5 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

Christian marriages are under attack. There should be no debating this. It takes hard work and commitment to keep a marriage thriving in today’s busy culture. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, it simply means we need to be cautious not to allow things to creep into our relationships that could undermine them. Homeschooling couples are […]

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30 Great Date Night Ideas!

Not every marriage requires amazing date night actives. Some couples might not like date nights, where other couples thrive on them. We try to have one date night a month, but there are  some months where that doesn’t happen. If you are needing some new ideas, I brainstormed and came up with 30 creative date night […]

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Why I Waited For My Wedding Day For My First Kiss

I grew up believing courtship was superior to dating in terms of establishing true commitment between a man and a woman, but even as the idea of courtship was being revived during my younger years there were many different teachings floating around as to what it is. Is it betrothal? Is it “purposeful dating”? Is a mixture of betrothal and […]

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Join Our 30 Day Marriage Challenge!

If you were to ask Sean and I how we would describe our marriage in the last year, we would say it’s been stressful, yet wonderful. Amazing, yet bumpy. We are both tired. The demands placed on us this past year have felt greater than ever. A fussy baby, six children, Sean launching Character Badges, […]

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