Modest Monday and a Link Up!

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If you didn’t see my little video on Facebook, I’ll fill you in on the news. It’s actually not news, I was just excited that Sean and I went out on a date Friday night. :) For a mom who stays home and cleans off the table 10 times a day, changes diapers, and helps a toddler go potty 20 times a day (or what feels like that), getting out on a grown up date is pretty exciting!
Tan skirt with blue shirt and boots for fall!

It finally feels like fall here in Missouri, so I pulled out my boots! I love these boots that I found on Zulily, and right now there are so many different boots on there for good prices!

Blue shirt with lace on the front from Dress Barn. My favorite new shirt for fall!

This is my favorite new shirt for fall! I recently got it from Dress Barn, and now would love to get the other colors. I wore an Undercover Mama nursing tank under it, but next time I’ll add a Halftee also. I was tugging on the tank all night, trying to pull it up. The nursing tank works great for staying discreet while nursing, but not for covering up with lower cut shirts. I often wear the nursing tank and Halftee together.

I loved curling my hair and twisting it up using a heart flexi clip from Lilla Rose! It was a casual but pretty date night hairstyle.

I loved curling my hair and twisting it up using a heart flexi clip from Lilla Rose! It was a casual but pretty date night hairstyle. I recently cut six inches off my hair, so I’m able to do a few new hairstyles.

What I Wore

Skirt – Thrift Store (Westbound Brand)

Shirt – Dress Barn

Boots – Zulily

Flexi Clip – Lilla Rose

Makeup – L’BRI Pure and Natural

Earrings – Used to be sold at Deborah & Co.

Link Up Time!

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Feminine Friday

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Hello Fall

Hello Fall

Skirt ~ Cami ~ Blouse ~ Boots ~ Nail Polish ~ Flexi Clip

I’ve never worn a pencil skirt before, but I’ve seen quite a few pictures of others who wear them and they look adorable! I think certain body types can pull them off and still look modest.

Country Lace

Country Lace

Skirt ~ T-Shirt ~ Jacket ~ Boots ~ Purse ~ Nail Polish ~ Necklace ~ Flexi Clip ~ Scarf

I totally want those ankle boots!! So adorable! I really like how these colors all work together, the cream, gray and peach colors are beautiful!

Pretty in Coral

Pretty In Coral

Skirt ~ Tank ~ Cardigan ~ Shoes ~ Nail Polish ~ Necklace ~ Flexi Clip

The nice thing about fall and winter is that you can wear tanks like this and layer it with a cardigan. No need for further layering!

The skirt shown in this outfit is our new Sailor Denim skirt from Deborah & Co! I really like the flats paired with it, and the necklace.

Good news for those of you who have been wanting to try L’BRI makeup! While I wish I could mail everyone makeup samples, I’ve realized I can easily overextend myself and this is one area I just can’t commit to doing. L’BRI now is offering returns and exchanges if you order makeup and the colors are not right for you!

Update to L'BRI Pure and Natural Makeup Policy!

You have 14 days to exchange or return it. I love the liquid foundation, the lip gloss and the eye shadow! I can wear a #1 or a #2 in liquid foundation, it just depends if I want to go with a lighter or darker color. : )

Have a great weekend!


My Book Reading List For Fall!

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Come see what I'm reading for my fall list! Homeschooling, Motherhood, and Marriage books are all here!

I’ve been trying to get some reading time in lately and I’ve really enjoyed it! There is nothing like being encouraged by a good book, and feeling refreshed in that area you need a boost in!

You might notice a lot of these are from the library. I tend to only buy books for myself that I know I will read over and over again. Since we are blessed with a really good library system I can find a lot of books there!


Sparkly Green Earrings - A great book on mothering if you are in the young baby stage!

Sparkly Green Earrings – I found this book in the Christian book store and requested it because the Pioneer Woman endorsed it. I almost didn’t start reading it, but I’m so glad I did! If you are in the heart and soul moment of mothering a baby, this is a book for you. I literally laughed and cried for 2 hours while I read this book on a trip. My children kept asking what was wrong with me. :)

The book is a little more sarcastic and up to date on modern life (like tv shows that I don’t know about), but I could so relate to her story of pregnancy and birth, and tending to her little baby. As a mother of a fussy baby I appreciated the first half of the book. She puts her daughter in preschool at 2, and is not a homeschooling mother, so while I am close to finishing the book it was really the first half that spoke to me.

Mama Needs A Do-Over, Simple Steps to Turning  A Hard Day Around I have enjoyed reading Lisa Pennington’s blog, so I’m looking forward to this book! It looks like an easy yet really encouraging book from a mom who understands hard days.

Self Help

Nourished, A Search for Health, Happiness and a Full Night's Sleep

Nourished, A Search for Health, Happiness and a Full Night’s Sleep – I might be crazy to read this right now. A full night’s sleep is high on my list of what I really need, but low on the list of what I’ll actually get. I’ve got a cute baby who loves to be up at night to eat, multiple times a night! However there is a lot more than just getting a good night sleep in this book.

It tackles the “Top 10 Stressors” such as cluttered surroundings, crowded schedules, negative body images, etc. Crystal from Money Saving Mom recommended it, so I added it to my book list.


Teaching From Rest, a MUST HAVE book for Homeschooling Moms!

Teaching From Rest – This is high on my “every homeschooling mama must own” list. It’s the only one in this stack that I actually own. If you need hot chocolate for your weary soul, this is the book. :) Reading her book and blog has helped me relax and fall back on all the principles I’m very familiar with. Having been homeschooled K-12th grade I know all about days that fall apart, but I remember how well my mom would pull those crumbing days together.

Homeschool Made Simple – This is not a book, rather a DVD set that Carole Joy Seid made. She is a veteran homeschooling mom, and it was like sitting there listening to my mom. Once again, this is an absolute must have if you want to homeschool with a literature approach. I’ve really enjoyed watching this while I fold laundry, or late at night while I’m up with Sophia (I’ve discovered that she enjoys watching videos, the little stinker! She can be screaming and instantly stop if I turn something on).

Deconstructing Penguins – I’m probably going to just skim through this book and get the main points. :) I’ve heard the author of Teaching From Rest recommend it. It’s supposed to help a parent create a bond of reading with their child, and learn how to ask the proper questions about a book. While I have a good bond with my boys already when it comes to reading, this book is written in a totally new approach to me.


The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages

The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages – I’ve read a few of Shaunti Feldhahn books before. Out of all the marriage books out there, I think I appreciate her books the most. A well balanced approach to marriage.

I’ve found marriage books are very healthy for me to read. They keep you focused on what is important and help keep the spark there!


Love The Home You Have

Love The Home You Have – Love, love love! This book was one I read on a trip alone with Sean and it was so refreshing! I don’t love the house we live in (small for our large family), but this book helps you focus on how important it is to truly take care of your home, and all the little things you can do. Very good read!

The Perfectly Imperfect Home, How to Decorate & Live Well – This is a coffee table type book, I want to get some ideas from the pictures.


Money Making Mom – This book is only available for pre-order right now, but it’s a new book written by Crystal Paine on moms working (I assume from home since she does). I can’t wait to read it!

Fall Book List for Mom! Good suggestions for books on homeschooling, motherhood, marriage, homemaking and more!








Huge Sale and New Flexi Clips For Fall!

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It’s fall (excuse me while I throw confetti and go light my fall candle!), and with that comes new flexi clips from Lilla Rose, plus an awesome sale!

Fall Sale at Lilla Rose! Save 10%-40% off, plus get all the new flexi clips for fall!

Tuesday and Wednesday only, you can save:

10% off everything store wide! 

10% off the newly released October Flexi Clip! 

15% off the new clips just released! 

20-40% off select styles! 

New customers to Lilla Rose can purchase three items, and email me for a FREE 4th item, up to $16 in value! This offer is good for only brand new customers, in the USA. Please stay loyal to your current consultant if you have one! Email me at after you place your first order!

New October Flexi Clip! This Hoot Owl is adorable and is only available in October or while supplies last!

New October Flexi Clip! This Hoot Owl is adorable and is only available in October or while supplies last! They also released matching hair sticks!

A complete look at all the new flexi clips that were just released!

Which clip do you like best? I like D, the Hoot owl best!

If you need sizing help, this chart should help! Gather your hair together like you are going to do a ponytail, and put your hand around it. Does it feel the size of a dime? A quarter? If you want to put all your hair up, use the guide for finding the correct size.

Need help finding what size flexi clip you should purchase? No problem! Use this handy guide!


You can shop the sale here! Leave a comment if you have a question!