My children have been begging me to go to the library, so we finally made it there yesterday and they loaded up my card full of new books. We didn’t have the two year old with us, so I had a blast getting to quietly browse through all the books myself.

I made it over to the health section of the library and stood there staring at the section of diet books. I walked away without getting one single book from that section, even though I would love to lose some weight.


Because it was so overwhelming.

There were shelves after shelves full of books that contained loads of information. The problem is that they all contained different information.

Some said go gluten free. Others said eat coconut oil to lose weight. Still others said to do a greek diet. And the list goes on and on.

Why are there so many different resources?

Because I think all those different diets can truly help different people. We all have various needs and our bodies are not all alike. What weakness I might have in my body will be different then what another mom might have. Going gluten free does help some people, but everyone is not required to do that to be healthy.

Instead of checking out books I came home and signed up for a bunch of e-courses that are found in the Healthy Living Bundle that is available today! I had a chance to get a copy early and look through it and I’m really excited over the e-courses on whole foods, and eating well on a budget that I signed up for!

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle comes once a year in the fall, and every year they gather amazing new resources so that every bundle is totally different.

This year the bundle is $29.97, which is 99% off!

If you purchased everything separately it would be $3,708.80. No, I’m not kidding! That is an amazing savings.

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

You receive 68 eBooks, 28 eCourses, 10 printables and workbooks, 1 membership and 1 summit.

Here are a few resources that really stood out to me.

Holistic Living: Creating Happy and Healthy Families (normally $349!!). This is a program that teaches all the basics of a healthy living. From nutrition to exercise, stress management and natural medicine, this looks to be a really good course! I downloaded the cookbook that comes with it and I’m already impressed and I can’t wait to try some of the recipes.

Pressure Cooking 2 by Wardee Harmon (A $40 value!). I absolutely love my Instant Pot, but I know that I could be doing so much more with it. I’ve been amazing with what I’ve already learned from this course and I can’t believe how many things I haven’t tried in my Instant Pot yet! This is a fantastic course to teach you how to use the Instant Pot and save time!

Love Your Birth Course (Normally $397!) – This course is put together by a nurse midwife and the topics it covers looks fantastic for any mother to go through. I’m sure even though I’ve had six babies I would learn from this course! If you are a pregnant mama, or wanting to become pregnant soon, this course is perfect for you!

Stop Dieting and Have Peace With Food ($9.97) – I read this one several weeks ago and I loved it. I would never have bought this ebook (just being honest, the graphics are not amazing and I probably wouldn’t have considered it) but the story of how this woman became healthy was so inspiring and I was super glad I read it.

Will you need everything in the bundle? Nope! I don’t plan on going through every resource, but at such a huge savings I can pick and choose what I want and still save a boatload of money!

For two days only you can purchase the bundle and get a free ereader upgrade! So don’t put it off for another day, grab your bundle so you can get that free ereader upgrade today, it will save you $10!

I know that so many of you want to learn more about being healthy and fit. It’s not so you can look like a size 2 and fit into all the teeny tiny clothes. You truly want to be healthy so you can be a good wife and mom, one is happy, healthy, and thriving in life because your health is in order.

I want that for myself as well, which is why I wanted to share this resource with you!

2 Comments on What My Trip To The Library Taught Me

  1. I also find the diet programs very overwhelming. Recently I read a blog post (I wish I could remember who) that really made sense. She said she didn’t follow any diets but that she has made herself actionable diet rules that she can live with for the rest of her life. She has lost something like 15-20 lbs doing this and kept it off for several years. So I decided that I’m going to work towards making myself diet rules. I’m going to implement slowly so that I make them life-long habits. The two that I’ve chosen so far are #1: No drinking my calories. #2: No eating after Dinner. The exceptions to those rules are if I go to a Ladies’ Event in the evening. Also, I will allow myself to have a snack on Friday Nights as a treat. The not eating after Supper has been hard but I’ve felt so good about myself when I’ve done it.

  2. I hear you… One day peanuts are a no-no, next day it’s eggs, then glutein… But every single diet usually recommends eating a whole lot of fresh veggies and fruits, good fats, good sources of protein and good carbs. And avoid heavily processed food. For me it’s very important to eat 5 or six times a day, and I try to never skip lunch or dinner, because if I do I’m really hungry at night and I eat wayyy tooooo many carbs then. By the way, I think you look really lovely and in my eyes there’s no need to lose any weight. But striving to eat healthy, that’s propably good for each end everyone of us.

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