Can I still call it a postpartum weight loss journey if my baby is 21 months? 🙂 I’m on a journey and it’s one I’m excited about. I started January 1st to be super serious about losing this baby weight. The first year with a new baby I never work on losing weight, because I’m nursing. Normally my weight comes off fairly easily, but not this time around. I’ve been so overwhelmed with a screaming baby that it’s not been until recently that I felt I could focus on this!

I thought I would give weekly updates here, to keep myself accountable and also to share with you what is and is not working for me.

To start out – my ouch moment of the week. A friend of my daughter’s from church asked if I was pregnant, and then wanted to know why I look the way I do. If I feel tempted to give up, I’ll remember that comment. I know I have a diastasis problem, (meaning my stomach muscles are separated), which can lead to me looking pregnant when I’m not.

Still. Never fun to hear. 

Here is my story so far. A warning first – this is my story. Everyone has their own personal story, and they have to decide what works for them. I tried Trim Healthy Mama a few months ago for a week. I was totally committed that week and lost 5 pounds. Then I chatted with a friend who had lost weight through Trim Healthy Mama, and she said that it was hard to keep the weight off if you don’t stay on that way of wearing forever. I got discouraged and decided to just stop and see if the weight would stay off.

Amazingly, it stayed off…until Christmas. 🙂

We didn’t go crazy with treats, but we had a baking day with family like usual and by the time Christmas was over I had gained some of that weight back.

January 1st came, and I decided to really tackle this. It’s easy to use excuses, it’s a lot of hard work and takes a great deal of discipline and focus for me. If I don’t see results in 3 days I tend to just give up. That’s not how weight loss works!

So what am I doing exactly?

I’m not doing any one plan. I decided that Trim Healthy Mama is a wonderful plan, but long term it’s not for me. I’m using some of the concepts and recipes, and even some of their own line of products, but I’m not committed to just that way of eating.

So far I’ve found it works best to have a goal of eating great all week long, and then having a treat Friday night or on Saturday. I don’t want to become so extreme that I don’t enjoy relationships and date nights and time with friends. It’s been working well so far!

Here is what my meal plan has looked like this week.


2 eggs and turkey bacon

Smoothie made with greek yogurt, protein powder, mixed berries, collagen powder and sweetened with Gentle Sweet (this is similar).

Peanut Butter Protein Shake


Salad with tuna or chicken on top. I get the large tub of organic salad mix from Costco and put carrots and shredded red cabbage on top, and peppers when I have them. I get my chicken breast from Zaycon and LOVE getting my chicken there! Lately I’ve cooked some chicken breast on a skillet with coconut oil and a meat seasoning from Costco. It’s super yummy!

I keep the cheese off of it and go light on the dressing.

If I don’t have a salad for lunch, I eat leftovers from dinner. Normally we don’t have any leftovers, but I have been making certain meals for myself, so I end up having some left.


Creamy Bacon Swiss Chicken – My husband asked what he did to deserve this. LOL He loved it!

Burritos – I used a whole wheat wrap that was lower carb.

Sausage and cabbage – I cooked up sausage and roasted potatoes and mixed those together for my family. I held back some of the sausage and cooked cabbage in it for myself. It was delicious!

Brown rice, chicken and veggies

More salad with chicken on it!

Cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce (more info on this below!)


Apples and Peanut butter

Skinny Popcorn

Veggies (carrots and peppers)

Skinny chocolate – recipe found in the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook.

Cheese sticks

Failures for the week 

I didn’t make wise choices twice, Carrianna wanted to make cookies and I ended up eating cookie dough and a cookie. Bad choice! I love cookie dough. I’m just not strong enough yet to have them in the house.

Another night we had cheeseburgers at home. It was a fun night for the children, they had earned ice cream so I picked some up at the grocery store. I ended up eating tater tots and ice cream, when I told myself I shouldn’t!

Victories for the week 

We have chocolate chips in the freezer, and I see them constantly when I’m cooking. I’m not eating them though! I love chocolate, and grabbing a few chocolate chips was an easy treat, but I really wanted to break this habit.

Sean just got done making a Fitness Planner (it’s available on his Etsy store), and I love using this to track my progress! I took my initial measurements, and will be using this to track my exercises, food,  and the pounds I lose.

So far I’ve lost 4 pounds, which is encouraging!

Next week I’ll share with you what I’m doing for exercising!







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  1. Caroline. If you are looking to lose weight please listen. Have you ever heard of T-Tapp? It’s a 15 minute workout a day and once you lose the weight you want, you only have to do it once to twice a week. You can do it from home if you order the videos, and their is also loads of youtube videos. Please try this, it works!!

  2. I love what you came up with for an eating plan. I have the THM books and while I know you can lose weight and be healthy on it, I just don’t want to commit to that way of eating forever. I also think it is one of those plans that if you don’t follow it all the time it can be self-sabotaging. I still have baby weight almost 19 months later that I need to do something about. I never had to work to lose it with my first 3, but I have dealt with injuries and even ankle surgery since this one and I am getting older 😉

    As for the diastasis, have you ever heard of Fit2B? It is a diastasis-aware fitness program that helps women heal and strengthen the core in a way that is safe for people with abdominal trauma. I have loved it for teaching me to be more aware of my body, honoring to where my body is right now and awareness of how to made everyday movements safe for my body. I have struggled since my youngest was born and especially after surgery with feeling weak, but Fit2B has helped me to feel a lot stronger with gentle and safe exercise. I do hope to get back to running someday, though!

  3. Keep up the good work! I also get Ezekiel bread from Costco for a low carb bread. We also eats lots of cottage cheese as a snack. I’ve got some baby weight to lose too!

  4. Congrats on the weight loss. ? In the same boat as you after this fourth baby. I also have diastasis recti, but found some very helpful exercises on You Tube, under Carrie West Harper. It’s encouraging when you find a routine that works and you see results.

  5. Thank you for sharing your story! Congratulations on your progress!!

    I’ve struggled with my own weight ever since I got married and went from one plan to the next. I always felt deprived, tired, irritable and the cravings never went away. I’d lose a little weight initially, but could never stick with the plan long-term. I just didn’t feel good on any of them. The weight would slowly come back and so would the guilt.

    I learned that we are all different, so one eating plan might work okay for one individual but not another. I follow the blood type diet and have seen such amazing results, not just with weight but overall health, that I’ll never look back. I’ve lost over thirty pounds, very easily, my cravings are gone, my sinus and allergy issues are gone, adrenals are healed and my skin has never looked better. It’s amazing!! We all think of a cucumber as a health food, for instance, but for me it’s not. I know I’m better off eating string beans instead because cucumbers are known to cause agglutination in your cells if you are a type O. Just one of many examples. The only thing I’ve ever paid for is the book, but much of the content is online. You read the list of foods you should buy at the store (there are hundreds of food items, so tons of options), purchase them and eat them. So easy and it doesn’t cost anything. I felt better by the second day and lost 9 pounds the first week. I highly, highly recommend it!! I can make cookies for church and not even want to taste the dough. It doesn’t even look good to me anymore. And I used to be horrible addicted to sugar! I also know what type of exercise works best for my body. It’s truly been life-changing. They’re are skeptics out there, but for me and countless others it’s the only thing that’s worked. The weight melts off and you feel like you aren’t even trying! The inflammation in your body goes away and your metabolism and system are restored. It’s the best and I’m so thankful for it! I sleep better, my concentration is great and my stress has gone done drastically. I only take a vitamin and probiotic that I purchase myself. You even know which medical conditions/diseases you are more susceptible to by your type and how to eat and live to prevent and treat them. My family and friends laughed at me and the plan at first. They thought the whole thing was ludicrous, but when they say how much better I felt and how much weight I lost, they were hooked! Now many of them follow it with awesome results of their own. There’s decades of research and studies behind it, and I’ve never felt better in my entire life. And I love that I can wear clothes three sizes smaller and have so much energy now that I no longer feel the need for a nap during the day. My digestion and immune system have never been better. My tummy is always flat and there’s never any bloating, so clothes always fit great. PMS is gone too. Amazing! For anyone interested, give it a try for just a week and judge for yourself! Theres also lots of recipes and groups on Facebook for lots of support. It’ll change your life!

  6. I somewhat eat the Trim Healthy Mama plan too. I am not 100% either. My husband is trying to lose weight this year, and is trying to count calories. So, I’m trying to be more intent on cooking healthy, since he is on board, but it’s a little tricky to do some combination of calorie counting for him and THMish for me! Sounds like you are doing great this week!

  7. Good for you. I hear a lot of myself in this post. I have tried so many things, but finally realized I needed to make my own plan; I can’t have anything off-limits and I need to be able to have a “fun” meal. I have lost 35 pounds it feels so amazing. I still can’t believe I did it. I have more to go, but I’m taking it slow and celebrating every tenth of a pound. Good luck!

  8. Thank you for your openess! I am 2 months postpartum and with my previous 2 children the weight came off rather quickly. I gained 40lbs with this baby…mostly to excess amniotoc fluid. I lost all of it but 13 pounds that are hard to get off! I feel so encouraged by your journey also. Being a homeschool mom and a 2 month old I find it difficult to get workouts in. Hopefully things will settle down and i won’t be so tired to exercise!

  9. I don’t think starting a postpartum weight loss program when your baby is 21 months old is too late at all. I just got serious about losing the weight from my 10 pregnancies and my baby is 21 YEARS old! I have lost 18 pounds in 3 months and only have 32 to go to meet my goal. 🙂

  10. Have you tried Nutrisystem? I talked hubby into it and he finally agreed this New Year! So exciting when all the meals and snacks arrive in the mail! You get to eat 6 times a day–yay! My kids and I are so jealous of all his yummy food LOL. I am trying to implement the structure and plan of the Nutrisystem program for myself and the kids…it’s good science and good stuff?.

  11. P.s. Lol about the pregnancy comment…I am sure you don’t look it, the girl’s mom probably told her to ask because she was curious about when your next one would be coming along!!

  12. I clicked on the recipe for the creamy bacon recipe and there was something wrong with the link, could you repost the link? Thank you

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