Are you struggling to figure out how to store your flexi clips? If you have just one or two clips it’s not a problem, toss them into your bathroom drawer and call it good. But for the flexi addict who owns clips in all different sizes and styles? You need to figure out how to organize those beautiful clips!

It’s honestly taken me awhile to get a good system down.

First I had them all in a basket. If you have 5-6 clips and have a small basket, this is a good idea. But when you have more clips, they tend to get all mixed up and it’s hard to dig through and find the one you want.

Next I had them in this plastic organizer. I actually still use it for all my extra inventory.

It works well for holding them, but for daily use it is cumbersome. Unsnapping each tray to find exactly what I’m looking for takes time, and I didn’t always get each tray snapped back up again. I never took the time to find something else, but my husband came to the rescue!

Each Christmas he takes our children out shopping, and they normally go to Marshalls or Home Goods looking for gifts for me. It’s so sweet to see what the children pick out, with Sean’s help!

This is one of the gifts I was given.

This is perfect!! It works better than Sean even hoped! It’s a jewelry holder, but it works really well as a flexi clip holder!

I can put all different sizes on it. The XL clips go at the top.

Large Flexi Clips on a jewelry holder to organize them.

I actually clip them onto the organizer and they stay securely!

The mini clips even clip on great. I’m just now noticing that one clip is on backwards, but you get to see how the attached pin works! 🙂

If you have the hair bands from Lilla Rose and want to display those as well, you can just hang them on the hook!

If you have just a handful of flexi clips, you could even use this holder for jewelry and flexi clips together! I keep it on a white shelf that is behind our sink, and all my favorite clips and sizes are available!

This exact jewelry holder is not available online, but I found one on Amazon that is really similar!

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to organize your flexi clips!

If you would love a flexi clip, don’t forget about the monthly special that Lilla Rose is offering!

Spend $50 and receive a FREE mini flexi clip of your choice! 

Would you like to win a flexi clip of your choice of size? I’m giving away a clip of your choice size (Mini through X-Large) to one person in the USA! I will choose the style of the clip, but you can tell me what size you need!

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20 Comments on Creative Ways To Organize Your Flexi Clips!

  1. I like that the customers can exchange their clips if they order the wrong size. I didn’t know that. I never ordered a clip because I worried I would get the wrong size.

  2. I love that there aren’t monthly fees to meet and just the small yearly requirement! I’ve considered signing up, but haven’t taken the leap, especially because I can’t decide whether to add on the Fast Start Pack, since that makes it a bit larger investment. 🙂

  3. Thank you! Thank you! This post is great! I love the fact that Lila Rose is so easy to talk about with other people and that there is just an annual fee.

  4. I’ve been toying with joining Lilla Rose for years, ever since I first started using them myself. I actually talked my sister into becoming a consultant, and she’s already more than paid for her starter kit. It’s a great product which I use every single day.

    My one big issue is that, as a follower of Jesus, I don’t want to have a website where people can buy clips with jack-o-lanterns, dream catchers, and skulls on them. I wish they wouldn’t make those clips at all!

    • I TOTALLY understand that! I hesitated before joining because of that very issue. I just don’t promote those clips at all, and they have stopped selling the skulls clip.

  5. What a nice collection and a pretty way to store it!

    I like that Lilla Rose does not charge a monthly or annual fee to its consultants. ??

  6. It’s nice that you don’t have to meet a large sale requirement. But I still have no platform for buyers…no blog and no circle of rich friends. lol! Seems like a great opportunity in the online world, but who would ever see my lilla rose website if I’m not already online? Direct sale parties never go far with my friends and family. I guess we’re all too frugal! I bought some for Christmas gifts on your black friday sale, but otherwise they’re so expensive! I’m sure my friends would love them, but would not fork out the $ for them!

    What an awesome gift, btw! Looks like it works perfect for your clip stash! : )

  7. There are a couple of points I found very interesting on your post about becoming a consultant. One is that the clips work for all hair types. I have been interested in trying these before, but never have, because I have thick, usually extra long (cute my hair off to just past my shoulders recently) and fine hair…most hair products that say they work for all hair types end up failing in my hair. Also, found it interesting that Lila Rose provides a free website for their consultants. I haven’t encountered many businesses like this that do that!

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