It’s been a long time since I’ve shared much about my Lilla Rose business on the blog. I share pictures of the clips I wear all the time, but as for the business side of it….let me just say I continue to feel blessed and beyond happy that I joined this business 7 years ago.

Lilla Rose is what you would consider an MLM, but it’s unlike any other MLM I know of. The owner is truly caring and concerned about every person that joins, and he frequently calls new enrollments just to say thank you for joining, and to welcome them! After our last baby was born he had flowers delivered to my house to congratulate me!

What I appreciate is that there are no monthly fees. That’s right, no website fees, no minimum requirements to purchase to stay active, no pressure to sell, sell, sell. So many of the ladies in Lilla Rose are homeschooling mothers (including my upline, and the person above her!).

What has it done for our family?

It covers our monthly mortgage payment every single month.

It covered our Christmas last year.

It has paid for groceries, music lessons, and bills.

In short, it’s been amazing!

I feel like this has been the best business decision I’ve ever made, and it’s one I enjoy a lot. I have a team of 800 people, many of them are wonderful ladies that I’ve grown to be friends with online. We have a team facebook page, and right now we are planning a team event online. This is more than just about earning money, it’s also about connecting with other moms (many of them being homeschooling moms) who need to earn a little extra money, or maybe a lot!

So why am I giving this update?

Lilla Rose released a brand new program for new stylists this month. It’s pretty awesome and I wanted to share it with you all!

Your starter kit now comes in this awesome purple box! You have two options when joining, the Ready Set Style kit or the Fast Start kit.


The Ready, Set, Style Kit comes with $300 worth of products for $125. You receive a little bit of everything so you have samples to show friends and family, and items to use yourself! Included are catalogs, order forms, everything you need to get going.

The Fast Start Kit has $1100 worth of products for $500. You would add that onto your Ready, Set, Style Kit, so you would end up getting $1400 worth of items for $625! This is great for ladies who are committed, ready to jump in, and would love to sell at shows or parties, or just have a large inventory. You can only get this Fast Start Kit when you join, so carefully decide which kit is right for you!

With Lilla Rose you earn 30%-45% commission every single month. Most programs that I know of are not nearly that generous, a 20% commission is average!

The exciting new part is the 3 month incentive program for stylists! This is brand new and I think it’s such a great way to get new stylists off and running.

See this lovely bag? When you enroll and bring a friend along with you during your first full month with Lilla Rose, you can earn this bag! Basically you join, find someone else that wants to join, help them make a few sales and you have earned this bag. I’m trying hard to earn this bag during the month of May, as Lilla Rose allowed all the current stylists an opportunity to go through this program as brand new stylists ourselves. I only have May to earn it, and I’m excited at the possibility! If anyone wants to join this month I’ll help you get going with a Facebook party online, so you can jump start your sales right away!

During your first full month, if you reach $350 dollars in PSV (I can explain more in detail if someone is interested in joining), then you earn a $75.00 shopping spree on the website!

And the next two months just keep going, earning you a total of $600 in shopping sprees and product!

If you are interested in becoming a Lilla Rose Stylist I have more information on that link for you to read through!

Why do I love sharing this opportunity? Because I want to see as many moms as possible be able to stay home with their children. Circumstances vary, but Lilla Rose has helped so many families and I know the opportunity is there for so many of you!

I made a video about 4 years ago on the Lilla Rose opportunity. Most of the information is still correct and so I thought I should share it here. I mention a free shipping special at the very end, that is not valid and rarely ever happens.


Interested in joining? Watch the Lilla Rose Opportunity Video here!

Are you interested in learning how the products work, or you would love to learn more tips and tricks on using the Lilla Rose products? I’m hosting a Lilla Rose event with other stylists on my team to share live videos on how to use all the different products, and every day there will be a daily giveaway! Click “Going” On the Facebook event, and you will receive the notifications next week! I’d love to have you join us!



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