I’ve looked forward to writing this blog post all week. I’m still in shock. I’m 9 days into doing Whole 30 and it’s totally working! Best of all, I love doing it! It’s so easy to do compared to Trim Healthy Mama (at least for me) and I’m seeing incredible results already!

I shared a picture in my LulaRoe group where I’m wearing jeans that I haven’t been able to wear in a very long time! That was such a great feeling to get those jeans back on in just 9 days time! I don’t feel bloated and yucky and I know I’ve lost some pounds. You are not supposed to weigh yourself until the very end, but weighing myself keeps me motivated. 🙂 I will wait to share the final number until the end of the challenge.

Here are some of the meals I’ve made this week.


Turkey Zucchini Poppers (they are supposed to use ground chicken but I found ground turkey to be cheaper), with steamed broccoli and roasted beets and sweet potatoes. It was really good!

Pizza Potato Skins – I made this for our whole family, so the ones with cheese on them was for everyone else. 🙂 These didn’t taste quite as good as I had hoped. I think the biggest reason was the pizza sauce. I made it from scratch and it didn’t have any sugar in it, and it just tasted a little off. Overall it was a fun meal to make, and I would love to try this again with some tastier pizza sauce. I had a big salad with this as well.

Cobb Salad – I had this for lunch one day and it was so yummy! I discovered just how much sugar is in anything when I had to start reading the back of all my spices, meat, etc. It’s everywhere! I went to our local heath food store and bought some bacon that even had stamped on it “Whole 30 Approved.” It tastes really good! This has definitely increased our food bill a little bit, so after the 30 days I’ll go back to eating the turkey bacon I normally get from Costco.

I ate plain salad for several days before I made it to the health food store and bought this Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing that is Whole 30 approved. Thankfully it was on sale at the store. It’s actually really, really good!

As for exercise, my sister called me on Monday and asked if I wanted to go to a Barre workout class with her at the local gym. It sounded like fun, so I said sure! We ended up going to the wrong gym, and did an hour long intense areobics workout instead. Whew! I definitely had a good workout that night!

My sister seems fascinated with the Barre workout concept right now, and sent me this workout on Youtube to try. I’ve done it twice this week, it’s super intense! So far I have done a modified version for 20 minutes, I have yet to finish the workout! Baby steps…

Wednesday was hard. Israel had to make chocolate coins for history and the smell of chocolate was in the house for hours! Then I would open up the fridge to grab some veggies, and there were little chocolate cups that were waiting to be turned into coins in front of my face. Just a little distracting. :/ But I made it through and ate some fresh fruit instead.

I need to work on drinking more water this week. I have a 32 ounce glass mason jar from the Pioneer Woman that I use to drink out of every day. I normally fill it with some lemon juice as well and my goal is to get 2 of these down a day.

I’m hoping this next week goes as well as this past week has! I’ve really missed my greek yogurt, so I’ll definitely be adding that back in once the 30 days are up. But if I keep losing baby weight, I’m not giving up once the 30 days are over!


7 Comments on Whole 30 Week Two – It’s Working!!

  1. That actually looks good! I’ve looked at some many “health” food diets and yuck. I just can’t get into some of them. lol Have you ever looked at T-Tapp for exercise? If not, check it out. Just starting it and I already feel better, but it’s hard to figure out.

    • I did T-Tapp for quite awhile, but finally moved on to something else. It just never “clicked” with me and I didn’t see any awesome results from it.

  2. Yay!!! Thanks for sharing your journey!! So happy for you!! 🙂 I’m not very familiar with the whole 30 plan, but it looks amazing! I should look into it more. My sister and her husband have done it several times and they really like it too.

    Instead of using sugar in sauces like the pizza sauce you mentioned, could you use agave syrup? I also use local raw honey, molasses and the organic maple syrup from Costco as substitutes for sugar in other recipes. Not sure if any of those are allowed with whole 30, but they seem to work well for me anyway. I still try and keep the amounts I use small. The raw honey and agave syrup actually taste a lot sweeter than regular sugar! I enjoy a little in some tea every day for my treat with a piece of very dark chocolate, nuts or fruit. I still have my sweet tooth, but it’s much better than it used to be. I can definitely relate to you struggling with sweets in the house though! My family (and husband especially) loves cookies, bars and chips from time to time, and he’s always been able to eat anything he wants and never gain weight and has always been super healthy, so it was a little discouraging for me at times. It’s a struggle being around the sweets and snacks he likes. I’ve gently asked him to keep those things out of sight for me and he is vey sweet and supportive, so that helps! He always has a secret stash (he’s 6’2″ and puts them in super high places and cupboards where I can’t see them!) lol 🙂 So that helps. But results definitely keep the motivation going!

    Congrats on your results!!

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