Happy July 1st!! I love this month. I love the 4th of July, we do a huge celebration every year, and this year we should have around 150 people coming to my mother in law’s farm for a patriotic speech, a historical skit, music, good food, and volleyball! It’s so much fun! Ok, yes it’s also so much work, the next few days will be crazy! But it’s totally worth it. 🙂

I wanted to share two outfits that my older girls have worn this week. Olivia is ready for the 4th of July with this outfit! Every year my mother in law looks for patriotic outfits for my children to wear on the 4th and this is what she found for Olivia this year. It’s super adorable and twirly! She wears white shorts under it and has fun twirling. 🙂 Perfect for the summer!

I took this picture last night, and of course it doesn’t reflect how pretty the sunset really was. My mother in law lives on 100 acre farm (her dad owns most of it and lives on the same property). The sunset is always so pretty there!

I twisted some of her hair back and used this Tree of Life Mini clip to hold it back! Such a pretty but simple look.

I found this dress at Carter’s this weekend. I never think to go look there for my older girls, I was in there to shop the clearance sales for Emily but found two of these dresses for $9.00 each. Carrianna and Olivia both got one, I wish I could have found two more in Deborah and Sophia’s sizes!

If you love Unicorns, you will literally want to click over to my website this instant and grab one of these clips before they sell out! This is the July flexi of the month, and it sold out almost instantly when it went live a week ago for stylists to purchase. These clips will be available 9:00 AM central time! I would hate for you to miss it, I know so many people have requested a unicorn clip.

Link Up Time!

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4 Comments on Modest Monday and a Link Up!

  1. That’s a lot of people at your m-i-l’s farm! My in-laws have an annual July 4 party at the lake for as long as I can remember (and I’ve been in the family 27 years). I love the outfits your daughters have. I need some patriotic clothing. 🙂

  2. That is a huge celebration!
    Good luck with that!

    I really love your daughter’s dress–the older girl’s especially. so simple and beautiful, which is what I like!

    Thank you for providing this link up today. There are a variety of different posts on this link up from many I’ve seen.

    Blessings, Laurie

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