How To Wear A Maxi Skirt And Be Modest

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Maxi skirts are wonderful for being modest. Or so it appears at first glance. The length makes it easy to get on the floor and play with children, and be active as a mom.

However, I’ve seen some maxi skirts be just as immodest as a mini skirt. Seriously. Let’s go over some ideas on how to avoid that, and what makes a maxi skirt actually be immodest!

How To Wear A Maxi Skirt And Be Modest

Even though a maxi skirt just describes the length, whenever I say maxi skirt I think of a long knit skirt. There are maxi denim skirts (like the Rainbow Denim skirt we sell) but for this blog post we are going to talk about the knit ones.

What exactly makes a maxi skirt immodest? Quite simply, when it fits you like a glove. Jeans are not the only thing that can hug your bottom and show your figure, certain maxi skirts do the same thing. When a skirt clings to you, it also can easily show the lines of your underwear, thus drawing attraction to your bottom area even more.

Blue polka dot skirt from Ross! I love the detail on the waistline, and that it is silky and won't wrinkle.

In general, avoid maxi skirts that:

~ Has a lot of spandex in the fabric. There are times I love spandex, but if a skirt has a good amount of spandex in it, most of the time it will be a fitted maxi skirt. Spandex is really good for layering tanks and shells, where you want the item to fit you well underneath a blouse or shirt. Not so much for hugging your bottom and clinging to your legs.

Does not have a lot of extra fabric at the bottom. You don’t need an a-line maxi skirt (not everyone looks good in that style), but you don’t want the skirt so fitted that it doesn’t naturally have more width at the bottom.

Maxi skirt and Choose Joy shirt are my favorite relaxed outfit!

Simple Ways to Make A Maxi More Modest –

Use a slip! This is always what I try first. Sometimes just using a slip can help pull that clingy fabric away from your bottom, and avoid the famous underwear lines.

Wear seamless underwear. It can be easy to find underwear with smooth lines. I’ve found all cotton underwear has thicker seams (think brands like Hanes her Way), but silky soft underwear that still has a cotton crotch (no yeast infections!) work great.

Wear supportive garments underneath. Thanks to my six blessings, I wear supportive garments a lot to hide a mommy tummy. My favorite one so far was one I found at Target awhile back.

Where to find modest Maxi skirts:

A beautiful lace maxi skirt plus a floral tee, all available at Deborah & Co.

Deborah & Co. – This is not a knit skirt, but we offer a lovely lace maxi skirt! If you are looking for a maxi length denim skirt, the Rainbow Denim skirt is my favorite!

Kohls – I’ve found a nice striped maxi skirt here before, it looks like the selection is different from when I last shopped for one, but you can find several on the website still.

JCPenny has some good options – you can find some that look modest here, here, here (not totally a maxi length, but could be on a petite person), and here.

Cents of Style – I haven’t tried these personally, but they look nice in the pictures! The polka dot skirt is adorable! While you are there, check out the Choose Joy shirts in new spring colors! I have this shirt in black, and receive lots of compliments on it!

eShakti – I’ve ordered a chambray skirt from them before that I love. They have a maxi length Chambray that would be great for summer. The nice thing about eShakti is that they can customize a lot of the lengths for you, and make quite a few of these skirts into a maxi length.

Geometric skirt from Lularoe, with a blue cardigan from Stitch Fix!

LulaRoe – I’ve fallen in love with these maxi skirts! Somehow they are not crazy full, but they are not skin tight. You can get silky soft ones, or a regular cotton knit. The best way to find these are to join Facebook groups with a consultant, and they share new inventory every week or so. I’m hosting a pop up party in a few weeks for a lovely blog reader that is a consultant! I wear LulaRoe skirts several times a week now! I’ve found it best to size down one size in their maxi skirts.

Those are some of my tips for wearing maxi skirts, I’d love to hear your tips! 


Modest Monday and a Link Up!

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I was thrilled to finally get to meet a blogging friend, and a team member with my Lilla Rose business recently! I thought I would share the picture here for you all to see. 🙂 Ruth is a lovely homeschooling mama of eight children, and she has a great Etsy store (Skirted Blues) as well! It’s a small world, my sister used to be a penpal to her years ago, and now our sons have decided to start writing to each other. 🙂 Meeting her was one of the highlights of our last convention!

Blogging friends together at the Teach Them Diligently Convention

I’m wearing a LulaRoe maxi skirt, a lace trimmed tank from Deborah & Co. and a shirt from Marshalls. We are in my Deborah & Co. booth at Teach Them Diligently. If you are going to be at the FPEA convention in Florida this week, I’ll be there and I would love to meet any of my blog readers! Please come introduce yourself! Just an FYI, I’ll have another post coming up in a few days but after that it’s going to be a little quiet here until June.

Just a reminder that today is the last day for the Build Your Bundle Homeschool sale! I already grabbed the elementary bundle that I wanted!

Link Up Time!

Please feel free to share posts about anything concerning being a godly, feminine woman. Topics include: modesty, being a wife, mother, homeschooler, homemaker, cooking, sewing, etc.




Feminine Friday (Cheery flowers and sailboats!)

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We have been traveling quite a bit lately, and I’ve been reminded again how comfortable long, flowing knit maxi skirts can be! I wear sandals and maxi skirts while traveling, so I can go barefoot in the van and just slip on my shoes for when we get out. The maxi skirts don’t wrinkle (my absolute favorite maxi skirts are currently from LulaRoe!).

I have some really pretty outfits to share with you for Feminine Friday today!

Pink is Tickety-boo

Pink is Tickety- Boo!

Skirt ~ Shirt ~ Watch ~ Belt ~ Shoes ~ Jamberry Wraps ~ Flexi Clip

This is my favorite outfit for this week! It’s so bright and cheerful, and the shoes look comfortable to wear. My feet might still be remembering the long convention I just got done with. 🙂 I like the pattern mixing of the stripes and floral!

Sweet 'n' Simple

Sweet n’ Simple

Skirt ~ Shirt ~ Cami ~ Sandals ~ Earrings ~ Jamberry Wrap ~ Flexi Clip

I don’t wear much green, but I’d definitely wear this outfit since it’s paired with the navy. We are going to Florida on vacation this month, so the skirt would look adorable there!

Canola Fields

Canola Fields

Dress ~ Sweater ~ Sandals ~ Purse ~ Jamberry Wraps ~ Flexi Clip

Finally, a lovely plus size outfit! It can be harder to find plus size dresses that do not have plunging necklines (for some strange reason!), so the neckline on this dress stood out to me right away!


What I’m Going To Use for 3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum!

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Sometimes it takes time to learn how much to push a child in school. By the time we finished 2nd grade this school year, I realized that Carrianna should have had more school work to keep her busy. She actually likes school. She loves handwriting, she loves math, she now loves to read…she is like a sponge soaking it all in right now!

I was trying to survive this past year with a very fussy baby. I’m slowly starting to climb out of that fog, and start planning the new school year.

Our core curriculum we use is Tapestry of Grace. This curriculum alone could keep you plenty busy during a school year! However, I use it as our base, and fill in with other curriculum, mainly just to help keep the children busy without me being with them every second of the school day.

I’ve found some fun curriculum that I’m going to use with Carrianna this year, and some other curriculum I’m thinking about using. Here it is (and also a great deal on how to save around 90% off on it for a few days!).

Third Grade supplemental reading with American History by Memoria Press

Third Grade American History Discussions Questions Book – I was browsing through the Memoria Press booth at our last homeschool convention we were at. This book quickly stood out to me as being perfect for Carrianna to use this year! She is eagerly reading through lots of books, but I would like to have a good list of what to assign her to read this year (outside of our Tapestry of Grace history books). It’s simply a small book of questions to ask your child as they read through a list of books provided. It has a fantastic book list, and I’ll use the discussion book to make sure she is grasping what she is reading.

It’s priced at $12.95, so it’s not an expensive purchase! I’ll get the actual reading books from the library.

The other curriculum I’m going to use is all found in the elementary bundle of the Build Your Bundle digital sale.
One Week Only - Ends 5/23/16 - Save 87% on the Elementary #1 Bundle

The Reading Journal book is the perfect DIY homeschool reading curriculum for elementary grades.

Reading Journal – I already own this and I’m really looking forward to using it with my 3rd and 5th grader this year! It has 30 unique lessons that focus on vocabulary, word study, comprehension, and higher level thinking skills. The journal features each lesson 6 times throughout the year providing just the right amount of practice without too much monotony. You can use this Reading Journal with any book, and if you have the digital copy, you can just keep printing off pages to use over and over again!

It’s normally $27.00 to purchase, but it is included in the $40.00 Elementary Build Your Bundle!  You receive $304.18 in this bundle for just $40.00, lots of other resources are included!


Elementary Geography for 3rd-6th grade, Passport of the World.

Passport to the World and Children’s Atlas of God’s World – I’ll freely admit, we need to majorly work on geography! I’ve been slowly gathering resources, but I just saw this and it looks great! It’s good for 3rd-6th grade, and I love the christian emphasis in the atlas. Best of all, it looks very simple to use! This mama is all about teacher friendly resources right now!

Normally it’s $36.95 for the digital version, it’s currently in the elementary version of the Build Your Bundle for $40.00.

Learn the States Cliff Climb Flash Card Game

Learn the States Cliff Flash Card Game – remember I said we were going to work on geography this year? We will definitely be using this easy flash card game! Carrianna can even do it with her older brother, so they both receive practice!

Normally it’s $7.50, included in the elementary Build Your Bundle.
I’m also going to use the Anne of Green Gables copyworb, and some other resources found in this Brother and Sister Bundle. Even though she is not a teenager, she will love the coloring journal for girls! We could do it together.
One Week Only - Ends 5/23/16 - Save 94% on the Brother & Sister Bundle

This Build Your Bundle sale ends Monday, May 23rd! If you don’t like the actual bundles that have been put together, you can create your own bundle! It’s a fantastic way to save on digital homeschool curriculum for the new school year!

If you have a large family, or a wide age range, here is a way to purchase all of the bundles and save even more money! Place 5 orders, getting a free bundle in every order! The value of everything combined is over $3500!

I’d love to hear what curriculum you are going to use for your 3rd grader this year!