Modest Swimsuits For Teen Girls and Women

Summer and modest swimsuits for teen girls are a hard combination! Between trying to find a swimsuit that your teen girl approves of as being cute, and one modest enough that mom approves of, you can end up with a headache!

Thankfully we tried out Modli this year for our 13 year old daughter and it was a huge success! Not only does our daughter love her swimsuit, but it’s parent approved!

The quality is really good. The top and skirt are very comfortable, and I think they will hold up for a long time! I see this being passed down to younger girls when Carrianna outgrows it.

We ordered the Maya closed back Swim Top , along with the Flowy Swim Skirt. Both of them are an XS size.

The striped pattern she picked looks like it’s sold out, but there are other patterns available.

There are even nursing and maternity swim suits to pick from!

I’m planning on ordering swim tops for my 11 and 9 year old daughters. I compromised last year with swim suits that I didn’t like, and want more coverage this year.

You can save 15% off your entire order during their Memorial Day sale, using the coupon code MDAY15 at the checkout.

Another option that can add modestly to an existing swimsuit is a brand new product that Halftee released!

They now have a swim Halftee!

I actually did this last year, I used a Halftee under a maternity tank, but it wasn’t swim material. If I wanted to try this swim Halftee, I would reverse it so the neckline was higher than what is shown in the picture. Overall though, I think it’s an amazing idea! No more plunging necklines during swimming!

Use the code: CarolineA533 to save 20% off your entire Halftee order! 







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  1. Wow, she is looking so grown up and beautiful! I love the swimsuit, you wouldn’t even think from glancing that it was meant to be modest, if that makes sense. Clearly is modest, but it doesn’t look funny or bulky.

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