Favorite Weekend Links…

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I thought I would share a few blog posts that have blessed me recently!

Why I Keep A Clutter-Free Home – I found myself agreeing with this post, and longing to be able to do this. However, we don’t have a few acres in the country. We have a very small yard, and in the winter months especially I need to be able to keep them busy! If we are ever blessed to live in the country I will be purging more toys. I have a large cabinet for them right now.

On Being Outnumbered and Teaching From Rest – “I’m finding that the hardest part of homeschooling with toddlers and babies underfoot is that the vision that lived in my head since I first dreamed up this crazy idea to homeschool looks nothing like my reality. ” Yes and Amen. I have such dreams…most days they are crushed by the reality of six children that don’t share those dreams.

You Can’t Keep Sin Out – What I got out of this post is summed up in one sentence that Amy wrote. “We MUST stop believing we can follow a formula or method and reap perfection. ” A good reminder!

Becoming Who I Am – If you have lost your mom, this post is good to read.

Finally, here is a new video that we made for our Character Badge Kickstarter Campaign that shows what our children think about Character Badges. We think it’s pretty funny. :)  (If you are reading this in an email, click here to watch it!). There are 20 days left to make a pledge to get your Character Badge set, if we don’t reach our funding goal than we will not be able to manufacture these. So now is your only chance!

Feminine Friday { Fall is Coming! }

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Modern Countryside - The Modest Mom


Oh this outfit makes me look forward to fall! My sister actually tried this jacket on when we were at Maurices together, she liked it but they didn’t have her size at the store. The scarf looks so cute with it!
A Pop of Blue - The Modest Mom

A Pop Of Blue 

Maurices flounce top / AB Studio clothing /Cropped Layering ShellSacred Heart helens heart shoes / Champagne bracelet / Earrings / Flexi Clip

I fell in love with this blouse when I was at Maurices last! I even have that skirt from Kohls.

Stripes and Floral - The Modest Mom


Stripes and Florals

Maurices pink top / Wedges shoes /Full Length Halftee / LC Lauren Conrad pink jewelry / Cato | Mobile / Flexi Clip

It will be time to pull out scarves again soon! I love this floral scarf.

3 Day Lilla Rose Sale!


Don’t forget the three day Lilla Rose sale, and the mystery hostess party going on! Free shipping on orders of $40 or more, and up to 30% off!

Have a great weekend!

Huge Lilla Rose Sale, Plus 11 NEW Clips!

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Guess what? Lilla Rose has a brand new shopping cart! The whole shopping experience is different, and I think it’s a lot easier. Instead of searching clips by different sizes, you just click on each image of the clip you like and all the sizes are shown there.

When they created a new shopping cart they upgraded their servers. Faithful shoppers with Lilla Rose knows that sales can sometimes be difficult to navigate, the website can get overloaded and it’s hard to get through. The company is quite hopeful that you won’t have any problems at all during this sale, with the new servers in place!

Lilla Rose Huge Sale With up to 30% off and 10% off everything! Starting today there is a huge sale, with 10% off everything, 15% off the new styles, and 30% off select items! Plus there is free shipping on orders of $40 and up! Amazing! 

On top of all of that, we are going to do a mystery hostess party! One person that places an order will walk away with up to $150 in free products, up to six half price items, plus a hostess only flexi clip! (If you already have a Lilla Rose consultant, please stay loyal with her!)

They have been working on coming up with some new flexi clips to release, and I love what they came up with! They are in very limited quantity though, so don’t wait to place your order!

Shop Now

Celtic Flexi Clip in Seven different sizes!

Celtic Flexi Clip in seven different sizes! Diamond Flexi Clip - one of the new flexi clip styles!

Diamond Flexi Clip available in seven different sizes! Southwest Flexi Clip

Southwest Flexi Clips, available in seven different sizesTurtle Flexi Clip, available in seven different sizes

Turtle Flexi ClipNew Pearl flexi clip!

Pearl Flexi Clip – Some of you will love the gold in this one! Fascinating Flexi Clip available in seven different sizes!

Fascinating available in seven different styles! I really like this one!

Four new styles of clips from Lilla Rose!

And four more new clips! I’m getting the Montana clip! Love it!

September Flexi of the Month!

Plus they are releasing the September Flexi of the Month clip and hairband. The Thistle is a good clip for the Scottish, or so I’ve been told. 😉

Do you need sizing help? This guide will help you figure out what size you might need! And remember, Lilla Rose offers easy exchanges if you get the wrong size.

Flexi Clip Sizing Guidelines


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How I’ve Made Over My Morning and Created A Routine

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How I've Made Over My Mornings and Created A Routine!

I’m not a person who routine comes naturally to. Schedules tend to make me stand in awe of the moms who pull them off. We do best with routines, and even that gets tweaked a lot.

When I first went through the Make Over Your Morning course, It wasn’t a dramatic change. I didn’t end the two week course and have a totally new morning routine.  I  had a new baby when I went through it and it was a hard time to make change come about.

A few weeks ago however, I realized that a lot of things have changed about my morning, thanks to the course. I finally have a routine! Here is what it looks like.

Wake Up, exercise, take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, do devotions with the children, and start school.

Doing everything in this order makes my day go so much better!

Want more details? Here you go. 

1. Wake Up – I wake up between 6-8 AM. Right now I don’t try for any earlier than 6 because I’m up several times a night nursing an almost 5 month old. If I’m up super late, I don’t push myself to get up early and sleep in until 8. I’m trying really hard to get enough sleep though, so I can get up at 6-6:30 every day. My goal is to be in bed by 10:00, but that does not always happen.

2. Exercise – I’m doing an 8 week challenge right now, and part of that includes doing 30 minutes of exercise six days a week. I alternate between doing a Walk Away The Pounds DVD, and doing a harder 15 minute workout from Fit Yummy Mummy. When I do the 15 minute workout I normally go across the street in the evening to the elementary school and walk. The children play on the playground and the baby is in the Tula carrier.

I’ve been looking forward to exercising because I get super encouraged while I do it. Really? Yes it’s true! I’ve been listening to homeschooling podcasts from Read Aloud Revival while I exercise, and it gives me a lot to think through from what I’m hearing. I occasionally listen to business podcasts as well ( a favorite of mine is How They Blog). Fresh encouragement as a homeschooling mom has been awesome. A word of advice? Don’t wait for your once a year homeschool conference to be refreshed. Find a podcast to listen to once in awhile as you do chores. I start my day so excited to jump in and homeschool now that I’m listening to these podcasts!

3. Take A Shower – If for some reason I exercise later in the day I skip the shower. If I am all hot and sweaty I take a shower. Most days. 😉 Sometimes as much as I want to get a shower in it’s just not possible. I wash my face in the shower with the L’BRI Deep Pore Cleanser.

4. Get Dressed – This was an area that taking the course really helped in. It made me realize I needed to have a better wardrobe for this crazy busy time with a new baby, and still needing to lose postpartum baby weight.

I was spending a lot of time picking out an outfit in the morning, and most of the outfits needed ironing. Since the baby sleeps in our room and is normally still asleep when I’m picking out an outfit, I don’t like being in my room long.  I was feeling pretty frustrated with it all and wanted to simplify some things. I went to our local Cato store and they had some maxi skirts on clearance, so I bought three of them. They are wrinkle free and I have several shirts they go with. Plus they fit better than a lot of other clothes right now (not happy about that one…but working on it!).

Maxi Skirts from Cato's for an easy morning routine.

The Make Over Your Mornings course suggests picking out your outfit the night before, but I just haven’t been able to get that in my evening routine. So I appreciate adding some easy outfits.

5. Eat breakfast – This one still needs a lot of work. My poor husband. Does that give you a clue that fixing breakfast is not my strong point? I try to have cold cereal in the house for him, and the children eat a lot of oatmeal, eggs and toast, and yes, cold cereal. I have greek yogurt with fruit and honey mixed in. My goal is to have muffins and waffles made up in the freezer, and just pull them out the night before. I just can’t seem to get that pulled off. I did make a waffle mix and that has been helpful.

6. Have devotions with the children – We do different things for devotions, right now we are reading through a scripture story book, other times we read through Proverb for the day, or use an actual study (like something from Character Concepts) and work through it. I need to work on adding in my own devotion time in the morning, but so far I just use this time for myself as well. Being honest here…I know others have created this amazing morning routine with journals and highlighters and printables for what to pray over your family. One day I hope to be there. I will say I pray in the shower a lot. :)

That’s a look at my morning! If you are needing a morning makeover, I have good news for you! Today only, the Make Over Your Morning course is on sale for only $10! This is the cheapest it will be for the rest of the year (in fact it’s not supposed to be on sale the rest of the year). It’s totally worth the cost of the course, and I have been so grateful I went through it.

Whether you are a homeschooling mom, or a mom that works out of the home, I think this course would be a blessing to you! It’s not about getting up at a certain time, but more about creating routines and schedules that work for you! Lots of resources are included in the study guide!

If you purchase the group, please ask to join the Make Over Your Mornings Facebook Group that I started a few months ago! There are over 1000 members there with lots of helpful ideas!