Modest Monday and a Link Up!

We woke up Sunday morning to about 2 inches of snow on the ground, something we were not expecting. We don’t watch the news or weather on tv so we are sometimes behind the times of what might be happening! The children were delighted, but I’m not happy that it’s supposed to be below zero today and tomorrow. Yuck! I’m a shivering eskimo over here, I get terribly cold during my first trimester (I’m guessing just the strain on my thyroid??) and so this cold weather has not been fun.

I’m very thankful for the jacuzzi tub that we have in our master bedroom. Don’t let your mind instantly go to some beautiful bathroom, it’s horribly outdated, the floors are unfinished and the tub is probably one of the original jacuzzi tubs. But the jets still work, and until we update the bathroom that tub is staying!! Sean had suggested gutting the bathroom before we moved in but I told him I would enjoy that tub, even though it’s not the prettiest to look at. 😉

After that long explanation about our bathroom, all I wanted to say is that I’ve been enjoying some warm baths on these cold nights!

Yes, a Modest Monday post where I’m in jeans. 🙂 I found these at Costco and I love them because they have an elastic waistband instead of a button. So perfect for my first trimester (and honestly any other time after six children!).

I received several JCPenny gift cards for Christmas, so I went shopping and found this tunic shirt. It comes down lower in the back and covers my bottom, which is my preference when wearing pants. It’s also very soft and warm!

These boots have been a favorite of mine all winter. They are the highest pair of boots I’ve ever worn, but surprisingly they are pretty comfortable. I just don’t wear them all day long. They look like TOMS boots but for over half the price! I ordered mine on Amazon.

I’m wearing Younique makeup, just a more natural look with the Younique lipstick color of Affluent. It’s a very natural lipstick color and not very bright. I’m hoping to do a video soon on exactly what makeup I’m using and why.

What I Wore

Jeans – Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans

Tunic Top – Liz Clairborne Tunic

Boots – Dream Pairs brand from Amazon (I have the Khaki color)

Hairband – sold at Deborah & Co. (different color available here).

Makeup – Younique 

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Homeschooling the Middle School Years

Homeschooling the middle school years have been a mixture of fun times and challenging moments. But that sums up any homeschooling year.

To be more specific, the challenging moments come because of the age of the child you are teaching. You are working hard to encourage them to be independent learners and, more importantly, to learn discipline and to stay on track with doing their school.

The fun times come when you see them enjoy learning new things, and the moment you don’t have to hold their hand through every assignment.

Homeschooling the Middle School Years

I’ll freely admit – I was nervous to approach the middle school and high school years; and I’m still a little nervous to homeschool high school, simply because of all the record keeping and transcripts. Outside of that, I think it will be great.

My oldest is 14 and in 8th grade this year. He has an October birthday and I decided to not start him early in Kindergarten and I still don’t regret that decision. He will be 18 when he graduates, and I think the extra time as an 18 year old to figure out what he wants to do after high school will be a blessing.

The biggest thing I’ve learned from homeschooling middle school years is that it’s a great time to work on your weaknesses without the demands of a more rigid high school schedule. 

If you need to get caught up on certain subjects, middle school is the time to do that. It’s also the time to not get really behind on subjects. I’ll explain in more detail….

My son is not a math wiz. He loves history and science and is right on track with that, but the last few years have been a struggle in math. He has been a year behind in math but I knew eventually we would catch up. This year the math tutor that works with him really encouraged me to have him skip the 7th grade year in Teaching Textbooks and go right into Pre-Alegra, which is a normal level for an 8th grader. So far it’s working out well, and I’m so hopeful that we will stay on track in math during high school now.

The middle school years are also a nice time to let your children spend extra time on their interests. During the more rigorous demands of high school they might not have quite as much time to focus on one subject that they really enjoy, but the middle school years are perfect for that.

Our oldest son and daughter playing at their orchestra concert.

My son loves to read and he loves history. Because of that I didn’t go with a more traditional history curriculum (something like Notgrass, which we have used and enjoyed), but instead put him in Heart of Dakota so he could have plenty of living books to read.

What are the hardest challenges of middle school?

For us it’s been all about attitudes more than academics. We stress so much over teaching a child to read and write, and we don’t want our children to be behind. Generally a child ends up figuring it out (of course their are exceptions where a child has learning challenges and needs help), but character issues can be more and more time consuming the older a child gets.

Letting my son drive the RTV at Nana’s house in the country. 

Lay the foundation when they are young and expect good character out of them. Use training tools like Character Badges to visually show them what good character is and why they are being corrected for poor behavior. But go beyond that and read to them from Bible story books (our favorite is The Child’s Story Bible by Catherine Vos) and point out examples found in almost every story of the strengths and weaknesses of that person’s character. I’m still including our 14 and 12 year old in our morning Bible story time, and it’s a blessing to teach all my children together, from 14 down to 2.

Learning to figure out your child’s personality and what character weaknesses they have are crucial, and the younger you figure it out the better. Sometimes it’s smooth sailing through the middle school years, and other other times a child starts wanting their own opinions to be heard, and their sour attitudes show just as strong as that screaming 2 year old throwing a fit.

Don’t be afraid to challenge your child and push them in their weaknesses. They can bluster and fuss and say “I can’t do it” 20 times a day, but in the end it’s your job to push them through and encourage them to do hard things.

If you are not big on doing tests in elementary grade, sometime in the middle school years might be a good time to get them used to taking tests. You could do just one subject, but it’s a good training for the high school years and their grades don’t go on their transcript.

Overall try not to stress the middle school years. Enjoy them as much as you can and spend these years forming good bonds with your children that will prepare you for the high school years!






Modest Monday and a Link Up!

I’m sorry the link up is late today! I crashed last night and decided it could wait until the morning to put up. 🙂

I’ve actually been feeling better this week! I’m not nausea free, but I’ve only thrown up once this pregnancy, which is so amazing! We had an ultrasound and it was so nice to see a little tiny baby being formed. Such a miracle! My fatigue is still there for sure, but I’m able to eat and I really appreciate that. So far sweets have sounded horrible, so that helps me have a good diet. 🙂

It’s been really cold and wet here, we managed to get outside in-between it raining yesterday.

I’ve been so cold (a common problem when I’m pregnant), and all I want to wear is a snuggly sweatshirt and warm sweatpants. Sounds so flattering, right? I actually don’t have either item, so I went to JCPenny Saturday and found this shirt. It’s so warm and snuggly!

What I Wore

Skirt – Used to be sold at Deborah & Co.

Shirt – St. John’s Bay long sleeve shirt 

Hairband – Lilla Rose

Makeup – Younique

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The Good and The Beautiful Kindergarten Curriculum

I don’t often find myself so in love with a curriculum that I call it perfect, but that’s the way I feel with The Good and The Beautiful Kindergarten Curriculum!

The Level K Primer course book is a brand new book that was recently released to help close the jump between the Preschool and Level K book. It is a much needed book in the Language Arts series and I’m so thankful that Jenny Phillips took the time to write it!

I have a child in the Pre-K book, and then a child quickly going through the level K book. My daughter that is in the Pre-K book would have a hard time jumping right into level K because it puts a student right into long and short vowels, and learning how to read them.

The Good and The Beautiful Level K Primer Book

The Level K Primer book gently brings a student along the journey of learning mastering letters, learning long and short vowels, and reading simple words. It does this in a gentle pace for the student, keeping them engaged through activities, verbal communication with the teacher, tracing letters, cute pictures, and more.

This book also teaches the difference between a lowercase b and d, which has always been a problem for my children. I love how clear they make it, giving the student easy ways to remember the difference between the two letters.

The good and the beautiful level k primer book

When should your child start this book? 

I appreciate how clear the guidelines are for starting this book.

The following criteria should be met:

He or She can sing most of the alphabet with or without the help of a parent.

He or She knows the majority of letters and their sounds but has not mastered all of them.

He or She can count to ten.

He or She knows basic shapes and colors.

It’s also made clear in this book that a child does not need to master this book. It’s an introduction to reading and principles such as long vowels.

Each lesson takes around 15-20 minutes to do with your child, and it tells you as the teacher exactly what to say! I am so thankful when curriculums write it out this way. With teaching multiple children and juggling toddlers, I don’t want to think about what I’m supposed to say. It helps relieve my mommy brain to just read it. 🙂

Included with this Level K Primer book is a little reading book that is so adorable and sweet!

Full of beautiful pictures that children will enjoy, the book contains simple words for a beginner reader. This gives a child such confidence to feel like they are reading from their own little book!

My First Reading Book

My First Reading Book

My First Reading Book

Overall I can’t recommend the Good and the Beautiful Kindergarten curriculum highly enough! The price is also excellent at just $33.97 for the set. You can purchase the PDF alone but I strongly suggest just getting the physical copy. By the time you print all these color pages out (and you really need it to be color!) you can easily end up spending more than if you had just purchased the printed books.

Find It Here

I’d love to know if you are using anything from The Good and The Beautiful in your school! 

*This post is sponsored by The Good and The Beautiful. All thoughts are strictly my own.