Halftee – The Perfect Layering Solution!

It can be incredibly difficult to find modest clothing. Everything is so low cut, or the dress is super cute but has spaghetti straps on it instead of an actual sleeve. Even finding a cami that is high enough can be quite a challenge.

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Years ago I was delighted to discover Halftees, and since then I’ve worn them almost every week. It’s by far been the easiest way to turn an outfit into something that looks stylish and modest at the same time! Layering under a dress or shirt has never been easier, and less bulky!

A Halftee is a cropped cami that is super soft, with a 2″ stretchy, non-slip soft band that comes right under your bra. It is available for girls and women (in XS-6X sizes), and works amazingly well for maternity and breastfeeding moms!

This blue Pink Blush maxi dress is so comfortable and looks great with a short sleeve halftee under it! I'm styling it with a dangle necklace from JCPenny.

Wearing a Boyfriend Crew Neck Halftee under a sleeveless dress!

I love that the Halftee is reversible, meaning you can choose the higher or lower neckline option. Flip it around to wear the higher side (shown in all my pictures) or wear the lower side if that works better for you. There are no itchy tags at all, and nothing printed on the top that you have to worry about it showing through.

When wearing a full length cami under a dress, it can be so annoying to have it come up and fuss with pulling it down or feeling it bunch up. The Halftee eliminates all of that, plus it’s so cool in the hot summer months!

Blue Maxi Dress from Stitch Fix, with a Halftee Underneath!

They are so comfortable you honestly forget you are even wearing one!

They have 12 colors, white (most popular!), black, nude, cream, navy, red, and many other colors!

I always tell ladies to pick the size of Halftee that you wear in a t-shirt. It’s never failed me yet!

Floral Dress layered with a Halftee.

The Halftee Tank works well under dresses or tops with a sleeve, but where you need some coverage.

When I owned Deborah & Co. (sniff, I miss that store, but not the shipping!), the Halftee was one of our best selling product! I look at different stores and find it amazingly hard to find a comfortable cami.

Breastfeeding Moms

One of the questions I’m often asked is suggestions on where to find modest breast-feeding clothes. These Halftees work extremely well for breastfeeding mothers under wrap style dresses! It’s mainly all I wear when I’m breastfeeding. It’s so easy to pull up the Halftee, pull down a wrap style dress and easily nurse!

You can save so much money on expensive breastfeeding clothes by just purchasing a few Halftees!

A few wrap style dresses that would work well for breastfeeding:

Solid Maxi Color Dress 

Floral Maxi Dress

Boho Chiffon Dress 

Pregnant Moms – These are your best options for layering modestly as they don’t come over your tummy! Avoid one extra layer, especially in the summer months on your tummy! A Halftee tank would work so well under this beautiful maternity dress.

I’m delighted to share that you can save 20% off your entire order at Halftee with the code: CarolineA533 when you check out!

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Halftee has also agreed to giveaway 2 Halftees of your choice! To enter to win, simply enter below.

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  1. Hi Caroline,
    Thanks for encouraging me to dress modestly.I have two dresses that I have been unable to wear and I think that halftees is the solution.
    It seems ages since I got in touch with you, though I stay in Kenya, I have been following Deborah and Co.and I am not so happy that you closed it.But I think you have inspired many women with your decent outfits.

    1. I hate that I had to close it, but with 7 children I just couldn’t keep up with everything. :/ I’m happy to provide resources for where to still shop for modest clothing though!

  2. We loved your full camis. We can’t find anything like them that have a high neckline. Can you direct us as to where to find them elsewhere?

  3. There are great!! I really like the website too. Choosing a favorite was hard!! Thank you for this opportunity

  4. I’m also sad that you had to close your shop! I wear the Junee top that I ordered from you under so many of my tops! I am thankful you shared this other site that sells the halftees. Thank you for the opportunity to win two of them. That would be such a blessing!

  5. Thank you for this article as well as for the opportunity to win 2 halftees! A halftee would be such a great piece to add to my wardrobe, especially in the summertime when it can be uncomfortably warm wearing a sweater over a sleeveless dress.

  6. Yay!!! I’ve been anxiously waiting to find out where to purchase these since you closed your shop. Thank you for the chance to win some! ❤️

  7. I am so sorry you have had to close the shop. I always wanted to buy the rainbow denim skirt, but could not really afford it. I wish I had bought it, as I now need an update in my wardrobe. Did you have them made?

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