How Much Does It Really Cost To Spend Time With Your Child?

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One part of our Character Badges program is the rewards chart. Our children love saving the coins they earn from their good behavior, and getting to turn it in for a reward. It’s amazing how often they want to spend their Character Badge coins on simply spending time with Sean or I! And it can be so simple. Recently my 12 year old and I had time alone where we watched a symphony on the iPad together (cuddled in my bed), and then we watched an Andy Griffith together, and had an ice cream bar. Nothing fancy, we didn’t even leave home, but he loved it!

How Much Would You Pay To Spend Time With Your Children.

You can read a whole post on spending time with your children over at the Character Badges Blog that my husband Sean wrote!

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Tapestry of Grace Primer Review

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When I started homeschooling our oldest child, I had lots of ideas and little energy. I was coming out of a horrible season of life where I struggled a lot with adrenal and thyroid issues. We had a new house that we wanted to fix up, and we had been blessed with our third child.

Even though there is an abundant supply of curriculum available for the early years, I never found what I was really looking for. We tried several things and jumped around as I was trying to juggle life. Looking back, I really wish I had known about Tapestry of Grace.

Tapestry of Grace Primer Review

We are currently using the 4 year curriculum that Tapestry offers (you repeat it 3 different times, and what you study gradually gets harder as you get older). Tapestry of Grace also offers a Primer curriculum, which is for families who oldest child is in K and/or 1st grade.

The Tapestry of Grace Primer is set up similar to the 4 year cycle. There are set core assignments given for each week. The student has assignments in history, literature, and geography, and you have the optional hands on learning assignments and memory work. You get to pick what math, phonics, and spelling you do.


There are four main parts in the Tapestry of Grace Primer set. It comes with:

The Primer Guidebook – this is for the parent only. It is not to be read to the child, rather it gives the parent an in-depth look at the seven “characters” the child will learn about, which is God, people, good, evil, the Word, God’s creation, and man’s creation. It is highly recommended to read these chapters in advance, so you have a better understanding of what you are trying to teach and how it ties into history.

The Primer Handbook – this is what would be considered the Teacher Guide for the curriculum. Every week you have two pages that show you what needs to be done in that week. It does not assign days however – you plan out each week and decide what you will do. I actually like this approach a lot as I can easily move things around as needed and customize each week to fit our schedule. You are given the books to read from (including what pages), memory work, geography (a surprising amount for K and 1st grade), and an arts and activities section.

A review of Tapestry of Grace Primer Curriculum

The Activity Book – you will receive a good amount of fun activity pages for your child to do! I printed some of these off for Olivia (our child going into 1st grade) to do, and she enjoyed them a lot! Map work, coloring pages, mazes, matching people and objects, etc. It provides just the right amount of variety instead of simply reading together each day.

Love The Journey book – This 355 page book is written for homeschooling parents by Marcia Somerville, the homeschooling mother of six who wrote the Tapestry of Grace curriculum (her adult son and wife wrote the Primer curriculum). You can purchase this book separately as well, and it’s full of excellent information from a veteran homeschooling mother!

Big Story Game – this is a fun card game that helps your child learn his memory work! While not required, it’s a good item to have on hand that grows with your child.

So, how do you know if Tapestry of Grace Primer curriculum is a good fit for your family?

You should consider using Tapestry for K and/or 1st grade if:

You want a very strong foundation rich in history in literature.
You want to teach your child to have a good biblical foundation.
You want to explore the world way beyond coloring pages, ABC songs, and basic history textbooks that give a tiny peep into the history presented.
You actually want to spend quality time with your child, versus textbooks that they can do themselves.

You might not want to consider using Tapestry of Grace if: 

You want fill in the blank work pages for your child.

You don’t want to do very much reading out loud.

You don’t want to dive right into history and how it fits into the Bible.

How Much Time Does Tapestry of Grace Primer Take?

This program is written for K and/or 1st grade. It covers all of history, starting at the garden of Eden, and ending the with modern day Presidents. If I was doing this curriculum I would start it in K, and do it for two years. Personally, I think you could even make this curriculum work for 1st and 2nd grade if needed (provided you are doing it with your oldest child).


Would You Do This Along With Tapestry of Grace?

No! The Primer is meant to be used with the oldest child only, or maybe if you have an extreme age gap, like a highschooler and a K age child. I briefly thought about adding this into our school days for our younger children, but after looking at it I realized I just couldn’t keep up. They actually discourage you from doing this. Rather they encourage you to let your younger children do the older version of Tapestry of Grace if you have a large family.

You can download a three week sample and try it with your child before purchasing this curriculum! 

Find the required list of books needed here.

If you are just starting out your homeschool experience, I would highly encourage you to look into this curriculum and see if it will work for you! We are excited to start our second year of Tapestry of Grace!


Modest Monday and a Link Up!

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It definitely feels like summer to me now. I’ve been at swimming lessons for close to 5 hours each day with my 5 oldest children this past week. We have one more week of swimming lessons, and we all look quite brown from the sun!

Blue Maxi Skirt


The full length Halftee works great under this see through white blouse. I love all the lace detail on this shirt, but a cami underneath is a must have item!

Blue Flexi Clip

What I Wore

Skirt – Marshalls

Shirt – Marshalls

Cami – Full Length Halftee 

Sandals – Kohls

Flexi Clip – Mini Size Lilla Rose clip

Necklace – Trades of Hope

Earrings – Meadowland Design 

Makeup – L’BRI Pure and Natural 

Link Up Time!

Please feel free to share posts about anything concerning being a godly, feminine woman. Topics include: modesty, being a wife, mother, homeschooler, homemaker, cooking, sewing, etc.


What We Are Using To Teach Our Children About Sex

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I’ve never met a parent who is super excited to have the sex talk with their child. It can be a delicate subject, and one that can be uncomfortable to talk about with your child.

I had a super positive experience as a child with having “the talk” with my mom. I was 11, I went and asked her how babies get to be in a mom’s tummy, and as she cleaned her room she told me all about it. I don’t remember her being flustered, she calmly told me what I needed to know.

Not all parents are like that though. Many a child has been scarred by being told that sex is dirty, evil, something to be endured, or that it’s just gross. Some really conservative parents are so scared to let their children know, they don’t even say anything until right before the child is to be married!

Resources We are Using To Teach Our Children About Sex!

There has to be a better way than that. While we might feel like blushing or stumbling over our words, it’s totally possible to teach our children about sex in a way that the child understands it’s a God ordained act between married people, and it’s really a good thing, as long as you are married!

At one of the homeschool conventions we attended this spring, Sean and I both took some time to really look through a resource we wanted to use with our children called The Talk.
The Talk - Introduce Your Child to Biblical Sexuality

Even though this book is designed for ages 6-10, we are going to use it with our 12 year old. It’s an amazing resource, and only has illustrated pictures, nothing really graphic to share with our son.

If you are needing more resources, Luka and Trisha just came out with a video course for parents called Having The Talk, which goes through each chapter of the book and how to talk to your child, what to share at what age, and what not to share.

I’ve been watching through this series and have found it to be a great resource. Included in this course:

8 instructional videos – around 25 minutes each.

Several mini-videos on specific topics

A free digital copy of the book The Talk

1 year access to all videos, and a lifetime access to the book.

They say this course is for parents of 6-10 year old children, but I find this is really up to the parents to decide when they want to talk to their children. We haven’t felt ready to dive deep into the actual details of sex with our oldest until now, and he is 12.

If you grab this course by July 7th, you also receive $73 in bonus offers!

Included in the bonuses is a favorite resource of mine for teaching girls modesty, It’s The Heart, Not The Hemline. It’s a 5 week unit study on modesty from a biblical perspective for girls ages 8-14 years old.

You might be wondering if we have talked to our oldest child about anything related to sexuality at this point? Yes, we definitely have. He just doesn’t know all the details. All of my children are very familiar with the term homosexuality, and that it means a man and a man live together like a husband and wife, again, they just don’t know the details.

My children all know that it takes a mommy and a daddy to have a baby. My oldest has also grasped that unmarried people have babies, and has asked a lot of questions regarding that. We are definitely right at the age to dive right into all the details, and I’m so very thankful for the wonderful resources that Luke and Trisha have come up with!