It’s been a super busy week, but in a good way! I’ve been busy painting our bathroom (finally working on remodeling the first of three bathrooms we want to remodel).

My new homeschool curriculum came in the mail on Friday (A Gentle Feast) so I squeezed some time in to start diving into that. I’m seriously so excited to be using this curriculum for our new school year!

We moved Emily out of our bedroom this week, at the advice of our amazing naturally minded family doctor. It was the best thing ever. Seriously. I’ve been so exhausted since she was born and in such a fog because of lack of sleep. Our doctor said for the health of the whole family it would be good if she could sleep through the night. Sean has been really exhausted as well, and has slept on the couch so many nights just so he could get some sleep!

The first night she woke up and briefly cried and went back to sleep, and it’s been that way every night since. One morning she even slept in! She just is in the next room over from us in her crib. We also seriously started solids this week, which might be helping her sleep at night better. Yes, she is 9 months old now and I just started solids. I normally delay solids and strictly breastfeed for quite awhile. 🙂 She totally does not like baby food, so she has been eating lots of blueberries, sweet potatoes (cut into chunks that she can pick up and eat), bananas, and some applesauce.

I’ve been busy making some essential oil blends and trying them out. So far I’ve tried a bug spray, a facial serum and a sleepy time blend in a roller bottle. I put the sleepy time blend on my children every night, and Sean and I are even using! It’s been really fun. My only flop so far was bath bombs. Talk about major flop! It was chemistry gone wrong. Ha! I think I added too much liquid. We are going to try again, though, the girls are having fun helping me! I’ll be sharing the recipes that are favorites around here.

I’ve also been really busy tracking food I eat and exercising every morning. You guys. You won’t believe how amazing it feels to be working on losing baby weight and getting fit again. I never lost the baby weight after Sophia and I was determined to do that this time around.

This week also felt like it was full of music lessons and things surrounding music. Mosiah’s bridge broke on his cello, so we had to take that in to be fixed. We also recently changed violin teachers for our oldest daughter and her teacher wanted her to go back down to a ¾ size violin, so we went to the music store and made that switch. Mosiah is going to start working on playing Bach Suites on his cello and his teacher was very specific with what edition of book he wanted. I ended up going downtown to get it, only to find out I bought the wrong edition, tried to return it and the store was super difficult to deal with on returning it (they had said I could!). Whew! On Friday we went to a dress rehearsal at our local symphony and that was a lot of fun! They charge $2 a ticket so students can come and observe, versus the $35 a ticket to go to the real concert!

What I Wore

Dress – Pink Blush Maxi Dress 

Cami – Halftee

Shoes – Nude shoes from Zulily

Flexi Clip – Lilla Rose

Makeup – Savvy Minerals

Link Up Time!

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  1. Good morning! I just wanted to see what you thought of this curriculum? I’ve been trying to do some research but I cant find many reviews discussing it. I love Charollete Mason, but so far I haven’t found a curriculum that i love thought follows her principles. Ambelside was very difficult to use and I used the Good and the Beautiful, but once I realized the clashing views and the fact is what not Christian stopped. I’m not contemplating masterbooks, Living Books series. My daughter will be in 2nd grade this year and my son will be in Kinder. Please let me know what you think about The Gentle Feast, thank you!

    • So far I really like it, but we haven’t started actually using it yet. I’m just in the middle of doing all of my planning for our next school year.

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