There are so many amazing outfits that can be put together these days for women. Floral is still in, and maxi dresses are still easily available. Jeans and a tunic shirt, or a skirt with a fabulous top –  there are so many different ways to style an outfit and feel cute, put together, and modest!

The key to these outfits is making sure you have the right layering items and that you know how to layer under dresses and shirts. I find that there’s an endless amount of clothing options out there; you just need to know how to make the dress or shirt fit your modesty standards.

How to layer under dresses and shirts for an easy modest solution!

And while we’re talking about this, let’s just put aside the word modesty for a minute. If that feels old fashioned to you, don’t use the word. Let’s just call it respecting your body. If you work at a desk job all day long, do you really want to bend over constantly and show people your cleavage? Some women might purposely want this, but I know there are lots of ladies out there who would love to not show as much as they do, but they don’t know how to avoid it.

Most of the tank tops and cami’s I find in the stores are not nearly high enough to cover cleavage. I’ve almost given up looking because it’s so hard to find (and finding a maternity tank top high enough feels impossible!).

That’s why I love Halftees and why I’m always wearing them! I made a short video for you all to show you how to use three different types of Halftees for easy layering solutions under low cut items, sleeveless or spaghetti strap clothes, and you can see how fantastic they are for pregnant and breast-feeding mothers as well!

(Side note – Sean and I get a good laugh when we watch this video – I was pretty animated over Halftees! Apparently I have some strong emotions behind layering solutions!)



Use a Short Sleeve Halftee under a sleeveless or spaghetti strap dress. This is especially awesome in the summer heat! I also love how you don’t have the bunching up of a shirt or cami underneath your dress.

This blue Pink Blush maxi dress is so comfortable and looks great with a short sleeve halftee under it! I'm styling it with a dangle necklace from JCPenny.

Dresses or Tops

What about those dresses or tops that have a v-neck or wrap front? You can easily wear them with a Halftee Tank or a Halftee Basic, and can even breastfeed a baby using the Halftee! Just lift up the Halftee, unsnap your nursing bra and you are good to go! I’ve used these for years now and it’s made breastfeeding so much easier. You actually save a lot of money because you don’t need to buy a lot of specialty nursing clothes that are so expensive.

Stitch Fix Dress

Blue Floral Maxi Dress

Floral Dress layered with a Halftee.

The Cost

I’m always surprised with how many people say they love the idea of the Halftee, they think it will work out well, but they never buy one because it seems expensive to them.

Do you know just how many outfits you can put together with one Halftee tank, and one short sleeve Halftee?! Get one in white or black (the color depends on what you wear more of) and suddenly your options are endless! This helps you create more of a capsule wardrobe if you like that sort of thing (I love the idea but I also love variety!).

Consider it an investment that will last you for several years!

Find them here: 

Halftee Tank

Halftee Short Sleeve

Halftee Basic








8 Comments on How To Layer Under Dresses and Shirts

  1. I’ve worn halftees before but they are not my personal favorite. I prefer full length tanks! I always always wear tanks underneath my shirts, I feel only half dressed if I dont:) my favorite ones by far come from The Skirt Outlet. I’m 37 weeks pregnant & have worn these tanks my whole pregnancy & absolutely love them!! Although they aren’t specifically maternity, they work great for that as well, as they come in a longer length.

  2. I love halftees!!! Our 8-year-old daughter wears them too and loves how soft and comfortable they are. It’s not always easy to find modest summer tops and dresses in her size, so the halftees have been wonderful. I love the shorter length because as you said, there’s no bunching, but also because it’s a lot cooler in the summer.

    I’ll add that they are very high-quality and wash beautifully. Ours still look new and we’ve worn them a lot! They really do make it easier to wear many more outfits than before.

  3. I love the halftees as well. I’d never heard of them before reading Caroline’s blog. Thanks so much! Now I can wear sleeveless tops with a halftee underneath, or lower necklines without having to be so careful about my movements.
    They are quite comfortable as well. I get hot easily, so don’t want a full double layer, especially here in Florida.

  4. Thank you for this video! I’ve wanted to try labeling, but have felt simply at sea about how to do it. Now I have some idea!! Sometime I’d love to see a video about how to layer with full-length undershirts as well!

  5. Thank you for sharing this! It’s so encouraging to see another mom that cares about dressing modest and is willing to take some time out of her day to share it with others who are interested in this! I do struggle with camis that rides down so I will have to look at this website!

    BTW, there’s a group started on Facebook called dressing with dignity by Colleen Hammond. I’ve learned through that group to not dress below my daughters and I dignity. I though I’d share in case somebody would like to avoid using the word, modest. 🙂

  6. Hi Caroline!

    I found your site online and am very interested in the half tees. It is nice to see someone else who believes in modest dress! I have a question with the half tee, the white in particular. If I wore it under a spaghetti strap dress, would a white bra strap show through it? I like to keep my bra unnoticeable.

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