10 ways to become a fun mom

Would your children consider you a fun mom? Or do you bark orders all day stressing about getting chores and schoolwork done? By nighttime you fall in bed feeling guilty that you didn’t spend more quality time with them, and then you wake up and do the same discouraging routine all over again. Is that you?

Don’t get me wrong. Routine is good and life isn’t all about fun. But without some joyful and lighthearted moments, children get burnt out easily. Even in the midst of stressful times they need to know that it’s ok to laugh – as long as they keep it under control.


The longer I’m a mother the more I learn to enjoy my children and laugh with them. That might sound strange to some, but mothering was a rocky road in the beginning for me. We were blessed with a child who cried for the first 4 months of his life. By the time the second child came along exactly two years later, I was so exhausted from my adrenal fatigue that I was in bed at night before my boys were.

It was hard to find joy some days.

I learned many things through those trials, and as my children are getting older I want to create memories with them. Fun times they will remember, because believe me the orders get barked here and the night time comes along with a guilty mom some days.

Here are 10 different ways our family has fun together. (Affiliate Links Included)

1. Have slumber parties together! Our children absolutely love it when we declare it a slumber party night. We have let them build a tent in our room (which is very small) and sleep under it together. Sometimes the boys might be gone at their nana’s for the night and so the girls get to sleep in our room. Other times my husband will go in their room and sleep. This doesn’t happen all the time, but it is super special when it does. Yes it gets crazy and we have to finally tell them to be quiet and go to sleep. But I’m sure they will remember those nights when they are older.

2. Go on a pajama drive! The first time we did this, some of our children actually cried while we were out. They were so mortified that they were out in their pajamas, even though we didn’t see anyone! Now they love it and ask when we get to do another one. Around 7:00 we tell the children to get their pajamas on, and then we surprise them and instruct them to get their shoes and coats and run to the van. Then we drive around in the country, telling stories or singing songs and just have fun together. Family time does not have to be expensive or elaborate!

3. Instead of a tea party, have a chocolate milk party! My sister and I did not like tea growing up (actually it’s still not our favorite thing as adults) so my mom always had a chocolate milk or juice party with us. We have tea cups and snacks and light candles and just talk.

4. Have tickle time together. I’m sure every family does this one, but we all love to wrestle and tickle each other. My husband normally starts it with the boys, and sometimes I go over and try to help the innocent victim, or contribute to the tickling!

5. Dance with your children! I absolutely love doing this. We turn on fun music and have goofy times of dancing, or turn on pretty music (soundtracks to Jane Austen movies work great!) and try some refined dancing. When I can convince my husband to join us then it’s really fun! 🙂

6. Have movie nights together. We are pretty strict about what we let our children watch, so it’s actually hard to have movie nights as a family. A few movies we have watched together have been Pollyanna (I like this version better then the old Disney version), a few episodes of Little House on the Prairie, and Anne of Green Gables. There have been some older movies (normally about animals) but I can’t remember the names now. In every movie there is always something we have to stop and explain or make sure they know we don’t approve of the behavior of the child.

7. Play games as a family. We are still building up a collection of games that are good for a range of ages. Our oldest is 10 and our youngest child that can play games just turned 4. The best game we have found to span the ages is Uno Attack. Our children can play it as young as 3, and before they really get it they love being the one in charge of pushing the button. A few other games we are enjoying are Walk the Dogs and Blokus.

8. Do simple activities together, like shopping, going to the library or the park. It doesn’t have to be fancy, our children know we stay home a lot. When we go to the library the children have a blast, and they always thank me for taking them when we leave! When the weather is nice the park is a fun place to stop at, or just taking one or two children along on a shopping trip makes them feel special.

9. Play basketball together. I’ll admit right up front, this is a guys game in our family. But it really does involve our whole family. We have an indoor basketball goal that my husband and sons play with every week (I highly recommend this one, it has held up extremely well for over a year now!). As I get dinner ready they play a game, rack up the points, and cheer each other on. My husband started a fun game of shoot to win…if you make this shot you get a treat, or you get to do something special.

10. Surprise them with a special treat! Our children love it when I surprise them with homemade cookies, or dessert after dinner when they were least expecting it. Sometimes we have taken them to Chick-Fil-A for ice cream, and that is special for them.

I’d love to hear what ideas you can add to this list!

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  1. Our kids have been dragging from cabin fever. We’ve had some really cold days. We hadn’t been anywhere but church and Wal-Mart for a long time.

    Sunday, my husband and I made a list of 15 things for a scavenger hunt. After church, we handed the kids the list (ages 12-16), took the camera on hubby’s phone and drove all over town taking photos of them next to everything from a railroad track to a guy at the mall named John!

    They loved it.


  2. Cabin fever here, too!!! Last night we had dinner at my parents house and they were watching old home videos. It made me emotional. I remembered those times of decorating cookies, being silly, the simple things. My kids are 3 & 4 so they’re still young, but I realized those little moments are so important. And they really are so simple to do. Feeling very encouraged today. Thank you for this post.

  3. Thank you–you could add ‘or grandma’ to the end of this post! I’ve done some of these, not others, and now I can’t wait to go take care of the ‘babies’. We’re heading there soon.

  4. Love all these ideas, especially the tent in the bedroom! I was actually thinking of you today because we had our “tea” party today that I read about in a post of your back in October or so. It is so special and we had a great time. My 4 year old son really looks forward to it.

    Also, we are very particular about what movies to watch too so if you think of any more, PLEASE feel free to share. It is hard to find decent movies.

  5. I’m not sure what your guidelines for movies are {ours are extremely strict}. We have been very pleased with the Torch lighters series from Voice of the Martyrs. Bluebehemoth.com is pretty good resource {though you do still have to be careful}. We’ve also found several biographical movies from BJP. My kids adore the Sheffy movie.

  6. We are picky about movies for our kids as well. Our kids have enjoyed the “What’s in the Bible” dvd series. It is made by Phil Visher, the maker of Veggie Tales, but is soooo much better than Veggie Tales. It is very informative while being fun. We have also watched some of the “Air Bud” movies, although you have to be careful because some have mature content. We haven’t seen those…just read about them. My kids love “Keeping the Promise”. It’s a movie about a family in the 1800s moving into the wooded frontier and befriending the Native Americans. (My boys really like this one since the main character is a boy and it focuses mainly on him and his survival.) I can’t think of any others right now…it’s late. I hope that helps! Oh, by the way, my kids are ages 11 and down.

  7. Barking orders…that is exactly what I feel like many times! Thanks for this post! We are picky about what our girls watch too. I am happy to let them watch the 19 Kids and Counting show and the United Bates of America.

  8. Alright, loving these ideas for special shows for children. We have seen Sheffy and like it and do enjoy Little House on the Prairie. I am going to check out some of these mentioned above!

  9. These are some great ideas Caroline. I know I can get so wrapped up in making sure I’ve got things done for the day. Then I’m reminded the moment I get on the floor with my son and his little face lights up – that’s my main job, he is my priority over other to-do tasks (behind my faith and husband of course, just talking parenting!).

  10. We love the Sherword movies, Flywheel, Facing the Giant, Fireproof, and Courageous. Also Andy Griffeth, and Leave it to Beaver!

  11. We also love to gather around the computer to look at Old photos and videos from when the children were little… Especially videos are fun! Another fun game is an old school game called “spoons”, you can play with your Uno cards. Lots of fun

  12. We do a lot of what you mentioned. We have slumber parties in our room or daddy will go to their rooms, movie nights, tickle “fights”, as we call them, family night on Fridays (we have a large play house in the back yard and daddy goes out their with them after we have some inside fun, they watch a movie and fall asleep), we watch old videos of them when they were babies. Love being a mom (I have 6). We only have 1 shot at raising them. I want to do it right and have fun in the process. Thanks <3

  13. My kids range from 6 months to 22 and married with two kids. We have 10 total. Christmas Night our oldest said we probably have more fun than any other family except maybe the Kardashians. My husband calls them reindeer games but every Christmas I come up with a new way to give them their gifts. This year they all enjoyed this one better than any ever. I numbered all the gifts starting with 1 and finishing with 80 this year. Then I strung yarn through out the house intertwined and around furniture. At the end of each string was a card with their numbers. Each person was given their yarn color and told to wrap it up. They crawled, ran, laughed, and enjoyed every minute. Once all cards were collected I called out the numbers and they collected their gifts. The younger ones ever enjoyed that part and would yell bingo every now and then.

  14. How funny! We took our kiddos for a PJ drive the other night, for the first time in a long time, and it was SOOOOO much fun for them! I forgot how much fun just driving around in pajamas was to kids! 🙂

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