Happy Memorial Day to my USA readers!! I hope whatever you are doing today that you will take the time to stop and remember those who have fought for our freedoms in this country. We are going to take our children to a museum today and go visit Sean’s grandma and visit his grandpa’s grave.

White maternity skirt with top from Old Navy

I’m excited that June is almost here! It makes that August due date feel like it’s getting closer. The baby continues to be active, especially at night time! I’m trying to enjoy all the little kicks as I know our days of having babies are slowing down, and this could be the last one (we don’t know yet, but I keep reminding myself to savor it like it is).

XL Flexi Clip from Lilla Rose

Oh how thankful I’ve been for these XL Flexi Clips from Lilla Rose lately! The heat is starting to really warm up and I wore my hair up all day long on Sunday. This picture was taken after I took a 2 hour nap, I didn’t have to fix my hair all day long after the initial 5 minutes in the morning! I have thicker hair so I need an XL for holding all my hair up, others just need a small or medium.

My boys were gone on a week long trip with grandparents and got home Saturday. They had a blast exploring Yellowstone park, Devil’s Tower, Colorado and lots more, but I was so happy they returned home safe and sound. I missed them a lot! The next few years are going to be interesting as we get into the teen years of them driving and being gone more!

What I Wore

Skirt – Motherhood brand from ThredUP

Top – Old Navy Maternity

Shoes – ThredUP

Flexi Clip – Lilla Rose

Link Up Time!

Please feel free to share posts about anything concerning being a godly, feminine woman. Topics include: modesty, being a wife, mother, homeschooler, homemaker, cooking, sewing, etc.





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  1. Thank you so much for hosting the linkup and for your words of wisdom and encouragement in living a life of modesty. Your lovely clothing, hairstyles, and tips will help us all young and not-so-young! Blessings!

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