Modest Monday and a Link Up!

Saturday night we had family over to celebrate Sean’s birthday (which is today!) and my sister wanted to run to JCPenny with me. It’s always fun to shop together and it had been awhile since we had been clothes shopping. She was looking for some long cardigan and tunic shirts to wear with jeans so I had fun helping her find some clothes.

Of course I ended up going into a dressing room with clothes to try and and ended up getting the shirt I’m wearing in in the pictures below. Green is not a common color found in my wardrobe and it seemed perfect for December!

This is the X-Small Adora Flexi Clip that is available only in December! I think it’s so pretty, I love the bow and the light weight dangles!

What I Wore

Skirt – Used to be sold at Deborah & Co.

Shirt – Long Sleeve Lace Shirt from JCPenny

Hairband – Victoria Hairband from Lilla Rose

Flexi Clip – Adora X-Small from Lilla Rose

Link Up Time!

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Christmas Surprises Activity Tree!

December is here and I just barely have a plan of what we are doing. We will start our advent readings today and I’m excited about pulling out our Jesse tree and ornaments to use!

This year Sean designed something new to help us create a memorable Christmas season. It’s going to be such a cute addition and help us create new memories! We have it available for all of you as well in Sean’s Etsy store!

Christmas Surprises Activity Tree

We have let the Christmas season fly by without slowing down and actually doing traditions and memories with our children. This Christmas Surprises Activity Tree helps the children count down to Christmas, and also helps you as a mom come up with special things to do with your children.

Don’t be alarmed, these are not all huge activities that take you away from home. But they help you be more proactive in celebrating this very special month as a family.

So how does it work? Using this activity is super simple!

Print the tree and the 25 custom illustrated ornaments out, cut out the ornaments and place them in a bowl, and you’re ready to go!

Every day, allow a child to draw an ornament out of the bowl and place it on the tree. Next, look at the Christmas activities sheet (included) to discover the activity which corresponds to the ornament they selected! They might have chosen the “Make hot cocoa” ornament, the “Sing Christmas carols” ornament, or the “Go on a winter nature walk” ornament. There are 25 different Christmas related activities in all!

Print off the Christmas Tree and tape the back of it together!

Cut out your ornaments. Sean made these ornaments and I think they are so adorable! You can laminate them if you want (I’m going to do that). Put them in a bowl and your child draws one out randomly each day. With our large family we have each child take a turn drawing an ornament.

Each ornament represents an activity that you can do! When they draw an ornament come look at what it says to do. Moms – don’t feel like you have to do every single thing on this list! Some days we will just put up an ornament and other days we will follow through on the idea list.

Here is a tip. Plan ahead for some of these things. Grab a gingerbread kit from the store and keep it tucked away. Make sure you have plenty of white paper and scissors for cutting out paper snowflakes. Keep your favorite Christmas movie saved backed for the day you draw that ornament. Just look through the list and mentally plan on which ones you want to do.

I think it’s going to be a super fun December!!!

You can get the printable Christmas Tree Activity here! 






Wooden Slingshot and Felt Ball Ammo Set!

This is a great gift idea for a boy (or girl!) who loves slingshots!

This comes with the wooden slingshot, six soft felt balls and a fabric pouch to keep it all in.

Normally $24.99 you can get it for $11.99 on Jane right now!

You Can Try Stitch Fix For Free!

UPDATE – Stitch Fix just shared that they are keeping this deal open until the end of January. Wahoo! You don’t want to miss out on trying this free offer!

I’ll freely admit, I was scared to try Stitch Fix several years ago.

I knew there was a $20 fee to have a box sent to you and then that is deducted off whatever purchase you make. If you don’t fall in love with something, you still have that $20 fee.

The clothes are also more expensive than Walmart or Target. Was it really going to be worth it?

Years later I’m still so thankful that Sean gave me a gift card to get started with Stitch Fix. I wear the clothing I’ve kept from Stitch Fix all the time, and it really has held up so nicely.

Until the end of November (just two days!) (Until the end of January!) you can try a box completely free! That $20 fee will be waived, and if you don’t like anything you were sent, just mail it back and you don’t even pay the postage! There is literally no risk in doing this!

This sweater from Stitch Fix is the latest thing I’ve kept from it and I wear it whenever I can. It’s so soft and comfortable!

Some other favorite items I’ve kept…

Stitch Fix Maxi Dress

If this is something you have always wanted to try, sign up here to go get a free box!!

They offer women’s clothes, maternity clothes, plus size, and men’s clothing!