Whole 30 And How It Ended

March 3rd was supposed to be the end of my Whole 30 experience, but it ended a little early. I wasn’t happy about this, but Sean finally insisted. I ended up catching Influenza A and was terribly sick, laying in bed so fatigued and with a fever I could barely move. I was also nauseated […]

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Whole 30 Week Two – It’s Working!!

I’ve looked forward to writing this blog post all week. I’m still in shock. I’m 9 days into doing Whole 30 and it’s totally working! Best of all, I love doing it! It’s so easy to do compared to Trim Healthy Mama (at least for me) and I’m seeing incredible results already! I shared a […]

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Losing the Postpartum Weight: Week Three

You might have noticed I didn’t post for week two. I just didn’t have enough time last week, since that was the week I received all my LulaRoe inventory and got started. I really need the accountability though, so I’m going to try and not slack off of posting each Friday. What can I say, […]

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