Why I wear skirts all the time…


Hi! I’m honored that you are here on my blog! I know your time is precious, and you want to read the 3 reasons why I wear skirts all the time.

Before you read this post, please keep an open mind and know that I love all my sisters in Christ, whether you wear a skirt or not! There are far more important topics that are of eternal value.

But sometimes the little things have to be discussed as well. We need to dive deep into these smaller topics, so we can build a strong foundation, and give clear answers as to why we live a certain way.

So here you go…my 3 reasons as to why I wear skirts all the time!

Why I Wear Skirts All The Time. The answer might surprise you! | themodestmomblog.com

It’s not all that often that I get questioned “why do you wear skirts all the time?” but in private settings (emails) I get asked that question quite a bit so I know its definitely on some of your minds. I’m going to try to answer this question today and the reasons for my answer may surprise some of you.

I started wearing skirts/dresses when I was 9 years old. Besides a week when I was 12 where we tried going back to pants, I’ve pretty much been in a skirt or dress since then. I wear pants maybe 2-3 times a year for various activities.

Why I wear skirts all the time….

1.Β Because they are feminine and easily portray the fact that I am a woman.

This is honestly my strongest argument as to why I wear skirts. In today’s culture people seem to be extremely confused as to which gender they are (or at least many act and look confused). Homosexuality is rampant, as well as other forms of gender confusion. There are people near and dear to my heart that have chosen the homosexual lifestyle. This has made me even more determined to dress as a woman (for that is what God made me), to portray to my children that I am a female and I’m blessed to be one. Men and women properly functioning in their God given roles is one of the best defenses against the relational perversions we find in our present day. I am a woman and have no desire to look like a man (much less act like one). That’s my husbands job : )

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  1. absolutely excellent post! I LOVE it and I feel like you stole my thoughts exactly!

    • Caroline says:

      Thank you! I had butterflies in my stomach as I checked the first comment! πŸ™‚ This was a hard post to write…

      • That’s usually a good sign πŸ™‚ means your doing something right, and the enemy doesn’t like that!

      • Thank you and God bless you, sometimes we are run down for being to strict but it is not that at all, I pray everyday to please God and I will continue to please God….My prayers for you and your family…God Bless

    • Michelle says:

      She stole my thoughts too! But she communicated so much more clearly than I ever could. Thank you for give me a post I feel I could share as my own.

    • Exactly my reasons too. Occasionally I’ll throw on some capris to jump on the lawnmower because my work jumpers are in the wash and as soon as I’m done I rip those things off and get back into a comfy skirt! Great post!

  2. Thank you for this! If I wrote about why I only wear skirts, I think that its about what I would say. And THANK YOU for not using Duet. 22:5. It really just is not a good argument, and yet so many point to it as Biblical grounds for making it LAW that all Christian women wear skirts.

    • Men wore skirted garments then, though when doing dirty work they commonly wore a loincloth (“gird your loins”).
      Women wore skirts throughout the ages largely because of their monthly cycle. Until commercial pants and tampons were available it was a chore to wear closed bottom garments when menstruating.
      Those who cite De. 22:5 generally ignore the surrounding rules.
      What De. 22:5 requires is for men and women to wear distinctively different clothing. No cross-dressing.

      • The Virtuous One says:

        For some clarification, men didn’t wear skirts in Ancient times. The clothing of that time was considered flowing garments. The Greek called it “Chiton” and the Latin called it “Tunica”. Women usually wore the “chiton” to cover themselves, then they would wrap a “palla” for women and “pallium” for men in Latin terminology. The woman would dress in the chiton, then cover up with the palla (a simple piece of cloth). This would allow for keeping warm as well as shade from the sun. Men also dressed the same unless he did manual labor, it was worn alittle above the knees. Women didn’t wore skirts because of their monthly cycle, foolish talk, let’s keep this conversation Holy! Over time cultures changed but the scriptures will never change, a woman must dress differently than a man. The man is the stronger vessel and the woman must be a help mate. Now if the man chooses to dress in pants, then the woman should dress in something opposite of men to distinguish herself as a woman. Also it’s worthy to note another reason women wore dresses or ” chitons” all the way to the ground or their ankles was to cover themselves. The only man that should see any of a woman’s body parts is her husband, and the husband should demand this of his wife. In today’s society we need less of women’s breast, legs, butt and private section showing. Woman also wrapped their heads so they were less attractive for other men, makes sense. Men have alot of trials they go thru everyday, so being less tempted by looking at a woman is only a plus. Let’s face it men walk in God but sometimes they are often tempted too! 1st Timothy 2:9 commands women to dress in MODEST apparel. Here’s also another topic, women should not only wear modest or long dress but their hair should also be long. Why, the Bible says that a woman’s hair is her Glory, 1 Corinthians 11:15, “But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering”. Corinthians 11:5…. If we are going to be the chosen generation for God we must act like it completely. We can’t pick out things in the Bible that fit’s our life style, we must accept the entire Truth that comes from the Bible. Yes it’s true, we won’t always like the submission we must perform for God, but if we do submit all to God then he will truly smile upon us!

        • AMEN .. well said
          I want to go to the gym and workout yet I don’t know what to wear. Ordo I just ware shorts or leggings under my skirt. Help

          • I always wore shorts under my skirt when I used to work out at the gym, but I would say leggings under a skirt or a real long shirt would be modest too.

          • Octavia Peterson says:

            My workout tights have a skirt already attached

        • Amen, Amen, AMEN! My 12 year old daughter is experiencing some peer pressure because of the modest wardrobe she has. I find peace in knowing she understands she is IN this world and not OF this world and shouldn’t conform to its ways.

  3. This is a humble and balanced perspective, and all the same reasons that I choose to wear skirts and dresses as well. Thank you!

    • love reading the post. this helps me out a whole lot..ive been wearing skirts all the time for 4 yrs now. I wear them because they are comfortable. im a pear shaped woman. so my closes don’t feel to tight or clingy. I even wear skirts at work.. I work in a restaurant as a manager..my boss doesn’t have a problem with it.. now my co-workers and my family think im crazy for wearing them. but I pray every morning to dress which is pleasing to God.i just keep pressing on.. .

  4. Great post. πŸ™‚ I, too, wear skirts all the time, except when swimming, going out in the snow, going on roller coasters, etc.
    I also have many friends and family, in fact most, that wear pants much of the time. I do not condemn them for this. I agree that modesty is the most important thing. However, like you, one of my top reasons for only wearing skirts is that they are distinctly feminine, and also most people can tell just by looking at me that I am a Christian. So, I feel that this is a good testimony.
    I have had many experiences since moving to the Kansas City area of meeting people and not being able to tell AT ALL that they are Christians, because among other things, their clothings is SO immodest. I have to know some of them for a while before it comes out that they are Christians. This should not be the case.

    • I actually met a woman who would have come across as looking very christian, dressed in a very nice skirt and top, very very modest and clean. She was actually a witch! Yikes!

      • Yes, that can happen! Scary. But as a general rule, Christian women are the ones wearing skirts all the time. πŸ˜‰

        • danielle B says:

          Actually the only Christians I know who dress in skirts all the time are the ones online.

          I would say the only Christians who wear skirts all the times are the ultra-conservatives.

          • I am happy to be called “ultra-conservative”. πŸ˜‰ Of course, that is all a matter of perspective. Christians who are considered “ultra-conservative” these days, would have been the norm even 60 years ago.
            I do know quite a few people (off-line) who only wear or mostly wear skirts.

          • I live in Florida and know quite a few Christian ladies who wear skirts/dresses at all times and they are not all “online”. We are a Catholic family and my daughters and I all dress in skirts/dresses. I am also a retired Marine and just completed nursing school (RN). I have worked as a CNA wearing only dresses and I only wore dresses as a student nurse. To say we are “ultra conservative” because you choose to disagree is judgmental and rather unkind. I don’t look down on those who wear pants and I daresay most of my like-minded sisters do not either.

          • I know quite a few that live around here that are Christians who where skirts all the time, however they are not all ultra conservative. πŸ™‚ Very nice people

          • ^Agreed

          • To Ella who commented below…I am also a Catholic and love your post. I have over the past few years or so begun to wear skirts regularly and have been working on it with my girls. I am struggling with my teen girls who are surrounded by good Catholic friends who do not dress the way we do and it has been difficult to get mine to keep good habits this way. Maybe we could communicate one on one??

        • Actually that is not true, it is not only Christian women that wear skirts. Us religious Jewish women also wear skirts and dresses because of modesty.

          • B”H

            Hi Sarah, I am another Sarah and was about to write the same thing you did! I am a chasidic Jewish woman and we all wear only skirts or dresses (at least 4″ below the knee) and cover our arms past the elbow and cover our neck to the collar bone according to Torah law.

            I LOVE dressing this way: stylishly modest. At work, people who don’t know why I dress this way often compliment me on my outfits and say that I always look “so nice”.

            It’s good to see that other women are dressing this way, too:)

      • Caroline says:

        Yikes! I don’t see that as a good argument against not wearing skirts though, because what if you came across a women who was a witch dressed in pants? You then might say nobody should wear pants, only skirts? My sister worked with a witch one time, for quite a while without realizing it. πŸ™

        • Wasn’t an argument against not wearing skirts, was just a comment. sorry to have confused you. I wear skirts often as do many of my friends and family members.

      • I’ve been wanting to change my whole dressing code to dressess & skirts but its so difficult as i’ve been wearing pants all my life, i get so cold when wearing a skirt especially in winter, pls advice what must i do?

        • You are in my heart! πŸ™‚ I started wearing skirts just 1 1/2 years ago, on my 27th birthday. My family thought it was funny at first, but they are all Christians, so understood it a little more. Start a little at a time, if needed, to build up your wardrobe. Find skirts you LIKE, not just ones that are handy and have been hanging in your closet for years. It took you a while to build up your current wardrobe, right? If you have a good thrift store in your area, look there – and if you are handy with a needle/thread or sewing machine, even better. As she suggested, get a couple pair of leggings for winter. Have fun being a woman in skirts!

        • Just wear tights and boots with skirts! It’s really comfortable. If you live in a very cold climate, you can get wool tights. When I lived in Chicago, I had those and it was wonderful!

          Now that I live in California, I wear thin tights only on a winter night if it’s in the 30’s, which is rare.

          • Dwayne Coleman says:

            Good for you Sarah! The irony is rich, though. I have lived in California and nowhere else all my life and can write a book on the females who live in the Sunbelt who use “cold”(often as warm as 69 degrees, but certainly warmer than Seattle or Portland, not to mention Minneapolis, Chicago, and other “Frostbelt” cities) weather as “pants” weather, yet there are females who own ONLY skirts and dresses who live in “snow country”. Keep up the good work, Sarah.

        • I use knickers/leggings/tights under my skirts so I don’t have a problem with the cold.

          Sometimes I wear leggings or tights with shorts over them if its really cold. In fact, I wear dark knickers under my knee-length skirt when I go bike riding for modesty.

          I know modesty does not define me, but the Spirit of God within me defines me. And His Spirit is what causes me to want to be modest, and to be feminine, and wholesome, as a testimony to Him.

        • I have the opposite problem. I am pear shape and in the warmer weather, I have sweat issues. Sorry if that is TMI. I have cut off leggings to shorts length to help, but I do agree that pants do get sticky and are hard to pull up and down in the heat. I do wear pants mostly, but I do love long skirts (especially the flowing ones). Just need to build up the stock of skirts.

        • I’m right there, I would like to but after having my kids finding anything that fits and looks nice is hard. My pants just seem to hold everything together better lol. The only skirt that I like right now is also denim. I just find skirts in general very uncomfortable. I have never seen leggings for adults but now I am curious.

          • You can find great adult leggings at Gordman’s or Cato’s (on-line too). They also have wonderful ultra-soft fleece lined leggings with our without feet for the winter. I wear boots with leggings under my skirts and I’m comfy and warm.
            I found this blog because my teen is struggling with wearing skirts to our church. We have a family conviction of modesty for myself and our daughters. They completely embrace the modesty aspect, but the 13 yr old doesn’t like all the questions from people at church as to why we wear skirts all the time. We do wear pants on occasion outside of church, but for church, we want to give God our best, dress up for the occasion of coming before Him. I believe we share the same thoughts…To me and my husband, wearing skirts probably isn’t God’s law, but he does call us to be modest and desires us to look like the ladies he created us to be.
            So, in doing this study, I have found many very positive things to share with her. Thank you for writing this post and sharing your heart. Blessings πŸ™‚

        • I wear skirts with a heavy legging (Hue) in winter and boots. Looks very nice plus it keeps my feet and legs very warm.

    • I would hope that no matter what I’m wearing, people would see and sense the Holy Spirit within me! I definitely do not want to rely on the type of clothing I wear to relay the work of Christ in my life!

      • I didn’t mean that should be my only testimony or witness! Just one facet of it. ;-)There are many ways that people can tell we are Christians.
        However, someone wearing very immodest clothing does tend to hide the fact that they are Christians. And that is a bad testimony.

    • Okay I have read a lot of these statements. Judgement is one of the worst things that a person can do. I myself do not wear skirts and yes I do wear pants and jeans that do show off my curves. I am reading in this blog that the ones that wear skirts don’t judge and they don’t want to be judged. Well how do you think I myself feel when you state that in Kansas City it is hard to tell who is Christian because of what they wear (that is judging). And to state that when you see a women wearing a skirt that most likely she is a Christian(judging again).

      My mother has just changed to wearing skirts in the past year and I don’t have a problem with it but what I do have a problem with is when she is judging me for what I wear and my beliefs. She herself once dressed in pants and jeans that were fitting and she still was a huge Christian. I myself am a Christian.

      I am sorry but this just all does not make since to me because it should not matter what we wear and it should just matter as to who we are. If you are a good person and would do anything for anyone then isn’t that what matters most.

      • Doing good does not make you a christian. Living the life does. Your outward appearance shows allot about your inner self.

        • Actually, that’s not Biblical. Living the life or doing good do not make you a Christian. The only thing the makes you a Christian is accepting the unmerited gift of God’s grace through Christ’s sacrifice. Yes, the change of heart this brings about will be evident in changed behaviors such as displaying the fruit of the spirit. But “living the life” doesn’t make you any more a Christmas than doing good things does. Christ’s grace and that ALONE make us Christians.

      • My question to you, Jessica, would be WHY do you want to show off your curves? If you choose not to wear dresses, that is one thing, but choosing to wear revealing clothes is a heart issue and I don’t see how that could be considered modest. Watch a man when women walk past him. If they have pants on, where do his eyes go? If they have a dress on (not a sexy dress, just a modest dress) then do his eyes do the same thing? Not in my experience! There is a place for judging brothers and sisters – but it must be something where we do not have problems in that area. And it must be done in love and correction. That is my intent here. To lovingly point out to you that there is no such thing as tight pants that reveal your curves without causing a man to stumble. This is the way our Creator has wired men. They must choose to make a covenant with their eyes not to lust, but don’t you want to make it easier for them? I, for one, do not want to cause even the weakest man to stumble! =)

        • The line of a woman’s body is broken by the hem of a skirt even if it is rather short. The eye tends to jump past the skirt.
          Trousers, though, lead the eye straight to the crotch. This has been confirmed several times by observation of people encountering women.
          This is not the case with men wearing trousers. The thigh and crotch area of a man just does not have the eye-drawing power that a woman’s does.

      • I have to agree, I know most of the older and mature christian women in our church don’t dress in skirts most of the time, they dress very nicely just not in skirts. I don’t think it changes the aspect of modesty or their faith a bit.

      • I just read through this entire post and haven’t seen much judging going on. It seems to be very balanced with ladies just sharing their hearts or own struggles.
        We can say it doesn’t, but it does matter what we wear as Christian women. Wearing pants is one thing, but tight and hugging jeans, especially while in church can cause our Christian brothers to stumble (1Cor 7:5). We are called to be Holy through Christ and it does matter what we put on our bodies. I wear jeans, and I know I feel different in a pair of jeans than I do in a modest skirt. I feel curvy (which I am) and sassier than I do in a flowy skirt. I am a sinner, so I have to deal with my flesh just like every other Christian does. Also, just saying a lady should wear a skirt isn’t right either. We’ve seen some pretty tight hugging skirts at church and my husband admits this is a harder struggle for him than tight jeans are. No matter what people want to wear, modesty is the key. Modesty does matter and if we’re tight with things hanging out, we’re not being modest and we are not shining Christ’s holy light. This isn’t judging, God doesn’t care about the jeans/skirts, He cares about the heart. But, it’s biblical to give God your best and honor him, no matter what you wear. We each have to decide in our own hearts what He is convicting us to wear. Do no allow others to decide for you. If I wear jeans to church because everyone else does, and we have a family conviction to wear skirts, then I am allowing people to shape my convictions instead of the Lord. This is called legalism and inconsistency and that’s the worse thing I can teach my girls. Stand and stand strong on what the Lord has showed you. Blessings

        • I wear loose fitting pants all the time and I wear long tops that cover my hips. I have seen churches that only have a dress policy and some of they dresses/skirts are mini. These are definitely not modest.

      • I would like to share my testimony. I was brought up in a highly devoted Christian home, pants were a no-no when one gave their lives to Christ. I gave my life to Jesus Christ in 1977 and I did not feel convicted wearing pants but because I still lived at home and how I was brought, I was made to feel convicted and out of respect I wore skirts and dresses. I remember my dad asking me if I was still saved because I would wear my pants to work. The kind of work I did require me to do a lot of bending and stooping down So to save face I would come home, shower and put on a skirt or a dress. Romans 14:13. Let us not, therefore, judge one another anymore, but judge this rather: that no man put a stumbling block or an occasion to fall in his brother’s way.
        I married in 1978 and I also started a new job. As a newborn babe in Christ, I wore my skirts and my dresses, every day to work and I noticed another co-worker did so as well. One day I was asked why I always wore skirts and dresses every day to work, my response was that my faith believes it is ladylike. But the Lord showed me the difference between why I stood out and was asked. 1 Samuel 16: 7 said, β€œMan looks on the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. Matthew 15:18 said, β€œThose things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart and they defile the man. Whether they asked the other co-worker why she wore skirts and dresses every day or not the Lord let me see the difference. What’s in the heart shows up on the outward. Beside my co-worker cursed like a sailor. Years have passed, and I am still learning about this walk with my savior Jesus Christ. I know that there are types of articles of clothing made for both sexes but different names, for example, shirts/blouses, boxers, briefs/panties, men shoes/women shoes, men coats, sweaters, hats, gloves, women coats, sweaters, hats, gloves. All are made to distinguish between sexes.The only thing I can think of that’s not pertaining to man is a bra. But some women can only find the larger items to wear in men clothing. My conviction as a woman wearing anything that pertains to a man and acting as if a man, wearing or not wearing men clothing, is wrong and God is not pleased. Don’t get me wrong I love to wear skirts and dresses but I do not wear them every day. I do fall at times and I don’t want everyone looking or seeing my prize possession even though I love wearing my skirts and dresses long. What is so awesome even though I wear pants others see Christ in me and don’t know me but is drawn to me and start talking sharing their life with me which gives me the opportunity to share Christ. I’m not looking for any debates of the scriptures, I’m just sharing my own testimony. Philippians 2:12 work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

    • My sentiments exactly! Skirts quickly reveal the joy of femininity in my appearance. I also see a positive attitude change when I wear skirts or dresses. I am almost magically more sweet, patient, God-focused, family-focused. I also notice a change in people I meet. They say “Ma’am”, open doors for me, etc. Funny, isn’t it? God bless you for coming out with it! If you’re in the KC area…look me up! Modest, conservative, Christian women are few & far between. <3

  5. Great post! I have been wearing skirts for just under a year now and it feels tight and hot when I put on pants (I do wear them out in the blackberry fields, but I am working on a heavier weight skirt that won’t get caught on the thorns as much). I agree that everyone should try it for a week, those boho type skirts you sell in your store make it fun to twirl with little girls (which we have two of and one on the way).

    • I already made a comment once, asking if anyone had a good pattern for skirts, it wasn’t posted! Do you have a pattern, or suggestions as to how to make one?

      • Caroline says:

        Kerrie, I would just go to a fabric store and look for a pattern that has an elastic waist-probably an a line pattern to start out with. Starting with a pattern in hand would be the easiest for someone that has not sewn clothes before.

        • Desiree says:

          I learned how to sew from videos on youtube posted by radicallyforjesus . She has some great videos on the topic of modesty, and doesn’t stop there. She teaches how to make modest skirts without a pattern. Once you’ve mastered that, it’s easier to move on to using patterns, and her videos also teach how to use a pattern.

      • I made a skirt for working in the garden of lightweight denim with elastic smocking at the top. It was so easy. Just cut what you need to reach around the waist, sew one seam and hem it. I wear dresses all the time, but felt like my loose dresses weren’t modest in the garden when I am leaning over and there is a breeze. I just pull this on over my dress. The denim is heavy enough to stay down even in a stiff breeze AND my dress stays clean.

    • Dwayne Coleman says:

      Good for you!

  6. my girls have a hard time wearing skirts while playing outside. Last week I had one of my girls skirts get tangled in the chain of a bike! The only way to untangle it was to take the skirt off, outside, in front of everyone! Good thing we had another skirt we were able to slip on under that one!

    • I know that one! I almost always require my little ones to have shorts or solid leggings on under their dresses just for the fact that their still learning to be modest. (2 and 4).

  7. Thanks for this post. I’ve wondered before why some people would bring up the Deut. verse as to they reason they wear skirts all the time, but not seem to remember there are tons of other things we don’t necessarily stick to. I like the idea of wearing skirts but have a very hard time finding nice ones that fit well…not to mention, I’m in Eastern Canada and the idea of wearing a skirt when it’s -40C out is not very appealing πŸ˜› I still try to find nice skirts at thrift stores though to try and wear them more often. Again, thanks for this post. I found it very..real.

    • I wear sweat pants under my skirts in the winter. In the summer, I prefer an old-fashioned, knee-length pantaloon style pair made of cotton. I lived in a tropical zone for 5 years and found that they prevent sweat trickling down my legs. that can be very… distressing! It tickles, for one thing!

      • I’m glad to see I’m not the only one. I used to wear sweat pants under my skirts in the winter and then went to a warmer fleece….but the idea is the same. I stay considerably warmer in the winter wearing a skirt and layering underneath, than I ever would in pants. And in the summer I use some very lightweight, gauzy loose leggings-pantaloons-bloomers, that are just enough to soak up the sweat, as you say. If it gets too hot I go without them, but it usually feels better to wear them with a lightweight skirt. This is what works for me, and I’m very thankful for it, but I don’t consider it any “better” than what another woman chooses to wear.

    • Emilie Craig says:

      When I lived in Alaska I made fleece “petticoats” to wear under my skirts. I stayed plenty toasty!!

  8. I think this post brings up a great issue–modesty is about having a relationship with God and seeing His heart for us and what He wants and expects from us from the inside out.

    When the Lord started working on my heart about modesty, I thought it was about wearing skirts and I was confused because there were SO MANY women out there wearing skirts that I felt were horribly immodest. Bikinis would barely be less modest then some of the skirts I saw at a PTA meeting once–and don’t even get me started on the teenagers. But skirts and dresses don’t automatically make you modest. And I don’t think pants automatically make you immodest. I think you have to pray and really seek God’s heart on the issue–not just in one isolated verse, but across the whole bible, and dress (and act!) according to that.

    • I agree. We live near a place where women are required to wear skirts and both my husband and I frequently question the reason. If skirts are for distinction, then the purpose is accomplished. If skirts are for modesty, then many of these women are missing the boat. Some of these skirts are as tight as pants I see or have worn.I’ve seen just as many curves in skirts as pants. And of course you see more leg once they sit down. But more than that, skirts seem to give women this mindset of, “I’m modest because I’m wearing a skirt, so I can relax on the shirt.” So many women wearing skirts by choice are showing it all off or letting it all hang out on top. To me that’s the bigger modesty issue. I have no problem with wearing skirts although personally I prefer to wear shorts. But I agree that modesty is also a mindset and an attitude.

    • Beautifully said.

    • Regarding the topic, I would like to share my testimony. I was brought up in a high devoted Christian home, pants were a no-no when one gave their life to Christ. I gave my life to Jesus Christ in 1977 and I did not feel convicted wearing pants but because I still lived at home and how I was brought, I was made to feel convicted and out of respect I wore skirts and dresses. I remember my dad asking me if I was still saved because I would wear my pants to work. The kind of work I did required me to do a lot of bending and stooping down So to save face I would come home, shower and put on a skirt or a dress. Romans 14:13. Let us not therefore judge one another anymore, but judge this rather: that no man put a stumbling block or an occasion to fall in his brother’s way.
      I married in 1978 and I also started a new job. As a new born babe in Christ I wore my skirts and my dresses, every day to work and I noticed another coworker did so as well. One day I was asked why I always wore skirts and dresses every day to work, my response was that my faith believes it is ladylike. But the Lord showed me the difference of why I stood out and was asked. 1 Samuel 16: 7 said, β€œMan looks on the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. Matthew 15:18 said, β€œThose things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart and they defile the man. Whether they asked the other co-worker why she wore skirts and dresses every day or not the Lord let me see the difference. What’s in the heart shows up on the outward. Beside my co-worker cursed like a sailor. Years have passed, and I am still learning about this walk with my savior Jesus Christ. I know that there is same type article of clothing made for both sex, for example, shirts/blouses, boxers, briefs/panties, men shoes/women shoes, men coats, sweaters, hats, gloves, women coats, sweaters, hats, gloves. All are made to distinguish from sexes. Some women can only find larger item to wear in men clothing. I believe, my conviction as a woman wearing anything that pertains to a man and acting as if a man, that wearing or not wearing men clothing, is wrong and God is not pleased. Don’t get me wrong I love to wear skirts and dresses but I do not wear them every day. I do fall at times and I don’t want everyone looking or seeing my prize possession even though I love wearing my skirts and dresses long. What is so awesome even though I wear pants others see Christ in me and don’t know me but is drawn to me and start talking sharing their life with me which gives me the opportunity to share Christ. I’m not looking for any debates of the scriptures, I’m just sharing my own testimony. Philippians 2:12 work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

  9. It’s funny you mentioned your kids act funny when you aren’t wearing skirts! My 2 year old saw me put on a button up shirt from LLBean and it was a little more “manly” I suppose compared to what I usually wear, which is flowers, and bright colors. As soon as she saw me putting it on she said Daddy’s shirt….I can’t wear it anymore it bothers me that she thinks I’m wearing Daddy’s shirt… Kids watch EVERYTHING! I’m trying very hard to be more feminine! I do wear skirts when we leave the house! Unless I’m hiking that’s the only time I wear pants. And I wear shorts (long) when swimming, because I can’t afford a real modest swimsuit right now! I do clean my house in my pajama pants though πŸ˜› And workout(in the house) in shorts. I still have growing to do, but I’m getting there πŸ™‚

  10. Wonderful post and you said it beautifully! I have been considering wearing skirts as well for modesty purposes and for the reasons you described.
    It’s true..these days people seem to be very confused on their gender and everything that goes with it. And I want to be seen a a modest female… not someone showing off curves and cleavage!
    Thanks for this affirming blog post!

    • I wear both pants and skirts as I feel I can be modest wearing either. I do not try to show off my curves or cleavage and to date no one has mistaken me for a man when I wear pants nor am I confused about my gender. There are pants out there for women which are very distinctively female.

  11. I have been wearing skirts all the time for the last two years. I wear them everyday including days that I go cross country skiing, hiking, and bike riding. I have yet to find an activity that doesn’t allow me to wear a skirt. I wear skirts for the exact same reasons. I love how they look and I love how comfortable they are. My husband says that I look far more beautiful in a skirt. I love being a woman, and a skirt I think shows that. My kids always say that I look weird if I put on a pair of pants. πŸ™‚

  12. BRANDI WATSON says:

    I love this post and the attitude and love behind it πŸ™‚ I have started wearing skirts more and more and definitely do not feel comfortable in my go to jeans anymore. I feel more feminine and pretty in a skirt and I agree, they are really easy to do most things in. I would probably decide to wear jeans if I was on my knees gardening or something like that but I have found I love wearing skirts most of the time. I also love showing my daughter how to dress modestly. Thank you do much for your commitment and passion for modesty! I’m always eager to read your posts and pass them onto others πŸ™‚

  13. yes thank you for this post. i do wear dresses and skirts all the time.

  14. You echo my feelings very closely! I grew up wearing skirts, but I also grew up in a culture that would’ve had the proud attitude that this was the only right way-a fact I don’t agree with. I heartily second your feelings on the verse in Deut. I’m sure that is in part because it is the verse my church culture uses as their defense of women not wearing pants. I think it is talking about cross-dressing etc. and I so agree about the wearing of robes in Bible time.

    We live on a farm and I have bought pants for my daughter a few times to wear when playing in the grain trucks, bicycling etc. She says the same thing you said-she doesn’t like them, because she thinks dresses are cooler!

    My husband prefers me in skirts and I am used to them and I also like femininty! However I have nothing wrong with other women that feel to wear modest pants! :)There are activities that I think pants would be easier for.

  15. This is the best post I’ve ever read concerning wearing skirts and modesty. Especially because of not using the Duet defense :). Thank you for writing this!

  16. Hi there! I like wearing skirts too! However, I do not wear them all the time. I am from Northern Europe and winters are really cold up here! Therefore using a Bible verse telling women to wear skirts would be …lame… πŸ™‚ Last few years I have been trying to understand femininity and therefore I want to wear more skirts (mainly short, just below the knees) and dresses (long or shorter). I would like to encourage women to be women and dress like women…I think most women look better in a dress or a cute skirt. My husband really likes it when I wear skirts or dresses!

    With pants I try to wear longer top or make sure the pants are not skin tight.

    Thank you for being gracious in this subject. I do not think it is attractive to tell others “you should do this” but instead use our womanly Biblical weapons of not saying anything and having a quiet, meek spirit! Being a living example is often more effective than preaching. Joyful Christianity is always more true to its roots than legalistic attitude.

  17. I love the fact that you don’t use Duet 22:5 as your reason for wearing skirts! Thank you, thank you! It’s also beautiful that you’re so open and non-judgemental.

  18. Very interesting post! I assumed that you were part of a religion that required women to wear skirts. I find it interesting that you say skirts are more modest. I’ve always felt less modest in a skirt, because here in the windy south skirts are likely to go flying up (it’s happened to me!), toddlers give your elastic waist skirt one pull and you’re showing parts you don’t want the world to see, and babies lifting up your skirt in public playing peek-a-boo. Personally I feel more modest in clothing (pants with buttons & zippers) that I know will stay in place.

    In total respect, I have to ask, how do you feel about seeing the curve of men’s bodies and backsides in their pants? Is there a double standard where we are just supposed to ignore the men’s backsides but they can’t ignore ours?

    • danielle B says:

      Yeah, I hear ya on the skirts/dresses flying up! We were in NYC 3 weeks ago, (HOTTEST day of the year too) and I wore a dress, and it was a below my knees but not to your ankles. We went to the top of the Empire State Building and it was windy! I was there w/a friend (who was also in a dress lol) and before I know it, my dress flew up! I quickly pulled it down. And my friend said that’s why I wore shorts underneath. I said I had a slip on! (and nope, it wasn’t too sticky) I said I wasn’t going to wear shorts because it would have been toooo hot, looking back, I wish I had!

      • Sherri Oliver says:

        A quick tip for you πŸ™‚ Sew little snaps into the hem of your knee-length skirts (between your legs). If you are in a really windy situation you can just snap it shut. (I’ll admit – it looks silly! But not as silly as your undies!)

        • danielle B says:

          Thanks Sherri, I’m not a sewer tho. I can repair a hem (oh and last week, I had to repair a rip in the above mentioned dress lol) and do buttons that’s about all for my sewing skills.

        • Desiree says:

          I like to hide a couple of pennies in the bottom hem of my skirts. It weights it down to keep it from blowing up, but I can’t feel the weight while I’m wearing it.

        • I read somewhere once that Princess Diana had fishing sinkers in the hems of her skirts. I don’t know if that’s true, but it would work. In the tropical country I lived in, we frequently rode on the backs of pickups and flying skirts was a real problem. So the cotton pantaloons I mentioned earlier were helpful. I often make them of the same fabric I used for my dress. Not saying its the only way, just that this is what works for me! πŸ™‚

    • @ This Glorious Day — I believe the reason Caroline doesn’t mention men’s backsides is because men a stimulated by vision, by what they see. They are drawn to curves, etc. It’s not usually that way for ladies.

      • Honestly? I have not met a woman yet who isn’t drawn to a mans curves! We have to be just as cautious with our eyes as they do. Women are not exempt from this. πŸ™‚

        • danielle B says:

          That is SOOOOO true!! There are women who are VERY visual, and I am one of them. I don’t have a problem to where I need to watch, or look away or whatever. I have a husband I can stare at.

          • I agree with Kerrie and Danielle! Christian women have been told so many times that “men are visual” that we have almost begun to believe that we are in no danger of giving into improper looks and thoughts. It’s especially important, in today’s highly visual and sexually charged culture, that women also be mindful of their weakness and that men, too, should be modest and not draw undue attention to their bodies. Just the other day, an acquaintance of mine posted a picture of a shirtless muscled man on her FB page and got over 30 adoring comments from other women about his body! Completely inappropriate, but it just goes to show that although men may be MORE visual, women certainly are not exempt.

        • I agree with Kerrie and the ladies following. My eyes are drawn to the human shape, and I appreciate it when either gender is considerate to wear coverings that drape rather than cling.

  19. You did a wonderful job explaining your heart on this sometimes touchy topic. I’m thankful you had the boldness to share your convictions. Some of the immodesty in our culture is due to lack of education.

    I recently wrote a 2 part post on this same topic. I wear skirts 99% of the time and don’t ever want to look back. My 2 main goals are to be more modest and encourage the men around me instead of being a distraction to them and embracing my biblical femininity and showing the world that I delight in my God given role.
    Blessings to you,

  20. thank you for sharing your heart, I am glad I took time to read it, I have been in skirts since the 4th grade, for pretty much the same reasons. modesty is important. One of the biggest things I find is , I am a bigger size girl, but not ample in cleavage so I have trouble finding tops that are modest. I crochet and have found a pattern to make what we call modesty panels, I am gonna start making them to sell in sets of 3, white, black and cream, crocheted out of thread and then they tie to bra strings, I made one to try, and wore it this past sunday to church, it was awesome and a big hit with all the ladies!

  21. Very good post. I wear jeans a lot these days but I find myself wanting to wear skirts and dresses more often, and for some of the reasons you listed. I’ve seen your clothing line and one day I hope to make some purchases.

  22. Thank you for writing this. Thoughtful & thought provoking.

  23. Thanks for the great post. I switched to skirts about a year and half ago and now I find jeans/pants very uncomfortable – especially while pregnant! If only pregnant women would try a skirt they would truly understand. I loathe pants while pregnant now.

    I do wear pants for particular occasions and the last time I did my daughter giggled and asked why I was wearing daddy’s pants. And then, the new one, our neighbor likes to mow his lawn shirtless so when she sees him (or any male w/o a shirt) she asks why he’s half-naked. It’s funny because Daddy is not as modest as I am and goes shirtless while swimming with the girls – although that’s the only time he’s shirtless around them. It makes me laugh anyway.

    How do you explain to your girls why you/they dress in skirts? And what do you say about people who do not choose modesty – like our situation with our neighbor w/o sounding judgemental?

    • I tell my little girls that what others do is their business, what we do in our family is ours. When they are older I will explain things a little more thoroughly but along those lines (the way I have with my sons). πŸ™‚

    • When my little sis asks about this, I tell that it’s something that WE believe is modest, but that some people either don’t know, or they think that it’s ok. I always try to emphasize that it is something that WE do. Once they are older (she is 5) then it’s fine to explain more specifically that we feel that certain manners of dress are immodest and inappropriate.

  24. I would like to say that I am a christian woman, and I do not feel that how I dress portrays my christianity. I dress feminine but do not wear dresses or skirts all the time and I lead a christian life just as much as any woman who wears only skirts.

    • BRANDI WATSON says:

      I don’t see how this comment was necessary at all.

      • danielle B says:

        Why not? It’s an opinion and I can see where Tracy is coming from, and agree with her. Dressing in only dresses or skirt shouldn’t be the ONLY way to distinguish yourselves from the world. The way we treat strangers, and our fellow sister and brothers should scream we are Christians, not the way we dress.

        • BRANDI WATSON says:

          I thought that Caroline explained herself really well that she doesn’t expect everyone else to dress in skirts and that it’s not a salvation issue at all. It’s been a personal conviction that she was explaining.

    • You can definitely be a Christian and still wear pants, but wearing skirts all the time can sort of set you apart. But it has very little, or nothing really to the kind of Christian you are. And Danielle is right, too — it’s not the only way to distinguish yourself. There are lots of ways — actions have a lot to do with it. I have seen people who wear dresses/skirts all the time, yet, their actions were not very Christian at all. So….

  25. Michelle says:

    I wore both skirts and pants growing up. I always felt more self-conscious in pants. When I was engaged, my husband-to-be and I had a discussion over the phone about whether it is wise for women to wear pants. He had me put on a skirt and examine my figure in a mirror, and then had me put on pants and examine my figure again. He then simply asked me, “Which is more modest?” I couldn’t argue that pants were more modest than a skirt (the skirt being generally loose and not form-fitting). And for those activities which require pants, he proposed the idea that maybe it’s not wise for women to be doing that activity in front of men.

    My husband is not a legalist to any degree. But as his wife, I know he prefers that I present myself in the most feminine and modest fashion feasible, and in most cases, that’s in a skirt – for the sake of testimony and to avoid defrauding other men. Often, we women, argue among ourselves what are our preferences in attire are, but sometimes, the easiest counsel to seek is from a Spirit-filled man who definitely has a biblically-minded opinion on the matter. (end my 2 cents)

    • Very well said…Here it shows that the way you dress is not the only way your character is distinguished. It is also exemplified in your attitude of a submissive wife. (Your 2 cents are worth much!)

  26. “hat I’m not passionate about is the legalism and the judgmental attitudes that sometimes accompany ladies that wear dresses only….”

    Thank you

    All too often legalism and skirts seem to go hand in hand.

    I applaud you for sharing your honest reasons and NOT falling on Deaut. 22:5 which isn’t a good argument (as another commenter mentioned.)

    Blessings to you!

  27. I was raised wearing skirts as well and I still do. Deut. 22:5 was the scripture most used to explain why. There were plenty of women around me that would have considered a woman wearing pants as not saved. I always thought that it is hard to say wear skirts only based on that scripture alone. I was more convinced about wearing skirts as obedience to my pastor. I believe that we should submit to authority in church, work, etc. There was a time when I made a brief switch to pants, but I realized that I was more comfortable in skirts. At this point, I am more about modesty in general and not just about wearing skirts. I also like Dannah Gresh who wrote a book about modesty and she wears pants. I thank you for your post.

    • Just for fun, go look up all references to men’s clothing in the Bible. The only mention of any kind of pants is the shorts that priests were required to wear (ONLY!) when attending the altar. And those were worn under their robes.
      All other mentions of the clothing of the lower body of men is of skirts.
      A tunic is a long shirt, which is of course open at the bottom.When men prepared to do dirty, messy work they “girded their loins” – put on a loincloth, which functioned like modern shorts.

  28. I started wearing skirts a year or so ago. It was a very hard decision for me as I am almost 50 years old. But I had just felt so convicted about wearing pants. It has been a process, but I just can’t wear pants any more on a daily basis. If I am out cutting wood or painting the fences or something like that, my husband feels it is more modest for me to wear pants. In fact my grand baby who I take care of on a daily basis gets very upset if I put pants on. He will say, “mamaw where is your skirt? God wants you to wear a skirt!” I don’t know why he says it, because I have never told him God wants women to wear skirts. I think maybe “he” just likes mamaw in skirts. …… lol

  29. I think the important thing here is that-
    1- We dress in a feminine manner.
    2-We may have our convictions but we are graceful to those who are not convicted in the same manner.
    3- We avoid legalism and judgement.
    4-We allow others to be convinced and convicted by the Holy Spirit while being able to explain our viewpoint in a unifying manner.
    I and my daughters all wear dresses or skirts 95% of the time. The other 5% is usually when we are hunting. Hard to wear your camo waders with a skirt!
    Thanks for posting.

  30. Esther DeBoer says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you! I really like how you clearly defined that you don’t judge women who wear pants, but if they are immodest, then you have to talk!

  31. I love that you know why you wear skirts all the time, and I think they are all great! I will say that skirts are about as easy to be IMmodest in as pants. I have seen some way too short and tight skirts. I have also seen many loose, modest pants. πŸ™‚ I also love to rough and tumble on the floor with my kids, and I find it harder to keep my skirt in a modest place than my pants. I think it’s just me, because I know a lot of moms who play sports in their skirts, and I just never could do that!

  32. Samantha says:

    I love how you explained your reasoning! My husband and I have also decided that skirts all the time is the thing for me. I have not even been doing it a year but love it! I can do everything I was doing in one and I even find that it makes things easier when you so free to move. I feel so much more like a lady and I feel prettier and my husband thinks it becomes me too! πŸ™‚

  33. I really appreciated your thoughtfulness in this post. Another good option for modest and feminine dress is to wear long tunics or appropriate looking shorter dresses over jeans. You keep the rear covered, are distinctly feminine, and can still run around and do cartwheels–or climb up on the playground equipment with your kiddos without worrying what people below you will see. πŸ˜‰

  34. I wore skirts only for years and years, but one day found myself drifting to modest slacks/short pants. Yet,I really appreciate your thoughts on gender confusion, and celebrating TRUE femininity.. this has been on my heart lately. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  35. Caroline,
    I sincerely appreciate your heart here and the straightforwardness of your reasoning. I recently read another post in your link up that talked about a family’s decision to wear only skirts, and you both have me thinking deeper and deeper about making the decision for myself. Having not grown up in a conservative Christian home, I am still in a learning process as a young twenty-something. Modesty is a priority of mine, but I had never considered what you are saying about jeans or pants often showing more curves than skirts. Thank you for writing this and having the nerve to share it! You have impacted my thinking, and that is what I appreciate about any good blog!

  36. Excellent post!! I wear skirts the majority of the time. The girls will wear skirts sometimes…rarely for a couple of them so I’ve implemented a dress code at home. Mainly so they understand that they don’t have to wait until Sunday to wear a skirt/dress. So on Wed and Thurs all the girls have to wear a skirt/dress. They can wear them any other time too but HAVE to on those days πŸ™‚ On that same token, my son can’t wear jeans with holes the knees on those days either LOL

  37. Ladies,

    I love wearing skirts. I am nursing, so dresses are harder. I do however have a problem (well, lots…but we won’t go there). I gained quite a bit of weight after my son was born. While I am working on getting it off, wearing skirts, especially in the summer causes heat rash and chaffing. Does anyone have a practical solution to this (other than obviously lose the weight)?

    • Caroline says:
    • Have you heard of a product called Body Glide? You apply it on the parts of your body prone to chafing before going out to walk, exercise, etc. in the heat. It comes in a container that looks like deodorant. πŸ˜‰

    • I use baby powder or wear leggings/shorts under my skirt.

    • This may sound silly, but it does work for chafing, use deodorant where your legs rub together. πŸ™‚

    • I use a homemade deodorant where my thighs rub (search ‘homemade deodorant’ on this blog) and that works great! I have also purchased a couple pairs of biking shorts ($8 each at Wal-Mart, Danskin brand) and those help too, but in summer I hate to add the extra layer πŸ™‚ I’ve heard that Gold Bond medicated powder is good for this as well, but I personally have never tried that.

      • I’m glad someone asked that question! I’ve never been skirts only but right now I’m pregnant, it’s very hot and I have a small maternity wardrobe, mostly borrowed from a skirts-only friend so unless I want to wear that one pair of maternity jeans I have (which I don’t) it’s skirts or skirt-like gaucho pants. I’m finding that I am really enjoying the look and comfort – plus the do seem to cover up the weight gain which is nice since I gain a lot of weight for my babies. I will definitely be adding more skirts to my post-baby wardrobe but between the weight gain, the heat and the skirts, the chauffing is not fun! I’ll be trying the deodorant trick (because losing weight isn’t an option for me either – at least not for a few more months πŸ™‚ I’m still trying to work on getting my toddler to not lift mommy’s skirt up though.

  38. I have worn dresses and skirts for over 30 years and I find that a skirt or dress can hide a lot of our imperfections. As to the modesty issue, I wear shorts under my skirt so that if anything does go wrong, I am still covered. I have had 3 falls lately and I was still able to be modest.

  39. Thank you for this post! I have only started in the past few months wearing skirts regularly. When I did wear them occasionally my husband would always remark how nice I looked…so I thought why can’t I wear a skirt all the time. I can tell a difference in my attitude when I am doing my work around the house and caring for our kids. I can tell a difference in my husband and how he responds to me during the day. I can also tell a difference with our oldest son who is 10 and how he responds to me. I have never been a girly girl…but it sure does feel nice to feel like the woman God made me to be!

  40. And this is part of why I love you so much! πŸ™‚

  41. Theresa says:

    Wonderful post! I too wear skirts/dresses all the time.
    I am wondering how to deal with daughters on the subject. My daughters all switched when I did several years ago. I do allow them to wear skorts or built in shorts (though these are hard to find long enough) My problem is that my daughters are starting to question our decision while feeling pressure from outside people. When they do choose to wear shorts they are the ones that I allow under their skirts. Therefore they are not nearly modest enough to wear alone. Any help would be appreciated!

    • If you are okay with them wearing shorts (without a skirt over them), I would purchase them longer shorts like bermuda length. One of my church friends allows her daughter to pick out what dress she wants and then the (11yo) girl puts on a tank underneath or capris or something like that to keep her chest and/or knees covered. It ends up being a pretty cute outfit (for her age, not mine).

    • Try letting them wear cullottes. They freedom of movement of a pair of shorts but look like a skirt. Here at our school in Australia the students have to wear a uniform. Boys and girls dress exactly the same – shirt and shorts. Thankfully, girls do have the option to wear cullottes which are very practical while still being feminine. At the high school they are only allowed to wear their skirt on ‘formal’ occasions.

      • Cullottes are incredibly immodest. I wore them growing up and for a job I had (which included riding a bike most of the time). Long shorts are much more modest than culottes.

    • My girls wear solid colored basketball shorts from the boys’ department(which are longer and looser-fitting than girls’ – go figure!) They often wear a pair of spandex shorts or such underneath also. They can play sports, run, ride bikes, climb on the monkey bars etc. without worrying about being immodest. Plus they are very comfortable and easy care too.
      Actually, I know some women in our church who do the same thing instead of culottes.

  42. A few weeks back I came across your website and blog. I have found many helpful tips.
    Many years back (I think 10 or so), I had been confronted with the Deut. 22:5. I looked at it more closely and had come to the same conclusion as you. It is not referring to women’s modest dress, but rather to cross dressing (to purposely looking like the opposite gender). That is an abomination to God. Whenever I was questioned about dress and any “rules”, I only wanted to rebel all the more against wearing skirts. I also found that as I tried to wear skirts to please someone else it was done with some resentment.
    Non the less, the Lord, without the conflicting “help” of others opinions, had drawn me more and more in His gentle way to wearing skirts. Yes, I do now believe it is more modest than pants. Mostly, I find it more difficult to be feminine in pants.
    I do wear pants for certain activities, such as picking square bales with the family, riding horses,and other farming activities. I also wear looser fitting exercise pants for walking down our lane and back for exercise.I find I don’t like a skirt flapping around my legs while walking. I live on the prairies where it can be quite windy in the open. I appreciate the attitude you take about others opinions on this controversial subject. I also have a daughter, 17 years old, that is also desirous of femininity by wearing skirts.

    Thanks for your integrity and standing up for your convictions.

  43. Barbara says:

    I loved this! I am an Apostolic woman and wear skirts all the time. Love the modesty you stand up for!

  44. Thanks for sharing your heart! I have worn modest skirts all my life and believe that is the way God wants it – women are to be modest and look like women and act like women and yes if you are in pants you tend to forget how to act like a lady. It’s nice to see others trying to live modestly in this world where people are living any old way. People wonder why young girls are being raped or taken advantage of my boys just look at the things they are wearing I’m blown away by things people let their children out in they ought to be ashamed. Timely post thanks!

  45. I appreciate your thoughts, and while I do wear skirts occasionally, I’m much more comfortable in pants and shorts. I’ve found skirts to get in the way too much of the activities I do regularly, and I get my skirts trapped in doors way too easily.

    I do make some of my own clothes just so I can customize them. When you’re 5’8″ and have a torso the length of someone more around 5’10” or 6′, it’s hard to find tops that fit without showing your stomach when you raise your arms.

    • Have you seen the fabric bands that you can buy now that cover the bottom of your torso from showing? You wear it underneath your shirt and it looks like a longer layered tank but it doesn’t add the bulk up top. It is perfect for this problem!

  46. Great post, handled well. Thank you – from another 24/7 skirt wearer. πŸ™‚

  47. Thank you for this article. I don’t personally choose to wear skirts, but I appreciate your desire not to twist scripture to your own practical applications and “teach as doctrines the precepts of men”! I totally understand your reasons and admire you for not violating your conscience in a culture that probably makes all kinds of assumptions about you!

  48. Melinda says:

    I was fascinated by this post! I grew up as a tomboy and was my dad’s right hand “man” on our very large farm. I spent my summers in steel toed boots and jeans. I married a farmer, who also has a 2nd shift town job, so during the day it is my job to take care of the livestock and during wheat and cotton harvest, you will find me out in the field alongside my husband and father-in-law. So, here’s my question- lately, I’ve seriously been pondering trying out skirts (gasp!), but am completely unsure if they will fit into my lifestyle??? I know pioneer women did it (although not around heavy equipment). I don’t know, as the summer has worn on, I have found myself reverting into my old tomboy self… and with two daughters, ages 9 and 6, I’m not really sure that’s what I want to portray…..

    • I wear skirts most of the time, but find when doing sheep work I have to wear jeans ~ just because it would be impossible to straddle a ewe or hold it down with a skirt in the way. I think for those of us who do work on a farm we need to have a ‘mixed wardrobe’ out of practicality.

      • Thankful for God's Grace says:

        I too was a tomboy and loved playing sports but the Lord has convicted me that He has made me a woman and I just feel so beautiful in a skirt (and when I feel more beautiful, I carry myself differently and my husband finds me more attractive). So far, I have driven a tractor and thrown hay bales in a skirt, along with the day to day activities with the children and gardening. It is so much cooler than pants. I have yet to chase the goatie-goats (as my children call them:D) in a skirt. But since it’s only my husband and I, I’m not worried about the eyes of other men being drawn to my figure. My advice: ask your husband what he would prefer you wear during specific activities and submit:D

        • I’ve either worked as a slaughterman or in the hog barns all my life. I’ve killed cows in skirts and wear the required “shower in shower out” coveralls in the hog barns. I prefer to do livestock chores in the “shower in shower out” coveralls, but can still slaughter livestock in skirts, which are just my retired work jeans turned into quick skirts.

    • If you are ready to try them out…then smile and find a starting point! Anything that anyone does for the first time feels a little weird. As you get familiar with them you will begin to understand how different fabrics and design styles are suited to different activities. Have fun, find colors and patterns that suit your personality!

  49. Dear Caroline,
    Thank you so much for your modest and feminine example.
    Your passion is my passion, as well. I just love modesty & long skirts. I have been wearing them exclusively for 2-3 yrs. My husband really likes them, too. We live in Maine and can have very cold winters, microfiber tights are perfect. Leggings work well, too. Personally, I prefer the look of tights, if leggings show, it looks like I’m wearing pants under a long skirt.
    I grew up in a non-Christian home where my mom, (a feminist) tried making into a tomboy. I grew up feeling that acting like a lady was somehow inferior. God saved me 8 yrs. ago and I just love embracing the woman He designed me to be. My husband and I have three sons and I really don’t want to be mixed up for one of the boys!:) Gender confusion is everywhere!!!
    Please continue being a Godly example in a very dark world.

  50. Frankie Campbell says:

    I agree with very little of what you said!!! I hate skirts & dresses & am very modest in the pants that I wear. I feel kind of sorry for you…I don’t think you are sure who you really are!!

    • Caroline says:

      I’m sorry you feel sorry for me! I’m quite happy and content with my life. πŸ™‚ I’m not forced into wearing skirts, I choose to do it!

    • Frankie Campbell, even if you do not agree with her, you don’t need to feel sorry for her. It seems like her post stirred up some emotions in you? The word hate is a strong word, but no one is asking you to wear skirts and dresses! Sometimes inner wounds come out as angry words?

      I do not wear skirts all the time, and am more comfortable in house pants, but I really appreciated Caroline’s gentle tone.

  51. Wonderful post! Thank you! I have recently made the “all skirts” decision, due in large part to you and Amy at Raising Arrows. It’s been an all-positive decision!!!

  52. You say you’re not judging and many commenters commend you for the lack of judgment, but I just can’t see that when, early in your post, you call an entire people group “disgusting”. You then go on to describe various types of clothing as “immodest” and, while not actually saying it, imply that wearing certain types of clothing make you more or less modest, which affects your Christianity. Did you know that modesty is a condition of the heart, not the body? Modesty is in how you present yourself. I can wear a burkha and be immodest. Or I can wear jeans and a tshirt and be completely modest. Honestly, I wear skirts. A lot. I love the way they feel and I love the way I look in them. They are much more flattering on me than shorts. I have no religious or moral reason for choosing skirts. I wear them simply because I can. I would never expect someone else to wear them or imply that they are more modest. In fact, I would state that they are easily *less* modest. In wind, skirts blow up. When playing with children (as good parents and childcare providers do), it’s easy for a skirt to pull up, be pulled down by a child or fall in a position (while sitting on the floor) that displays the wearer’s underwear. None of those things are modest. Jeans would not have any of those flaws. Before you go telling someone that something is more or less modest or Christian, consider how it may affect people. And never, ever throw out rude comments on any people group, whether that group is those with a different sexual orientation than you, a different race, a different religion. Whatever group they belong to, they are still human beings, created and loved by the God you say that you serve.

    • I don’t believe her comments were meant meanly toward a people group…but rather that their actions are wrong and against God’s Word. Caroline’s comments about that were right-on.

      Modesty *if* of the heart, just like you say, SE, and this will be *reflected* in how you dress. There is no way one can wear a mini-skirt modestly…or a bikini. Truth is truth. But she also did say that things *other* than skirts can be modest too.

      Re-read the article and see the love and kindness portrayed, as the rest of us see.

    • If you’ll read Caroline’s post again you’ll see that she wrote “Homosexuality is rampant, as well as more disgusting forms of gender confusion.” She did not call any person or group of people disgusting. She was referring to the sin itself – living the homosexual lifestyle. All sins are offensive to God – they are, in a spiritual sense, disgusting – because they disfigure the beauty of the soul.

    • SE,
      I agree with Anne. Caroline did not in any way say that the people themselves were “disgusting” it is the sin which they choose to do that is bad. We are supposed to love the sinner, but hate the sin. Caroline has done by far the BEST job of conveying godly femininty and modesty that I have ever seen. By reading her posts you can obviously tell that God is using her to help women remember what God has called us to be as His handmaidens.
      In Christ,

  53. I find the concept of being skirts only very strange! I don’t mean that negatively, it just seems weird to me. I grew up in the country and have always naturally been more of a tomboy. It’s just the way God gave me. I feel confident that while I wear jeans often, there is no mistaking me for being what I am…a woman. Thankfully my husband agrees, and prefers me in jeans versus skirts. I do wear skirts or dresses to church however, as I do firmly believe you should dress your best when in God’s house!

  54. Thank you so much for this post! I agree with you completely on the Deut. verse – it can be so frustrating to see it used to defend legalism. You inspired me to try a full week of wearing skirts only back in May, and I loved it. I was comfortable, felt pretty, and thought it looked better (skirts just kind of gloss over my least favorite parts of my body πŸ™‚ However, my husband prefers me in pants and has been asking why I don’t wear them anymore. I guess I need to find a happy medium :/ Again, thank you!

  55. Momma of Four says:

    I think this is a well written blog which really shares a godly heart in terms of modesty. Also, I appreciate the lack of judgement and legalism present. I’d like to throw a couple additional thoughts out there though. Part of being modest is not drawing attention to ourselves. It’s not only about not tempting men. It’s a matter of the heart. We want our lives and dress to glorify God, not ourselves. So, I think that if everyone notices you and assumes you are a Christian because of your skirt that may be immodest. Maybe you are sticking out too much. We need to be in the world not of it but if I can’t be immersed in the world as a witness without my clothing being something that distracts people and draws their attention to my clothing rather than character. I’m all about being modest but let’s do it in a way that is culturally appropriate. We can be modest both ways. This may offend some but I think it’s true. My pastor says that he think Mennonites/Amish are the most immodest people because they stand out so much in the background of culture. It isn’t about Christ when outsiders look at them but how drastically different they look. So wear skirts,please, if that is your conviction but do try to make them modest in that you are not a distraction in standing out the other way. Be cute, be modest, and make sure your unsaved neighbors recognize your love and joy more than your dress. Jesus said that by one’s love people would know he was Christ’s not by one’s super duper modest apparel. We should stick out because we are righteous not because we look drastically different.

    • I totally agree with this! I often see women in my city who are obviously trying to draw attention to themselves, and their own self righteousness, by how different they dress.
      I also really don’t understand the whole “God convicted me for wearing pants” argument. We all have the SAME Holy Spirit, and I don’t see why he would convict some women and not others. It comes across to those of us women who choose to wear pants on a regular basis, that we are somehow inferior in being able to hear the Holy Spirit, which I think is rubbish!

      • I also agree that skirts can be worn badly and in a way that turns people off. The man on the street is generally fascinated by the Amish and views them as a cultural oddity. Their views on dress and modesty are so extreme (similar in a way to ultraconservative Muslims) that they end up turning people off to the whole idea of modesty. I think what should set the Christian woman apart even more than her mode of dress is her VIRTUE.

        • The reason why the Mennonites and Amish wear the “non conformist” clothing is because we are to be in the world but not of it. As a Kleinde Gemende Mennonite, when I see one of the other Mennonite women of my region, whether be it Holdeman, Alt Kolonier, Reinlander, Sommerfeld or Kleinde Gemende…I can tell which group she comes from and know that she is “safe” to talk to. It is tradition to wear our clothes in our ways because as our tradition has been marginalized and persecuted, we use our dress as our witness of our group’s survival. We have other people such as the Apolostics and the “No Name Church–Black Stocking Sect” that wear skirts too, but our dresses, skirts and kerchiefs/dakj are our mark.

          • I get the “in the world not of it” but it’s you “‘safe’ to talk to” comment that strikes me. Jesus said he was sending us out as sheep among wolves and that we should always be alert, but not because we should restrict our conversation to only those who believe just as we do – we have to be on our guard because God calls us to share the good news with EVERYONE – especially the people who are “unsafe” to talk to.

    • This hurts my heart. Why are we busy judging other Christian groups? We are all trying to serve one God. He leads us through different paths. We are sisters.

    • This really bothers me to see some christians being judgemental of those of us who are “ultra” conservative. Did you ever stop to think that the reason we look so extremely different is because our culture has changed, becoming increasingly godless? am I supposed to try to fit in with an “anything goes” mentality, and go against my convictions? I can not, in good conscience. Women wearing pants did not become acceptable in our culture until after World War II and then the Sexual Revolution and Feminist movement helped to normalize increasingly immodest clothing. So who changed? The “Ultra Conservatives” or the culture?
      Also, please don’t assume that all of us “ultra conservatives” are mean, legalistic and judgmental. While we often have clear-cut beliefs of what is right and wrong, many of us realize that God has sheep of all different stripes and He leads them along in His own timing. If you got to know us, you would find that some of us are surprisingly open-minded. I have Christian friends who wear pants and other clothing that I consider slightly immodest, but I am not critical or unkind to them. I also have Mennonite family members. They are wonderful people and are just doing their best to live their beliefs. OK, end of epistle! πŸ™‚

  56. Thank you for the interesting post. I agree with it and appreciated it. My husband is strict about this issue: myself and our daughters are required to wear skirts or dresses in all situations, knee-length or longer, from birth (if it were up to me, I’d be a bit more lenient.) We can wear anything under the skirt/dress to accommodate for modesty and/or cold. I have some questions for you: 1) if you were me, what would you wear and give your daughters to wear when riding a bike (skirts with build-in shorts that are not an inch longer than knee-length seem to work the best, but they still get stuck in the back tires), and 2) what to wear when running?

    • danielle B says:

      Awwww, I’m so sorry that your husband is so strict. I’m not sure I could marry a man who was that strict. My husband isn’t my mother or father, he doesn’t dictate what I need to wear.

    • I love that you respect your husband and honor his wishes, Amy! πŸ™‚

      My daughter wears skirts and wears shorts under them, most days, as it is just more modest when out playing. She wears her skirts and tucks them under her behind on the seat a bit when biking and it does well for her. πŸ™‚

      When running, you can buy or make just-below-knee-length skirts that are light and airy material that you can wear with a simple shirt to go running! πŸ™‚

    • I agree, I respect your wishes to honor your husband. If you are looking for clothing for yourself, Athleta sells many skirts meant for athletic activities. Many are short but if you look thru them, there are some that are quite usable.

    • Personally if my husband gave me “permission” to do or not do certain things or had rules about my wardrobe I’d be furious and head for the nearest lawyer’s office to file for divorce. You are a competent adult who can choose for herself what to wear to fit the occasion. Skirts are great, but don’t allow patriarchy to make them into law. Honor is one thing, but blind obedience can only be expected from animals not from a partner and equal like a wife!

      Practically for running, brands like Nike make running skirts that if paired with tights would be more modest for exercise. Not for anywhere other than the gym, but good enough for there. Your girls should look at skorts or slightly shorter skirts and leggings for active play.

  57. I’m constantly amazed at how differently Christ-followers all over the world interpret the issues of modesty in Christian women. Being raised in Australia I have seen some churches who insist on women wearing head-coverings in service, or others that preach the skirt/dress-only message. Personally, as long as I am dressed modestly (no skin-tight jeans or low-cut tops) I don’t feel any conviction to wear only skirts an dresses. It’s strange to read some of the comments where people say they’ve been brought up to consider women in pants as being outside of God’s will. Just another demonstration of the fact that God made us all unique. I like the commenter who says there are so many more important ways of showing you are a Christian than simply through your choice of apparel. I also like the author’s comment that while she feels convicted to wear skirts and dresses, she wouldn’t criticize another for choosing jeans or pants. Yes, there’s so many more important issues, aren’t there?

    • You make a very good point! Even though I’m a Christian and wear skirts most of the time, and they are on the longer side, I’ve had ultra-conservative women tell me they are immodest because of a tiny slit in the back to allow me ease of movement. Christians seem to be all over the place in regards to defining exactly what modest dress is for women! The key is to discern what is pleasing to God, and not what will get you brownie points with other women!

    • So true! The Bible says that they will know we are Christians by our LOVE, not our skirts. πŸ™‚

  58. I love skirts and dresses and would wear them all the time except it is next to impossible to find something that fits me correctly and when I do I can not afford to buy it. I have tried to make my own but a seamstress I am not..I am going to thrift store all the time hoping to find something…I loved your article and hope to see more in the future…

  59. I just want to say THANK YOU for being real in this post. While I don’t hold the same convictions about wearing skirts/dresses all the time, I love hearing why someone does it without them just habitually throwing out Deut 22:5. I tried the skirts thing for about a year when I was younger, but realized that I was doing it because I wanted to ‘belong’ in the church I was in. I’ve come to learn that having convictions doesn’t make me less of a Christian. I respect women who believe as you do, and respect even more those who know why they do without solely relying on one verse to explain why. Thank you so much for this post.

  60. Thank you for sharing your heart! It is never easy to do that, especially when you allow people to comment. I am currently on the fence and my husband approves of modest pants and shorts (although he compliments me more and seems to prefer it when I wear skirts). I generally wear skirts when I go out, but at home I rarely get out of my pajamas ( I am working on that). I also appreciate that you did not lean on the Duet. verse. I recently wrote a post on the Hebrew meaning of the verse.
    I love your blog! You seem to be a godly woman trying to bring honor to your husband and do right by him and your children. Thank you for sharing with us a little glimpse of how you accomplish those goals! πŸ™‚

  61. You’ve expressed my feelings to a T. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  62. we are no longer under the law but grace. so the passage in deut is a moot point. I also don’t believe you are more holy by what you wear.

  63. I appreciate your balanced approach to the subject, because really the issue is about modesty, not about the specific article of clothing a lady should or shouldn’t wear. There are some instances where a skirt just isn’t the appropriate attire for the occasion, and honestly wouldn’t be modest. I also don’t think that a woman who wears pants or long shorts to the grocery store isn’t necessarily being immodest even though that activity could be done in a skirt. It’s my personal preference to wear a skirt for several reasons: I feel like it makes a bigger distinction of my feminine role, sets me apart more as a peculiar people, and sets a higher standard as an example to other Christians. But like you said, I’m not going to condemn everybody who doesn’t feel the same way. It’s not “wrong” to wear something other than a skirt. It’s not a matter of WHAT we wear, it’s a matter of the heart attitude and WHY we wear what we wear. Great post!

    • ” I feel like it makes a bigger distinction of my feminine role, sets me apart more as a peculiar people, and sets a higher standard as an example to other Christians. But like you said, I’m not going to condemn everybody who doesn’t feel the same way.”

      Exactly! It does set you apart.

  64. I had a question- i wear dresses most of the time and grew up that way as well. I have ONE problem/issue: in the summer, my legs rub/stick (upper leg) and it causes terrible chafing. What solutions have you or any others found to help with this trouble?? I need help! because in the summer I find myself vascilating towards capri’s or such just because of my legs rubbing!

  65. Loved this post! Thank you (as so many others have) for not bringing in Deuteronomy, it’s just a weak argument drawn completely out of context. I also appreciate the fact that you are able to tell people the real reasons you wear skirts. So often, myself included, we see others doing things differently and assume they are being legalistic or think they are holier somehow when it may just be a preference. It can be a preference based on convictions, but still a preference and not a legalistic requirement for being a Christian. I enjoy baking my own bread and our family is really into gardening and eating whole foods, I enjoy sewing clothes for myself and my kids, and being 35 weeks pregnant really only wear summer dresses right now and no skirts or pants (seriously the way I’m carrying this one, I don’t think I could wear anything else in this heat and feel remotely comfortable). I don’t do any of these things because I feel required to do so, nor do I think I am better than others who don’t do them. I have simple explanations for each of them, and some are driven by conviction and others simply a preference, and I don’t beat myself up when I don’t do them. I think we all tend to jump too quickly to the accusation of legalism instead of just asking people why they do what they do. As Christians we are so afraid of becoming legalists that we rob ourselves and others of some liberty. I do wear skirts/dresses most of the time, but have never had anyone ask me about it. I think, especially because of some who do hold it as a legal standard where I live, everyone just assumes they know. Thank you for not letting your readers assume, and for hopefully encouraging others to ask first, not to assume. Love in Christ!

    • Very well said Sarah. I can completely relate to your experience. It makes me sad that because one has a preference,they can be considered legalistic.

    • Great comment Sarah! I’m not a primarily skirt wearing mom, but I very much agree with your sentiments here.

  66. I absolutely agree with you. I love dressing this way because I feel that it is very feminine and comfortable, but if someone chooses to wear pants — that is totally up to them. That is between them and their husband and God, and I’m not going to judge them.

    I was talking with my mom about it just the other day. Thanks so much for not using the verse in Deut. Many people do, and I’m thinking — is that the reason, seriously?! It is so legalistic. My reason is much deeper than that. Thanks for this post — you did an awesome job. =)

  67. I, too, wear skirts all the time (except for when I go exercise…and sometimes I wear pants to sleep in on cold nights)…and your reasons are *just* what mine are, as well! Beautifully written! πŸ™‚

  68. Thank you so much for this great post… you put my thoughts into words. Keep up the good BLOGGING! πŸ™‚

  69. I grew up wearing only dresses. When I became an adult, I began wearing skirts. After I got married, my husband wanted me to try wearing pants/long shorts. I now love it- even though I still wear the occasional skirt. Now that I’m not totally “set apart” in dress, I’m realizing how important it is to be “set apart” in action and spirit! I wish I had been taught more about this as a child/youth!! I want people to see and feel the Spirit of God all over me! I will no longer rely on my outward appearance to show that I’m a follower of Christ. Now, I do believe that modesty is a Biblical command- therefore, I don’t wear short shorts, tight shirts, low cut shirts, etc. One advantage of pants over skirts/dresses is that they tend to hide panty lines. Growing up, you could always see me & all my friend’s panty lines- even with a slip!

  70. So many comments! I didn’t read them all, so I’m just going to state my opinion and hope I’m not echoing 100 other women! πŸ™‚ I wear skirts almost every day. When I do wear pants, they are not jeans, but just simple, elastic waist pants. I prefer the skirts, but the wardrobe doesn’t stretch that far. It’s much cooler in the summer time, and I’m not about to wear shorts. My shorts-wearing days are long gone, and skirts are better anyway. They let the air flow, they look nice and are very comfortable. I also wear the same skirts in winter, with tights and am usually warmer than I would be in jeans. I love looking like a woman, and I also want to reflect properly on my husband. When we see people from his work, I want my appearance to make him look better, not embarrass him by my inappropriate dressing. I’m not explaining that very well, so I hope you know what I mean πŸ™‚

  71. danielle B says:

    Well I mostly wear pants and jeans. I do wear skirts and dresses on occasion. I’ve never been mistaken for a guy when I wear pants or jeans, and unless you have a guy’s figure I doubt anyone would mistaken you for a guy. I always wear feminine tops, and even dress shirts. My husband loves the way I dress, and the way I dress our children. He has never had to tell me what to wear or require a dress code. I thank God, my husband isn’t controlling.

  72. It has honestly never crossed my mind to wear a skirt daily. When I was out in the working world, I wore a mix of dresses, skirts and pants. Now that I’m a SAHM, the only time I might wear a dress or skirt is to church. The thing I like about dresses is that it’s an outfit ready to go. I don’t have to mix and match or worry about if the other part of my outfit is clean. I think it would be an interesting experiment to wear skirts daily and see how my toddler and husband react.

    I have recently started putting my toddler in dresses on Sunday’s and she loves wearing them and asks to wear them at home, too! But, she has eczema pretty bad behind one knee and scratches it like crazy unless it’s covered with pants, so we usually stick with pants.

    I do have to agree with the commentors who mentioned that some skirts can be inappropriate. After I had my daughter, I wound up getting rid of a lot of my old skirts and pants as my shape had changed and made those items show off curves I didn’t use to have.

    Caroline, I so appreciate your blog and your perspective and I am excited to give daily skirt wearing a try! I do have a question: Do you consider skirts and dresses in the same category? My only thinking for why you may not is that it could be hard to find a dress that is both long enough and modest on top, as well.

    • Caroline says:

      I consider a dress just as modest. I LOVE dresses, I’ve just had 5 babies in 8 years and I’ve spent a lot of my life in the last 8 years nursing! So I hardly have any dresses in my wardrobe. It is hard to find longer dresses. I don’t like knee length dresses and those are the easiest to find.

      • I agree. I am close to 6 ft tall and have only a dress or two in my closet. Instead I have filled it with long solid color skirts that I can mix and match tops with. Many of the modest dresses that my friends wear would be 6 to 10 ten inches shorter on me, and therefore out of my comfort zone. We are all different shapes and sizes; and change through seasons of life. There is not a perfect pattern for everyone, other than having a heart that chooses to listen to the Lord.

  73. Great article. I agree that it is easier to be modest and cute at the same time in a skirt….so long as it is not one of those oh-so-fashionable short-short skirts. I am in the process of turning my wardrobe over to all skirts. Thanks for sharing.

  74. I too wear skirts all the time and we ask the same of our four daughters. We do however, use the Duet. verse as a reason. Why this verse and not all the others in the same chapter and the rest of the book? If you read the rest of the verse (KJV) is states specifically that this is an abomination unto the Lord. While in Bible times men and women wore robes, there was a distinctive difference. Today, pants are definitely considered men’s clothing – they don’t wear skirts! Therefore the logical distinction would be men=pants, women=skirts. Why would a Christian of any belief want to even risk offending our LORD? As to the “backside curves” – they can also be very visible in a skirt, however, studies have shown that it is the very visible crotch area shown by the shape of pants that men find appealing. A skirt or dress totally avoids this temptation to our male counterparts. I appreciate your stepping out on this subject!

    • I just want to mention here that there’s nothing wrong with a man finding a woman attractive and appealing in a skirt. Some of the comments here seem to indicate that when we wear pants=men looking at you and your curves and skirts=modesty because they hide everything.

      Nothing could be further from the truth. Most men LOVE looking at a woman in a skirt or dress. Why? Because a skirt or dress is a uniquely feminine garment and can actually highlight a woman’s form in that it flows gracefully over her curves. And this is natural and normal. How a woman looks and dresses is one of the ways that a man is drawn to her; this is the design of God.

    • There is distinction between men’s and women’s pants. Not only that but in many cultures men wear what we Westerners would call skirts.
      Women in many cultures have worn pants long before we Westerners adopted them on women.
      The issue in Deuteronomy is cross dressing, not wearing a garment that has both male and female distinctions. Both men and women wear t -shirts. Most would agree that there is a distinction. Same with pants and especially capris or cropped pants. What about a tie or bowtie? How many of us would say that is men’s clothing and therefore a woman must never wear it? Uniform dress for military personnel and servers in food industry.

  75. Nancy Mosley says:

    Thank you for your thoughts. My 12 year old daughter and I have just started wearing skirts all the time since last month. I wasn’t sure how she’d respond, but with three brothers, daddy wanted to see his two girls be more feminine. So we started there. The Lord blessed us with going to thrift stores afingers able to find the skirts we needed. We had skirts but not enough play-type skirts for my daughter and so I was so happy how the Lord confirmed this step for us. It was not a decision based on a verse –just my husband’s prodding and something I’ve asked him about many times.

    My daughter and I have both found this wonderful during this hot summer. We are in the process of moving to MO and they are having a huge heat wave here while we are trying to find a home and so thankful for my skirts.

    My daughter still wears knit shorts underneath her skirts because of playing with her brothers and friends and she hasn’t complained at all. She really seems to enjoy this.

    I do have two questions: I was a little concerned that since I have heavy cycles (being in my early 40’s) and didn’t know if I’d feel secure in a skirt. It’s been alright but has anyone used any undergarments that might help with that or for cold weather that I will once again have to get use up in the Midwest after being in the south. Thanks!

  76. Whitney says:

    Great blog post!! Very thought provoking but- yes there is a but- I am a firm believer that you can show femininity and modesty by wearing shorts/pants. The only person that cares about the way I dress is my husband and he always tells me whatever I am comfortable with he is comfortable with. I am a Christian and have nothing against people who wear skirts all the time! Honestly- more power to ya!! However for me – I happen to love my linen pants WAY to much to give them up πŸ˜‰

    PS- don’t let negative comments get ya down! If you feel like God has called you to wear skirts, do it!! I am in no place to judge you for doing what you feel God has called you to do!! Be blessed!

  77. β™₯β™₯β™₯

  78. Hi Caroline
    I just had to come across from the email ( I get you through email) & say how much I love this post. I generally wear skirts although I used to wear jeans all the time. I’ve found it interesting how much my sons ( I have three) prefer me to wear skirts. I’ve asked them numerous times what I should wear & they always say a skirt!
    Great post ~ I agree wholeheartedly!

  79. Thanks for your post. I have grown up in a household that encouraged wearing skirts/dresses. I only wear pants or shorts in situations in which I can wear a shorts/pants which do not fit snuggly(i.e. basketball shorts). I do get comments at work. It can bother me sometimes, but most of the time the inquirers are less interested in hearing about why I wear skirts and more interested in finding out if I think they dress inappropriately. Anyway, it is always encouraging to hear from someone who thinks it is important too!

  80. Wonderful post, Caroline. Courageous and eloquent with sweetness of spirit. Thank you.

    Here’s an astonishing thing: I was wondering just this morning whether you had written at any time a post telling your modesty story, or why you dress as you do. I’ve got Courtney’s story in my “In Her Own Words” section, and I’m keen to have yours. And here it is! How’s that for timing! Now I’ve just got to find a title for the link… πŸ˜‰ Open to suggestions!

    I’m also keen to hear the next part, where you have a wee chat with this lady…

    “Now if you walk around in skin tight jeans and cleavage hanging out? Well, we need to talk, maybe in another blog post….”

    I love the discipleship model, where we demonstrate to each other how to live in righteousness and walk as little Christs. =)

    May God bless the work of your hands and heart.

  81. So glad to find like-minded hearts in the way of modesty! Thanks for posting! There are many families in our Catholic community that choose the way of dresses/skirts, and each one for different, varied reasons. But in the end, it all boils down to the virtue of modesty and the desire to be feminine, as you mentioned. I would highly encourage the reading of Colleen Hammond’s book, “Dressing with Dignity”. She takes the same approach as you do, Caroline, with true feminism at it’s core. Your point about the gender issues in our culture is VERY well made. I will remember that the next time I’m grilled on my clothing choices. πŸ™‚

  82. cover Yvonne says:

    1TiΒ 2:9-10 In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;
    1TiΒ 2:10 But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.
    God doesn’t care about fashion (whether men wear suits and ties or jeans and t-shirts instead of robes) or (whether women wear skirts and dresses or jeans and t-shirts instead of robes)as long as they are modest.
    I don’t see anyone pointing out all the money spent on hair-dos, jewelry and clothes as being wrong.
    Lust is in the heart and women in birkhas are lusted after the same as women in skirts. Women in dresses are lusted after the same as women in pants.
    I think the devil gets us to fret over stuff like this to keep us from praying for and winning souls that are lost and to keep us from loving others unconditionally. We say that we don’t judge others by their pants, but in reality we do!

  83. Wow I feel really dumb but I never realized or thought to search out modest dressing fashion bloggers until recently. How refreshing since I try my best to reflect modesty in my dress as well.

  84. Jennifer says:

    You said that perfectly and I was pleasantly surprised when I was at a reward program at the library when I noticed that 8 out of about 25 women there were wearing modest skirts. πŸ˜€ Many were close friends of mine, but a few I did not know.

  85. Thank you for this post!!! So well written and you expressed your opinions and beliefs so so beautifully!!!!

  86. Excellent post. This is probably the most balanced view I’ve seen of this issue. I was confused for a long time about whether wearing skirts was a Biblical mandate, but then I found no scripture to support that view. I would agree that women are to wear clothes that reflect their gender – too many children grow up not seeing the distinct differences between the genders and their God-given roles. I’m right there with you on dressing modestly and that we are not “to don the provocative or sensual or gender confused dress of those who know not God. ” I am becoming more concerned about modesty as the years go by, and while I do wear skirts on many days I still have some pants in the closet. As I build my wardrobe though, I find myself buying more skirts than anything else. They are definitely cooler in this summer heat – especially the ones that are very full.

  87. melanie says:

    Wow, what a long page of comments! {I’m hesitant to add mine}

    Caroline, I appreciate you tackling this AND how well you’ve expressed your reasons to honor God by wearing skirts. My daughters and I wear skirts or culottes. It’s made for interesting discussions with friends at church since we are probably the only family who does this.

    Not all skirts are modest. And I have friends who wear pants, but still look feminine and modest. So we try to keep it an issue of the heart and focus on glorifying God {which doesn’t include drawing attention to the private parts of our bodies — or drawing undue attention to ourselves at all.} *That* we should be able to agree on with our pants-wearing friends!

    I think the reason to address women –other than the fact that YOU Caroline are a woman speaking to women– is that most men’s clothing is far more modest than women’s {what’s available in stores}. So IF a man is dressed, he’s usually not a distraction or temptation to lust – unless he is purposing to be. πŸ™‚

  88. I had a question – which are some of the activities that you wear pants for? Just wondering πŸ˜‰ Amazing post, btw! <3

  89. Great post!

    Thanks to you and Amy for the She Wears Skirts blog series–it came at an opportune time for me and helped as I shaped who I wanted to be as a woman/wife/mother. What we wear as women shapes us as a person, sends a message to others, and to our families, and *it matters*. What we choose to wear is is up to each of us, right? (of course!)

    I have been wearing skirts in the warm weather months for 2 seasons now, and mostly skirts in the cooler weather; still trying to find skirt-wearing solutions for the climate in which I live. My post here: http://inchwormchronicles.blogspot.com/2011/06/7-days-in-skirt-spring-summer.html

    I always appreciate further insights from others, like you, who enjoy this lifestyle choice. I share many of your reasons for my own decision to wear skirts. One other reason I like to wear them is because this style suits my “mommy” body as it’s changed with bearing 5 children. Skirts fit well through gaining and losing a few dress sizes and are more flattering on my figure than pants now.

    Wearing skirts also helps me to connect strongly to my role in life as nurturer and I like that. I can see it will compliment my role as a Mom of young kids, and later as a Mom to teens and beyond, into Grandmotherhood. How I dress influences the kind of person I am choosing to be, and vice versa. This is my own feeling for myself.

    Many LDS women, like me, wear modest underclothing, believe in and follow dress standards to maintain modesty, and teach our children to dress modestly. Choosing to wear skirts on weekdays, though, is personal choice and not part of my religion either.

    Romans chapter 14 is a great one to read for anyone who struggles with what other people choose to wear, do, etc. Anything we do, we do unto Christ. It’s between him and me, or you and him–we need not judge one another or set a stumbling block (discourage) one another in different choices.

    The Lord knows our hearts and he honors those who honor him. It is our responsibility as followers of Christ to respect and treat each other with kindness, no matter any difference. Caroline, I think you’ve tackled what might be a tricky topic for some with dignity and clarity.

  90. Thank you for this post. This has been on my heart for awhile now. I rarely wear skirts or dresses, but two of my daughters absolutely LOVE to wear them. And it got me to thinking. I think I’ll try it for a week.

  91. Julie Reed says:

    I appreciate the non-judmental and non-legalistic tone in which this blog post was written but I have always been confused about this very point. Unless you are wearing skin-tight jeans or pants, skirts are less modest in my opinion. I have seen far too many news stories (one very recently) where perverts take pictures with their phones up women’s skirts. It actually happened to my friend in Barnes-n-Noble! I think pants, for this reason, are the most modest. You aren’t likely to get your pants blown up by a gust of wind either, as has happened to me a number of times in a skirt. πŸ™‚

  92. I know there are those of us out in the world that hold to the standard that female should look female. It is not often that you run across them though except in our church setting. It is good to see some are not afraid to stand by the stuff. I’ve heard it said, time and time again, “if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything”. I like everything about your site and was thrilled to see it.
    Thank you!

  93. I have worn skirts/dresses exclusively now for about 4 years and have been very pleasantly surprised by the compliments I have received. My grandmother wore skirts exclusively, and in many ways, I feel that my dressing modestly has brought me back to a different era– one where women were respected and society carried itself with much more grace and dignity and where God and family were the most important. It amazes me how many doors are held open for me and how many more “yes ma’ams” I receive. My daughter is 8 and wears skirts all the time, as well and I am always complimented on how lovely and feminine she looks. πŸ™‚

  94. I wear skirts because I would look horrible in pants! Most people have NO idea what they look like from behind.

    I’ve never worn a pair of pants in my life and I don’t plan to.

    Skirts are the way to go (for me)!

  95. Hi Caroline! I truly enjoy reading your blogs! I know that on this post I’m a little tardy to the party so to speak with my commenting here as you wrote it last week, however, I just wanted you to know how your blog spoke to me. I have been struggling with trying to live a humble and modest lifestyle. But after reading this I finally went and purged my closet and drawers of every unmodest piece of clothing I owned! Your post gave me the strength I needed to do what needed to be done! I am going on a week now of only wearing skirts (pat myself on the back), and also putting my two girls in them as well. Now, currently I only own 3 skirts so I’m having to wash and alternate frequently, but I have been looking at your clothing site and I do believe next week I will make my very first modest purchase! So, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your encouraging and truthful words…they truly spoke to my heart and got me moving! =)

  96. Anna Marie says:

    I have loved this post and resulting thread, its been so interesting to hear about so many people with similar, yet varying conclusions regarding skirts and modesty. I wish I could explain in one reply the way I have been led over my few 8 years as a Christian in relation to modesty. It wouldnt be fair to put down for you the extremity of where I was rescued from and how absolute, extreme IMmodesty was a big part of it, I am amazed at how, (in relation here to clothing,) the Holy Spirit leads me to be so different than before, and how the process keeps on going. Personally I find myself feeling over exposed and vulnerable in (even a long )skirt. I dont like to have my shins and ankles exposed without something on like leggings or boots, I dont know why exactly, I just feel uncomfy. Perhaps because I feel more secure or safer in trousers, So I tend to wear trousers with a long top, recently though Im feeling its time to look for looser trousers.
    As a (single) mom who came to faith with two young girls already exposed to horrific lifestyle, I have seen the beautiful way that God has truly been a Father to the Fatherless and both girls are naturally modest with very little training from me. It was the way my eldest daughter (now 13)began to express her discomfort with particular clothes that it became a spoken issue in our home. I think this is maybe quite unique to a home where God Fathers them directly… And I also suspect our current “definition” of modest would be seen as very liberal to many, but I am so grateful for the gentle leading of Jesus in these ways for all three of us and confident of His continuing leadership in this. Caroline, thankyou for your blog and especially this post.

  97. Really the Bible talks about men wearing breeches, which are baggy pants. So no they did not all wear robes. You should research that.

    • carriescreativekitchen says:

      In the Old Testament it also mentions breeches as being under a priest’s robes to cover his nakedness as he performed duties in the Holy place. Clothing, culture, & true femininity are interesting to study & fascinate me. Getting proper coverage that is not form-exaggerating can be difficult in today’s culture of flaunt it. We don’t like to be told that we should do something right, because we often must admit we do something wrong. God will bless one that is honest with herself & Him. Over the years I’ve gone back & forth in modestly. Sometimes in rebellion to what I knew, & others because my hubby Let me when He didn’t know better. God does hold us accountable for what we know & when what we wear is known to be inappropriate we should be willing to admit & change for Christ above all others.

  98. Thank you so much for this post! You almost echoed all of my thoughts on skirts as well! I’ve been skirts-only for 16 months now! In fact, I found your website 16 months ago while googling trying to find out how to easily wear skirts all the time. I am the only one in my family that wears skirts exclusively and really the only person I know that is truly skirts-only, so its very new to me!!

    I love the fact that I fell more womanly in them! Oftentimes, I realize that I’m so used to skirts that I don’t think about them, but then I have those moments when I realize that I have a skirt on for a reason: I am a woman, not a man! I work as an RN in the Labor and Delivery unit at our local hospital and wear skirts every day there. I get lots of questions and comments, but most of my patients think it is really neat that I wear skirts ( like old-fashioned nurses,) and I’ll take that compliment anyday.

    I really appreciate all the encouragement I’ve received from your blog over the last year or so, your She Wears Skirts series really helped me follow through with my conviction to only wear skirts and I so greatly appreciate it!


  99. Savannah says:

    I love the way skirts are feminine. I don’t wear them all the time, I actually wear pants most of the time. I need to make an effort to put together some cute outfits and wear them more often.

  100. Question for all you ladies who love wearing skirts all the time: don’t you hate having to shave your legs so much? Of course I understand that probably many of you don’t have dark or coarse hair and get away with it, but I’m not even talking about what others can see because I imagine some of you will suggest wearing long skirts so no one will know – I can’t stand the feeling of my hairy legs and it takes far too much maintenance to make sure it’s not completely uncomfortable as I would have to shave daily. Just putting it out there, because it’s actually a main reason why I wear pants all the time. I do wear a lot of skirts/dresses though, don’t get me wrong. They’re lovely… But on the practical side of things the shaving issue is just too much xD

    • Well I hate hairy legs, and my husband likes smooth legs, not a hairy ones. Thankfully I feel the same way, hairy legs, blech. So I shave everything everyday.

    • I guess it is where our priority lies… My mother used to say where there is a will there is a way. Not judging, just meaning that we *can* make it easier on ourselves. πŸ˜‰

      I love wearing long skirts/dresses (almost all the time), and both my husband and I love smooth legs and I often sit with my legs on his lap… so I shave regularly – it is important to me and makes me feel more feminine and he likes it too.

      Make it easy and “painless” on yourself. We use liquid soap and have a soap dispenser in our shower, so it is one squirt of soap into my hand and onto a leg and a quick shave – approximately 1 minute per leg. I guess it takes longer to brush my teeth than to shave my legs…

      We often pay too much attention to something and thereby makes it more painful for ourselves. (Is that maybe why it feels like a hassle to you?) Try singing a song while shaving, or think about something else and don’t linger on the activity. Shave and get it over and done with. No need to inspect every inch to find one skipped hair – it will get shaven tomorrow! πŸ˜‰ Oh, and have a sharp razor. πŸ˜‰ Oh, and my lower legs needs to be shaven more often than upper legs and since that is the part that hubby plays with most… if I’m in a hurry, guess where my focus is and which other parts can wait until tomorrow? πŸ˜‰

      Hope it helps you! πŸ˜‰

  101. Thanks for sharing! I thought you did so in a very thoughtful and gracious way. I grew up in the circles quoting Deuteronomy passage. I remember the day I realized that a woman could be a Christian and wear pants. The last several years I’ve struggled through the issues of modesty and femininity. I don’t wear skirts most of the time and I have some of your same reasons. Comfort, ease of use, and modesty, pants are these for me. I don’t wear shorts or tank tops. I don’t wear skirts or dresses that go above mid calf. (I feel exposed if i wear anything shorter and prefer ankle length.) I feel feminine when I dress nicely not because of a certain piece of clothing. Anyway I really appreciate your post and sincerity in your life.

  102. Such a wonderful post. I rarely wear skirts however after reading this, I think I want to start wearing skirts most of the time. Thanks for sharing.

  103. I like what Paul Washer’s wife says about the subject,”You’re clothes should frame your face, not your body.” My daughter and I have started wearing skirts more often to be more feminine. My husband doesn’t mind whether I wear pants or skirts. He wants me to be comfortable. My family (mother and sister) are my worst critics about our decision to wear skirts. And, I don’t even wear skirts all the time.

  104. Hi, I know this was posted a while ago but I just came across it tonight through Raising Arrows. I too find the entire discussion interesting and thank you for your very clear and concise way of explaining this decision. I’ve worn skirts for . . . .wow. . .9 years this Nov. I’d always admired women who wore skirts and often thought I’d like to, but then the idea started really nagging at me and wouldn’t leave me alone. So, I finally took the plunge. I started off around the house and then went full time. When people ask me (I have had people ask me quite often, especially in the middle of our ND winters), I always explain that it was a very personal choice. I used to be very immodest and I struggle tremendously with vanity. Wearing skirts helps me to remember who I am in God’s eyes and what I want to look like to the people I meet on a daily basis. I know that this is what I need to do to be the best person I can be. The only pants I’ve owned in the last 9 years are a pair of black pants I needed for a job I was at for a while, and leggings that I wear under my skirts in the winter. Leggings are a must around here. In all honesty though, I am way warmer in my skirts in winter than I ever was in jeans. When it’s really cold (-20 w/o the wind) I wear nylons, leggings, and then my skirt over everything like a mitten! Warm and toasty! Thanks again for doing this segment. I always enjoy hearing and seeing how other women make the decision to go all skirts. Deo Juvante,

  105. Hi I read this article. I thought it was pretty interesting but I find I’m very uncomfortable in skirts when it’s hot and sticky out. My legs chafe together because there’s nothing to keep them from rubbing together. What do you do to prevent that?

    • I’ve been wearing skirts for a few years now and I did notice that in the beginning. After a few weeks it didn’t bother me anymore and I really feel comfortable now. I think your skin becomes used to it. I am sure you could find leggings and I’m sure that would help too.

  106. Beautiful article, it is such a blessing to hear of Christian women who are interested in modesty. There has been such a falling away from it in the last 100 years.
    God bless,

  107. Very interesting for me to read. I am a young mother with two children (so far!) and strive daily to honor not just The Lord, but my husband as well. I find it very uncomfortable to not even be able to go to the grocery store without being started at by men, this gives me some insight. I had never heard of those verses in Deuteronomy, and I have been a church-goer my whole life. You have definitely given me something to consider. Thank you for following His lead in writing this.

  108. I applaud you, Caroline, for having the courage to share your potentially controversial, and private beliefs, very publicly here. I see a lot of posts that support you, a few that criticize, and it would be my guess that those people were offended not by your post or the information held within. They were offended rather by Christian or denominational beliefs that homosexuality is wrong, or that modesty is to be embraced, and in my opinion, each person is free to have faith and practice their belief in God, as God has shown them in their hearts to believe, so you have done so exactly right. Be proud that you are a leader and teacher in your faith, and not a follower or conformist like so many chose to be. No one on this Earth has the right to judge anyone, even pastors and priests are human and make mistakes.

    It is refreshing to see so much heart, faith and passion in a person, and it shines through in your words. I, like many others, want to say I was also impressed that you spoke from the heart rather than use the Deuteronomy verse, or another, to explain your stand. I agree, that can become a “slippery slope” when it comes to certain topics, and “fashion” most definitely would rank among those topics. I saw a later post quoting biblical passages, and it is just not as compelling in all honesty. While I know all the comments within that later post’s parenthesis to be the poster’s opinion (or some new online Bible version that is filled with opinions rather than direct transcription,) others may not know that. I think it somewhat deceitful “modernizing” for your own purposes, or putting “opinion” in parenthesis in a Bible passage.

    I have a sister-in-law who wears skirts and dresses 24/7 now, even though she didn’t grow up wearing skirts. She started slowly about five or six years ago alternating, but she went to only skirts about three to four years ago I would guess. My two nieces also wear skirts 24/7, and my sister-in-law has become a master seamstress now as well. I couldn’t be more proud of the time she spends with all three of her children, the choice she and my brother made to become so devout, or of the skills she has learned, her talents amaze me. I knew that her choice to wear dresses was religious in some way, but I would never question anyone on matters of their own faith. I wanted to respect her privacy. Today she posted a link to this blog as explanation for all who had asked or hadn’t, and I would like to thank you for your insight.

    I greatly respect and understand her choice much better now, even though I am not a practicing Christian, and I would never wear skirts myself. I thought you should know, it is not only the Christian sisters you touch. If the people who chose to argue on a blog, would actually stop and read the message, they would learn a lot. Sadly, they are missing out. Thank you, Caroline. I will be silently following more.

    • Thank you so much for leaving a comment Christi! I was very touched and encouraged by your remarks. I’m especially glad the article helped you understand your sister in law’s decision in wearing dresses. I just hope everyone understands it’s not a legalist decision, it’s simply a matter of the heart, what a woman feels convicted and most comfortable in. I hope you do stick around, and don’t feel like you have to be a silent follower! πŸ™‚

  109. I don’t know if any of you have watched Sou Surfer, but it is the story of Bethany Hamilton. The girl who had her arm bit off my a shark but who got back into surfing competition. In the extras of Soul Surfer there was a documentary about her and her faith. I was so struck by her adoration of God and how God has used her. She does not dress modestly but she is a humble, loving Christian. I think we have to be careful about judging based on what a person wears. Love reading your blog!

  110. I found all of this very interesting. I’m dressed today in “yoga/exercise” type pants as I homeschool my children. They way my oldest daughter climbs trees, run, rides bikes and scooters and hangs up-side-down on the swing set . . . well, I’d never let her do that in a skirt. I love skirts . . . on occasion. I only own about 3. I personally love the comfort of pants and the freedom they give you to move around. In college we had to wear skirts/dresses. It was also very windy/icy there. It was NOT always modest! One guy asked the college to PLEASE let us wear pants in bad weather. πŸ™‚ I love dresses too. There are some very pretty, flowing, modest dresses and skirts out there. I do have one problem. I know of a woman/girls in a family who, in the last few years, started wearing only/mostly skirts/dresses. And honestly, lots of time they just look “dowdy”. I don’t think that is a good testimony either. So I love my pants for comfort and appropriate activities. I love dresses/skirts for special occasions. If I started wearing skirts all of the time, I think my husband and children would look at me funny! Glad for the freedom we have in Christ. (I do agree that modesty–no matter what you where–is EXTREMELY important!)

    • The freedom in Christ you are referring to isn’t freedom to do what we want but being made free from sin.Romans 6 [13] Neither yield ye your members as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin: but yield yourselves unto God, as those that are alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness unto God.
      [14] For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace.
      [15] What then? shall we sin, because we are not under the law, but under grace? God forbid.
      [22] But now being made free from sin, and become servants to God, ye have your fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life.

  111. Jill Ferrell says:

    I’ve been wearing pants most of my life but would love to wear more skirts. However, I have no idea what shoes to wear! lol! It seems like you can wear just about any kind of shoes with pants but there aren’t many shoes that look right with skirts. Most of the pictures I see of modest skirts don’t show the shoes. A little help please? πŸ™‚

    • Jill Ferrell says:

      Oops, I just clicked through your blog and actually saw a few pictures of shoes! lol! Guess I should have done that BEFORE I posted the question! :-/

  112. Ok… Here’s my question. Can you tell me the point of the skirt thing in a setting like gymnastics? My daughters take gymnastics with a girl who has to have a little skirt over her leotard. It’s not a long skirt, it’s just a little one. Her mother and other sister who wait outside are all in the full length skirts. What is the point if this? It’s not modesty obviously.. It’s just legalism. I’d like to say I’m a bible believing evangelical Christian and I believe these kinds of things give Christianity a “weird” context and become unrelatable to people. It’s just religious and legalistic and a little like the Pharisees in these kinds of scenarios. It’s just wearing skirts to say.. I’m wearing a skirt. I’m all for modesty! We need more of it in this country… But I can do without more weird.

  113. When I first started college I wore skirts all the time. I’m not ever sure I owned a pair of jeans at that point. For me it wasn’t a religious decision or even that heavily influenced by modesty (as I did and do think it is possible to wear pants in a way that is both modest and feminine). It was all about comfort and the fact that I had gained some weight in my senior year of high school leading up to college – so the skirts I owned were more forgiving than pants. It was funny though that because I had long hair at the time and wore skirts all the time as well some of my classmates thought I was Pentecostal. (Not that I have anything against Pentecostals, I’m just not one, I wasn’t raised in that church). When I bought a couple pair of jeans over winter break and wore them occasionally afterward they were all shocked to see me in pants!

    Skirts still are more comfortable to me, between comfort and my own very vintage fashion sense, I hardly ever wear pants. (Maybe once every week or two).

  114. I really love your post! I wear skirts the majority of the time, mostly out of comfort. They are simply more comfortable than most pants I have found. I pretty much do everything in skirts, including climbing on ladders! For me I think there is the added bonus that they are modest and in line with the way that I believe the Lord would have me dress.

  115. I think many are confused as to whether dressing in skirts or dresses makes you appear to be a Christian. First while I believe as Christian women we should strive to be modest, I do not believe our clothing alone makes us modest. Our speech and mannerism along with how we dress should show our modesty. I enjoyed your very thoughts concerning our femininity and it being one of the biggest reasons why you wear skirts; in today’s society femininity has gone out the door, and frankly nothing out there shouts femininity like a dress or a skirt. Secondly, femininity and modesty are two separate issues (I myself enjoy both). Lastly, people shouldn’t confuse sexy with being feminine. Pop culture is pushing sex and sexy things down our throats and now I believe young girls and women think if you dress sexy then they’re feminine. I just like to leave with this…would you as a Christian sister want to lead a Christian brother to be guilty of adultery in heart because he lusted after you based on what you are wearing? Some things are out of our control and no we can’t control peoples thoughts but we can control what we wear and how we portray ourselves. We all know you can control what is revealed and if we have done our best to be modest and a man still does it at least we will not be held accountable to God for causing it.

  116. VeridicalAngel says:

    It’s very refreshing to see a Non Apostolic woman that does not want to wear pants either! Carry on Sister!

  117. I was just wondering… What is your opinion on women in the military? Biblical or not? I know this is a touchy subject. I’m not trying to raise arguments here, but for a woman in the military, it would be very difficult to dress modestly in a combat uniform, especially if her intention is to be modest and feminine. Not to mention the debate whether it is biblical for women to even be in the military. I’m just curious… What do you think??

    • We personally don’t feel that it is a women’s place to be in the military. But if it came down to me being needed to fight for my children’s lives, I wouldn’t hesitate to do that either.

  118. I have a comment about the Deut. 22:5 verse. Someone may have already addressed this because I didn’t read all of the many comments. πŸ™‚ The reason I use Deut. 22:5 as one of my reasons to wear a skirt is this: It states that it is an “abomination” to God for a woman to dress like a man. When the Bible says something is an abomination to God, that is something that doesn’t ever change or get fulfilled.
    If it is not referred to as an abomination to God, then it is possible that it is part of the law that was fulfilled by Christ. For example, verse 11 of that chapter says that the Jews were not to mix wool and linen together. However, it does not say it would be an abomination to do so. Therefore, I feel free to do that, if I so desired.
    Things that were listed as abominations were things such as homosexuality, etc. In my opinion, God seems to have been quite serious when He said women and men needed to be distinct in their dress. This is why I use that particular verse when explaining the way I dress.
    There are other serious things mentioned in that chapter that are not called abominations but we still would not do them because they disregard the 10 commandments or the New Testament command to love our neighbors as ourselves. I believe that if a command falls under those things, or are called an abomination to God, then I should be sure to live in obedience to those commands. That is why I feel free to use Deut. 22:5 to explain my skirt.
    Just thought I’d throw that opinion into the pot! =) =)=)

    • I am thankful someone had the fortitude to address the Word of God in this area. I think it interesting that this was not historically an issue before the late 1800’s. Even then, there were only a very few women already known to be rebellious and – in all accounts I have read – atheistic and vile, who bucked and tried to wear a man’s clothes in public, and it was a shame to them. Before that time even pagan women wore skirt – like garments as a rule, all Biblical scholars agreed on this topic, so much so that it was just understood,not debated. Now, for the first time in history our modern day ‘scholars’ have given license in the area of modesty because of the changing or obliterating of morals in modern society. God’s opinions do not change.

      Second, it is important to note that American and Canadian women in particular, as a whole, have their heads in the sand to begin with on this topic, because until you have observed the cultures of other countries, to include the Far East and Middle East, you cannot understand the true depth of meanings to words used in the Bible related to the topic of modesty and to particular garments. Also, we are ridiculed world wide on this topic – even European women joke about how arrogant and daft North American are, who refuse to even own a distinctly feminine garment in their blind rush to somehow think they are ‘on par or better’ with their male counterparts.
      One last perspective. It is always easier to say ‘I do this and choose not to do that because that is just my choice’ than to lay my habits of life on the doorstep of authority over me. As soon as someone says ‘God thinks this about my choices,’ there will be a host of people to hate them.

      A short story to illustrate my last comment: My husband worked with a man named Jerry, who was known all over town to be a roaring, stinking, abusive, vile drunk. People mocked, maligned, and used him as a measuring stick of how good they were as people in comparison, but to his face they acted like he was the life of the party and loved his antics. One day Jerry, in a few moments of sobriety, accidentally overheard a conversation between two people he considered to be very close friends,concerning him. Their words horrified him, causing him to take pause and evaluate his life. He saw the harm he had done to his family, own reputation,etc. He decided he would never drink again. He lost only a few friends making this change. In fact, he gained many more and all applaud him to this day. He will still go with his friends, but never himself take a drink. People respect him for his strength and personal ‘values’ based on what is good for him and taking control of his own life. My husband began working with Jerry shortly after becoming a Christian and they got along famously. At the end of work one day, while all the other guys opened their beers, one of the new guys turned and asked Jerry why he didn’t drink. Of course, Jerry related his story. They encouraged him, and excitedly talked about what a great man he was. Then they turned to my husband, still putting away equipment, and, assuming he would have a similarly inspiring story,asked why he didn’t drink. He responded very tactfully that he used to drink and had only stopped a little while prior to working there. They pressed him to tell his story. So he excitedly told them how God had saved him and made him new. He tactfully recounted reading his Bible and learning that God says in His Word we ought not get drunk, pronounces a curse on those who put the bottle to their neighbors’ lips, and there are over 20 references in the book of Proverbs alone that condemn the use of alcohol as a beverage. Then he concluded with the fact he desired to please God, and so he doesn’t drink. Jerry applauded him,wanted to learn more, and showed him how he had recorded the entire ‘speech’ on his phone. Every other man on their crew began to rip my husband up and down for his ‘judgmental attitude’ for his ‘legalism’ for his ‘preachiness’ and ‘pious, holier than thou’ words, for his ‘disrespect for other opinions’ and ‘intolerance.’ For his ‘ridiculous insinuations’ and ‘dishonesty, since Jesus made wine.’ You see, they were all Christians there, and who was he to rebuke them?!! Then one of the guys came right out with the statement I made above. It is just fine if you don’t drink because you have decided not to and it is best for your life, but don’t bring God into it and claim His authority to your opinions.

      I see this modesty discussion as pretty much the same sentiments, just a different topic. Convictions, standards, holy living, will never be palatable to people. Removing God’s Word from your ‘reasons’ makes it less confrontational, yes, but takes with it blessing and power too.

    • I’ve always been taught and believed that too. that the Jewish law doesn’t apply, but if the original text says “abomination” that never changes.

  119. I wear skirts and dresses all the time, at work or at play, I don’t even own any pant suits or slacks, or jeans. I feel more of a woman and feminine when a choose this attire, but I leave it up to each woman to choose their own clothes and path through life. I’m a bit old fashioned as I always wear pantyhose or tights underneath my dresses and skirts and still wear half slips as well as an undergarment. Just thought I would share my thoughts, excellent post by the way!

  120. Gwen Boucher says:

    Hello: I am new here, and found this site while hunting for a scripture in the book of Job. I own a couple pair of pants, but never wear them unless I absolutely have to. It seems likely that conservative evangelical and Muslim background have molded me that way, and it seems right, though what someone else wants to do is up to them.

    Well, I need to go find that scripture I was hunting for.

    Much peace


  121. Great post!! I live in the country and I used to wear only skirts and dresses. We’ve been recently having major security problems and I’ve been forced to start wearing LOOSE fitting pants. I love skirts and dresses though

  122. hi i want to join the military and i was wondering if there were any positions where i never have to wear pants… anyone know?

    • Hi Desiree,

      I am an Army veteran, and I don’t know of any jobs where I’d be guaranteed I’d never have to wear pants. In lots of situations, you wouldn’t want to.

  123. awesome post!

  124. Awesome post! I am 14 years old, and in my Baptist Bible-believing Church, many of the members wear skirts all the time, and basically all (except a few) wear (modest) skirts to every service and activity. I fit in the latter party, because although I do wear jeans/pants in my everyday life, I wear skirts or dresses to every church service and activity because I especially feel that it is respectful in God’s House – Church. I am very glad, however, that you didn’t use Deut. 22.5, because I feel that that verse does not at all clearly say that women should not wear pants. I definitely think it points out that women should dress femininly, but I do not believe that has necessarily anything to do with women wearing pants. I like all your points, and am planning to make it a priority to at least wear more skirts and dresses in my casual daily life. I am home-schooled though, so I wear pajama’s while studying, I admit :P. Thank you for posting this! : )

    • I only started to wear skirts because I worked for a company where it was compulsory for us girls. I was really resentment, but amazed at how different and feminine I felt in a simple pencil skirt.
      My point is that I was never bought up to wear skirts and at school and college it was normal not to. Work was the same until this particular company.
      This would not have been the case years ago and I think society has swindled us out of our natural femininity. I’m not sure how this happened, but I’m really grateful I had to start wearing skirts – I wish it had happenned earlier

  125. I Just read Caroline’s post and a bit of the comments. The post is great by the way Caroline.
    But Marley your situation sounds awful. First I need to tell you that in 1 Corinthians 11 I believe that what is stated there is that women should wear head coverings. Just so you know I struggled with figuring out that passage and looked at it from all angles. In the end I just stopped trying to pick a side and read the passage understanding it and willing to do what it said. I came to the conclusion that it was saying cover. I am so totally not forcing anybody to wear them but I would just suggest that you re-study it.
    On the issue of skirts what do you wear? Because there is infinite variety. I wear A-line, Full, strait ones that don’t hug, and am just starting into culottes for times that I need to wear pants. They also are in all colors, patterns, solid etc. If you wear funky skirts and change up the colors and stuff you wont get the “cult” look. I don’t know what you wear though so I don’t know if this helps or not.
    Another thing if you don’t make your own skirts then start. You will get SO many different kinds, it’s crazy how much you can do. I really hope this helps you out.

  126. Something strange happened as I shucked my designer jeans and traded them for knee covering skirts–I became painfully aware of every other young gal’s cute buns in their tight jeans. The scales fell off my eyes and I can only imagine my husband’s temptation and my sons’ future temptation. My baby girls buns will someday be examined by men who are not their husband. Every immodest girl is literally visually consumed like a box of chocolates. Simply put, modesty protects us ALL. I am now safe to look at. THAT is loving. No longer deriving ego boost from admiring glances. Former publicly hot mama.

    • “I became painfully aware of every other young gal’s cute buns in their tight jeans. The scales fell off my eyes…”

      Ditto!!! And if it’s distracting to me, as a woman, what must it be like for a man?!? OY!!! I struggle not to judge at times, as it seems clearly immodest to me but then remember when I was totally unaware. But I do pray that seeing me in skirts always may play a small part in bringing conviction… It’s such a hard place to be :/

    • “I am now safe to look at. THAT is loving. No longer deriving ego boost from admiring glances. Former publicly hot mama.”

      Yes, isn’t it tragic how the media has brainwashed us to think men’s lustful stares are “admiring glances”? I often shiver when I look at some of the men, with their dirty, sweaty and often rough appearances, foul language and smoker’s breath and to think that they would be the ones giving me “admiring glances” – yuk! ;-/

      I enjoy being dressed modestly and thereby saying to all other men: “You are not worthy of spilling your lustful thoughts and lustful looks all over me, thank you very much! For *my* husband’s eyes only, thank you!”

      And yes, now that I’m showing the world that *I* think I have enough self-respect to think that I am worthy of the respect of others as well, now I do get *compliments* from men (not lustful stares and remarks), and men open doors for me, let me walk first… Talk about a real “ego boost”! πŸ˜‰

      It is almost scary how the media has influenced our thinking and have taken our power away. Let’s take our power back and be feminine again – it is a priviledge! πŸ˜‰

  127. I love wearing skirts but I find I have to wear a body shaper or the like under the skirt since I’m on the heavier side. I’ve had to do this since I was in high school (and a LOT thinner than). Otherwise I form blisters on my thigh insides due to rubbing while walking. I gave up wearing skirts and dresses because of the thigh rub. After having two children, I have a long way to go to loose the baby weight…unless I wear tights or ‘pants like’ garments under the skirts to prevent the chafe. Do you have any advice on us larger ladies and moms on wearing skirts and dresses without the pain?

    • Caroline says:


      If you read through the comments I think this is talked about. I’ve heard of ladies using some cream or spray between their thighs to help avoid the thigh rub. I think the best option would be to find some really light weight pettipants (light weight white cotton fabric that look like shorts) and just wear those under your skirts.

      • Here, here! I agree. I read about such a concept at New Vintage Lady’s blog some weeks back and thought, “By jove she’s got it!”

        Spanx, riding shorts, pantaloons, a number of things would suffice. I even have a vintage-style Simplicity pattern that are the old timey open crotch style underpinning.

  128. This is a very interesting post. I came across your blog while searching for modest swimwear, and followed a link from The Imaginative Seamstress. I got distracted, and haven’t found your review of her swimsuits just yet. πŸ™‚ I have often wondered why women would choose to wear skirts all the time if it is not required. I am a Christian woman and consider myself to be conservative and modest, but I actually always wear pants and never wear skirts or dresses. I feel much more covered and comfortable in pants. I am not sure why God puts this on the hearts of some women and not others. God has put it on my heart to keep myself covered and not to show cleavage, but I have never felt a leading toward the idea that my wearing pants is in any way immodest. I appreciate that you don’t condemn women who do wear pants, and I appreciate you sharing your view openly and honestly (and with humility). I look forward to reading more of your posts. πŸ™‚

  129. I enjoy reading about other moms who dress modestly. I’m the only one where I live. I was wondering what I could do to be more modest in the summer. I wear long skirts from Tznius.com, but also enjoy being active with my 7 kids. We climb trees, play ball, bike ride, etc… I’d like to find a pair of leggings to wear with my long skirts without roasting during the summer in the midwest. Any advice?
    Blessings in Him,

  130. I’m glad you have found a way to be comfortable and modest. For me, modesty is wearing pants. Modesty starts in a woman’s heart. What is her motive for wearing the clothing she wears? My pants are not tight. I wear either yoga-type pants to work out in (which are not tight; I work out at home most of the time) or dress pants which flow and have a non-tight cut. I really don’t wear jeans unless it is with a long shirt to cover my butt and thighs, and the jeans are the “trouser” type. I hate skinny jeans and boot cut jeans. Can we say yeast infection! Also, I’ve noticed that I attract a lot of unwatned attention when I wear a maxi skirt/dress – and I am totally covered, and the skirt/dress is not tight -it’s loose and flowy, but not exposing. I often wear a sweater over long maxi dresses. I don’t wear make up most of the time and I wear my hair natural. When I’m in pants, I can disappear – most men don’t stare then. But in a dress, I feel like I’m going to be accosted by one of the staring men. I think it has to do with how a woman carries herself, and her heart’s motive in wearing the clothing she wears. Of course if a woman is modest, she will not want to attract attention to her body, she will frame her face, and her gentle quiet spirit.

  131. 2 questions to be asked.
    1. Is what I am wearing something a man would wear.
    2. Is is modest.
    The problem here is women seemingly can not agree on what truly is modest.
    The only solution is from our brothers in Christ. Here (from a polled group of men) is the top 5 distractions men struggle with.
    1. Cleavage
    2. Tight clothing on the rear.
    3. Skirts above the knee.
    4. Any tight clothing that hugs the figure.
    5. Revealing legs. (High heels with short skirts, skimpy shorts etc.)

  132. Ashashwat says:

    I stumbled on this post quite by accident. I find skirts to be quite cumbersome and I wear them very rarely. In my country, it rains a lot, so walking becomes a nightmare as the skirt drags through the mud and whatnot. Instead, I prefer to wear jeans because it allows me to do all the things I want to without getting in the way (like running after a bus, or sitting pillion on a bike).

  133. fedupwithfashion says:

    To begin, I disagree with most of the comments I’ve read and some in the initial article. I have always dressed modestly (to the point where my family and friends tease me) and typically do not wear skirts. I agree with those comments saying we should dress in a way that is pleasing to God (I’m Catholic), but I’ve also had jobs where a skirt would actually be a hindrance. Moreover, I’ve always been a fan of “it’s what’s inside that matters.” However, we still need to try to dress modestly (which may or may not mean wearing a skirt). Personally, I believe in simple and practical.

    Sorry! Had to get that off my chest!

    Now, the reason I came to this website to begin with is because I’m actually looking to start integrating more skirts into my wardrobe, but I’m not finding what I want. My one issue with pants is that they never fit right and most, anymore, are mid or low-rise, which I absolutely detest! However, I’m finding the same problem with skirts! So if anyone can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

  134. Matthew 6:25-33

    25 β€œTherefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? 26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life[a]?

    28 β€œAnd why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. 29 Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. 30 If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe youβ€”you of little faith? 31 So do not worry, saying, β€˜What shall we eat?’ or β€˜What shall we drink?’ or β€˜What shall we wear?’ 32 For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. 33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

  135. Susan Hawkes says:

    Hi, I love what you’ve written, but really struggle with it. I grew up a bit of a tom boy and hated dresses/skirts, plus my mum forced me to wear them on occasions which my rebellious nature hated. I trained as a PE teacher and was always in tracksuit trousers. Though I don’t like girls playing male sports, I love netball myself. Over recent times I have become very anti not having my derriere covered if I am wearing jeans/ trousers. So I have taken to wearing long tops that cover. I have tried wearing skirts more often, but I do find they get in the way, I guess it’s a matter of getting used to it!? And acquiring more practical skirts!? Appreciate any feedback, God bless πŸ™‚

  136. I like your post. I found your blog on ladies against feminism. I’m with you. I don’t like the legalism. I got on a group once of modest dressed ladies and they attacked people. I didn’t like that. Jesus wasn’t like that in the Bible. I wear dresses or skirts all the time because I believe this is what God wants and that there are many verses in the Bible to support this. I also like being a woman and I don’t like men’s clothes. I grew up as a girl wearing dresses because when I was young all girls had to wear dresses. you couldn’t go to public school wearing pants. Then the last year before summer when I was finishing sixth grade they announced at school that women were the same as men and could wear pants now. I have had many jobs that forced me to wear pants. And when I see the old pictures, I am not happy in those pictures. I am so much more happy wearing skirts and dresses and I look pretty now even though I am an old woman. Bless you

  137. I just found your blog today via money saving mom. I wanted to tell you that I thought this particular post is beautiful. I appreciate your explination for not using Deut 22:5 as a reason. It was very difficult for me to explain my preference for skirts when I was younger and although now I wear both pants and skirts – skirts are still my favorite. Thank you for writing!

  138. I stumbled on to your website from MoneySavingMom also, and I found this post very thought provoking. Growing up as an LDS (Mormon) believer in Christ, modesty has always been a big deal- keeping chest, shoulders, thighs, etc covered. I always wear dresses on Sunday, but hadn’t given it a lot of additional thought. I have found your notes on femininity and women’s roles very interesting, and I respect your convictions. Although we don’t see eye to eye on all of it, I do think that I will think to wear skirts more often thanks to your post and rejoice in God and my womanhood. Thank you for sharing this.

  139. So inspiring. I’m 13 and have always hated skirts and dresses. My mum keeps saying that she will buy me some dresses and I searched into google how to make my parents not make me wear dresses and skirts. I clicked on here and decided to read it. Although I love and enjoy shorts and jeans, I realize that God wouldn’t aprons of alot of my wardrobe. Haha mum is probably expecting a huge fit when she buys me some dresses tomorrow and I’m going to surprise her by having fun. I will still wear jeans and shorts for sports and school but I will wear dresses more often to please God and give my mum a heart attack (not really) I actually only own 2 dresses, one that is really formal and the other that is quite dressy. Thankyou for writing this article it was so inspiring <3

    • Bree,

      Thank you so much for commenting! I’m glad the article helped you! My older sister had a hard adjustment when she first started wearing skirts and dresses. She loved her jeans, and she was 16 when we started wearing skirts all the time! Now she doesn’t mind at all, and dresses very femininely. I hope you are able to enjoy the times you wear skirts, and I’m sure your mom will be surprised. πŸ™‚


    • Danielle B says:

      No one is responsible for someone else sinning. Seriously? I can’t believe anyone believes that. You sin, it’s on YOU!!

  141. You have spoken my exact feelings on this issue! I was raised to wear skirts because of Deut. 22:5, but no one could ever give me a clear Biblical reason. So a few years ago, I began to do my own research and study on this issue. While I don’t believe it is a sin for a woman to wear pants (as I sometimes do while camping or other activities like that), I believe modesty is so so so important and lacking today. God bless you for making it clear!! πŸ™‚

  142. This has been an issue I’ve been struggling with. My family doesn’t support the idea that women should wear skirts, but it is something almost feel is right, until I miss the freedom pants give by allowing me to sit on the ground and get up and down without showing too much.

    That verse in Deuteronomy was actually referring to women should not put on the weapons of warriors, not clothes of men. It can also be translated, not as a sexist rule to suppress women, but as a rule to protect the child bearers, and therefore the future, of humankind. When God created clothing for Adam and Eve, he made them both the exact same robe type thing, so God did not have a rule that men and women had to dress differently to set them apart. If he did, you’d think that he would have made a dress for eve or something, not the same thing he made Adam.

    When I am struggling with the idea that women should wear skirts, I look at the verse in the New Testament, the only part of the bible that was written for Christians, where it says that we are to dress modestly and not trip our brothers in Christ. I know my skinny jeans draw attention to my behind and when I wear knee length or mid calf length skirts, I feel like people are respecting me more and not just looking at me because I have a nice shape, but it is very hard to wear only skirts when your mother thinks you’ve been brainwashed by 19 kids and counting or someone at the baptist club at school.

    Thanks for your post, it helps a little to know that no one really says anything about you only wearing only skirts. I think I will try to not wear pants for a week and see if anyone notices.

  143. clare deane says:

    Caroline.Thank you so much for this wonderful blog. I live in England with my husband and 3 darling girls, which the Lord has blessed us with. The views which you have posted have made me feel less isolated and have affirmed my beliefs as a practising Christian and mother, that I am right to dress in a modest respectful, yet feminine manner. Like you I now wear skirts or a dress and rarely ever wear pants/trousers even when out walking in winter. My mother was of the generation which wore skirts/dresses and never wore pants. She exercised a strict policy in regard to what we could wear and refused to let us wear anything which was age inappropriate or which was immodest. At church myself and 2 sisters were required to wear long sleeved dresses or a modest blouse and skirt. Tights or pantyhose were always worn, regardless of the time of year. Unfortunately when I attended university I reacted against the strict upbringing I had experienced and allowed myself to be influenced by the feminist attitudes which prevailed at the time. I wore jeans and baggy tops and regarded skirts/dresses as far too girly. It has only been with marriage, motherhood and returning to my Christian faith that I have realised that respectful, modest feminine clothing helps me in my life and in my faith. I found that the females who attended our church, who I most admired, never wore pants. Whilst there is no dress code at our church, none of the women or girls, who attend church on Sunday mornings and evenings, wear pants. The same holds for the week night bible classes, we attend as a family. My daughters would now never dream of wearing jeans or pants to church. They just accept that worship, requires them to wear modest respectable clothing, namely a modest dress skirt/long sleeved blouse and tights. My husband is fully supportive and like me is determined that our 3 daughters will be raised to respect themselves by wearing modest appropriate clothes. We encourage them to wear skirts or dresses, rather than jeans or shorts. Fortunately they attend a girls only school, which has a strict uniform code. It is so nice to realise that the views I hold about modest respectable female clothing, are held by other mothers.

  144. Caroline,
    This is an excellent and very well written blog post!?Thank you for writing it; I shared it on my personal page!

  145. hello everyone I just recently went back to wearing skirt, I live in africa where its not cold and am to travel to the uk during the winter. I need advice on what to wear since I have stopped wearing trousers. thanks

  146. I have been wearing skirts for 14 years now (started in my senior year of high school which is when I joined a pentecostal church). I agree with some posters that the legalism and judging that some christian/pentecostals do is what really hurts. But I also have to say that I loved your blog and the points that you make. I feel the same way. It has taken me a long time to understand why I am doing what I do (wearing skirts, etc.), as it started out of legalism & obeying what I was told to do and I feel that is the wrong reason to do something “for God”.

  147. I grew up in a household where I was only allowed to wear skirts all the time. I could were sweatpants to bed and shorts and a tshirt over my swimsuit in the pool… but other than that I always wore dresses. When I was a teen I strongly rebelled against this practice and for years I refused to wear a dress or a skirt at all. Then, I noticed something. Those that would be impure towards us women will choose to do so whether we wear a pair of jeans or a skirt. We can’t protect ourselves from evil men by what we wear. Nor can we hope to only attract good people into our lives by living and dressing a certain way. When this dawned on me I began allowing myself to wear dresses and skirts and wear pants as well. I try to dress modestly for my own reasons… but I like how you point out that you didn’t feel it was right to take a stab at scripture and use that as if it is the one defendable reason to wear skirts all the time. There are so many, many, many reasons under the sun to wear skirts most of the time and my favorite is that we are ladies. And wearing a skirt makes me feel like a lady. So, I wear one and be proud of who I am.

  148. Thank You so much for this! I’m fourteen and have recently been feeling a strong personnall conviction to wear skirts. No because “The bible tells me to” because to me that isn’t true. I go to a Baptist church but within that baptist church i am taught mostly Penocostal beliefs. Recently I’ve felt uncomfortable in jeans, like you say i feel like boys are looking at me for all the wrong reasons and not as a girl of Christ and thats not how i want to be protrayed as a female. A long time ago I opted out of YOGA PANTS because they are unflattering on anyone. This really helped me in deciding if this is what i want to do.

  149. Funny how people never ask men why they wear pants all the time! Most people in the Southern U.S. go around in shorts but I hate them. Besides the fact they’re immodest, shorts show every lump and bump and varicose vein you’ve got. A skirt skims over your figure and makes you look nice. You can do most anything in a long skirt, except ride horses.

  150. Thank you for this! I live in Hawai’i – it’s hot most all of the time and while people assume shorts or capris are cooler – they actually aren’t – just ask someone with sunburn thighs! I work in an almost all male environment and the dress code is jeans or long shorts with a company shirt – I wear a knee length (stretchy) jean skirt. It doesn’t impede my ability to do my job, but the men do try to monitor their language around me and they’ll do things like hold doors or offer to help if I am struggling with something. Make no mistake – I carry my own weight and I’ll get just as dirty as anyone else if the occasion demands it but what I gain is something valuable – respect. Respect that I can still look like a woman, but work just as hard as anyone else – and I appreciate that!

  151. My 12 year old daughter prefers to wear skirts. She often sits unlady like, so I make her wear shorts under them. When I observe her at the playground, I find that it’s not that modest to see her skirt go up, even though you see some shorts and not her underwear. How do other parents deal with this with their daughters?

  152. I read this post because im a teenager. About to be 18 and i was researching what the bible says about wearing shorts…because i want to be a fashion designer when i grow up and i live in hawaii. As its hot ere i wear alot of short shorts. Probably WAY much shorter than you women are used to. I dont want to be attacked on here but just wondering why cant i wear short shorts an be modest? Im staying a virgin till marriage an i think thats what really counts …..lots of replys plz

    • I’m a teenager and my name is Rebecca too! I’m only 15 but I hope I can help you. What I know is that God cares more about what’s in your heart than what you wear. If in your heart you’re not wearing short shorts for attention, that’s great! Personally I don’t like shorts much higher than my knee, but it’s really between you and God.

  153. As a man who respects women who are modest, I was delighted to read your post. When I see a woman in a dress, and she does not have piercing and tattoos, and in general looks like she might have fit right in with the stereotypical 50s woman, I see a woman with self-respect. This makes her very desirable to me as a single man. On the other hand, when I see the other type of woman, it is frankly a real turn-off, particularly if she has bought into the whole feminist scam, and wants to be just like a man. I honestly believe a woman who is all woman in the traditional sense is incredibly powerful and beautiful! I also dislike intensely the way so many men wear shorts everywhere. On the beach: fine. Or on the volleyball court, etc. But wearing shorts to a mall — not to mention to church — is disgusting! Yes, I’m a throwback to the 50s. Fortunately my family set me a good example of modesty and proper dress when I was growing up. Let’s fight the current trend, in which every man and woman is a disgusting slob, and bring back some standards! Thanks for your blog.

  154. Homosexuality is not a choice.

    • Danielle B says:

      Yes it is. It’s a sin! You are feeding into having sex with another person of the same gender. Same as fornication, sex is sex, and you are fulfilling that lust.

  155. Thank you so much for this post!! As a 22 yr old young lady I have made it my own personal decision to wear modest skirts!! I am also glad to see I am not the only one who doent solely uses Deut. 22.
    As something I have recently been confused about is wearing pants and snow pants when playing I’m the snow. I LOVE the snow but I feel that I am not just making that a double standard but almost being hypocritical when I wear a pair of pants in the snow. Or when I wear snow pants to go snow boarding. What are some ideas to that? How could wearing a skirt being warm or smart? Yet I find pants immodest.

  156. What a great post. I always assumed it was a little over conservative and legalistic to only wear skirts and dresses. This post really opened my mind and I will be keeping an eye out for more flowy modest skirts. Its funny because I’m always sure to completely cover my chest and am slightly shocked at how some women can wear such low cut shirts. And Im saddened by the amount of women out and about in the yoga like pants. But im totally guilty of wearing tight jeans that accentuate my backside. I guess since I dint see it as much looking in the mirror it hasn’t bothered me. But I sure don’t want to “bother” any brothers in Christ that are seeing my backside. Thank you for opening my mind up!

  157. I wanted to start wearing dresses and skirts to help encourage my sons to be gentlemen toward ladies,like pulling a chair out at meals. I’ve been wearing them for 2 1/2 years now, and have a couple of skirt wearing friends also. One wears them all the time, along with her daughters and they always look very feminine. The other friend wears them on occasion and always dresses nicely.
    I was reading up online about how it came about that American women started to wear dresses and one article said that women started taking over their husbands jobs when the men were away at war. The jobs required the ladies to wear pants and many women continued to do so even after they were finished working at the jobs. Although pants on women are normal now, I believe it started out as a form of rebellion with feminism. I don’t know if that is true, but it sure makes sense to me. I grew up wearing pants, hated to wear dresses and I acted like a tomboy. I’ve seen photos of kids together; boys and girls all wearing pants and tennis shoes. If it was a photo taken from the waist down, often, other than pink, you really can’t tell a difference in which gender is which.
    Caroline, thanks for your website. I am always encouraged by it! πŸ˜€

  158. I wanted to start wearing dresses and skirts to help encourage my sons to be gentlemen toward ladies,like pulling a chair out at meals. So I thought, if I wanted them to treat me like a lady, I should look like one! I’ve been wearing them for 2 1/2 years now, and have a couple of skirt wearing friends also. One wears them all the time, along with her daughters and they always look very feminine. The other friend wears them on occasion and always dresses nicely. I was reading up online about how it cam about that American women started to wear dresses and one Christian article said that women started taking over their husbands jobs when the men were away at war. The jobs required the ladies to wear pants and many women continued to do so even after they were finished working at the jobs. Although pants on women seems normal now, I believe it started out as a form of rebellion with feminism. I don’t know if that is true, but sure makes sense to me. I grew up wearing pants, hated to wear dresses and act like a lady. I’ve seen photos of kids together; boys and girls all wearing pants and tennis shoes. If it was a photo taken from the waist down, often, other than pink, you really can’t tell a difference in which gender is which.

  159. Thank you for this post. I appreciate your stand for modesty and for skirts. It is rare in this day. Keep up the good work!

  160. Great article! Funny, at first I misread the part about legalism and judgmentalism as being *against* women who wear skirts, not from them, and I have to say that has been much more my experience. It’s as if there’s some unwritten law that wearing tight jeans is the only acceptable Christian form of dress, and women who don’t slavishly follow that fad are automatically judged as being “religious”. For the same reasons you do, I love dresses and find freedom and joy in wearing them.

  161. I agree with dressing modestly and being feminine… Right now I am a homeschooling mom to 4 kids, but before that I was a horseback riding instructor. Obviously I had to wear pants! I am just curious what the skirt-wearing folks think about these kind of situations… I know that God called me to that career path for a time. And do you let your kids participate in things like gymnastics or dance where you need to wear tight-fitting clothing? Anyway I am really just curious about how things like this are viewed–not trying to stir up controversy.

    • Personally I think we all *know* deep inside what we should and shouldn’t do – it is just not always so easy to submit to that! (Speaking for myself!) πŸ˜‰

      I have seen this “riding skirt” pattern on this website, but I have never made it, nor have I seen somebody wearing it, so you decide:

      All the best with your search for doing His will in your life! πŸ˜‰

  162. I’m so glad you said that about the Deuteronomy verses…because the following verse forbids men from wearing fabrics with mixed fibers (like cotton and linen together – oh my!). It is a terribly abused, out of context verse. Your other reasons are thoughtful and rational and don’t misuse Scripture. Thank you.

  163. Hey, um I couldn’t help but wonder about more active activities like soccer and baseball. Do you let your girls play those things? I was just curious because femininity was a big part of your argument. I like feminine things, but I wear jeans and converse pretty much all the time. Of course I wear skirts and dresses to church. πŸ™‚ But just because I’m a girl, doesn’t mean that I can’t play baseball, race a boy (and win), swim, climb trees,ect. I wear jeans with shirts that have small girly details, like lace or a bright floral pattern. I also wear tunics and leggings with flats. I’m not a girly girl, but I’m not a tom boy either. I was honestly just curious about sports and swimming. Swim skirts are ok, I suppose but I feel that they’re dangerous and I don’t wear them. But it’s impossible to run and jump freely in a skirt. Just my opinion though, I hope you’re not offended. πŸ™‚

  164. I think you can do anything and everything in a skirt. Swim skirts are fine, I wear them, and I haven’t drowned yet, lol. Basically, I think pants are too constricting and hot and I HATE blue jeans. It’s an odd reason why I hate them: they’re so thick you that if you get an itch while wearing them, you can’t take care of it without taking them off.
    I am becoming very interested in loose-ish koolot/pants. Not huge and baggy like koolots but not tight fitting or hugging like pants.
    However it’s impossible to find any around here- everyone around where I live wears skirts or pants, not the in-between.

  165. I agree (well, mostly!). I wear skirts a lot but I love my jeans too. I certainly don’t believe in cross-dressing but I don’t think the number of leg openings is what defines whether a garment is for men or women. Throughout history and around the world many men did and do wear what would seem like dresses and skirts to us. There’s no universal rule, here. It has a lot to do with context and intent.I think clothing styles for women could have changed to include pants without any connection to feminism or gender neutrality whatsoever, and can be worn that way today. I certainly don’t mean that to be harsh towards men and women who believe women should not wear pants. I understand, I just studied the question out and have come to this conclusion. Since in our culture skirts and dresses (and various design elements) are exclusively feminine, I think it is best for women to maximize those and minimize the more gender neutral elements. Likewise for men: maximize that which celebrates their manhood and minimize that which could be seen as less masculine. There will always be some overlap and you would be hard-pressed to find a culture without any. And there will always be change, at least in our society.

  166. I am 15 years old and have been dressing in skirts and dresses for all of my life. I grew up in a family that believes that women should wear skirts and dresses for modesty reasons. Before I found this website, I was feeling rebellious and and angry because many times I have been teased by other kids and even adults for always wearing skirts. I was so sure that as soon as I could, I would start wearing what the “normal” kids wear. Every time that somebody laughed in my face or told me that I was crazy, I became more and more determined to change the way that I dress. After reading this website, I have come to the conclusion, that I want to wear skirts and dresses not because of what my parents believe but because of what I believe. My apparel defines who I am as a creative individual and as a believer. I should never let the opinions of others affect the way that I choose to honor God. Previously I had problems accepting that other teenagers might have something that I don’t. Now I finally have discovered that it is the other way around. I no longer feel frustrated by always needing to wear skirts, but instead I feel blessed; blessed to have been raised in the way that I was. Thank-you for explaining the reasons for women to wear skirts and dresses. It was truly inspiring!

  167. Brandy says:

    Hi. I’m thankful to the Holy Spirit for leading to your blog. I was actually researching women’s dress and found you. I made the decision to wear only skirts/dresses last March following the Holy Spirit’s leading. I’m so very thankful for this decision. I have an 8 year old who turns 9 in Aug. I’ve been straddling the fence about the commitment to make her wear only skirts and also my 4 year old daughter. My 8 year old is very resistant and doesn’t understand especially because it goes against every thing in the world. Any advice or light you can shed on me in helping make this transition easier for her and me??? Also what about swimwear in the summer? Last year we made our girls and boys wear swim shirts and shorts. What do you do about that? Thanks and may God bless you!!!

  168. Frankie says:

    Thank you for this post. I started wearing skirts about three or four years ago, full time. My husband first suggested it, because of the stumbling blocks most women’s pants create for men. I started looking at pics of me in pants, and was grieved at how immodest I was in them.

    This was like a detox for me. First went the jeans…except one pair. I didn’t wear them, but kept them on a shelf. A few months later, they went. Then went the capris. Then the shorts. After about 6 months, I was pantless. πŸ™‚

    I didn’t realize how much the culture was ingrained in my thinking. I mourned my pants….for a bit. But then I realized how comfortable I was in skirts! Why hadn’t I done this sooner????

    But, truthfully, I wear skirts for the same reasons the author posted: 1. Because in this culture, it is distinctly feminine to wear a skirt. Period. My husband isn’t tempted to wear them ever. 2. Because most pants are immodest (shows curves), or they are plain unattractive. So, the best way I can honor Christ and His commandments, is to dress in a feminine, modest way. Because I love Him.

  169. Growing up I was only allowed to wear skirts until 8th grade, that’s when my mother gave me the choice to wear pants once a week. I was a tomboy growing up in the country surrounded by boys(brother and cousins) and I hated wearing skirts. As an adult I tried wearing skirts for a year and again hated it. My husband and I studied the Bible and were convicted that pants are not bad or immodest. For me skirts were always tight and uncomfortable. Tight in the waist and around the legs but pants and capris are freeing to me. I wear modest clothes and in fact if I wear dress pants and quarter sleeve tops I am more covered than many girls I know wearing skirts or dresses. I have seen so many women(especially the skinny ones) wear short dresses, tight dresses and skirts that show off way more than most women wearing pants. If pants are not modest then men shouldn’t wear them either, ESPECIALLY when they have something in the crotch area they don’t want others to see. That is a double standard. Is it okay to see the outline in men’s legs but not women’s? Why because a woman will not lust after a man that way but a man will lust after a woman? If so, when are men held accountable for their own nature of lust, or lack of keeping it in check? GOD made women to be pretty and attractive for the man, and this is nothing to be ashamed of. In my humble opinion, women should love their bodies (this is how GOD made us-different from man) and know that pants can be modest and cover the whole leg not just to the ankle. Also, wearing skirts 24/7 isn’t going to earn you rewards in heaven or be a testimony anymore than sacrificing a lamb in your front yard; Jesus already came and paid the debt and freed us from the law. Pants are not illegal (lol). I respect anyone’s decision to wear pants or skirts but this is just the conclusion I came to a long time ago.

  170. Love this article! It was a breath of fresh air to read. I have wore skirts for about 12 years now and I love it. When I first started, I had that judgmental attitude you speak of, because that is how we were taught. As a matter of fact, I was “pressured” into wearing skirts and I fought a tremendous battle over this. It was not until I prayed about it and God spoke to my heart, I have never turned back. Since then, we have learned a lot in our Christian walk and have learned that, the Bible is BLACK AND WHITE and is something is not apparent, common sense prevails. We also live by the view of, will our choices draw us away or closer to God. I love that your passionate about modesty, yet understand that every one has their own walk.
    Thanks again for this wonderful post!!
    Misti Minott πŸ™‚

  171. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on clothing modesty. It was like you wrote it for me.
    The Lord first spoke to me on this issue almost 40 years ago when I was a counselor at youth camp.
    The preacher was talking about motive. WHY did I dress the way I did. The Lord brought to mind conversations I’d had with myself in front of the mirror, “Will I get his attention more in this outfit or the other one?” I was suddenly ashamed, and my sin was layed bare before me.
    I determined at that time to dress modestly. Since baggy pants weren’t my style, I went to loose skirts. The next summer I started college at a school that required skirts all the time. I felt like the Lord had prepared me.
    After college, I kept that dress standard because it was one the Lord had impressed upon me, not some rules shoved down my throat.
    When I met my husband, he wanted me to continue wearing dresses for the feminine reasons and to keep a separation in gender roles.
    I haven’t been restricted in doing anything I’ve needed to do. My 17 yo daughter recently said she noticed you act more ladylike in a skirt/dress.
    I too, try not to judge my many Christian friends who choose to dress differently. That’s not always easy, in all honesty. But God is in control of their hearts, not me.

  172. Great post but the bad part is there are a few churches out there…I used to attend one…that could read ANY verse in the bible and if there was one woman in the congregation that had pants on they would be condemned to hell before the end of the sermon.

  173. I don’t mind long skirts but I never found them comfortable, I am a large lady and skirts DO cling to me although they are not suppose to be tight and they Ride up past my waste LOL, ,my legs sweat and I get a rash from them rubbing together, I find them uncomfortable, and because I am large they look like I am wearing a tent, dresses aren’t so bad ,no riding up at least,but unless I wear Hose which is another issue ,then I don’t get leg rash. , I know Many Christian women that Do NOT wear Skirts, all the time, I do like a dress if I am having a Puffy day LOL but I am still not comfy. good for you though

  174. Thanks for this post. This is almost exactly what we tell everyone that asks my wife. I also agree that the Deut. verse you mentioned is weak and it is hard to take a hard stance on one verse of scripture. I will be sharing this!

  175. This was an interesting post. Thanks for sharing. I stumbled across your blog on Pinterest. While I certainly agree that God desires modesty, I don’t agree that this means that women should only wear skirts. As you said, it is a personal conviction. I would say, though, that we should look to the Pharisees before letting self-righteousness rule in our hearts. They were the religious leaders of Jesus’ time and yet he was not pleased with them. They had an outward show of righteousness but Jesus denounced them and called them “whitewashed tombs” (Matt. 23:27-28). They used their outward appearance as an excuse to look down on others and to make themselves feel superior, which is the COMPLETE opposite of who Jesus is. They were so sure of their rightness before God (which they based solely on their actions) that they completely missed the heart of God. I say all this to say that sometimes we need to examine our own hearts and motives before condemning others. We might be surprised to find (as the Pharisees were) that God may not be pleased with us after all.

    At the same time, one thing that I was reminded of is that as women we often get our security from outward appearance (1 Peter 3:3-4). I know I do. I must admit that I love being girly and feminine and I love fashion. We know that the Bible does not condemn that but it cannot be where our security and validation comes from. As a Christian, modesty is always at the forefront of my mind, however, I’ve had to continually examine my heart and make adjustments so that my security and confidence come from God alone and not from what the world thinks. I wear both skirts and pants and it is easy to be immodest in either. I’ve found that when my heart is where it needs to be then my actions will follow, not just when it comes to how I dress but in all aspects of my life. Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  176. I just saw this post via Pinterest and thought I would comment. As a fellow blogger, it always makes my day to have comments, even on older posts. Anyway – I just recently started getting convicted about modest attire and started doing some research. One thing (in addition to everything you wrote!) that made me consider skirts is that when I type “modest clothes” on Pinterest – 99% of the results are skirts and dresses. This showed me that many people consider skirts and dresses to be modest above pants. I also noticed that after having a child, I was always leaning over to pick him up and therefore my chest and backside would be exposed in my old clothes. How embarrassing is it to pick your baby up in a room full of friends and notice they have looked down your shirt? Or you are struggling to pick some toys up while putting a hand over your bottom that has started showing? Around this time I became convicted about my clothing choices and always wear a camisole and consigned my low cut shirts. I have just started wearing skirts this summer and am excited to see how God continues to work in me. I still wear pants but they are not like my old styles. Thanks for speaking out! I really enjoyed it.

  177. I opened this post by accident and really enjoyed reading it. I began wearing a skirt 3 years ago. What made me start wearing skirts is that I heard one brother in Christ say his thoughts about it. For brothers there is a big temptation to have sinful thoughts when they see a sister not dressed modest. I decided that I do not want to help the brothers sin because of my choice of clothes. But again, a women can wear a skirt that is not modest.

  178. Hi, I know this is an old thread, but I just wanted to comment after reading many comments about mothers requiring their little girls to wear skirts outside playing and bike riding etc. My response would be, please don’t do that! Little girls can not safely play in skirts-especially not on bicycles! I can’t tell you how many times one of my favorite dresses or skirts would get wrapped around a bike chain, I would get thrown off the bike, and not only would my skirt be ruined, but I would be covered with scrapes and bruises. I still have a large scar on my knee from falling from getting my shoe caught on the inside of my skirt while running on the sidewalk. I won’t even mention the dangers of swimming in one! I have been there, and looking back even my parents will admit that what they made me wear especially while playing was pretty ridiculous. Modesty really means appropriateness. It is not appropriate to wear a skirt swimming, or bike riding. Also, please be very careful about raising your little girl to dress in a way that you as the parent were not required to dress as a child. If you didn’t have to wear skirts growing up all the time, then you won’t really understand how your daughter feels when she has to explain to her friends why she has to. Or when complete strangers ask her about it. To me it was very embarrassing, and I felt strange. I felt like people stared at me more. You can chalk it up to carnality or whatever, but I was miserable because I thought I looked weird. My mom didn’t understand. She said that people asking her about why she wore skirts all the time didn’t bother her, but shed worn pants all the way untill her early thirties. For this reason, I stopped dressing modestly all together for a long time. I have only recently began to see the need to wear looser pants, longer dresses, and longer shorts. I’m not tryinv to shed negative light on this article at all. I thought it was very well written. However, please just understand that most little girls who grow up wearing skirts all the time will not do so in adulthood. Don’t make them do something that may emotionally and spiritually damage them later in life.

  179. I understand what you are getting at, and have had friends that feel the same way you do.

    I however notice I get more ‘looks’ when I dress in a skirt. Especially longer skirts. People are more curious about them. I have heard people ask my friends if they wear anything under their skirt etc. Then there is the problem of panty lines even with a slip. Inappropriate thoughts will abound especially when you dress different than everyone else.

    I understand warning against wearing tight pants… I prefer moderately loose pants… not so loose to be baggy but not tight enough to make me look like Barbie either.

    My other quandary is that I just can’t wear dress shoes. Even flats hurt my feet and back- so it looks odd to wear a skirt with sneakers.

    Any thoughts or advice on these things?

    • I wear pants, moderately loose and not immodest, and I also wear skirts, I do always wear skirts at church and a lot of Wednesdays I usually wear a jean skirt with Chucks (tennis shoes). And when I went to college I would wear my dress from classes with my Chucks (after class was over) and people actually liked my awkward style. I do believe you can still be very feminine and modest in a pair of pants. You can also get a comfy pair of tennis shoes that look more dressy, just make sure you get more expensive ones that are comfortable. I do agree with you about the panty lines, tho you sometimes get them with pants too, and people do make inappropriate comments sometimes, but with our culture inappropriateness runs rampant… I try to dress in a way that my husband approves of and that is in line with my personal standards that I we have set through conviction in God’s Word. I think the best way to show Christ likeness is by showing kindness and LOVE! That is why I made a decision to smile at everyone I come across and try to say a kind word. I do not always succeed, but I am getting better at it all the time! Sorry if this was too long! πŸ™‚ I did love this article tho, she did a fantastic job of not being judgmental and showing her conviction without pushing it as law! <3

  180. I came across this article via Pinterest and I must say that I like what you have to say. I wear pants more often than I wear skirts and I own more pants than I own skirts, but recently I’ve started wearing a lot more skirts, opting for the more modest look. And I love your reasons for wearing skirts vs. pants. I never realized just how much more comfortable I was wearing skirts until now! Thanks for writing this article!!!! πŸ˜€

  181. Caroline, I happened across this from another blog and appreciate most of your thoughts here. However, I live in India and wear jeans all the time. The reason? The Indian tops are very long, and cover my rear at the very least, or go down to my knees or somewhere in between. I wear jeans because it is trendy here (believe it or not, a way to be dressed up!), because I am from the West and it looks “right” to people here, and I do like them. They are durable. They are a bit warmer for days when it is cool (in our city, that’s actually 5-6 months a year!) I wear the hybrid look of the Indian tops over the jeans because it does afford more modesty, and it looks “right” to fit in and not stand out too much.
    This is just to supply you with one more reason not to be dogmatic, but to keep the heart of the issue as the central thing. Traditional Indian clothes would include a sari (looks modest, but can often not be) and the salwar kameez, which is the very long shirt over blousey pants, often with a long scarf. It is a very modest and elegant outfit. And it’s not a skirt.

  182. I am getting more into this as well, skirts and dresses just make me feel better about myself. I have a question though. I am on my schools cross country running team. It is very cold where I live, so leggings/running tights are a must unless you want to get sick. I’ve tried wearing a long coat or running jacket over the top, but it just downsnt work. How to I stay modest and warm, while running in these freezing temperatures?

  183. I couldn’t have said this better than you. Very well said! And you are so correct in not using the verse in Deut to justify why you do. If we used that we would have to use some other scriptures such as John 6:27 where it says we shouldn’t work for food… haha! Keep being a pillar of modesty in a generation that is very immodest!

  184. Great post. So many things in there that are my thoughts too. πŸ™‚

  185. I live in Sweden and here the very concept of christian women only wearing dresses doesn’t even exist (however some muslim women here does it). I came across it when watching “19 kids and counting” on the internet (it isn’t on any swedish tv channel). I think that show is very good and show good morals in many areas but I was interested in getting to know more about why christian women wear skirts only so I googled it and found this. I don’t mind that women do that I just don’t get how it goes together with being christian, like why being a christian should motivate it. Looking feminine is an interesting reason, I agree that there is and should be differences between men and women and that is based on the Bible. However that the differences must be especially visible in what clothes we wear or even that wearing skirts must be considered feminine I don’t find anything in the Bible that says anything about. And what is not based on the Bible is just human teachings (which we are warned for in the Bible). The reason that it showes less curves I would say is a better one from a biblical perspective since the Bible does speak about being modest. However, as also mentioned in the blog post, wearing pants doesn’t necessarily mean being immodest. The reason that it is comfortable may be a good one for yourself but doesn’t matter when it comes to the biblical perspective. As I mentioned before I really have nothing against women wearing skirts all the time if that’s what they want, but I can’t find anything in your article that really motivates it from a biblical perspective.

  186. This is an amazing article. Very well written! I am the only one in my family that wears only skirts and I am always asked why. I have found that it is SO difficult to answer these questions with answers that won’t offend them.
    Next time, I will just use the reasons you wrote about! You wrote exactly what I try to convey to those who ask me about it, but in a very clear and to-the-point way. I just wanted to say thank you for giving me ideas of what to say to them next time they ask.
    God bless, Cloe

  187. I’m going to be honest and I have not told anyone this before. I don’t like to have a skirt on a lot. If it goes with an outfit for say Christmas then sure I’m fine with it. I don’t like to have one on regularly because I’m an active 23 year old woman (no I’m not married or have kids). If I’m in the woods it’s safer to have pants on. My parents have always after a certain age allowed me to put on what I want with general common sense of course. Skirts never made me feel comfortable to be honest. I feel open and slightly exposed. I do like pants because they make me feel comfortable. If people start to look at me that is not in my control they can look at what they want and I can not stop them. I am not responsible for their actions and neither is anyone else. To each their own

  188. Hello! I have just recently stumbled upon your blog and I just love it. As a Mormon woman I have to say that I love seeing a blog like this where women can openly share their beliefs and support each other. I also must say that I enjoy a lot of your clothing. It can sometimes be hard to find clothing that stands up to the Mormon standard of modesty. (although your religion does seem to be a bit more strict, based upon this article)

    • Thank you for commenting! There does seem to be a wide variety of readers here, so I hope you feel welcome!

    • I once read an article by a Mormon elder about “how far is too far” for dating couples showing physical affection. It stood out to me as having very specific, real answers that were quite close to what I believe myself. I am a conservative Christian, and was brought up Independent Baptist. I have found that the answer to “how far is too far” was usually either extremely strict (only hand-holding until marriage), or very vague “make up the rules yourself – set your own boundaries.” I disagree with the Mormons on a whole lot, but the lack of fear in describing appropriate physical boundaries outside of marriage impressed me positively. I believe that physical affection can be a wise and appropriate expression of love, AND that we need to keep ourselves from free exploration outside of marriage.

      After being burned twice by boyfriends whose boundaries were way more lax than mine, I “got it right” with my boyfriend-to-become-husband. Many here will not agree on the boundaries we chose, but some of ours were: Hand-holding okay. Hugging okay. Snuggling okay. Kissing on the lips okay. Resting head on a PILLOW on other one’s lap okay. Touching legs NOT okay. Touching private parts NOT okay (obviously). Swimming together alone NOT okay. Being alone together in a building NOT okay. Being alone together out in nature or in public places or in the car okay.

      I am bound to mention that my husband and I were ages 34 and 28 at the time. The same rules may not be best for teenagers, I’m guessing. As parents, though, I really recommend discussing with your young people guidelines for physical affection that are SPECIFIC rather than VAGUE, and hopefully, rules that allow for a little more than getting lost in each other’s eyes.

  189. I am Brazilian and I wear skirts/dresses all time since I finished high school (we had to wear jeans as an uniform in the school), but I’ve been hating pants since I was 2 years old. I have always said that pants were for boys :p And as grew up, I hated pants more and more… When I was 10 years old, mom simply stop trying to make me wear pants out of the school and from 10 to 18 years old I bought 1 jeans a year, exclusively for wearing at school.

    I live in Rio, so we have a tropical weather that makes very easy wearing skirts all the year, however, I love wearing tights when it’s cold and rainy by the middle of the year (when we’re in the winter). So, I chose wearing just skirts and dresses because I am proud to be a woman and I love feeling the most feminine I can be and because I refuse feminist ideas.


  190. modest mom with style!!! says:

    I am so thankful to have found your blog. I love reading your posts about modesty I have been wearing only skirts for a little over a year now i am a mother of 4, 3 girls and 1 little boy. I am want be a good role model for my children and show them the importance of dressing modestly but also that I am still be stylish. Thanks for all of your inspiration.

  191. Feminine and Modest says:

    I attended a Christian college where I lived and worked for years wearing only skirts. I grew up being taught “neck to knee” standards of modesty whether it was a skirt or pants. I love the variety of being able to wear pants or skirts. I make it a goal to be God honoring by being both obviously feminine and modest in my dress whether I wear pants or a skirt. I have never and would never be mistaken for a Lesbian or a prostitute or anything in between. I work to focus attention on my face with my fashion. I have heard plenty of skirts-only friends and family speak negatively of Christian women who choose to wear pants. It’s unfortunate. The entire discussion becomes a distraction from winning a lost world. I know several large groups of ultra-conservative Christian places that DO allow Christian women to wear modest pants as appropriate for activities, etc. My personal opinion, and I’m no expert, is that the issue is not an issue in 2015 and there are bigger fish to fry. I think we would be ahead teaching modest femininity and the Gospel and leaving each person to discern the particulars with the help of the Holy Spirit. I get weary of feeling “almost a good Christian but not quite good enough” by the skirts-only whisperers in my life.

  192. I am so glad I found your blog and what a lovely post! I’m also glad you didn’t use Deut for your reasoning. I started wearing dresses and skirts exclusively about 3 years ago and although I am not yet happy witn my winter wardrobe, I am getting there.

    Lately I have been thinking about Zephaniah 1:8 (And it shall be, in the day of the slaughter of Yahweh, that I shall punish the rulers and the sons of the sovereign, and all such as are clad in FOREIGN GARMENTS.) I see from Strong’s Concordance that “foreign garments” can also be translated as provocative or immodest clothing. So that was what brought me to your lovely website.

    Thank you for making a stand for modesty and thereby bringing so many modest women together!

  193. I loved what you wrote about being feminine. I, too, feel much more comfortable in skirts/dresses. In the winter I add leggings and double-layer of socks. I have a funky style, so this works for me. I do have a question, though. What do you wear (or what can you suggest) when you work out at the gym? I have not had any success in finding an appropriate answer to this. Thanks so much for sharing your heart. I think you have many women who agree with much of what you have shared. Thanks again.

    • There are actual workout skirts available now that come to the knee. Even a swimming skirt in a solid black that comes to the knee will work as well! Both of these options normally have black leggings under them.

    • If you sew, or have a friend, it is easy to convert men’s basketball shorts, the long silky ones, into a nice wok out skirt, they fall right at the knee,

  194. I admire you for sticking to your guns and acting and dressing like the ‘lady’ you are! I thought I was the only one left (of a dying breed) who also ALWAYS wears skirts and dresses! I do not own one pair of jeans/pants to my name! Sorry, but this has nothing to do with religion for me but simply because I feel like a woman, therefore I act and dress like one, despite what is ‘modern’. Actually the more ‘unisex’ the world is becoming, the more I want to keep my female ‘identity’!

    I agree skirts may be modest, but only ones below the knee, however skirts are also cute and even sexy, wherease jeans may sometimes be immodest (or sexy, but rarely), only if they are really tight-fitting, but in a cheap manner, but most of the time women just look mediocre because today’s women wear all types of jeans/pants, whether tight, baggy, short, long, and no matter what their body shape etc, they just ALL wear pants, FULL STOP! And most are not sexy (like they think they are), but far from it, and coupled with their baggy T-shirts and runners, they are most unbecoming and definitely NOT feminine. I, on the other hand, like to keep my femininity and as much opposed to today’s ‘style’, I dress every single day, wearing a nice skirt or dress with a fitted top or cardigan, even for home, then when going out, I simply slip on my nice shoes with a little heel and my matching handbag, like my mother and women of the 50’s dressed. I am modest, I have always looked like a good ‘role model’ to my children (even my daughter dresses the same), yet I look very attractive and men always seem to open doors for me and compliment me, it just seems to come natural to them when they see a ‘lady’, because there are not many of them around! What a pity!

  195. Refreshing! I’m a modesty-minded Christian mom/wife/ homeschooler and trying to raise two teens to think about what their clothing choices say TO and FOR others is a challenge, especially when my beautiful daughter’s decided to pursue fashion merchandising as a career (huge gulp!). I am a die hard jeans loving mom who also loves her skirts (I adore the Maxi trend – comfortable AND slimming!). What I loved about your post is the clarity and honesty and decided lack of political correctness. Please know that many of us who are not skirts-only women are still cheering you on for your courage to live out your convictions in an increasingly hostile world.

  196. I loved reading this post because it really sums up how I feel. Before becoming a mom I was an active duty Marine, I left the military when my oldest was 4 months old. It is hard to explain to people I served with why they never see me in a skirt. Complicating that even more is the fact its not for religious reasons. I feel more comfortable in a skirt and its a subtle reminder to myself that Im a lady and need to act like one. I still own one pair of jeans for activities I would consider inappropriate to do in a skirt (my family volunteers a lot and I don’t feel its safe or modest to be helping roof a house in a skirt) but I rarely wear them.

  197. Donna Kleinmaus says:

    Sadly I am about the only one left in my church who wears skirts all the time, and I am 66 years old. I am watching with sad heart as my church which was so very conservative yrs ago slide away and dress more and more like the world, coming to church Sunday nights & Wednesday nights. And they think the tight jeans are fine…….even women wearing dress pants telling me they don’t get tight. I agree that there is nothing pretty about seeing the women showing off every crick & crevice that she has. I am so happy to see other ladies concerned about their modesty issues! God Bless You all!

  198. Here’s another good reason: Dresses and skirts are much more forgiving of size changes than pants and capris, and I know many of us ladies yo-yo in size, especially because of pregnancies. Dresses and skirts are much more beautiful and feminine, too, as Caroline wrote. I have let go of pants, jeans, and capris almost entirely over the past year, and I love looking dressy every day. I’m a stay-at-home mom, so I can choose to wear anything I want, and this is my choice.

    I made up my mind simply because I was watching a movie set in the early 1900s, and I complained to my mom, “We could be dressing like that! It’s so pretty! What is wrong with us that we dress so casually?” Then I realized I could change, instead of just going with the flow and following my culture. I could dress in pretty clothes all the time!

    In my case, modesty was not my biggest reason for the change. But as time went by, and I saw “skinny jeans” come into fashion over the past year, I was shocked at how Christian girls were suddenly wearing skin-tight jeans to church with fancy, lacy tops over them – but tops that did not cover their rear ends! I was like, “Where has compromise taken us? How did Christian women reach this point?” By following the trends the world set for us, apparently. I’m happy to see so many here who have found dresses and skirts to be the best decision for them after all.

    There are a few other “rules” I’ve made for my wardrobe, some of them learned after experimenting. I stitch up high slits, because they ride up when I’m getting in and out of the car. I don’t wear skirts / dresses that fall above the knee, because when I sit down, they ride up until part of my thighs are showing. Then I can’t get comfortable in my seat, because I keep pressing my legs tight together and yanking at my skirt – so embarrassing. I have two favorite jumpers that are solid colors, but I wear my shirts OVER them, because I know jumpers are not in style. So they are the combined skirt and tank top, instead of jumpers.

    Speaking of tank tops, they come in handy for scoop-necked shirts. The simplest way to judge whether I need a tank top is just to bend at the waist in front of my mirror. If I can see down my shirt, I’ll put on a tank top under my shirt.

    What do you modest ladies do about swimwear?

  199. You and your blog inspired me to wear skirts more often… until I moved. πŸ™‚ I truly appreciate your heart and your reasons for dressing the way that you do. But my family recently moved to an off-grid homestead, and I’ve been pulling out my skirts less and less frequently. One day, as I was climbing the ladder to our hayloft, I realized that skirts just did not fit in around here! I know that the pioneer women had to do it, but I don’t think it’s always safe, especially when riding horses (I am a horse trainer/riding instructor by trade, and am now able to ride/train more again than I have since before having children.) I’ve had “skirt advocates” (for lack of better word) say “Oh, my cousin/friend/someone I knew” wore full skirts when riding a horse.” My guess is that she was not training the horse. It’s just completely impractical and NOT safe on a green horse or in rough country as loose clothing of any kind can get hung up on the saddle or bushes/trees/etc. But all this to say, thanks for reminding me to dress like a woman, (or cowgIRL, not a cowBOY), and to embrace my skirts and dresses when I dress for going into town. I do think your point #1 is of utmost importance for all Christian ladies whether or not they go for skirts all of the time!

  200. Titus 3:9
    “But avoid foolish controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels about the law, for they are unprofitable and worthless.”

  201. I don’t yet agree that pants are immodest or cross-dressing, but I do believe that people who do feel that way should absolutely follow their convictions and I hold no judgement against them, and I appreciate the author acknowledging that other women may not feel convicted to wear skirts all the time.
    It is an idea that has been starting to grow on me. I do feel pretty and feminine in skirts and enjoy their comfort. One of my hold-ups is that it would seem restricting for your activities. I don’t want to be sitting on the sidelines of life because it’s too hard to move around in a skirt. Same thing with my daughters; I want them to play and have fun and not just sit on the couch. That has been my perception of what life in only skirts would be. BUT I see you playing dodge ball with your kids up above πŸ™‚ And someone else commented that it really hasn’t changed anything for their activities. And I see a lot of comments about how the skirts work just fine in the winter. Can you those of who do skirts-only elaborate on these things and my concern? Do you feel like there is no impediment on daily life? I saw someone say that it’s hard for their daughters to ride bikes because of the skirts.
    Another reason I haven’t been convinced yet is that my husband who I go to for modesty checks hasn’t seen jeans as immodest. I know that is not the end all for checking my modesty, but that has been one of my reasons for continuing to wear jeans.

    • I just realized that this blog post is old and I may not get any feedback, lol.

      • Julie Loveless says:

        Funny, I just found this article myself. I grew up in skirts, but at 16, my parents let us choose for ourselves as long as we followed Dad’s guidelines. About ten years later As a single adult, I was personally led to put away the jeans. I’ve now been wearing skirts for about 16 years. It is a personal standard. When I married, my husband did not share my standard, but was pleased to support me in it. We have decided together to uphold that standard for our girls. They wear split skirts to ride bikes. There are some great sites that offer athletic skirts with shorts or leggings under them. I was told they would never learn to crawl in a dress, but they did! Skirts have never held us back, it’s just a matter of making adjustments. Skirts can cause just as many modesty issues as pants, so remember modesty is the issue here, whether in skirts or jeans.

        Seriously, the author of this blog has done a great job in presenting modesty from a Biblical standpoint. If you and your husband are not convinced that you should do away with pants and you know in your heart that you are dressing to please God and your husband, then don’t let others set your standards. Remember God’s Word is THE standard for every area of our lives. Pants weren’t an issue when the Bible was written. In fact, the only reference to pants were the britches the priests wore under their robes for the sake of modesty while crawling in and out of the Holy of Holies.

        Culture and styles change, but God’s Word is timeless. That is why It teaches modesty standards that are relavant in ALL ages and cultures. It does not address pants vs skirts. I wish more people understood this.

        I pray you will be encouraged to continue striving to please God and your husband in the never ending struggle for modesty. I for one am encouraged by the fact that you are willing to follow God’s leading in this matter.

        God bless.

  202. Julie Loveless says:

    This is the best article I’ve read on the skirt issue. I, myself, have not worn jeans or slacks for about 16 years, but do not think it is sinful to wear them. My husband is the pastor of our church and just preached on the danger of shoving our personal preferences and standards off as doctrine. He used dresses vs. slacks as an example. Afterwards, a gentleman approached him with that verse in Deut. It is unfortunate that is misused so often. If we were to hold to that verse then we would have to go back to wearing robes. Somehow, I can’t picture my hubby getting up to preach in a floor length robe.

    Our girls also wear skirts, but we teach them it’s not about the skirts, it’s about being modest and feminine. When we first came to this church I was reprimanded for letting our girls wear snow pants and split skirts. My husband and I have chosen to stay true to the Scripture and ignore the backlash.

    God’s Word says that whatsoever is without faith is sin. So, if a woman is not convinced she is pleasing God in a pair of modest pants and yet continues to wear them, she is sinning. It is not the pants that are the sin, it is the rebellion.

    I thank you for your honesty and for teaching the doctrine of modesty without adding to God’s Word.

    I had just read your article on wearing jeans and was ashamed of my Baptist sisters who shunned you because you choose to wear jeans occasionally. You followed God Word by seeking your husband’s approval and you follow the Biblical standards for modesty.

    God bless you.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments! I really appreciate your balanced approach to this issue as well. πŸ™‚

  203. Octavia Peterson says:

    Amen Sister. God bless you. I thought I was the only one who wore dresses/skirts every day. You really blessed me. My girls hate it. When they leave my house and start buying their own clothes, they can do what they want. Hopefully they don’t get too far off track.

  204. Octavia Peterson says:

    You really blessed me. I wear skirts and dresses everyday. In the winter people think I’m crazy.

  205. Elizabeth Mason says:

    I absolutely loved this post and feel that you are doing exactly what the Lord is calling you to do. Just like you I love all my sisters in Christ also so in saying this I am trying to persuade no one to my views just give a different outlook. I am a pant wearer. On a daily basis in fact. Although I wear them I am still very modest. I don’t wear rear end length shirts to cover but I don’t wear anything revealing I feel like that is displeasing to God. Shirts also have a lot to do with coverage. With all of this said pants and shirts can be modest (like you said) but they have to be chosen wisely. But completely stand by you in your decision of how to dress so keep on!
    In Christ, Liz

  206. Alison Collins says:

    Hi…don’t know if you still read this post. I agree. I wanted to share that I live in a hot place in Australia. I know a lot of women who don’t wear dresses or skirts in summer because of chaffing problems. After much prayer for a solution to this, I have found that wearing long sports underwear (especially the kind that absorbs moisture) is excellent for this problem, and that I am cooler wearing these under a skirt than in shorts. I also agree that pants with tunic tops is also modest, and that these can be made feminine as well. Bless you muchly.

  207. Interesting perspective! I recently wrote an article sharing my skirt-wearing story. Check it out here: http://journeyoftheword.com/2016/06/28/why-i-wore-skirts-for-10-years/.

  208. Where can i find the long burgundy skirt with brown belt you posted on pinterest? Thanks

  209. Hi, I’m a teen, 16 and I really like your blog. I’m committed to modest dress and my parents are strict with me about my commitment also. I really like how you express that girls need to look like girls and boys need to look like boys. I wear only modest skirts and collared dresses with flat shoes. My mother chooses my cloths and I get teased for wearing cloths that look to young for a teen but I think a Christian girl should accept that because it’s about honoring and obeying our parents.

  210. Were in a society that women want to be equal to men and to so called prove it women threw out their femininity and went more masculine. God made a distinction between male and female ,they are opposite of the other. Ladies it’s nice when you wear skirt or dress enjoy your femininity.

  211. Love this! I wear dresses and skirts most of the time and am only hampered by my limited wardrobe until I learn to sew some skirts. They are far more comfortable than any pants I’ve owned. My skin is sensitive from fibromyalgia, and pants hurt. Another reason I don’t like wearing pants (I only wear them for short periods of time under tunics) is that they make a perfect inverted V that draws the eye up to your crotch or buttocks. To me, that’s immodest.

  212. Grace Keener says:

    Y’all are a blessing to me. I’ve struggled with feeling convicted to wear skirts full time. My home church and family are very open minded none wear skirts with any kind of regularity,so it puzzled me why I felt called to and no one else in my church or family did .
    So I prayed and prayed for guidance and, after reading this blog ,raising arrows, and about every other site on the matter, I found so many wonderful and Godly women out there just like me. I’m getting married next spring and have decided that I’ll be skirts only when I get married.
    Thank you so much for sharing your journey!

  213. I too wear skirts and dresses all the time as I feel it is a great way to express my femininity in a modest and godly way. I don’t judge anyone on what they wear, I just prefer to dress in a feminine way that reflects a traditional female gender role.


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