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Dressing Little Girls Modestly For The Summer Months

Summer is when I find it the hardest to dress my girls modestly. They are hot, they are active, they are outside, and I often find them shedding their skirt outside and running around in shorts to jump on the trampoline.

My oldest daughter is 10 and our youngest daughter is 3, then we have an 8 and 6 year old in-between. So we have the blossoming young lady, and the very active little ones still.

I’m going to come out and say this from the beginning.

I’ve written before about my modesty standards for my little girls and how I’m not stressed about dressing my little girls from birth in dresses only.  Even the length of dresses they wear might be a little shorter then what I wear.

They are young, innocent, and they don’t need to worry about being more modest since they are not in an adult body. As they get older we transition and talk about hem lengths, sleeve lengths, etc. So far it’s not been hard for my 10 year old to understand that she is growing up and has certain rules. I try to not make the rules hard to follow, and help her understand them.

What I am strict about is making sure my little girls look like girls. It grieves my heart when I see girls dressed in provocative clothing designed to make them look like adult women.

The clothing that is readily available out there is sarcastic, flirty, and not appropriate for girls. We avoid a lot of graphic tees that are full of girl power, and putting down siblings or parents.

Matilda Jane Dress for little girls

I don’t let them wear short shorts, they have capri length pants or right at the knee looser pants for play. We personally avoid the open shoulder look that is so popular right now (the peek a boo shoulder look, it’s just a personal preference). They mainly do wear skirts or dresses all summer long.

Some of the brands of clothing I love for the girls are:

Matilda Jane – I wait until I see it on Zulily or look for it on ThredUP.

Dressing little girls modestly can be easy if you have a vision in mind of what you want your girls to look like!

Gymboree – I love getting shirts for the girls here, I find the quality to be really good for passing down to younger siblings. <— They are having a big sale right now! 

Hanna Anderson – I normally get these dresses on ThredUP or at thrift stores.

Carter’s – I absolutely love Carter’s clothing for my babies and toddlers! They make such sweet clothing! <— They are having a big Memorial Day Sale! 

I’ve recently discovered Eleanor Rose and love how sweet and vintage they look. They have a few big sales a year, I grabbed dresses in the fall during that sale.

For denim skirts my girls wear our Rainbow Denim Skirt in the girls sizes and like them!

I made a video of a few practical tips for dressing girls modestly in the summer heat. You might know all of these ideas, but I wanted to just pass on what I’ve found helpful!

I normally get bike shorts from Target (like these) and they are comfortable for wearing under dresses and skirts all summer long. I have these on my shopping list, the girls need more!

The girl size Halftees you can find at Deborah & Co. The short sleeve ones are here, and the basic version is here. These work so well under sundresses! <—— Save 15% off any order through memorial Day weekend with the code: MEMORIAL at the checkout! 

If you have anymore tips to share, I’d love for you to leave a comment!





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  1. I absolutely love the first pic of your girls with the maxi dresses! I would wear the outfit your 10 year old is wearing on the left! The shrugs are great and go nicely with the look and make it look elegant and feminine! I wish more girls dressed more feminine nowadays. I love maxi dresses, they’re so elegant and feminine looking. I agree there are plenty of immodest styles out there, but there are plenty of more modest clothes in common retail stores, you jut have to look more. I’m very petite, so I still fit in kids 14-16, so I know from personal experience trying to find modest clothing myself. When your girls get older too, petite sizes and size 0 or 2 might fit them in women’s, as women’s has a lot more conservative and modest styles versus the juniors department. A lot of the dresses there are pretty with florals and don’t look frumpy, but go below the knee and have higher necklines on a lot of them, things I look for myself. Your girls do look more “grownup” in the styles I saw in the first picture, but in the elegant and ladylike way, not the cheap skank way! We should be telling our girls that being “adult” does not equal being provocative. Being an adult means having maturity and self-respect! Many fine ladies wear the styles I see on your blog 🙂 We should teach our girls to emulate lady like and feminine role models to aspire to be ladies themselves.

  2. This is just so fresh and modern! You also look fabulous! The new blog design should appeal to a greater audience now! Kudo’s!

  3. Super-cute outfits for girls. What are your standards for your boys’ modesty? As a mother of two boys, I’d love to know.

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