Thursday I surprised my husband by taking him to a Bed and Breakfast for the night. We had such a lovely time! I highly recommend doing something like this for every married couple once in a while! If you don’t like frilly Bed and Breakfast type places, go camping instead! 🙂 It was wonderful to reconnect and have time to talk, swim, paddleboat, shop, and eat. 🙂 We may or may not have eaten a whole bag of chocolate truffles while we were away. Yummy! 🙂

We took some pictures in the Bed and Breakfast for Modest Monday, but most of them are so dark. It was a beautiful place, and I’ll share more pictures of the actual place later in a different blog post.

I went to the Thrift Store the day before we left, hoping to pick up some cute new outfit to wear on our date. I was thrilled with what I found!

Bed and Breakfast Modest Monday

The skirt and blouse was found at the thrift store. My sister asked me if it was a matching set, but I found them separately!

Modest Monday Bed and Breakfast

The only bad thing about the skirt is that it wrinkles easily when in the car. 🙂 This was taken before we left at my sister’s house. Jennifer and Neil and my mother in law were wonderful in that they watched all our children for us! My mother in law had two of our children and the other 3 were at their Aunt and Uncle’s house.

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What I Wore

Skirt – Thrift Store

Blouse – Thrift Store

Halftee under blouse – Deborah & Co.

Sandals – Zulily

Necklace – The Vintage Pearl

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Headband – Target

11 Comments on Modest Monday and a Link Up!

  1. You really look adorable in that outfit. What a great find! Thanks so much for hosting again this week! I’ve linked up my dairy and sugar-free strawberry (or vanilla) ice cream recipe as well as a way to use it in a new treat we’ve discovered called a knickerbocker glory. Have a magnificent week!
    Tina from

  2. How fun to have a getaway! I love spending time with just my husband now and then. It is relaxing and refuels your marriage. I remember when our kiddos were younger and we would take a daytrip for a farm errand or the occasional weekend, how nice it was to be able to give all my attention to my husband and listen to what he was saying, without ANY interruptions and to eat a meal without needing to cut up someone’s food. 🙂 It’s always great to get back and see the kiddos again then too!

  3. Completely agree about get-aways, especially if you have been married for a while and the romance is getting mundane . Lovely outfit and excellent find.

  4. Hello! What a beautiful outfit! I am transitioning to wearing skirts. It is something God has been working on in the hearts of both myself and my husband!
    I have found some great skirts at thrift shops! This may be a bit of a personal question, what do you wear under your skirts? I have been wearing spanx type shorts and a knee length slip. I can’t find any places to purchase slips that are any longer than knee length. Do have any suggestions?

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