This was the first full week that my husband has been at home with us since college ended for the summer. Oh how nice it has been! I was starting to feel like a single parent (my heart goes out to all of you amazing single parents!), especially while finals were taking place. The joke around our house is that my husband is going to get through college unless he drops over dead first. :/ Going to school for graphic design requires so much time doing homework, not in studying books but in spending hours and hours working on projects every night. I’m so looking forward to this summer and spending some wonderful family time together.

It is finally warming up, and actually getting quite hot here in Missouri! White skirts seem so fitting for warmer days. πŸ™‚

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During the summer months I wear sandals to church almost every week. I practically live in sandals whenever I can!



I finally found some white sandals at Ross!



Classic, go with anything silver hoops!


My face is broke out from (I think) a makeup primer I started using this week. πŸ™ Time to stop using that one! Β Any suggestions on a good, preferably natural makeup primer?


Later in the day we went over to a friends house and I quickly twisted my hair back to get it out of my face, and used a Daisy Dangle Freestyle x-small flexi clip to hold it back.

What I Wore

White Skirt – Zulily (from last year)

Blouse – Charlotte Russe brand (Thrift Store)

White Sandals – Purchased at Ross, similar ones here

Silver Hoop Earrings – Similar ones here

Daisy Dangle Flexi Clip- Lilla Rose

Makeup –

Just a touch of concealer, Southern Belle Cream foundation, blush and tinted lip gloss, all from Cowgirl Dirt.

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14 Comments on Modest Monday And A Link Up!

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  2. I have had a white skirt hanging in my closet for a while, I need to get it out and wear it! You are so inspiring, thank you!!
    Really love your red blouse, too!

  3. Caroline, I have a question for you and I hope you have a moment to reply.. I was struck by the mention you made about having had a mother’s helper before. My oldest of 5 is turning 18 and finishing homeschool this year and she would like to get some sort of a job. Her daddy and I are concerned about it because she hasn’t yet worked and she has some developmental delays. She doesn’t always think fast and doesn’t have good hand coordination. She doesn’t drive either. But what she can do is help with younger siblings quite well. She’s had a lot of practice playing with little ones, taking them for stroller jogs, making them lunch, changing diapers, and some light housework like dishes and baking. I woke up this morning feeling like I had an ‘aha’ moment and I am going to suggest to her that we advertise her around church to be a mother’s helper. What do you think she should charge? Anything we should know before considering this for her? I sincerely appreciate your reply. Blessings, Melissa

  4. I know you are glad to have your husband back for the summer. Thanks for showing your white skirt combination. I have a white tiered skirt like the one you are wearing and I always seem to have trouble figuring out what to wear with it. I appreciate the idea!!!

  5. I like the look of white skirts; however, I don’t like that they are see through. Even with a slip, I feel immodest in them. What do you wear UNDER your skirt to prevent the white from being see through?

  6. Love the outfit this week:) Thanks for being such an inspiration!! Oh and wanted to mention that I found similar shoes this week at Khols (love that store). They didn’t have a flower, they had a bow, but they were on sale for under $20 and are super comfy! Happy sandal wearing:)

  7. I love your modest Monday posts- so simple and elegant. πŸ™‚ You mentioned that you live in Missouri- I do too!! My family and I live just outside of Springfield. I thought of you last night as the storms were overhead- I hope that you and yours fared well in the storms.

  8. My husband is in grad school right now–and I’m so glad we decided to pursue that adventure before we had kids–because it does take him away from home quite a bit extra!

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