I promise I’m not going to start wearing LulaRoe in every Modest Monday post from now on! I’m excited to have a new outfit to put together though, and wanted to share!

This dress is a little shorter than I normally wear, but with tights and boots I really like it. I’ll have to get creative and think of ways to wear it in the summer months as well. What is even better…my husband loves it on me!

This is the Amelia Dress from LulaRoe. It’s a short sleeve dress, but I love wearing it in the winter months with the cardigan that Sean gave me for Christmas.

We were visiting family when we took these pictures, I love being able to go and be in the country for a few hours! The lake behind me in the pictures is just beautiful.

The Amelia dress has a zipper in the back and it’s overall just a really comfortable dress! I want to get more in some different colors that fit with my Type 1 personality with Dressing Your Truth better.

My hair has grown long enough that I was able to twist it up again! I was pretty excited to use some of my x-large flexi clips again! The Claire dangle clip is so beautiful, especially in the larger sizes.

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What I Wore

Dress – Amelia from LulaRoe

Cardigan – From Marshalls

Boots – Kohls

Flexi Clip – Lilla Rose

Link Up Time!

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  1. This is possibly my favourite of all of the outfits I’ve seen on your blog! Definitely a look I’d like to try, although I’d be more comfortable with jeans instead of tights, because of the dress’ length. So cute!

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