My Postpartum Weight Loss Journey – Week 1

Can I still call it a postpartum weight loss journey if my baby is 21 months? 🙂 I’m on a journey and it’s one I’m excited about. I started January 1st to be super serious about losing this baby weight. The first year with a new baby I never work on losing weight, because I’m […]

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My Health Goals For The New Year

I’ve had it. I gained a lot more weight than I normally do when I was pregnant with Sophia. I know it had to be from all the progesterone shots and for how long I was in bed during her pregnancy. It’s been very difficult to get off, and I tend to get easily discouraged […]

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How Badly Do You Want To Have A Healthy Family?

Every family has their own version of what being healthy looks like. For some, it just means you don’t drink pop, but eat white bread and donuts. For others, it means you grind your own flour, buy everything organic, and wouldn’t be caught letting your children eat a piece of candy. Here is the honest […]

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