I can’t deny it. We have become one of those families. You know, the ones who always have essential oils everywhere in their house and talk about how much they love their oils.

It’s true. From the oldest to the youngest, we all use our oils. The girls ask for oils to be put on every single night. Sean comes in from being outside and getting bit up from bugs and instantly asks for an oil. Mosiah wants Deep Relief after he runs cross country. There are so many different ways we use our oils…so I thought I would share some of our favorite products from Young Living.

Read below to find out what some of our favorite things are, plus how you can get an amazing deal on a diffuser and starter kit of oils!

Lavender – You guys, I can’t even tell you how much I love the lavender from Young Living. Funny thing though, I’ve tried lavender from other companies and not liked the smell at all. There is something different about this smell, and it’s pretty awesome. We use this oil all the time, for sleep, bug bites (INSTANT relief!), scratches, skin issues (I burned my arm this week with a curling iron!)…this is an oil that has many different ways it can help.

Thieves Household Cleaner – This has replaced me going out and buying several different cleaners and it’s saving me so much money! One bottle costs $22.50 after you grab your starter kit with Young Living, and you can get around 22 full size bottles out of it! Seriously, $1.00 a bottle for all natural cleaner is amazing. It’s so safe, I love to give it to my children to clean with! I always suggest that people add this onto their starter kit when they order for the first time!

Stress Away – Do I even have to say what this oil is for? The name gives it away. It’s instant relief and something I always keep in my purse. Perfect for those times when your 15 year old son is driving. Ha! (He is doing a great job, but I’ve had to pull this out a few times!). I use this almost daily.

Progessence Plus – This oil is amazing at balancing female hormones! The month I started taking this my cycle came back again. It normally doesn’t come back until after a year of breast-feeding, and then it’s months of cramps and feeling icky until I finally start. I was thankful that I avoided those several months of feeling bad! I’m going to be faithfully taking this in the hopes of it increasing my progesterone levels! It’s easy to just rub a few drops on your arm, back of neck, inner thighs or tummy area each night before bed.

Savvy Minerals – I’ve been using the Savvy line of makeup for months now. I like that it’s totally natural, and has the best ingredients I’ve ever seen for my skin. I don’t like that it’s not full coverage, but I’m still playing around with obtaining that. It’s not hard to use once you get used to it.

Charcoal Bar – This is all I’ve used on my face for the last three months, along with a glow moisture that I make out of jojoba oil and a blend of three different essential oils. It’s been fantastic! It’s the best $12.50 I’ve ever spent on my face. It gently detoxes and cleans your face so well, without being harsh. I use exfoliating gloves each night when I wash my face with this bar.

Lemon – We use this instead of the goo gone that is so bad for you to use. It works extremely well. I had a stain that I couldn’t scrub off my white countertop, a few drops of the lemon got it right off! It works on sticky stuff, stains on clothes, and smells amazing.

Thieves – This oil definitely makes our list of favorites, especially this time of year! Fight against all the yucky germs that are floating around all fall and winter.

Deep Relief – amazing relief for sore muscles! I put it on my neck when it’s sore, and on muscles that are sore after running or the gym.

Peace and Calming – This is great for calming down little ones who are having big emotions. It seriously works. And I love it as well.

Digize – Amazing relief for tummy issues. Just rub it right on your stomach when it hurts, after you ate too much, anything like that.

Thyromin – I’m taking this supplement for thyroid support and love it!!

Sulfurzyme– This is helping new hair growth come in after losing it after Emily was born!

Those are just some of our favorite products from Young Living, but there are many more! I’ve been diffusing so many fantastic smelling blends for fall in my diffuser.

So how you get started? Grab the Starter kit!

As a special bonus offer for my birthday, I will send you a $25 Amazon gift card (good on March 23rd and 24th only). Plus I will send you the printables to help you get started with your oils! 

Just select the ER option when checking out to get these fun freebies!  You will also receive:

A free bottle of valor (one of my favorite oils!!)

A free bottle of Lavender Hand and Body Lotion

$10 Essential Rewards Credit put in your account

Select the Essential Rewards option when you check out to receive all these freebies! You can opt out at any time, but it’s a great way to order each month and earn up to 25% back in credit every month! Save your cash back points and buy free products!

You have two choices when it comes to the oil kit.

The Dessert Mist diffuser has different color lights, can run up to 10 hours, and has a romantic, moroccan trellis look to it. This diffuser has a really good mist to it, I keep it in our kitchen and it makes the whole room smell so good!

This kit is $165, and comes with 12 oils, hand sanitizer, 2 ningxia red drinks, Thieves sample spray, and 2 roller top bottles, all of which is worth over $400!

The other option that I wish I had ordered first is the Aria kit. This diffuser is absolutely gorgeous, and it can even play music through the remote! I ended up ordering this one and absolutely love it!  The starter kit is $100 more for this one, so it’s $265. 

When you join, it’s just like you are buying the kit and automatically getting a free membership to a place like Costco or Sam’s Club. You then can buy any products at the wholesale member price. Just place at least one order a year to stay active!

To grab your very own starter kit, go HERE!

Start by choosing your starter kit. I suggest the Desert Mist or the Aria diffuser!

For step two, I highly suggest you Select yes on both of these, so then you can get your free bottle of Digize! You can cancel later if you want, or order $50 or more a month and earn points back.

Step 3 – Set up your monthly Essential Rewards Order. They want you to go in and select what you want to have come in your next month’s order. Your starter kit counts as your first month’s order. You can go in and select exactly what you want, or just go put some random things in and go change it later in the month.

After you do that, click Next.

Fill out the membership information!

Make sure it has my sponsor and enroller number in both sections.

Finally, hit Agree and Continue, enter your payment information, review your order and you are good to go!

I’ll reach out to you after you join to get you added to our private Facebook group that is super helpful!

Let me know if you have any questions!







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