Happy Monday! I’m busy planning school this week, as we will be attending the Florida Great Homeschool Convention in early August, staying a few extra days for vacation and then back home to start school up right away! I really can’t believe it’s time to start school already.

Mosiah joined a homeschool track club this year and his first meet is tonight, so he is pretty excited about that. In other news…the day has finally arrived that he gets his own phone (he will be 16 in October and driving by himself!), so lots of talks going on about what type of phone, how much he can use it, etc. etc. etc. We just are doing the best we can and hope we are helping him learn how to make adult decisions, use his time wisely, etc. Fun times! 🙂

Mosiah is still learning how to take pictures on manual, so you all will have to bear with us as he practices on my Modest Monday photos. 😉 It’s definitely a skill, and one he is trying to perfect.

I just got this beautiful day shirt from JCPenny, I needed a few more everyday shirts and liked what the shirt said. Plus it was on sale for a good price! 🙂

Lilla Rose just came out with several new colors of their hairbands that I love so much! I ordered the navy and chambray one, and this is the chambray color. So comfortable to wear!

What I Wore

Skirt – Inherit Co.

Top – JCPenny

Sandals – JCPenny

Headband – Chambray Color

Link Up Time!

Please feel free to share posts about anything concerning being a godly, feminine woman. Topics include: modesty, being a wife, mother, homeschooler, homemaker, cooking, sewing, etc.


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  1. We also have a 16-yr old boy, and it’s quite a ride sometimes!

    We need to launch into school soon, and my mind is whirring. What a busy life these days!

    Thanks for the link-up.


  2. If you trust him to operate a 1 ton vehicle all by himself at 16, the phone is not the big worry in terms of safety! 2 years and he’s a legal adult, so now he must learn to regulate his own behavior including the freedom of a phone without too much oversight. You married at 19 keep in mind… 3 years away from that too… Not trying to be harsh, but 16 is more than old enough for a cell phone so he can communicate with you when he’s out by himself. Especially if he’s driving all alone! 16 seems young, but he’s not magically growing up in 2 years unless he’s already mature and responsible.

    • I think it’s important to keep in mind that it’s only this generation that is growing up with cell phones. It’s just another temptation thrown at young people these days, even just with the issue of blowing a bunch of time on their phone. We are fine that he has a phone now, but feel really thankful that we waited this long for him to get one. From now until he graduates at 18 is plenty of time to get used to using a phone and being responsible with it. I didn’t get my first cell phone until after I was married, as I didn’t have a need for it. My husband didn’t have a cell phone until after he graduated high school! Every generation seems to get phones younger and younger, we just wanted to wait until our children actually had a need for one, instead of just wanting one to play around on.

      • I get it… I never had a smartphone until senior year of high school. My parents trusted me, I simply didn’t need one until I went off to college. That said, in my own opinion, teenagers need to be raised with the goal of them regulating their own behavior and protecting themselves, not us micromanaging their every move in fear they will make a mistake. 16 seems young, but in 2 short years he’s a grown man in the eyes of the law and will be held to adult consequences for his mistakes. If he can’t be trusted to not do foolish and bad stuff on his phone now I’d be very concerned about when he’s 18 and out of your control legally. Technology is a part of life now, especially for this generation and we must boldly teach our kids how to use it, not hide from it and censor it. After all, kids past were allowed guns at very young ages, like before puberty young, yet now it’s almost unthinkable for many families to let their young children go hunting and shooting autonomously.You have to make your own parenting decisions regardless of what others tell you to do, but that’s just my 2 cents on the matter… Thanks for being open minded to hearing me out.

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