What My Trip To The Library Taught Me

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My children have been begging me to go to the library, so we finally made it there yesterday and they loaded up my card full of new books. We didn’t have the two year old with us, so I had a blast getting to quietly browse through all the books myself.

I made it over to the health section of the library and stood there staring at the section of diet books. I walked away without getting one single book from that section, even though I would love to lose some weight.


Because it was so overwhelming.

There were shelves after shelves full of books that contained loads of information. The problem is that they all contained different information.

Some said go gluten free. Others said eat coconut oil to lose weight. Still others said to do a greek diet. And the list goes on and on.

Why are there so many different resources?

Because I think all those different diets can truly help different people. We all have various needs and our bodies are not all alike. What weakness I might have in my body will be different then what another mom might have. Going gluten free does help some people, but everyone is not required to do that to be healthy.

Instead of checking out books I came home and signed up for a bunch of e-courses that are found in the Healthy Living Bundle that is available today! I had a chance to get a copy early and look through it and I’m really excited over the e-courses on whole foods, and eating well on a budget that I signed up for!

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle comes once a year in the fall, and every year they gather amazing new resources so that every bundle is totally different.

This year the bundle is $29.97, which is 99% off!

If you purchased everything separately it would be $3,708.80. No, I’m not kidding! That is an amazing savings.

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

You receive 68 eBooks, 28 eCourses, 10 printables and workbooks, 1 membership and 1 summit.

Here are a few resources that really stood out to me.

Holistic Living: Creating Happy and Healthy Families (normally $349!!). This is a program that teaches all the basics of a healthy living. From nutrition to exercise, stress management and natural medicine, this looks to be a really good course! I downloaded the cookbook that comes with it and I’m already impressed and I can’t wait to try some of the recipes.

Pressure Cooking 2 by Wardee Harmon (A $40 value!). I absolutely love my Instant Pot, but I know that I could be doing so much more with it. I’ve been amazing with what I’ve already learned from this course and I can’t believe how many things I haven’t tried in my Instant Pot yet! This is a fantastic course to teach you how to use the Instant Pot and save time!

Love Your Birth Course (Normally $397!) – This course is put together by a nurse midwife and the topics it covers looks fantastic for any mother to go through. I’m sure even though I’ve had six babies I would learn from this course! If you are a pregnant mama, or wanting to become pregnant soon, this course is perfect for you!

Stop Dieting and Have Peace With Food ($9.97) – I read this one several weeks ago and I loved it. I would never have bought this ebook (just being honest, the graphics are not amazing and I probably wouldn’t have considered it) but the story of how this woman became healthy was so inspiring and I was super glad I read it.

Will you need everything in the bundle? Nope! I don’t plan on going through every resource, but at such a huge savings I can pick and choose what I want and still save a boatload of money!

For two days only you can purchase the bundle and get a free ereader upgrade! So don’t put it off for another day, grab your bundle so you can get that free ereader upgrade today, it will save you $10!

I know that so many of you want to learn more about being healthy and fit. It’s not so you can look like a size 2 and fit into all the teeny tiny clothes. You truly want to be healthy so you can be a good wife and mom, one is happy, healthy, and thriving in life because your health is in order.

I want that for myself as well, which is why I wanted to share this resource with you!

Modest Monday and a Link Up!

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I don’t know about you, but during the school year I love our weekends! I’m so thankful for two days where I don’t have to think about school and stress about getting it done at a decent hour each day. We are working on improving our school days and getting a better routine in place.

This past weekend our oldest son and daughter started orchestra practice for the fall. That goes through November, so every Saturday they have to be dropped off for practice. In the afternoon we worked on painting our living room. We have wood beams up on in our vaulted ceilings that we are painting white. I wish they were a pretty wood color and we would just leave them be, but it’s an orange looking wood color. After we get the beams painted we will then paint the walls.

I worked on whitewashing our brick fireplace as well. It still needs a bit more work, but it’s coming along.

Floral Midi Dress that is perfect for fall!

And now for what I wore! I’m getting in some lovely new dresses for fall and winter at Deborah & Co. and this is one of them!

This dress has buttery soft fabric. I just love it! And it has pockets on the sides, which is amazing. This dress is available in this charcoal color, and a plum color, in sizes small-x-large.

Floral Midi Dress that is perfect for fall!

I think it would look a lot better if I had some light weight tights on with the ankle boots. After six children my legs are covered in varicose veins, but sometimes you just have to accept life. 😉

Floral Midi Dress that is perfect for fall!

We had a conversation going in my modest Facebook group the other day about knee high boots versus ankle boots. Some ladies are having trouble finding knee high boots in the stores, because ankle boots are so popular. I’m curious, what type of boots are you planning on wearing this year?

Mini Flexi Clip

I pulled some of my hair back on the side with a mini flexi clip, after I had curled it in hot rollers.

Have a terrific Monday!

What I Wore

Dress – Floral Midi Dress from Deborah & Co.

Boots – Zulily

Flexi Clip – Mini from Lilla Rose

Link Up Time!

Please feel free to share posts about anything concerning being a godly, feminine woman. Topics include: modesty, being a wife, mother, homeschooler, homemaker, cooking, sewing, etc.


Creating A Family Closet In The Laundry Room

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I’ve always dreamed of having a family closet!  I should clarify though, we don’t have a true family closet. It’s actually a girl’s closet. With four girls in our family it has been a dream come true to set up a main closet area to store all those girls clothes in.

I’ll set you up the scene that led me to dream this up. We previously had four girls in one very small bedroom. I can’t tell you how many mom meltdowns I had because girl clothes were strewn over the bedroom floor. I tried training the girls to put their clothes in their drawers, and to use the hamper every single night but it was a battle that we never seemed to conquer. Our oldest daughter loves a clean and tidy room and it was a frustration to her that the room couldn’t seem to stay clean.

Once we moved I immediately spotted the potential for a family closet in our laundry room. I shared yesterday the before and after pictures of our laundry room makeover, but I didn’t include pictures of the tall cabinet we have in that room.

Setting up a family closet in the laundry room.

As soon as I saw these cabinets I knew I would keep the girl’s clothes here!

Family closet in laundry room


Each girl has their own laundry basket. I wrote their name on mini chalkboards and put velcro strips on the back of them to attach them to the baskets. Here is a total mom confession, at this point we are not even folding the clothes. We just throw them in each basket out of the dryer, but we do hang up the church dresses!

Chalkboard sign from laundry room.

The girls do have more clothes than this, but we have a lot of clothes still packed up from moving. 🙂

Family Closet set up in the laundry room.

The bottom two baskets are for dirty clothes.

So how exactly does this work? 

The girls come in the laundry room each morning and just get dressed right there. We have a pocket door on our laundry room and they just close that when they get dressed. The dirty clothes go in those bottom laundry baskets, and then it leaves zero clothes mess in their bedrooms! In the evening they go to the laundry room and get their pajamas on, and once again the dirty clothes go right into those dirty clothes baskets.


I can’t even begin to tell you what a relief this has been for me!

Another huge plus is that the clothes get washed a lot faster, which helps stains on clothes. Every mom knows the frustration of pulling clothes out of a hamper where stains have set on them for days on end! This really helps avoid that.

While getting clothes washed faster is important for helping stains, so is using good laundry detergent that works well! Right now at Sam’s Club they just cut prices on Tide original detergent (the 225f oz. size) by $4 through September 25th! You can get a huge container for just $19.98, which works out to only 14 cents per load!

Tide Detergent at Sam's Club.

My mother in law uses Tide detergent and she frequently washes all the children’s clothes for me when they spend the night at her house. Yes, I’m blessed. Maybe a little spoiled by how great she is. My girls always love how their clothes smell, but it amuses me how much Sean loves the smell of Tide detergent!

Tide Detergent at Sam's Club.

Through September 17, shoppers can also save $2 off the purchase of any Downy Unstopables, Downy Fresh Protect or Gain Fireworks In-Wash Scent Booster. These products provide odor protection and a fresh boost of your favorite laundry scent around-the-clock.

Both deals are available in-club and online at SamsClub.com, and no coupons are needed!

I’d love to know if you have a family closet! Do you have any tips for keeping your children’s room clean without clothes on the floor? I know other moms would love to hear! 


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tide at Sam’s Club. The opinions and text are all mine.



Our Small Laundry Room Makeover Revealed!

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We have our first room completely remodeled in our new house and I can’t wait to show you! The laundry room is one of the most used and practical rooms in the house, and a lot of homemakers really dislike all the laundry they have to do. I’m no exception, laundry is not my favorite thing to do. At all.

But with six children the wash machine is always swishing, and the dryer humming away. I knew that I wanted a beautiful place to do laundry, and since this laundry room is on the main level, everyone sees it constantly.

Our house was covered in wallpaper and old light fixtures, but the laundry room shows me what this house can look like if we keep working at it!

I introduce to you…my laundry room!
Our small laundry room makeover! From wallpaper to paint, and open shelving, this laundry room is now practical and beautiful!

*Squeal!!!!* I love it! I can’t even begin to tell you how delighted I am with how it turned out. To give you an idea of how transformed it is, here is a before picture.

Old Laundry Room Makeover

We removed the wallpaper, had someone come in and mud the walls to give it a smooth surface, and we took off the doors above the washer and dryer to give it a more open feel. We also removed the small clothes rack on the wall to open it up. There was a huge fluorescent light that was green and ugly, and that came down as well.

Our small laundry room makeover! From wallpaper to paint, and open shelving, this laundry room is now practical and beautiful!

I wanted the laundry room to be bright and cheerful, so I picked this Sherwin Williams Open Air color. It’s a light blue that reminds me of the beautiful sky and fresh flowers without being a baby blue nursery color. We actually have one of our girl’s rooms this color as well.

See the built in ironing board? Just open the door and out comes the ironing board! I love that it’s tucked away! It’s obviously smaller than a full size ironing board and is not quite as convenient, but so far it’s worked just fine.

Laundry Room Makeover. Open shelves in our laundry room for holding practical items and decor. The laundry detergent is in the glass jar.

We took the doors off and filled in the holes and did a touch up paint job. This is exactly what I was dreaming of! The “House Keepers” box was my moms and I have so many memories of seeing her use it. It’s extra special to me!

Laundry Room Makeover.

The metal letters I found at Hobby Lobby during a 50% off sale. I wanted a rustic farmhouse feel to this laundry room and these were a perfect fit. You can also find them on Etsy here.

Laundry Room Makeover. Wooden stand with candle from Grove and Ikea white pot and greenery.

The wooden stand from Hobby Lobby definitely gives it that farmhouse feel, and I put a candle from Grove on top of it. The white pots and greenery came from IKEA.

Laundry Room Makeover. Glass jar with clothespins and white jar and greenery from IKEA.

I used a glass jar to put clothespins in, and used another white pot from IKEA.

Laundry Room Makeover. Vintage iron tin container to hold dryer balls, and a Home Comforts Book.

I found this vintage looking iron container from World Market and use it to hold my wool dryer balls. I love it! My mom gave me this Home Comforts book years ago, so it’s another sweet reminder of her. If I ever have a question of how to wash something, this book has a large laundry section so it will be handy to have it there.

Laundry Room Makeover. Glass jar to hold laundry detergent.

This might not be the most practical thing, but I saw the idea of using glass jars to hold your laundry detergent and loved how it looked. My mother in law encouraged me to do it, and I’m so glad I did! I needed a smaller jar, so I purchased this Pioneer Woman set and we will use the other one in the kitchen.

The glass jar is from Grove (where I get all my cleaning supplies) and I poured my stain remover spray in it. The white container is from IKEA, and I put the plastic container to pour the laundry soap in there. It hides it away and keeps the stickiness off the shelf.

I kept looking and looking for this sign at Hobby Lobby and finally found it tucked away on my second trip there! It was exactly what I was wanting to get. It reminds me of the one that Magnolia Homes sells, but it’s smaller and more affordable. Much more affordable. 🙂

Laundry Room Makeover with this vintage laundry hamper from World Market!

This vintage laundry hamper was my big splurge for this room. I’ve always loved these hampers that roll, and thought they were so awesome looking! I had a coupon for World Market and decided to get this rolling hamper. The wheels work well, and my plan is for clean laundry only to go in this. I can then wheel it into the living room to fold the laundry! This definitely makes my homemaking heart happy. 🙂

Laundry Room Makeover with this light from Lowes.

The other big purchase we did was to replace the light. It was so huge and ugly and this new light just makes all the difference! Sean had to cut a huge rectangle in the sheetrock to to fix a big hole and some bad mud work. He then hung some new sheetrock and taped and mudded it. Then we painted the ceiling white since you could tell where the large fluorescent light had been before. We found this bronze metal light from Lowes and love how it looks! It’s nice and bright (lights are hard to photograph!), and would recommend this light for any smaller size room or entry way!

I’m so thrilled with how it turned out and I can’t wait to start on another room! If you are wondering, the door in the laundry room leads to a half bathroom, and we have all the supplies to redo that room. We just need time. Lots and lots of time!



Paint Color – Sherwin Williams Open Air

Galvanized Metal Letters – Hobby Lobby or Etsy

Wash and Dry Sign – Hobby Lobby or similar from Amazon here and here.

Laundry Iron Container – World Market

Glass Jar Dispenser – Walmart or Amazon

Light – Bronze Metal Light from Lowe’s

Glass Spray Bottle – Grove

Vintage Rolling Hamper – World Market

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