During the month of January we are focusing on having a healthy life. The story below is the first part of my own personal story of dealing with adrenal fatigue. This is a deeply personal story to me. I don’t share it often, as many people don’t seem to understand adrenal fatigue, and I have found it best to keep quiet. I share it only out of my desire to help other Mom’s who may be going through similar problems. I know what it is like to search desperately for answers, so I can shed some light for anyone searching it will be worth it to share this story.

In my senior year of high school I started struggling with being really tired. I was home schooled, and every afternoon it was hard to finish all my school because I was so fatigued. My parents took me to a Dr. who diagnosed me with low blood sugar. I started trying to eat more protein on a consistent basis, but it didn’t seem to change much for me. After graduating, I started working in a tea room during the lunch period. I would come home and go straight to bed to sleep, I would be so tired. By that point, my insurance had run out, I was engaged to be married, and so life just continued on in that pattern.

After I was married my husband was surprised to see how many naps I had to take. Three months after being married we were delighted to find out we were expecting our first child. My pregnancy went well, except I fainted during the first trimester at a book sale, which was again contributed to low blood sugar. I had a lot of issues the first few weeks nursing my little boy, but we finally got that under control. Shortly before my six week checkup, I started having severe anxiety, which finally got really bad after seeing a bad car wreck right ahead of me late one night. I couldn’t even drive home I started having such a bad anxiety attack. At that point I told my husband that something was terribly wrong, and started studying all the herbal books I had trying to figure out what was going on. I had never had anxiety before in my life.

I had my midwife test my thyroid at my six week checkup, and she was convinced that would be the problem. It came back slightly off, and she wanted to give me medicine but the Dr. over her said it wasn’t bad enough, and he handed me a prescription for Xanax, something I had never even heard of! My Mother told me it was an anti-anxiety medicine and she was shocked that was what they sent me away with. I went that weekend to get the RX filled, not really understanding that it would just be hiding my true problems to take that medicine, when the Lord blessed me greatly by intervening on my behalf. The pharmacy couldn’t fill the prescription, as the Dr. had not written the prescription strength down for them to fill it. The pharmacist said they had never had that happen before. It gave me the chance to go home and talk to my husband, pray and study all weekend.

I quickly realized that I didn’t want to take that medicine. There had to be something that actually was causing me to have anxiety, and the medicine would not help cure me of that. It would only mask the symptoms. For the next 8 months I struggled more than I ever have in my life, trying to just keep everything together during those intense anxiety attacks. Well meaning friends tried to tell me that I didn’t have enough faith in the Lord because I was having these anxiety attacks. My husband and I wrestled over those statements, and I was prayed over by elders in our church several times trying to figure out what was wrong. Finally I told my husband I couldn’t go on like this anymore, and we went to a MD that specializes in natural medicine. After spending a huge amount of money in her office for visits and different tests, I was diagnosed with having really low adrenal glands. The diagnose took a huge load off of my mind. Finally I had something to work with!

To be continued….

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  1. Thank you for talking about this. Both my daughter and I have problems with low adrenal hormones, particularly cortisol which helps us deal with every day life! We are working with a naturopath to get these things and our food intolerances (they can go hand in hand) under control. It has taken a lot of time, so I am interested to hear how your story turns out. Take care.

  2. Thank you SO much for sharing your story! This sounds a lot like what I experience that no one seems to be able to help me with. I am 'anxious' to hear what you are conquering it!

  3. I keep hearing about more and more people having problems with adrenals! One close friend of mine had it really badly, and she has "blogged" through facebook statuses about her experience and recovery, which has helped me to get some insight into it. Yes, each case seems to look a little different, very personal. And yes, a lot of people misunderstand it.

    One thing I have learned about faith is that it is not our faith that heals. It has to do with God's glory. If we have exhausted all our resources, sometimes it is to His glory to heal us. Sometimes it is not. Sometimes He simply directs us to the place that will show us what we need to do or change to solve the problem. Saying that you aren't healed because of a lack of faith is the worst thing anyone can say!

  4. My Mom suffers from adrenal problems as a result of a hemmoraging during childbirth. It was 15 years before she found out what was really wrong! Her dr.'s told her it was all in her head. :/ She is on a natural hydro cortisone now. She is bad enough that is she gets the flu she can go into an adrenal crisis and that is scary. (you can die from them)

  5. Hi, I'm Lisa's friend who she was referring to above. I'm Morrissey Valentine on Facebook (I have public settings, so anyone who is on Facebook can come read my notes and things, including my four part article/note called "I was a walking corpse – here's why and what's fixing it! Adrenal/thyroid overview PLUS PARASITES!) I invite anyone and everyone to come read it. Do I ever know about naps and being almost dead! Enter Blastocystis hominis into the picture as sucking your adrenals dry over 20+ years… come read my articles and see!"

  6. @steadygirl-Could you share more about what your Mom is taking? Is she on actual prescription Hydrocortisone or something natural? Thanks!

  7. Caroline, thank you for sharing this story. I suffered with low adrenal glands years ago, and it was horrible.

    Please keep me posted to part 2.

    Thank you for linking up to Domestically Divine.

  8. I had Adrenal Fatigue (I also had Blastocystis Hominis). I could never properly recover until I discovered the underlying cause to both those issues was Pyroluria, a genetic condition leading to low zinc and vitamin b6. Pyroluria is surprisingly common even though most people have never heard of it.

    I blog about Pyroluria at http://www.pyrolurialife.com now.

  9. Thank you for your insight on your adrenal fatigue. I have been struggling since the birth of my third child. I too never suffered from anxiety until I was pregnant, my oh. Tested my thyroid and discovered that it was within ‘normal’ range and I was sent home believing it was psychological, after seeing a psychologist, neurologist, and a hand full of obgyns did I discover a natural path who specializes in hormones. We have discovered that I have hypoadrenia, which is currently affecting every aspect of my life. I never quit feel rested, sometimes I get bouts of extreme fatigue, where I litterally have so little strength in my body I feel like an 80 year old women. And I’m only 28! I have been losing all my extra lean muscle mass, which is hard because I have been a competitive softball player for the last 5 years. My eye sight has diminished, which who new hormones play a crucial role in eye sight. I am so easily irrated, which is completely unlike me. And just recently I have been having increased urination, muscle twitching and decreased sodium in my blood, with elevated liver enzymes. It’s very scary when you feel like your body is out of control, which doesn’t help the anxiety. I only hope that it will get better, I have seen little progress towards improvement, however, I am hopeful. And thank you for sharing your story, it’s reassuring to to hear that i am not the only one who is struggling.

  10. Thank-you so much for taking time to share your story, and also part two!! I have learned that Adrenal Fatigue is very common in both women and men, yet often overlooked or ignored.
    It is a blessing we can share with other ladies what we are going through, what we have learned and encourage one another- as we serve our families! I have also dealt with Adrenal fatigue, and it is a REAL issue not to be ignored! The supplement Drenamin by Standard Process has helped my family alot, as does finding ways to relax away from electronics, and a careful diet to support our bodies. Recently I have added “Nettle Seed Tincture” as advocated by Rachel Weaver, MD – I do not want to be without it! To all the ladies out there who think you are alone or silly to have these feelings or symptoms, please take heart that many others also know your struggles and THERE IS HOPE!!

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