I’ve been promising you all on Instagram that I would share the workout and weight loss program that I’ve been using if I liked it. After doing it for 5 weeks now, I’m committed to this program and plan on doing it for a long time. The Faster Way to Fat Loss program has finally given me some hope that I can lose this baby weight and tone up.

I didn’t struggle losing baby weight with my first five. I remember people commenting on the blog wondering how I looked so good, and at the time I didn’t think I even looked that good. Little did I know what was coming, or how I would look back at those pictures and wonder how I so easily lost the baby weight!

Sophia changed my life in many different ways. She was our first progesterone baby, and so far the only one we actually used progesterone shots to stay pregnant. It was also the first pregnancy that I ever gained 50 pounds while pregnant! I’m convinced my hormones were changed by all of that, and it’s made it very hard for me to lose weight.

Emily also required me to be on progesterone in order to stay pregnant, but I was able to just stay on the pills instead of the shots.

Fast forward to after Emily was born and I had 55 pounds I needed to lose. Yikes!!

I did something that I never thought I would do. I joined the online Weight Watchers for a few months and used the app. I wasn’t perfect but I tried, and I didn’t see much progress at all. I gave up in discouragement and felt like I might just have to live with this new body of mine that I really wasn’t happy with.

Finally in desperation I decided to try one last program.

I joined the Faster Way to Fat Loss program! 

*Gulp. These pictures are hard to put up here! After 7 children I have Diastasis Recti, so I tend to look pregnant even when I’m not. In both pictures I’m not sucking in my tummy at all though, and I see some progress!

Before I share more, I do want to say that this is not a sponsored post. I did pay for this program myself to try, I did not receive it for free. I do receive a commission if you decide to join through my link in this post, but I didn’t even share the name of what I was doing online until I was close to the end of the six weeks as I wanted to make sure I liked it first. It’s my heartfelt desire that this program might help some other mama who has shed tears, wishing she could lose some of the baby weight like I have. I love my body for carrying and delivering seven babies, but I want to be a strong and healthy mama for those seven children. 

Ok – on to the details.

I kept hearing about this program from blogging friends and different people randomly mentioning it in Facebook groups. It really intrigued me, but I never thought I could make it work for me.

The Faster Way to Fat Loss is a six week program that involves intermittent fasting and workouts. First of all, I’ve always struggled with low blood sugar since I was teenager and I never imagined that the intermittent fasting could work for me, and second of all, I’m still nursing Emily.

The more I researched this program, the more I really wanted to try it. I reached out and ask the coach I was going to sign up under if breast-feeding moms could really do it, and she assured me that there are special allowances in the program for us nursing moms, and the creator of the program was breastfeeding when she created it! So I felt ok with trying it. I waited until after Emily was six months old before trying it, and I had a good milk supply built up. I personally would never try this before six months, as it’s not worth messing up your milk supply.

As for my blood sugar issues…I had no clue how that would go. I know I can go a certain period of time and be ok, so I thought I would try.

Six weeks later…I love this program. Seriously. I plan on sticking with it for a very long time.

My milk supply is strong, I’ve had zero issues keeping up my milk.

It took a week for my blood sugar to adjust to not eating breakfast, but once I backed off of sugar and carbs, it seemed to help my blood sugar levels adjust. As long as I break my fast by noon I do ok!

My results? I’ve lost 8 pounds and 8″ overall, in 7 weeks. 

This might not seem impressive to you, but I lose weight very, very slowly while breastfeeding. It feels almost impossible, and with my other hormonal issues combined I wasn’t sure I was going to lose anything.

So what is this program exactly? 

The Faster Way To Fat Loss combines intermittent fasting, carb cycling, macro counting, and strategically paired workouts that all work together to help you shed inches and feel healthier. 

I love that this is not all about counting calories. You count macros instead (I honestly had no clue how to count macros or even what they were before this program). Don’t worry if it sounds overwhelming, they break it down and really help you understand it!

Do I Need a Gym Membership? 

When you join the program you are given workouts to do at home, or a different section of workouts to do in the gym. I did all of my workouts at home! You need some dumbbells and a kettlebell, and a chair. I used our elliptical to warm up and cool down on days, but you can easily just go outside for a walk, run up and down your stairs or even march in place. I absolutely love that these can be done at home with your children around you!

Do You Ever Get To Eat? 

You will be surprised with how much food you actually get to eat! There are two low carb days each week, but this is not a low carb all the time type program at all. They believe in healthy carbs, and in a time where even good carbs are frowned up, this is refreshing to me.

They do discourage wheat and dairy, but I didn’t totally abstain from either. I majorly cut back and consumed about ¾ less than I normally do in these two categories.

I’ve heard from different people that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise. I really do think it’s true, but it’s nice to tone up and gain some muscle while you are trying to lose those inches and pounds.

The program really helps you focus on putting the scale away and just watching how your body changes through losing inches. It can be freeing (even though I still really struggled to not weigh constantly!), and 2 weeks into the program I finally saw the reasoning behind it. I was losing inches and feeling much better, but the pounds were not dropping. It took until the middle of the 3rd week before I really started seeing the scale move a lot.

Is it hard to learn?

The first three weeks have a learning curve. I’m still not perfect about getting all my macros hit, but I’m also not good at pre-planning out my day. If I sat down each day and decided exactly what I was going to eat then I could more easily hit my goals.

Is it hard to skip breakfast? 

For me, not at all! I love this about the program! I used to always feel so guilty because I didn’t like stopping to make breakfast. Now I can skip it without guilt, and then break my fast around 11:00 AM or 12:00 PM with an Orgain protein drink. I’m going to be quick to add, this program does not involve shakes or pills of any kind. I just personally like getting the Orgain protein drink mix at Costco and it helps satisfy my chocolate craving.

For my smoothie I add in two scoops of the protein powder, frozen strawberries, a TBSP of almond butter and then almond milk and mix it all up in my Vitamix. So yummy! Later in the day I’ll have a salad, and then eat dinner with my family.

How Will I Know What To Eat?

They don’t give you exact meal plans telling you to eat these exact recipes (though there are sample ideas on their website). They want you to feel the freedom to make up your own recipes, which I actually like. They give you a list of protein and healthy carbs and fats which is very helpful.

You still eat a really good amount of food, it’s just done within a certain time frame of the day.

Can You Ever Have a Treat? 

They call Saturday Donut Day, meaning you get a treat each Saturday after a really good workout! This helped me look forward to this one treat all week long (there are were some weeks I was super strict and only had the one treat, other weeks I still had a treat mid-week as well).

Obviously the stricter you are with your diet the better results you will have. I feel like I could have lost even more inches and pounds if I had followed the program 90% of the time, in reality I followed it probably 75% of the time.

Do you have to keep signing up for more and more rounds?

I think someone could potentially sign up for one round, learn how to do it and then implement it by themselves. I did join the VIP program and plan on sticking with it for a few more months, so I have the accountability of my coach, the small group, plus the large VIP group. I need this to keep going, to stay away from mindlessly grabbing chocolate during stressful moments (Yep, I’ve realized that about myself), and to keep going.

Super motivated, non-chocolate stress eating mamas could definitely just do one round and then take it from there.

Why did I pick my Coach? 

If you get on Instagram and start following people using this program you might become overwhelmed with how many good coaches there are out there! I ended up picking Olivia Cagle as my coach as I already knew her online through her Diastasis Workout program. Since I have diastasis myself, I loved being able to ask her how to modify a workout if I felt confused. I haven’t had to modify that many, but there a few rounds in some sets that I totally skipped because I knew it wasn’t the best for my core health.

Olivia is an amazing coach, super positive, inspiring, and doesn’t allow you to stay focused on the negative, instead she tells you to keep going! The round I was in was a small group and initially I was disappointed because I wanted more people in there. I had nothing to fear, she gave us daily pep talks, a daily recipe to try, and kept me super motivated!!

If you would like to try this program out, a new six week round starts July 1st! I feel like summer is the best time for homeschooling moms to try to do something like this since school is out (unless you school year round!). Two things helped me be able to do this, Emily started sleeping through the night (not every night, but when she does wake up it’s 5:00 AM so I’m super happy with that!), and the fact that we are on a summer break from school.

I’m really excited to do finish this round strong and start another round, and if you join through the link in this blog post you will be put in the same small group with my coach, and I’ll be there doing it with you! That would be awesome! I have so many more inches and pounds I hope to lose, but I keep telling myself it takes 9 months to have a baby and gain that weight, and it will take 9 months to get it off!

*Breastfeeding mamas – I really don’t suggest doing this program until your baby is 4-6 months (my personal feeling is 6 months, but I know every mama is different). Enjoy your baby, soak up those months that fly by, and know that part of losing weight is very emotional. Don’t attempt it when you are exhausted, leaking milk and still up all sorts of hours each night. I’m so glad I waited until Emily was 81/2 months before I started this program.

A new round starts July first! You can go ahead and join here and then my coach will get with you to welcome you to the program! 





6 Comments on Faster Way To Fat Loss Program for Postpartum Inches Gone!

  1. Hi, Caroline. I’m happy for you! Every time you’ve mentioned on the blog about wanting to lose weight, I’ve wanted to tell you to try intermittent fasting. It really is the best way to lose weight and keep it off! I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for over 2 years now, and love it!!! (Not this program, just simply intermittent fasting. I fast 18 – 22 hours every day.)

  2. Yay! I’m glad you have a program that you like and that works! Although I don’t have post pregnancy weight (my children are mostly teens), I have found that I had to change my eating as well as be more consistent with exercise to keep weight off. It seems like with us women, with each season of our lives there is always something to adjust in our weight/food/health.

  3. Glad it is working. I have low blood sugar as well and am using THM. I love the fact I can eat most all food- carbs and fats. Ten children later and I weigh less than I did before marriage and I was a good weight then. And no exercise so far but I am implementing that soon to tone my stomach muscles.

  4. What an encouraging start to your weight-loss journey, Caroline! Your commitment and dedication is inspiring to me.

    As one mama trying to help another, from looking at your feet I wondered if you deal with edema at all. A friend told me she took 10 alfalfa capsules a day during pregnancy to combat water retention. I tried it, and it worked wonderfully! I had edema badly enough to need to wear the dreaded compression stockings with my first pregnancy, but have had very little issue with it in my next two pregnancies.

    I’m still nursing, and I figured out I can’t take very many alfalfa pills while nursing because my milk supply drops. I do still take one a day. I buy the Now brand which is pretty inexpensive. The alfalfa also gives me some iron, which is energizing. I much prefer the capsules to the pills because the capsules are much easier to swallow.

    Anyway, there’s a free tip for you, in the hopes it could be useful to you or another mama. Blessings as you get healthy and strong for those children. You’re inspiring me as I try to do the same.

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