Sean wrote this post to share about our healthcare plan with you all. We waited until we had personal experiences to share, because we wanted to be able to recommend this program 100%. I can’t stop raving about how wonderful this program is, and we are so thankful to have it! Enjoy the review, and let us know if you have any questions! ~ Caroline 

Healthcare – what a terribly distressing topic.

Whether you’re talking about the many things that could potentially put you in the hospital, how shockingly expensive such visits have become, or the increasingly convoluted ways in which our government has become involved the whole process, it’s not anybody’s idea of fun to talk about healthcare.

How you can save thousands of dollars with a Christian Healthcare Insurance plan! It's been such a blessing to our family.

However, it’s not an issue we can, or should, avoid. Everyone is more or less concerned about their health. Much as we would like to, none of us can peer into the future at will and foresee the injuries or illnesses that will or will not befall us. Even if we could and we knew ahead of time that we would break a bone or contract a serious ailment, there would still be questions to answer, like, “How will I pay for this?”

I’ll admit that I hadn’t put a lot of thought into the issue of healthcare until the past two or three years. Two things changed that. One – Obamacare; and two: unforeseen illnesses and injuries (never saw ’em coming).

For all of our married life, whether I’ve worked for other individuals or run my own businesses I’ve received about the same amount of healthcare benefits, as in none. Yes, this has raised some eyebrows and we may have been called crazy a once or twice, but during that time our family was blessed to avoid many of the incidents that incur substantial medical costs.

Then came Obamacare and for us and every other uninsured self-employed family in America, it was no longer a matter of ‘if’ we were getting healthcare but when.

There were a lot of people running around then (or simply running – know what I mean?) who wanted us to sleep easy on this one. “Don’t worry,” they said, “we’ve got you covered.” They promised just about everything to just about everyone but given their track record on so many other issues, and since our health was (and is) important to us, we weren’t comfortable turning this area of our lives over to them.

Obamacare mandated that we purchase healthcare for our family by a certain date or pay a fine. From the beginning we knew we’d eventually have to purchase health insurance, but the fine was manageable the first year so we paid it. Finally our accountant told us that the fines could be so large that we figured we might as well go ahead and spread that amount over an entire year and buy insurance.

We had been researching various options during that time. We knew we didn’t want to go with government provided healthcare, so we looked at some Christian based alternatives and finally decided on Christian Healthcare Ministries.

We don’t regret it for a minute.

Actually, we couldn’t have joined at a better time. We hadn’t been members with Christian Healthcare Ministries for very long when Caroline was hit with a strange illness earlier this year. She had a very high fever and became incredibly weak, so much so that she couldn’t walk or even stand on her own. It came on in the middle of the day and by 5:00 that afternoon we were in the ER.

As you can imagine, they ran all sorts of tests and eventually had to perform a spinal tap in order to rule out meningitis (even after all that they still weren’t entirely sure what caused her symptoms). All told, we were only there for 5 or 6 hours but that was enough to rack up a bill that would have wiped out our savings had we attempted to cover it on our own. Thankfully we didn’t have to.

We worked to reduce the overall cost of the ER stay and then filled out all the necessary forms to turn over to Christian Healthcare Ministries in order to receive reimbursement. In about 3 months they sent us a check in the mail to cover the all of the medical expenses associated with Caroline’s stay in the ER. We didn’t end up paying one penny of the bills, and we were so relieved!

But our story doesn’t end there. A few months later I was riding my bike to go pick up our van from the repair shop about 4 miles from our house. I was heading down hill and going at a pretty good rate when I attempted to make my way onto the sidewalk and somehow lost control of my bike. (I say “somehow” because I have no recollection of exactly how I lost control). The next thing I know I’m waking up on the sidewalk with a bad gash on the side of my head and a broken wrist, not to mention a bunch of other bad scrapes. Apparently I knocked myself out when I hit the concrete. I still don’t know how it all happened (the last thought I remember having before blacking out was, “This is going to be bad,”) but needless to say we ended up in the ER again.

We’re in the process of filling all the required paperwork with Christian Healthcare Ministries, but given our last experience with them we have every confidence of receiving our money back for this hospital bill as well.

If you are headed into the new year looking for an insurance plan, I would highly recommend Christian Healthcare Ministries! It is a great deal cheaper than many other plans, and definitely worth looking into, especially if you are not dealing with a lot of health issues.

If you are curious, our family is on the Silver plan right now. That means we have a $1000 deductible, but if we can lower a bill down $1000 or more, we don’t have to pay that deductible. What an awesome concept, and it motivates you to call the hospital or doctor and see what you can work out! A husband, wife, and then all the children are each a unit. So you could have the wife on the gold plan if she is childbearing years, and have a cheaper deductible, and keep the husband and children on a higher deductible plan if you want. I love how it’s all flexible!

Christian Healthcare Ministries has a really awesome referral program.

If you recommend the program to someone and they join, after three months you receive a free month!

We have been members for a year now, but I have waited to write a post sharing about this program until we had a personal testimony to share.

If you do join, you can use our Bring A Friend Link, or when filling out your application, simply put Sean and Caroline Allen, member #211899 down as a referral. Thanks! 


5 Comments on How We Saved Thousands With Christian Healthcare Ministries

  1. We joined Samaritan when ObamaCare first was enacted and we’ve been really glad. They are so helpful and even gave us a sponsorship while we’ve been going thru financial hardship. My brother and wife are members of Christian Healthcare Ministries, my parents and a brother in law have all joined Samaritan. It’s so nice when we have a medical need to call and talk to someone that actually wants to help you and prays for your situation.

  2. Curious, are you saying that your wife had no health insurance for any of her six pregnancies, how much did prenatal and midwife or delivery cost you guys?

    • Caroline here 🙂 No we never had health insurance for my pregnancies. I have always had home births (preferred choice, not because it was cheaper). Our midwife fees for prenatal care and delivery are normally somewhere around $3,500, I can’t remember the exact amount. We just made monthly payments each time, and normally by the time the baby was born it was paid off.

  3. Yes, we did the same thing. No insurance for years (seriously, how do people afford it?!) But as the penalty kept increasing, we joined CHM. I’m not sure about all the plans, but I know that at least the lowest “bronze” level is cheaper than paying the penalty, so you may as well get it if you’re currently paying the fine! And even the “gold” level is likely cheaper than any other “real” insurance. Win-win for Christians, in my opinion. : )
    Just be sure to read all about it(their guidebook is online) to make sure you understand the program. Some things differ from insurance, such as their maternity coverage(which is very good on the gold plan, but you won’t be covered if you’re already pregnant when you join!), etc.

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