Sleepy Time Essential Oil Roller Blend Recipe

If you have children, you have probably experienced those nights where your children come to you and say those famous words you dread to hear. “I can’t sleep mom!” Fortunately, there are things you can do to help your little one get to sleep faster! One thing we have been doing for months now are […]

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Unicorn Essential Oil Roller Blend

Do you want to ditch your perfume but still want to smell nice when you go out? Try the Unicorn Essential Oil Roller Blend! The bonus is, it’s called the happy oil as the essential oils support the emotions. It’s an excellent blend of amazing oils. True story. I hate perfume. I really do. I […]

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DIY Toner with Essential Oils

Did you know it’s incredibly easy to make your own facial toner with essential oils? It’s affordable, and so good for your skin. Why do we worry about what we put on our skin? On the Think Dirty App many of the toners that you can grab at CVS or Walmart are listed at an […]

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Using Coconut Oil To Remove Mascara

This is a simple, but super effective tip to share! Did you know that you can use coconut oil to remove mascara? And that it works amazingly well? It’s true. If you are on the journey of ditching the chemicals, get rid of those makeup remover wipes that are toxic! I looked up many of […]

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Using Thieves Household Cleaner To Clean your House!

Do you know one of the easiest things ever to ditch and switch? It’s found under your kitchen sink! Go ahead…run over to your cabinet and open it up and took a good look at what is inside. You might be surprised with just how many chemicals are found underneath there! The 409 cleaner that […]

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31 Days To Creating A Healthy Home Series

I had no intentions of doing a 31 day series in October! I’ve done several in the past and they are a lot of work. But I suddenly thought of how much fun it would be to share 31 days of healthy living and got all excited and dived in. So here we are! Welcome […]

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