Right when I was starting to think about spring and long for it, we had a major snowstorm come through where we live! Major for the midwest that is! I haven’t heard an actual number, but I think we got around 10″ of snow, with another huge storm coming tomorrow. The nice thing about the snow coming was that Sean had a snow day at college, so he had a four day weekend! We worked and worked at organizing (I have to admit that my husband is a 100 times better at organizing than I am. It’s the perfectionist side in him!). The schoolroom area is looking so much better!

snow day

Carrianna playing outside in the snow

For my modest monday outfit I actually put this outfit together on Saturday night, instead of scrambling for what I was going to wear on Sunday morning. It made Sunday morning a lot calmer, I wish I would take the time to do this every Saturday night!

Modest Monday Outfit


The ring I always wear on my right hand is so special, my Mom always wore it and it was given to me when she died. It was my great-great grandmother’s ring! Every time I look at it I think of my mom, I don’t wear it for fashion, just as a remembrance of her.

Long Black Skirt

 Full length pose in our living room. I wasn’t going outside in all that snow to take pictures!

Pearl necklace

 Pearl necklace. I can’t remember where I purchased this at, probably Kohls. I do remember it didn’t cost very much at all.

Lilla Rose Hair

I purposefully did not wash my hair the night before church so I could fix my hair like this. It braids so much better when I just use my dry shampoo trick! I dutch braided it, knotted it together and then secured it with You Pins from Lilla Rose and Spin Pins instead of bobby pins.

Pearl Earrings

This beautiful collage highlights some of the different ways you can wear your hair with Lilla Rose products! Elegant, Classic, and best of all – simple to do! Lilla Rose is truly perfect for the busy mom who wants to look nice still.

Lilla Rose Hairstyles

 What I Wore

Long Black Skirt – Deborah & Co.

White Lace Tee – Deborah & Co.

Pink Sweater – My sister (originally from Kmart)

Black Boots – Thrift Store

Pearl Necklace –  I bought this before Christmas but my mommy brain forgets where I bought it at!

Pearl Earrings – Deborah & Co.

You Pins in Hair – Lilla Rose

Makeup – Mascara, eye shadow from Cowgirl Dirt, lipstick is Revlon

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20 Comments on Modest Monday and A Link Up!

  1. I love the way you did your hair. I have tryed but can never do much with mine I can never get it right and get frustrated and just give up.

    • Charity,

      I’m hoping to do some actual tutorials soon! I agree that it can be frustrating, you don’t see all the failed attempts of hairstyles I’ve tried! 🙂

      • Thanks I figured you would leave a sweet kind response like this. I still try even tho I get frustrated and every once in a while something actually turns out.:-)

    • I empathize, Charity – mine hair is super fine and super thin. Even on days when I am able to get to cooperate, it just looks sad compared to a beautiful full head of hair like that! So I generally just stick with styles that I know work for me. 🙂

  2. Hello Caroline,

    I think pink really looks good on you! And that’s a pretty necklace. I envy you for owning something (the ring) that your great-great grandmother owned and was passed on to you by your mother! 🙂

  3. You look absolutely elegant from head to toe! Your hair is so beautifully done. And how special to wear the ring. It’s nice to see the lace-trimmed tee with this outfit; love the generous length and feminine touch.

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