I’ll never forget putting buns in my hair when I was younger. My hair was incredibly thick and I had a huge handful of bobby pins that I stuck in my hair at all angles, including little ones and long, thicker ones.

I spent all day trying to adjust those bobby pins to keep them from digging into my head. I had to keep pushing them back in place.

To make matters worse, I would get headaches from having my hair pulled back so tightly all day long.

Sounds fun, right?


I’ve gone years without wearing buns. I fell in love with Flexi Clips 10 years ago and I’ve never looked back.

If you are wondering how to use a Flexi Clip, I have a free course at the bottom of this post that you can sign up for and watch my video tutorials! 

Last year I fell in love with another Lilla Rose product – the Swerve. Amazingly enough, this creates an easy hair bun that holds all day long just like the Flexi Clip!  I now have added the Swerve to my collection of Lilla Rose accessories that I keep in my bathroom and love to put my hair up in a bun!

What is the Swerve?

The Swerve is U shaped and easily slides in your hair to keep your bun in place. Lilla Rose has plain ones and they just recently came out with the “baby swerve” as I like to call it!

This small size swerve is great for putting your hair in a half up for thinner hair and girls hair.

Here are some easy bun hairstyles!

A braided bun is easy to do and can help keep those flyaways contained. If you have layers they tend to poke out of this style of braid. To solve that problem, I put it up in the Swerve and then just use 1 or 2 bobby pins to keep the layers in place. It doesn’t take many!

The bun shown above is using a square Upin that is similar to the Swerve.

You can see how to make an extra long celtic bun using a square Swerve clip in the video above.

I wore this bun hairstyle to church recently with great success. It stayed up all day long! The rose gold Janelle Swerve is a beautiful hair accessory!  Because I do have layers buns can be somewhat tricky for me to keep it all contained. I love to use plain Lux pins to tuck my flyways in place. They hold more than a bobby pin and are super comfortable!

This twist bun is so beautiful! Once again, it’s held in place by a rectangular Upin.

I love how it looks braided, but it’s not! You can watch the quick tutorial below to see how she did it.

See how quick and easy that twist bun is to make? You can do it! 

This beautiful hair bun is held in place with a simple Swerve! These flat Swerves have worked well for me.

You always have the option of doing a half bun. This is an easy way to make a bun, start a french braid at the top of your hair and braid it halfway, then continue doing a regular braid until the end of your hair. Twist it up into a bun and use the Swerve to hold it in place!

Other Easy Hair Bun Styles

You options besides the Swerve to create an easy bun, for long or short hair!

This hairstyles was created using dutch braids on the side, then braiding her hair and using a matching Violet Upin set to hold it in place. They work to hold up my daughter’s thick hair.

This thick bun is held in place with the beautiful Iris Upin set. I have these and the colors are stunning!

A simple braided half bun is very easy to make, and the Brass Rose Upins are holding it in place.

Watch the video below to learn how to make this easy bun. She is using a Flexi Clip to hold it in place, you could do either option.

Hairsticks For Easy Buns

Or you could use a hair stick to hold your bun up! This is probably the most classic easy bun look, but looks so much better than using a pencil! This easy bun was created using the Espresso long stick.

A Flexi Clip is always a beautiful option! This easy bun is being held in place with an x-large Seascape Flexi Clip. For those who love the sea, this is the perfect Flexi Clip style! The nice thing about the Flexi Clip is that the pin is always attached to it, so you don’t lose it.

I hope this gave you some ideas for how easy buns can be to make! It’s nice to have your hair up and out of your way all day long, but also look super cute using the Lilla Rose hair accessories.

A Special Offer For You!

Would you like to try some of these easy and beautiful hair accessories? Lilla Rose is now offering something special, called a HOOM. It’s a Have One On Me. Any of my customers that places an order for 3 or more items through me will receive a HOOM. What does that get you? $17 Lilla Bucks credit placed into your account, to be used on your next order! In super easy terms, that will mean you have $17 dollars of credit in your account when you login.

To take advantage of this, place your order for at least 3 items and then I will contact you! This offer is for my current customers, or for brand new customers to Lilla Rose! If you already have a stylist, please stay loyal to her.

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    • Have you tried an XXL Flexi Clip? I’ve seen lots of pictures of ladies with locs wearing the XXL Flexi clip successfully! Let me know if you need any help!

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