I have to admit, I’m thankful for my height. At 5’5″I’m not petite and I’m not tall. However there have been times that I have looked longingly at the outfits that shorter ladies have been able to wear. There are so many cute dresses out there that are just an inch or two shorter than what I feel comfortable wearing.

That being said, I hear petite ladies mention how hard it can be to find maxi skirts or dresses that they are not tripping over all the time. I was just out shopping and found a few things for petite ladies that I wanted to pass along!

If you are petite (meaning shorter than the average person), definitely don’t just shop in the petite section! Check out all the knee length length dresses or skirts that will be mid length on you. The above the knee skirt will be knee length for you!

Here are some petite length skirts that I fell in love with, but the good news is that most of these are available in regular length as well! And most of these are on sale for some great prices!

I was shopping in the petite section at JCPenny for shirts (yes, I actually bought some petite shirts! My sister convinced me they looked good!), and saw these maxi skirts. These are a great find for you petite ladies! They have several different colors and patterns such as solid and stripes, and the quality of Liz Claiborne brand is great!

These skirts are available in misses and petite lengths, so make sure you select petite length when checking out.

I’m in love! The Chap brand from Kohls is a really good quality brand and normally these petite tiered skirts are out of my price range at $79.00. I don’t always see them on sale, but right now they are half off! These are available in petite and regular length, and look so beautiful for summer with sandals. If you are tired of wearing the same old t-shirts with skirts, try a chambray shirt with this skirt.

This chambray shirt comes in petite and regular length, and you could just roll the sleeves up for warm weather like they have shown in the picture.

Here is a cute knee length knit skirt that my sister tried on. The color wasn’t right for her, but I loved it! The red would be great for the 4th of July, and they offer 4 different colors, including a floral that is beautiful! Once again, this skirt comes in petite and regular length, so make sure you choose the correct length when purchasing.

Are you looking for a little nicer dress in petite length? I fell in love with this maxi dress, and it would be gorgeous with a shrug over it. I would wear this to church, to a wedding, party, or even a nice date night out with my husband!

I almost tried this dress on but I had spent enough so I put it back. It’s a really pretty maxi dress, and it’s a little more casual for summer days. You could wear a short sleeve halftee under it, or wear a halftee tank if you want it sleeveless. The material is wrinkle free which is always fantastic with young children sitting on your lap. Yes, I speak from experience. I always have a child on my lap at church!

Here is another great causal maxi dress that would be great with a short sleeve Halftee under it.

Finally, don’t forget about the coral dress that we sell at Deborah & Co. It would be mid length on a petite person, and would be super cute!

Petites ladies – share your own suggestions for how you shop for modest skirts and dresses! I know other ladies would really appreciate it!










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  1. Yay! Thank you! One other “trick” I find helpful for maxi skirts is they can also be worn as dresses with the appropriate sweater or cardigan on top!

  2. Kohl a frequently has one or two petite maxis in their store brand that are good. Many petite maxis are still fairly long. I’m only a hair under 5’3″, but the maximum length I can wear barefoot is 33″. Many petite maxis are 34″ or even 35″. A skirt that requires heals all day is completely impractical for a mom of six. (Not to mention that I’m not all that coordinated and would die in a skirt that long.)

    Old Navy has petite maxi dresses right now that I love. I bought three colors. The tops aren’t modest at all (you can’t even wear a bra), but with a half tee and shrug or cardigan they’re really cute. Or sometimes I wear a regular shirt over top.

  3. I am 5’3″ but have a long torso so petite doesn’t work for me. I just go with average length. I have found with maxi skirts that I can usually roll the top part of the skirt down and hide it with my top, especially if I have a tank under the top. ?

  4. Such a timely post for me! I was thinking about finding more skirts and tops for myself (2 months postpartum, trying to change my wardrobe to being more feminine even though I feel like a hippopotamus right now)… I’m going to have to check out a few of these! Thanks, Caroline!

  5. Do you have suggestions for buying clothes for really tall women? I stand at 5’9″-ish while one of my sisters is 6′. Other than our height, though, we are really very petite (skinny!) and it is SO hard to find clothes that are long enough but stay up and don’t look baggy.

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