It’s officially summer and I’m loving it! We visited with friends on Saturday evening and all the children played in the sprinkler, threw water balloons, and had fun outside all evening. I love summer play! My children do complain about how hot it gets, which is why we start our school back up again in August. They never want to be outside when it’s super hot, unless they are playing in water. 🙂

Talking about summer…this feels like a good summer outfit! Sandals, a comfy maxi dress and a halftee!

I saw a blogger wear this dress, and finally decided to order it after hearing how much she loved it. I’ve never ordered anything from Nordstrom before, I don’t think I’ve even looked on the website before! I always had in my head that everything was super expensive there, but this knit maxi dress was affordable!

The maxi dress is super comfortable, and it would even work for nursing mothers! I love that it has adjustable straps, so you could pull it up even higher and wear it with a jacket.

Right now there are 4 different colors available on Nordstrom. The Barberry color was just added and I love it!

The only thing I don’t like about the dress is the length. I’m 5’5″ and I wish it was slightly longer, though I don’t have to worry about tripping at all with the current length. For all of you who are a little shorter and looking for a maxi dress, this is a great one to get!

I curled my hair with hot rollers, and used one of the new leather headbands from Lilla Rose. Those headbands are amazing! They don’t give me headbands, and the leather ones really keep your hair in place all day long!

What I wore

Dress – Lush Knit Maxi Dress (size medium)

Cami – Halftee with short sleeves

Sandals – TOMS brand

Necklace – Silver Tassel Necklace (this one is similar)

Hairband – Lilla Rose Jean hairband

Link Up Time!

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4 Comments on Modest Monday and a Link Up!

  1. I love this blue dress/jumper, it looks great. You look like you’ve lost weight {not that you needed to!}. You look stunning! Great link up too, thanks for hosting it!

  2. Very cute dress! I have the same problem with the length of maxis and pants, for that matter. At 5’6′ I’m too short for talls and too tall for most regular sizes. I’m always shortening or letting down hems. Oh well! On the scale of world problems I guess mine is a small one. LOL. Thanks for hosting, Caroline. Summer blessings!

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