Christian marriages are under attack. There should be no debating this. It takes hard work and commitment to keep a marriage thriving in today’s busy culture. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, it simply means we need to be cautious not to allow things to creep into our relationships that could undermine them.

Homeschooling couples are far from being immune from attacks on their marriage. Why is this? The stress of juggling a family, job, church, friends, extended family, combined with the added stress of planning and purchasing curriculum, teaching, and the constant burden of ensuring you’re are doing it all right can get heavy real fast.


But homeschooling is just one thing in a long list of things that can add stress to a marriage. Sean and I know this first hand. If I’m honest the past 8 years have felt like a whirlwind. We’ve had a series of very heavy extended family issues, Sean has been pastor of our church for 5 of those years, he’s gone back to college (and graduated!), we’ve wrestled with multiple home business ordeals, and welcomed into our family the most challenging (yet beautiful) child that we’ve ever known.

Some days I feel like I’m living with a business partner instead of a husband. Whenever I start feeling that way I tell Sean, and I normally can tell he is feeling the same way. 
If there is one thing you need to keep a marriage strong, it’s communication! Don’t stop talking to each other. I’m very open and honest with Sean. We talked for hours in our courtship, which helped us keep talking in our marriage. If you don’t feel like things are going ok in your marriage, tell your husband! If you need time alone with him, tell him! It might not happen right away, but at least your husband is aware of your needs. 
There are a lot of things that go into keeping a marriage strong, but here are 5 things that can really help. Even if you have an amazing marriage, you always need to keep working on it! Don’t take your marriage for granted. 
  1. Pray together. As the old saying goes, “The couple that prays together, stays together.” It’s hard to stay mad at each other when you are kneeling down and praying to God together. Pray for your marriage, your children, your church, your job or business….bring those concerns you have before the Lord together and be united in asking Him for guidance.
  2. Flirt with each other. Seriously. It can be easy to fall into mundane life and forget to flirt with each other. What made you fall in love with each other? What attracts you to each other right now? Make sure your husband knows you think he is hot stuff! When it comes to marriage, there is no modesty. 🙂 Husbands love a wife that will flirt with them, so give it a try!
  3. Play together as a family. When you have children you won’t get a lot of time to yourself as a couple. Step away from the craziness around you, and put a game night into your family routine! Plan fun snacks and sit around the table with a few fun games. We keep it simple and play Uno a lot- they don’t have to be fancy games!
  4. Go on walks together. Last year Sean and I went on walks together, we didn’t always stay together because he would be running and I would be attempting to run, while mostly walking. 😉 But it was so much fun to get outside and do an activity together! Since we have a 13 year old we were able to leave the children home, but sometimes we take everyone with us and just use our double stroller.
  5. Leave him notes in his lunch box (my husband would insert in here “the days I have lunch.” It’s true! I’m horrible at getting up early and making lunch and really out of practice since Sean normally works at home). Send him fun text messages letting him know you are thinking of him.

I saw a quote on Pinterest that said “Love is now about how much you say I love you, but how much you prove it’s true.” This is so true. Words are easy to say but actions require a lot more work.

Here’s another idea – If you are wanting to surprise your husband with something fun, we have the 30 Days of Loving Your Man on sale for Valentine’s Day! It’s available in Sean’s Etsy store, and it’s a lovely way to show your husband just how much you care!

Included in this PDF download are 30 printable cards, each containing a different activity to help you reconnect with your husband. You can go through each challenge in order, or mix them up day by day – it’s up to you!

Also included are 8 beautifully designed ‘love note’ cards for you to print out and give to your husband throughout the challenge. There are even 4 bonus cards with empty space for you to personalize a message.

You can get this for $4.99 through February 14th. You don’t have to use the 30 day cards every day, just use them as inspiration for simple things you can do for your husband! Believe me, he will love it (and so will you)!

While you are over on his Etsy Store, check out the adorable Valentine’s Day cards he has for children! They are so perfect if you are working on building good character in your children!







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