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A reader wrote me this question:

“I love your blog and have noticed how beautiful your hair is. I was
just curious what kind of hair products that you use. I hope you don’t
mind sharing.

I’ve used inexpensive as well as expensive hair products and just
cannot find a good fit. I have natural wavy hair and would like to be
able to wake up in the morning and brush it and go, but unfortunately
that doesn’t work. I hope you don’t mind sharing your hair styling

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Some of you might be surprised at how little I do, but it works for my busy time of life! I’ve always been blessed to have very thick hair, and even after losing some due to being blessed with five children (so far!), I still have thick hair.

I recently cut 6 inches off my hair, and before my hair stylist layered it she cut it one length. It was SO thick and heavy feeling! While I like one length for doing hair styles easier, having layers is nice with thick hair as it takes some weight off. My hair stylist has told me that I have fine hair, just lots of it.

At this point in my life I balance wanting to take good care of my hair with the fact that I have a budget and five children and plenty of things to spend my money on! I see shampoo and conditioner suggested all the time that are $30 apiece, but I just don’t have the money for that! I don’t get the super cheap stuff (like Suave, even though I used that in high school!), but neither do I get the top of the line!

After some trial and error, I’ve found the type of shampoo and conditioner that works best on my hair are ones that are low in sodium laurel sulfate. Many times the bottle will advertise that. The reason behind avoiding sodium laurel sulfate is because it is hard on your hair. It dries your hair out, and is a harsh chemical that you don’t need in your shampoo. Your scalp absorbs a lot of chemicals, so I try to be careful what I put on my hair. I’m not a purist by any means, but I am particular over what I use.

Some of my favorite shampoo and Conditioners are:


TRESemme Naturals – I really like this shampoo and out of all the different ones I have used it is the most affordable. My hair always dries feeling healthy and full of volume.

L'Oreal Collage

L’Oreal Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner – This one makes my list because it is Sulfate Free, but it didn’t leave my hair feeling quite as thick as the TRESemme does. Overall it did a good job, but it is a little bit more money for smaller size bottles.


Giovanni Shampoo  – I haven’t used this in a while, but my Mom was always buying this brand and I really like it. It is the only natural brand that is sold in health food stores that I found to work on my hair. Most natural brands leave my hair feeling limp and lifeless. This does just as good of a job as the TRESemme. It is more expensive, sometimes Costco has these bottles on sale for a good price, but you would probably want to try a smaller size bottle before purchasing the huge ones there. 🙂 My husband uses their styling gel on his hair and really likes it. I’ve also found this brand at Marshalls and Ross for a good price.


Kirkland Professional Salon Shampoo – I was out of Shampoo recently and decided to try this shampoo I saw at Costco. I love it, and even my children comment on how much they like it, which I find amusing. 🙂 My seven year old son always tells me it smells so good. It is Sulfate, Paraben, and Gluten free, and made with organic extracts. I did not pay this much at Costco, so if you have a membership get it there. It is a huge bottle so it will last for quite awhile.

For actually styling my hair every day, I don’t use creams or hairspray. I curl my hair with hot rollers as I could never find the time to curl it with a curling iron every day! I don’t use hot rollers every day, but try to curl my hair several times a week.


Conair Large Hot Rollers – This is not my exact set but the size is close. I have a set that is all one size of extra large rollers. They work really well!


Babyliss Pro– I was sent this set to review before I cut my hair. For long, thick hair they just were not working for me. My hair would barely come out curled. I had to write the company and tell them that. But now that I cut six inches off my hair the set is working really good. I love how huge this set is and that I can curl my hair and my daughter’s hair on Sunday morning for church. I use Conair Hair Clips to secure the hot rollers, and they work much better then simply using the metal clips that normally come with hair roller sets.

Hot Tools Curling Iron – My hairstylist told me about the Hot Tools curling iron and since I was needing a curling iron I decided to go ahead and get this brand. It is the best curling iron I’ve ever used! The cheap brands feel like they are frying my hair.


Lilla Rose Flexi Clips – No hair post would be complete without mentioning Lilla Rose! After I style my hair most of the time it then goes up in a flexi hair clip. I mentioned I have thick hair. When I was younger I saw all these girls walking around with their hair up in clips, or a few bobby pins securing an adorable bun. I could never do that. My hair is so thick and slippery that even the giant claw clip would slip right out. I can put my hair up in a flexi hair clip and leave it all day long. They are practical, beautiful, and work in fine or thick hair, thanks to multiple sizes available. I wear a large or extra large when all my hair is up, a mini for just a tiny bit of hair pulled back, and an x-small for pulling back some hair (like a barrette except much prettier).


What hair products have you used successfully? Leave me a comment below! 
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21 Comments on Hair Styling Products I Use As A Busy Mom!

  1. I’ve been using Tresemme volume products but didn’t realize they offered a natural version. Will be switching. I have the exact Conair hot roller set pictured, and it works well for me. Three more rollers and it’d be perfect.:) Looking forward to trying some of the other items you mentioned. Thanks for the info. Blessings!

  2. I also have very thick fine hair and have found nothing to keep the curl in. Part of it right now is that it is currently halfway down my back but cutting it shortly. I used to try curlers as a kid and nothing worked. How do you use the Conair ones? And if you don’t mind me asking and you answering, how often are you washing your hair? I wash it every other day. 🙂 Thanks so much!!!

    • I used to wash my hair every other day. That is still my goal, but honestly a lot of times it is every 3 days before I get to it. If it looked really gross I wouldn’t stretch it out that far, but this past year or two I’ve been able to stretch it out that long. 🙂 Do you want me to do a tutorial on putting the Conair curlers in?

  3. That was really helpful! Thank you for your post! I have the exact same type of hair you do, just lighter in color, and I also love the Lilla Rose hair things that I bought from you. They are much more comfortable than anything else I’ve worn. I have not tried anything else you mentioned, but I think I might use my BD money to buy some hair curlers like you mentioned 🙂

    • I got mine at Kohl’s a few years ago, and I’ve really liked it. I was looking for specific features such as a cool setting and a diffuser, and I found those in that particular model. Do you know what you’re looking for? Sometimes it helps to know that first and work from there.

  4. I have long, thick hair and I just got layers and cut to my shoulders in April, so much lighter. I have a couple products the stylist recommended but I only use them for special occassions, not every day since they were $20 a piece. It’s funny and I had to chuckle when you said you don’t use top of the line hair stuff, Tresseme, Giovanni, etc are top of the line, we have to buy stuff that the whole family can use so that usually means V05 or Suave because it’s cheap – can’t have a $10 bottle of shampoo only last one week.

    • Well I guess I don’t think I use top of the line because compared to the salon brand shampoo that is $20 to $30 a bottle the stuff I use isn’t nearly as expensive. The Giovanni is the most expensive. The Tresseme I can find at Walmart for around $5 a bottle. If you have a large family I understand you can go through it fast. There have been a few bottles I’ve purchased that was just for Mama, the children used something a bit cheaper. 🙂

    • Unfortunately, the cheap junk shampoo can really damage your hair. My hair started falling out when I used Suave. There are so,etchings I don’t skimp on, hair care is one.

  5. Hey, it’s my head! 😉 Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll have to look at Costco for the Kirkland’s brand. I’m using a combo of soap nuts and Wen – which is super expensive but my aunt gifts it to me. I like those better than most, but I’m definitely still looking for *the* solution! I do love Giovanni hair spray!

  6. Please tell me about hot rollers. I’ve been looking at the, but I can curl my long hair really quick with my iron. When you do a post on them, let letus lovely ladies know

  7. Thanks for the info. You mentioned hair getting thinner after childbirth. Does it thicken up ever again? I’ve had 10 children and my hair is very thin. Do you think it is reversible at all?

    • I’ll be curious to see if you get any responses, Kelly–this also happened to me after 2 children! I started out with thick, fine hair as a child and have gone through “thin-out” periods–I wonder if it’s been during times of hormonal upheaval or something like that.

  8. I’ve tried a lot of different types of products, too–both from the grocery store and the salon. The ones I AVOID are the Pantene and Suave brands. I use baking soda/water part of the week and then I use a good (salon formula) for my hair. Other members of the family use the baking soda/water part of the time, too, so we don’t go through nearly as much shampoo as we used to. We like the way our hair feels and handles, so it’s working for us.

    If you have an ULTA store near you, they accept store coupons, and they usually have a coupon of their own (like 20% off your entire purchase or $3.50 off at least a $10 purchase). That’s where I buy the salon products, so at least it’s somewhat of a savings for us. More expensive doesn’t always mean better, but sometimes what truly works for you IS more expensive! 🙂

    • Yup, Pantene is another bad one! I’m a Nexxus girl, I buy a big bottle at Costco, and use that to fill up bottles as needed.

  9. I have very fine hair that is also quite thin. For me, it has taken a lot of trial and error to find something that will give my hair some life and body, without making it frizzy, and that will smooth out the frizzes and half-waves without complete weighing down my hair.
    The BEST product I have ever found is the Nexus phyto-organics line. I use the nourishing ones and they are perfect for my hair. They do have SLS, I am not sure how much, but my hair looks healthiest with this so I try not to worry about it. It is about $14 per bottle, which is pricey to me, but my mom likes to buy it for me, and I can really make it last if I rotate this with baking soda/vinegar every other day.
    I use the Tresemme heat protector before I straighten my hair, which really smooths out the little frizzies I get. I don’t use a lot of hairspray, but keep Suave on hand for a couple spritzes as needed.
    I cannot get my hair to hold a curl for the life of me, so I don’t own a curling iron or hot rollers. 🙂

  10. Been meaning to say thanks for this post. I still have it up on my browser for when I go shopping next. I will try the Giovonni as it is rated only a “2” on the EWG database and it is so hard to find good shampoo and conditioner that isn’t bad for hair but doesn’t cost a fortune either

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