I’ve been eagerly looking forward to seeing what the March clips would be! The Lilla Rose consultants have a fun time trying to guess what the new clip will be, and normal it seems someone ends up guessing correctly!

Lilla Rose released two new clips that are available in March only! I think they are just adorable for Easter, and can see my little girls wearing them all spring!

Chick Flexi Clip from Lilla Rose. Available in March Only.

The Chick Flexi Clip is available in seven different sizes, available in March only, or while supplies last! I think this is beyond adorable!

Bunny Flexi Clip, available in March Only!

The Bunny Flexi Clip, available in March Only!

Bunny Flexi Clip, available in March Only!

This little bunny wants to be in your hair!

Violet Flexi Clip, Limited Edition Clip!

Violet is a Limited Edition clip, and I’m getting one of these for my oldest daughter whose favorite color is purple! This looks so much like spring!

Violet Limited Edition Flexi Clip

Simply stunning!

Rosaline Limited Edition

The Rosaline is another Limited Edition clip. This is a favorite of mine. It’s simple but feminine and beautiful.

Freja Flexi Clip

Finally, there is the limited edition Freyja clip. I like the colors of this one, and the dangle clips always seem to be popular!

You can shop Lilla Rose here, and if you need any sizing help, here is a chart to help you!  This chart will help you figure out what size flexi clip you need!

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