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It truly is possible to stay warm in a skirt in the winter months – and be modest while you do so! This is a topic I receive a lot of emails about, and since it is freezing cold outside right now there is no better time to talk about it!

I’ve worn skirts through the winter since I was a little girl. Remember the stirrup pants that used to be so popular? Yes, I used to wear those, except they were under my skirts! If you get creative, you can stay just as warm in a skirt, if not warmer then if you were wearing jeans!

How to Stay Warm In A skirt:

1. Wear heaver skirts in the wintertime. Now is not the time for the lightweight cotton and chambray skirts. Pack those up during the wintertime or put them in the back of your closet! Heavier fabrics like denim, twill, corduroy, or wool work best. These will keep the heat in better instead of letting the cold air flow right through your skirt!

My favorite denim skirt is the Rainbow Denim Skirt!

Khaki Skirt with Black Shirt

2. Layer, layer, layer! I know some ladies don’t like to layer, but I’ve always found it necessary during the really cold days. Yesterday the temperature was below zero, and I had on a camisole plus a very warm hoodie (does anyone else think that word sounds silly?!).

For layering underneath a skirt or dress, thankfully there are better options then the stirrup pants now! I wear fleece lined leggings all winter long. Yesterday both pairs of mine were in the wash, so I wore solid black pajama pants under my skirt since we were going to be home all day!

Fleece Lined Leggings and Brown Boots kept me warm! |

Other options for layering under your skirts are microfiber tights, or cotton tights. I’ve never been as warm with these on, but some ladies prefer them. Try and pick darker color tights or leggings to wear under your darker colored skirts. White leggings with a black skirt will not look right, and possibly will even look like long johns showing underneath.

3. Wear a warm slip under your skirt. I’ve never done this, but have heard of ladies who love to wear a warm slip, such as wool or flannel under their skirts in the wintertime. It would definitely help keep the cold air out!

Warm flannel slip will help keep you warm in skirts through the winter months! Source

4. Wear warm socks. You can layer everywhere else, but end up with cold feet and still be miserable all day long! While some people buy UGGS slippers and wear those all winter, they are a little out of my budget! Warm wool socks work great, and you can wear a pair of slippers over them in the house, or boots if you are going out. If you have a membership to Costco, they have a fantastic 3-pack of wool socks right now that are very affordable.

What about going out and playing in the snow? I’ve done all these tips and been warm while I play in the snow, but since I don’t wear skirts out of a biblical conviction (meaning that I feel like I’m required to wear them), I don’t have a problem bundling up in jeans or snow pants to go outside.

snowmobiling in the winter months


It’s been quite awhile since I did this, but one year we had so much fun going snowmobiling at my husband’s grandparents farm. I was all bundled up in snow pants and and a coat, and felt like a giant snowman! The only reason I prefer wearing snow pants of some sort while I’m out in the snow is I really don’t like the bottom of my skirts getting soaking wet from the snow.

That is how I’ve always stayed warm in the winter months with a skirt on! It’s not impossible so don’t let the cold stop you from putting a skirt on!

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  1. I also find that wearing sweatpants under a long skirt, as long as you pin the legs of the sweatpants up, helps too, and no one has to see the sweat pants.

  2. Love this post! I’m not a skirt-only wearer but I do prefer them and I get asked this a lot. I just invested in a pair of fleece-lined leggings from your store for my birthday (just before Christmas) and they are seriously my most-worn piece of clothing since! My husband told me to get more, lol.

  3. Haven’t always been a skirt only person. But when I matured and really started considering my testimony to my daughters and to other women, I decided for myself and my family to wear skirts. I always made sure we were modestly and warmly dressed and no we didn’t look weird. The girls wore fun colors and patterns that reflected their personality. Today the girls have made their own decisions about what they wear. Each daughter’s style of clothing directly reflects their personality, their convictions, and their personal walk with the Lord or lack thereof. What we often forget as women is that our clothing and the way we wear it , speaks loudly about our life – we never have to say a word.

  4. Happy New Year, Caroline. Layering is key to keeping warm. Especially with these sub-zero January temps. I don’t have many long, warm skirts for winter but I am going to look into the fleece-lined leggings. Thanks for the tip.

  5. One of my favorite ways to keep warm in winter is to wear pants or jeans under a shorter skirt. And when I say “shorter”, I’m talking about mid calf length 🙂 I found that this style was popular among certain religious Jews in Israel and I started really liking the look of it! However, I feel it is important to keep the skirt knee length or below … otherwise it looks like you’re wearing jeans with a mini skirt on top!

    • This is fun seeing others who dress like I have all my life! I have definitely worn jeans under a short skirt, it is very efficient for working outside. I hate getting dirt down my shoes so I always make sure the pants can cover the opening of my shoes for dirty work.

  6. I absolutely love the outfit with the cream skirt and boots! So cute!

    I’ve never had a problem doing anything in a skirt. It’s only in the last 100 years or so that folks have this notion that it’s impossible to do anything physical in a skirt. Now skiing, that might be pretty difficult lol.

  7. I’ve played in the snow in a skirt….and lived to tell about it! I find it interesting when women stand shivering in their blue jeans, ask me if *I* am cold. Chances are, I’m better off than they are. Denim is not warm.

  8. If you find hoodie a funny word…. We call sweatshirts with hoods ‘bunnyhugs’ (writing from Saskatchewan, Canada).

  9. I love your outfit of the black top, khaki skirt, and beautiful necklace! So pretty!
    I struggle with footwear to wear with skirts in winter. I do have a couple of pairs of boots, but my ankles don’t feel supported and get sore. I also get tired of layers. Leggings plus a slip plus a skirt and multiple shirts can make going to the bathroom kind of complicated! I find it so much easier in summer to just put on a skirt, t-shirt, and my Orthaheel sandals 🙂

  10. Caroline,

    I prefer not to even play in the snow in pants. I have definitely been known to wear a quick-dry stretch skirt I made for running over the top of my snow pants. I can barely feel it and don’t feel as uncomfortable as I do without it. Michele, I have had that happen, too! I am attending college, and people are ALWAYS asking me if I’m cold and telling me that jeans are warmer! Fleece leggings are a must. Thanks for the post, Caroline!

  11. Hello Caroline,
    When the Lord convicted me of my dress style I was very concerned for how I would stay warm in the winter as I live in Mo too and we both know how unpredictable our weather can be:). I also have hypothyroidism and that just makes me even colder but when I was looking online for tips(that’s how I found your blog:)) and have been pleasantly surprised to find out that im the warmest I’ve ever been since I’ve been “skirts only”. I too get asked by people if im freezing in my skirts but I almost always can answer that im not:)(now when it’s -10 degrees outside I dont think anybody truly keeps warm.

  12. Maybe I should try the fleece leggings as none of these other tips have helped me! We bought some expensive silk long Johns that work very well, but only under pants. I just cannot seem to stay warm in a skirt, but we are in north Iowa where it has been -20°. And I’ve tried it all-wool sock, leggings, tights, pants underneath, I have UGG boots, layers…I’m still freezing unless I have pants on. Maybe I’m just a wimp lol I also find it very hard to bundle up this way when pregnant (I am currently 6 months with #4) I already feel so huge and bulky, I hate the feeling of skirts and all that stuff underneath especially when preggo. Am I the only one? I’m not trying to start anything, I am just truly curious as to whether anyone else struggles with this as well? I would love to hear about it!

    • Hi Lisa, I live in north IA too! I get annoyed by of all the layering it takes to keep warm while wearing a skirt in winter, so I end up in jeans with fleece-lined tights or leggings underneath. I wear skirts much more often in summer.

    • You are not alone. Medication has put 30 unneeded, unwanted pounds on me. A skirt makes me look as wide as I am short. I treasure my heavy sport-pants and my silk underwear for harsh climate temps. I layer my outwear tunic top with two undershirts and top that with a hoodie. Men and women wear long loose fitting robes in the middle East because of the heat. The non-issue issue of skirts seems to be more a western contrivance that stems from the fashion world more than Christ’s teachings whom I will remind you, did not wear pants, trousers, etc. Speak to an Eskimo and talk to them about all this silliness about skirts. Sorry, but ladies, when next the wind swirls as it did with England’s Kate, tell me you were not embarrassed for her sake. Therein lies the down side. 🙂

  13. I do have a question: I know how to layer skirts/leggings, but how do you layer the upperbody and still stay warm without looking huge? 🙂

    • It doesn’t get SUPER cold where I live (NC) but here are some ideas. When it is really cold, I’ll wear a cami, and/or long sleeved tee, and a cute cardigan or sweater. Two-three layers, but if everything is fitted, you won’t look huge. Then you can add a wool pea coat or a fitted puffer coat. I also love sweatshirt type jackets or pullovers, maybe worn as a shirt. They aren’t very thick but I find them to be quite warm.

  14. I wear sweatpants under my skirt in the winter and stretch pants in the summer. The idea that I am colder because of the skirt is wrong. I live in the Appalachian Mountains and frequently milk goats and do other outdoor chores when temperatures are as low as -25F.

  15. I often wear a prairie type petticoat under an A line wool skirt. Super warm!!! I have several petticoats, all being pure chiffon with no netting, so they add warmth with no bulk. Very pretty too!! I feel confined with tights, pjays or any layers under pants or a skirt. Good boots and toe warmers a must in the cool of winter.

  16. Thank you for this post! I’ve only recently started wearing skirts almost all the time. My heart is more and more convicted about this. The only problem is (I live in the deep south) we’re about to go to Canada for a few weeks. I’m so worried that I will freeze! lol! You’re advice has helped me so much! Thank you!

  17. I’ve always said a skirt is warmer than pants – especially a longer (or wool) skirt in the winter – like a blanket around your legs. People just don’t understand this concept though.
    In the summer (to me) they are also much cooler than shorts even – yet people don’t get that idea either.

  18. How do you deal with static in the wintertime?? I love skirts and dresses, but can’t deal with the static. I’ve tried sprays and even dryer sheets, but nothing seems to help.

  19. KB says it so simply. I definately am warmer in a skirt in the winter thann in pants. I wear a chiffon layered slip under an a line skirt. It is like being in a down sleeping bag, but oh so comfortable and warm. The Chiffon doesnt add enough bulk to be noticeable.

  20. I have found that, living in Alberta, Canada temps are completely unpredictable and can many times reach minus 30 degrees Celsius. Brrrr! My skirts are the only things that save me! I do layer tights under my warmer ones, but I have two favourite skirts made of thick fleece. They go to the tops of my feet. I have not only received many compliments on them, but I get even more respect from my husband and help on my household stuff since I have started wearing them (4years ago) exclusively. Great way to stay warm in those winters also!

  21. This is awesome hearing other mowers ideas about wearing skirts. All my life I grew up wearing skirts. There is literally nothing I can’t do in a skirt as well as in jeans (except maybe skiing) even then I’m sure I could do as well. As of the last few years though I’ve started wanting to wear pants more. Probably because I need to be wearing dresses for my own reasons ( not just because mom and dad said.
    I love the enthusiasm and honest reasons everyone has here. Thank you, I needed it for me and my girls who I want to instill with good morals and lifestyle guidelines.

  22. I love skirts in winter! I have a warm tartan skirt that I wear for really cold days with long johns and fleece leggings. So warm! But I sometimes struggle with skirts sticking to my tights, I have tried a lot of anit-cling methods, but only silk skirt linings seem to keep my skirts from sticking. Is there a type of tights maybe that works better for anti-cling?

  23. When my nightgowns wear out, which they usually do at the top part, I cut the bottom of, put a casing and elastic through and create a flannelette underskirt or petticoat. I find these are very warm and cozy under a skirt. When I am really cold, I wear long underwear underneath that, which I tuck into knee socks. I find it all very comfortable and cozy.

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