts, and the combo of floral and the colors is what sold me. I ordered a medium and I think it will work the whole way through. I actually scrunched it down and folded it under a bit at the bottom of the shirt so it would fit right now.

I want to find a different color cami to wear under it (a colored one that goes with the flowers) but for now the white Halftee tank worked!

The cardigan I’m wearing is from one of my Stitch Fix boxes, it’s been a favorite that I’ve worn over and over again!

I’m wearing the silver arrow Flexi Clip, and they have limited edition clips out in 3 other colors, including rose gold and gold! This has become a new favorite of mine that I reach for often.

Once again I’m wearing Younique makeup (I’m actually trying to get over a head cold, so the makeup is really helping to cover that!). I ordered a new lipstick color to try that was a litter darker brown than I thought, so I just lightened it up with a lip gloss over it.

What I Wore

Maternity Shirt – Old Navy

Blue Skirt – You can find similar online here

Cardigan – from Stitch Fix

Halftee Tank – Deborah & Co.

Flexi Clip – Lilla Rose 

Makeup – Younique

Link Up Time!

Please feel free to share posts about anything concerning being a godly, feminine woman. Topics include: modesty, being a wife, mother, homeschooler, homemaker, cooking, sewing, etc.






Get Fresh Chicken Breast for Just 99 Cents A Pound!

I rave about Zaycon to all of my friends, and I’d love to share with you all about them as well!

Zaycon offers fresh meat at reduced prices in hundreds of locations across the USA! You select a pick up location close to you and they tell you exactly what time to go and pick up your meat. You don’t have to even get out of your vehicle, just get in the pick up line and they put the meat in your car!

Right now new customers to Zaycon can get fresh, boneless skinless chicken breast for just 99 cents a pound, normally $1.89 a pound! This is an amazing deal! The chicken comes in 40 pound boxes, which means you will pay just $39.60 for a large box!

In order to get this deal, use the code: SHARE99 when you checkout. Remember, it’s just for new customers and it only lasts until February 9th, so hurry! 

This is what the chicken will look like when you pick it up. The chicken breast are HUGE! I take the box home and use ziplock freezer bags to put 1, 2, or 3 beasts in a bag and then put them in the freezer. I pull out what I need for a meal, and often cook them in my Instant Pot!

I love knowing that I have meat in my freezer and that I don’t have to worry about running out all the time. I use it for burritos, tacos, I put chicken breast in the middle of a 13 x 9 pan and then put potatoes and green beans on the sides and cook in the oven with ranch dressing mix and butter drizzled over it. Parmesan chicken and BBQ chicken are some other favorites! I also love to make chicken wild rice soup in the crockpot.

Order your box of Chicken breast with this good deal that is only available until February 9th! Because of how Zaycon works, you order it now and I believe the pickup is for June. I’ve learned to just plan ahead and order in plenty of time so I don’t run out!