Christian HealthCare Ministries Covered Our Pregnancy!

We have had all of our children at home using a midwife, but this last pregnancy is the very first time that we have not had to pay out of pocket for the whole birth, thanks to Christian Healthcare Ministries!

I can’t tell you how wonderful that was!

How Christian Healthcare Ministries Covered Our Pregnancy!

During our first pregnancy when we were young and just starting out, I worked for Sean’s parents when they owned a trophy business and all that income I earned went towards midwife payments. Our home births cost around $3800-$4800, which includes the prenatal visits, the birth, and the 6 weeks follow up care.

There have been different seasons of life for us, and sometimes the midwife fees fit into our budget, and other times it was really stretching us to get the midwife fees covered.

When we started talking about having another baby we knew we wanted to use Christian Healthcare Ministries to help cover the birth fees this time. We were already using this ministry, but in order to have a pregnancy be covered the mom has to be on the Gold plan for 2 months before getting pregnant. So you do have to plan ahead of time!

I called them and moved me up to the Gold plan, and they told me to make sure and not get pregnant until November.

We found out we were expecting in November! Talk about perfect timing. 🙂

Thankfully our midwife was very familiar with Christian Healthcare Ministries as she has had a number of clients use it. She told us to make a few payments along the way, and then knew she would get paid in full at the end.

We were so blessed because Christian Healthcare Ministries covered all of my pregnancy related expenses, including all my lab bills and progesterone medicine (I had to do weekly lab draws during the first trimester), and all those bills ended up being around $1000. We paid out of pocket and were paid back, which also included the 2 ultrasounds we had.

If you are wanting to have a baby but currently do not have insurance, or have super high payments on your current plan, I would suggest you take a look at Christian Healthcare Ministries! For a mom to be on the gold plan (the best plan for pregnancy), you only pay $150.00 per month! This covers up to $125,000 of expenses per pregnancy.

How Does It Work?

Sign up for Christian Healthcare Ministries BEFORE you get pregnant, and ask them how many days you need to wait before getting pregnant.

Once you find out you are pregnant, decide what health care provider you are going to use and see what the overall expenses are going to be. Go ahead and submit those bills to Christian Healthcare Ministries (more information is on the website, and I suggest calling them as well to make sure you understand exactly how it works). It takes 3-4 months to be reimbursed, so the sooner you do it the better!

Set up a payment plan with your health care provider, and let them know you can pay them in full towards the end of the pregnancy.

You can submit other bills that come up throughout the pregnancy, so don’t be afraid of submitting that initial bill that covers the main doctor/midwife fee. I submitted a few other bills and was reimbursed for everything in one check.

Just wait for them to work through the paperwork and then you will receive a check in the mail!

Overall we were very happy with using Christian Healthcare Ministries, and still have this service for our whole family.

If you are interested in joining Christian Healthcare Ministries after reading this post, we would really appreciate it if you would put our name down as the referral when you join. We receive a free month when a family joins and shares our name as the referral, which is such a blessing!

You could just copy this: Sean and Caroline Allen – Member number 21189

Let me know if you have any questions!




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  1. I agree this is a great ministry! We signed up with your referral a couple of years ago because we couldn’t afford health insurance anymore for our family. It has been a real blessing – and a big help for our budget!

  2. So glad I live in a country with socialized medicine that works ! My last pregnancy/birth/followup care cost 30.00 For the tv rental.

    1. We do have socialized healthcare for pregnancy. Pregnancy Medicaid covers most pregnancies. It is based on income and family size. We qualified for our twins and I’m glad we did. They were million dollar babies literally.

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