We woke up Sunday morning to about 2 inches of snow on the ground, something we were not expecting. We don’t watch the news or weather on tv so we are sometimes behind the times of what might be happening! The children were delighted, but I’m not happy that it’s supposed to be below zero today and tomorrow. Yuck! I’m a shivering eskimo over here, I get terribly cold during my first trimester (I’m guessing just the strain on my thyroid??) and so this cold weather has not been fun.

I’m very thankful for the jacuzzi tub that we have in our master bedroom. Don’t let your mind instantly go to some beautiful bathroom, it’s horribly outdated, the floors are unfinished and the tub is probably one of the original jacuzzi tubs. But the jets still work, and until we update the bathroom that tub is staying!! Sean had suggested gutting the bathroom before we moved in but I told him I would enjoy that tub, even though it’s not the prettiest to look at. 😉

After that long explanation about our bathroom, all I wanted to say is that I’ve been enjoying some warm baths on these cold nights!

Yes, a Modest Monday post where I’m in jeans. 🙂 I found these at Costco and I love them because they have an elastic waistband instead of a button. So perfect for my first trimester (and honestly any other time after six children!).

I received several JCPenny gift cards for Christmas, so I went shopping and found this tunic shirt. It comes down lower in the back and covers my bottom, which is my preference when wearing pants. It’s also very soft and warm!

These boots have been a favorite of mine all winter. They are the highest pair of boots I’ve ever worn, but surprisingly they are pretty comfortable. I just don’t wear them all day long. They look like TOMS boots but for over half the price! I ordered mine on Amazon.

I’m wearing Younique makeup, just a more natural look with the Younique lipstick color of Affluent. It’s a very natural lipstick color and not very bright. I’m hoping to do a video soon on exactly what makeup I’m using and why.

What I Wore

Jeans – Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans

Tunic Top – Liz Clairborne Tunic

Boots – Dream Pairs brand from Amazon (I have the Khaki color)

Hairband – sold at Deborah & Co. (different color available here).

Makeup – Younique 

Link Up Time!

Please feel free to share posts about anything concerning being a godly, feminine woman. Topics include: modesty, being a wife, mother, homeschooler, homemaker, cooking, sewing, etc.


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  1. I love your jeans – they look like they are a softer type of denim and no doubt warm and comfy in the cold weather you are experiencing. I always like to try to cover my bottom when wearing trousers as well to increase modesty

  2. You look comfy yet put together.☺ I chuckled about being a little behind because you don’t watch the news…can totally relate to that! Prayers for your pregnancy to be smooth and healthy.

  3. We have a horribly outdated spa tub as well. Looks yuck but feels great after a long day, so I am grateful! Glad yours is helping you stay warm!
    Thank you for the link up, Caroline!

  4. Cute outfit!

    So, I want to say this as gently as I can…I sympathize with your fatigue, nausea, etc. during this pregnancy and well as your past pregnancies. I really do. But, just maybe, could you try and remember there are women out there who struggle with infertility and would trade places with you in a second? Including me. I realize this is your blog and you have a right to say what you want, but it honestly feels like a slap in the face every time someone who is pregnant (with several other children, nonetheless) complains… especially when it’s done fairly often… 🙁 I also know your sister has struggled with infertility, and I’m truly glad if it doesn’t bother her, but there are many more of us out there who have a really, really hard time. Again, I apologize if my tone sounds harsh. I do sympathize and am happy for you to have another baby. It’s just a thought I’d try and pass on. Please don’t take it personal, I am just trying to speak for those of us who feel as if a knife goes into our heart when we hear pregnancy complaints as we long and pray for a baby ourselves… I have teared up several times reading about your recent pregnancy ailments… so I think I might to have to take a break from your blog, although I do love it. You can delete this comment, I understand. I just wanted to give a gentle reminder. I do pray for a healthy pregnancy for you, I honestly do and will continue to do so. Thank you.

    • I’m so sorry Cierra. I never meant to cause anyone pain from my comments. My blog readers have always told me they want me to be honest. I’m just trying to be honest with what is going on in my life right now, not trying to complain constantly about not feeling well. If I’m terribly exhausted I’m not as good of a blogger, and I’m just letting people know where I’m at physically right now if I can’t be on here as much. My heart aches for those mothers who struggle with infertility, and I never mean to cause pain through expressing what I’m going through. But it is a real struggle to be pregnant, even though we recognize what a great blessing it is. When you have a large family and mom spends all day in bed or on the couch for weeks, it’s a trial, even though the outcome is a true blessing.

      Again, I do apologize for causing you pain. I gave pregnancy updates on the blog through my last pregnancy and planned on doing it again, but I will try to be more sensitive in what I say.

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