Trying to find affordable modest swimwear for girls can be so expensive! I knew I didn’t have it in our clothing budget to spend $50-$60 per girl this year on modest swimwear, so I had to get creative and work within our budget. I wanted to spend around $20 on each girl. While I’m not thrilled with what I found for my older girls, I love what I found for our 7 year old daughter!

Isn’t it cute? I love the floral and the colors! I found it on Amazon and I couldn’t be happier with the quality and how it fits. Now I wish I had grabbed one for Sophia and Olivia as well. The sizing is from 1-10 years old.

The best part? It’s only $16.99 on Amazon! You can see it here.

I like that it’s long sleeve as we are going to Florida later this summer, so it will protect her from the sun while we are on the beach.

The skirt part actually comes up super high which is really nice. It’s not like a normal swim skirt, so it won’t show anything when she bends over, or if her shirt comes up a little bit.

And then there is the swimsuits I found for our older girls. I was desperate and saw them at Sam’s Club for under $20 and grabbed them. I’m always trying to find something with a swim skirt, but I wish the shoulders had more coverage. You can see the brand of this swimming suit with several options here.

Find affordable modest swimsuits for girls here!


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  1. I’ve taken to doing swim shirts with shorts for my girls. There’s so many shirts to choose from. And then I’ve gotten some swim shorts at (when on sale), or have bought neutral colored boys bottoms or exercise type shorts. For my oldest this year we grabbed a bikini from Once Upon a Child to put under her shirt and shorts.. like a bra and underwear.

  2. Glad you were able to find good options for good prices!

    What we do with our teen girls is buy a regular one piece bathing suit and then add a tank top and shorts to go over it. The shorts are longer than mid thigh but not quite to the knee and have elastic waists. Not sure what they are called just something we find at Goodwill. They work because the legs are more straight so they don’t float up in the water.

  3. Rash guards and boards shorts. Works awesome. Found the rash guards for my girls at Walmart in Canada for $5 each. The boys ones I got at a gently used store looking brand new. But one get one free deal. Board shorts are awesome-they dry fairly quick and don’t cling so bad when you get out of the water. The ones I got for the girls I paid a bit more for but I wanted it to look nice together. I think they were $12 each? I bought my board shorts off of amazon and they almost reach my knees-just look for a long inseam. I think they cost around $35.
    I really love that there are swimwear options with more coverage these days. Helps the budget and it still feels like you are decent if that is your conviction.

    I also found some nice bermuda shorts for the girls this year. It’s nice to find clothes that have similar coverage as boys shorts.

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