We had a lovely weekend! Saturday we had a birthday party for my two boys and my husband’s brother. My brother in law wanted to go bowling, so we had grandparents, my sister and brother in law, our family and three friends of our boys at the bowling alley for a fun hour. Then we had lunch and gifts at my sister’s house. My husband was on fall break the past few days from college, so it was a nice day. I’m sad the break already came and went, back to college today and more crazy nights working on huge homework assignments!

This is the outfit I wore to church on Sunday. It was a pretty warm day, so short sleeves were perfect.


Miss Olivia wanted in the picture also!

I braided my hair on the sides, and then twisted it up an size large Princess Tiara Flexi Clip.

Sandals I just got on clearance at Kohls. Thanks to the blessing of five children, I have a large varicose vein on on my foot. It looks really bad to wear sandals like this without wearing hose, so I went ahead and wore a pair of seamless pantyhose. I know there are varying opinions on wearing hose with open toe sandals, but I didn’t have very many options here. 🙂

 *I’m editing this post to add some thoughts on nursing. I totally forgot to include how I nurse in this dress! It buttons up all the way, but I still have to cover up somehow. The easiest way I have found to nurse in outfits like this, is to wear a nursing tank underneath the dress. While I’m wrestling with a fussy baby (she is teething right now!), it really helps me feel more comfortable should my nursing cover not stay in place. I always use a nursing cover with this dress. There is no other option in order to be modest, some sort of cover or blanket is required!*

What I Wore

Dress – Thrift store

Sandals- Kohls

Flexi Clip- Lilla Rose

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24 Comments on Yet another Modest Monday and a Link Up!

  1. Just wondering, do you ever NOT use a nursing cover? I know, and have seen, many moms nurse discreetly without a cover in various kinds of outfits, some more discreet than others, but for my own sense of modesty, even when the outfit lends itself to discreet nursing, I still wear a cover to prevent anything from being seen. Just curious as to what you would consider “acceptable” regarding this in the realm of modesty, particularly in public (since I definitely consider you an expert on the subject!)

    • I tend to almost always use my cover when I’m out. At home I honestly hardly ever use it, I just try to be discreet with my shirt. I find that while sometimes you can nurse discreetly in public without a cover, a lot of ladies who think they are being discreet are really showing stuff off on the side that they don’t realize they are showing. That has been my experience with being around a lot of nursing moms. So I’d rather be safe than sorry. 🙂

  2. I know that hose with sandals in many parts of the country is not good, but we live in a northern state and it is often done as otherwise you only get to wear dress sandals for 3 months, barely!!!
    That dress reminds me of one I used to have from the thrift store!

  3. Where I go to church we don’t go “bare legged” so seamless panty hose with sandals are a regular occurrence (this coming from someone who despises panty hose and they make an appearance only for church services lol). 🙂 It looks fine to me!

  4. I LOVE your shirt dress! They are my favorites at this stage of life with nursing babies. I usually find mind at the thrift store, too!

    I’m sharing a post with some cheap date ideas for couples who are trying to keep their expenses in check. That’s probably most of us!

    Thank you for hosting, and have a blessed day!

    • I hardly ever find dresses at the thrift store, so it’s a big deal when I do find one. I think I own three dresses. lol.

  5. I have some vericose veins (and 5 blessings!) too! I had to wear something all summer while I was pregnant. http://www.ameswalker.com/staw45optoes.html I wore these that have an open toe, so they are much less noticeable with sandals. And the “wheat” color was almost a perfect match for my light skin tone (similar to yours). Hope that helps!

    Oh … I only had the vericose veins on one leg, so I could just wear one making my summer pregnancy not quite so hot!

    • Thank you for sharing! My veins only hurt doing my pregnancies. I know a lot of ladies say to not worry about appearance, but my husband has commented that it really doesn’t look good with some of my sandals, so I’d rather wear panty hose and feel better about wearing the sandals. 🙂

  6. Thank you for sharing about your varicose vein. I am expecting my 5th baby and my veins look terrible on one leg. It is quite humbling, but yet again it has ‘forced’ me to be more modest…: )

  7. Love your dress–both the style and color! What a beautiful choice for a warm fall day. Lovely hair clip and sandals as well. (I have an unfortunate collection of unsightly veins so typically wear either leg makeup or pantyhose.)

  8. Hi, I´m a homeschool mom too, i have 4 kids ,I´am from Guadalajara Mexico, last year i began to go, o a traditional Mass , and there only dress skirts, so my girls and i, start to where dresses and skirts, but i really never understand the depply, and the real and important reasons to where like this,( like real women) , but i really liked it!, i belived that the modesty was inside of us, iI still see my friends from Church and they really look so pretty, and i started a research in the internet about the importance of whearing only skirts and i found your beatyfull blog!!! and i just love it! i love everythink you wrotte in; “Why i wear skirts all the time” , i just love modes monday!!! and everythink about being a woman, i wan to congratulation, your blog is a really God´s inspiration!!! you have help me a lot!! i started sweing dresses o my girls ,which i love it! i´m not and expert like you but with love you can do everything, well you have a new follower, God bless you!.

  9. I’m of the persuasion that it’s more lady-like to wear hose, than to not. Especially in shorter skirts. (knee length or longer of course) I cringe when I see a woman w/o hose on w/a shorter skirt or dress. I need color on my legs since they are stark white.

    I don’t generally wear sandals w/hose. I do wear capris, bermuda shorts, and pants so I wear sandals w/those. I do wear hose w/open toed and backless shoes tho.

  10. Hi, My name is Breanna Stevens. My husband is a preacher. I live in Oklahoma… I have nine children and I’m pregnant with my tenth…. I enjoy your website and I appriciate your modesty. I know some people who are modest but I thought I was the only one who didn’t believe in wearing pants… Thank you for your modesty. God Bless you:)

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