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2014 was a busy year, both on the blog and in my own personal life! The final semester of college for my husband who graduated in May, becoming pregnant and going through a difficult first trimester, my husband has been the pastor at our church this year, and we have once again been homeschooling, and trying to save money to buy a house and move from our small rental house.

I thought it would be fun to go through the blog month by month and highlight some of the top blog posts from the year!

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How I organized our Toys! After the holidays I was more than ready to jump in and organize our toy cabinet. I’m feeling that way again this year!

How I Organized Our Toys and saved my sanity! |

10 Ways to Become a Fun Mom! I shared 10 of my favorite ways to be a fun mom, with examples of what I do with my own children!

10 ways to become a fun mom

How to Make Herbal Glycerine Tinctures

Making glycerine tinctures is not hard! I'm sharing the step by step instructions at

How to Stay Warm and Modest In a Skirt – this has been a really popular post, especially on Pinterest!

How to stay warm and modest in a skirt |


An Adoption Story Written By God! The special story of how I gained two new nephews through adoption!

An Adoption Story Written By God! |

Mothering Through Fatigue – I’ve experienced many days of fatigue, I poured my heart out in this post and shared what mothering thorough fatigue is really like.

Mothering Through Fatigue |

Raising Little Girls To Embrace Modesty

Raising Little Girls to Embrace Modesty |


Scheduling our School Days, plus a free printable – We use this printable in our school days often, it is very helpful!

Scheduling Our School Days {And a FREE printable!} |

 Resources We Use For Teaching Good Character In Our Children

Resources we use for teaching good character in our children! |

 A love of Charlotte Mason, plus you can download this free printable!

Download your free Charlotte Mason Quote at! Resources for homeschooling using the Charlotte Mason method.

Is Your Family Built on Homeschool Leaders, or God? I wrote this after seeing the homeschool community start to fall apart after the Vision Forum tragedy.

Is Your Family Built on Homeschool Leaders or God?


How To Make Your Own Magnesium Lotion 

Make your own magnesium lotion! |

Can Jeans Be Worn Modestly? This was my most controversial post, and the only post I’ve turned the comment option off on. I’ll be honest, I spent time in tears after reading some of the negative emails I received. I should do a follow up post on this, but I just haven’t felt like tackling the topic again. For the record, I do wear jeans occasionally still. I would love to share a picture every now and then, but the feedback is brutal, which I find sad.

Ask Caroline: Can Jeans be worn modestly? |

Where to Find Modest Maternity Shirts?

Ask Caroline: Where to Find Modest Maternity Shirts |

10 Hairstyles for Long Hair

10 Hairstyles for Long Hair, from super easy to more difficult styles perfect for a night out on the town! |

Modesty in Marriage: How Much Is Too Much?

Modesty in Marriage: How Much is Too Much? |


How I Put My Husband Through College – As a Homeschooling Mom Of 5 Children! I still can’t believe we made it through. We don’t regret doing this, but it was one of the most difficult things we have done together!

How I put my husband through college, while homeschooling with five children! |

A Non-Disney Princess Birthday Party! My oldest daughter turned 6 and we had a party with some friends!

A Non-Disney Princess Birthday Party! |

5 Ways My Mom Inspires Me – It’s hard to believe my Mom passed away over 4 years ago now. This is how my mom inspired me, both when she was alive and still today.

5 Ways My Mom Inspires Me |


The Ultimate Booklist for Boys – Another post that has been shared on Pinterest a lot!

The Ultimate Booklist for Boys! |

How to Parent a Two Year Old With Joy! 

How to Parent a Two Year Old With Joy! |

Throw Away Your Chemicals and Get Beautiful Hair the Natural Way!




How I Afford To Be A Stay At Home Mom – You have to make sacrifices in order to be a stay at home mom, but it is so worth it!

How I Afford To Be A Stay At Home Mom In A Two Income Society. |

Keeping a Balanced Approach to the Pre-K and Kindergarten Years.

Keeping a balanced approach to preschool and kindergarten is wise for the sanity of mom and child!


How A pregnancy Test Changed Everything

How a Pregnancy Test Changed Everything - Overnight.

Back To School Printables {Free!}



6 Ways to Survive the First Trimester 

6 Ways to Survive the First Trimester! |


Modesty Rules – A post about legalism and modesty

Modesty Rules? Should there be a hard fast set of rules for modesty? Click through to see!

Our Homeschool Curriculum for the 2014-2014 School Year – Some of this is still accurate, others we changed a few weeks into our school year. 🙂

Our Homeschool Curriculum for the 2014-2015 School Year!


Wearing Boots with Skirts 

Brown boots

Casual Shoes that Go With Skirts

Casual Shoes that go with Skirts!

How to Shop on ThredUP for Gently Used Clothing

How to Shop On ThredUP for Gently Used Clothing! |

6 Ways to Find Modest Clothes on a Budget

6 Ways to Find Modest, Affordable Clothing! |

Why Do You Dress Modestly?

Why Do You Dress Modestly? Do you have a firm answer?

How to Wear Long Denim Skirts

There are so many cute and stylish ways to wear a denim skirt! Here are just some examples, and if you click through I'll share even more ways to style a denim skirt!


Cold Weather Outfit Ideas for the Feminine Woman

Cold Weather Outfits for the Feminine Woman!


Makeup Tutorial For the Busy Mom – I actually made a video showing my makeup routine!

Makeup Tutorial for Busy Moms!

Makeup and the Face of a Mother


Whew! That was a lot of writing over this past year!

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8 Comments on Top Posts for 2014 On The Blog! {Plus a giveaway!}

  1. Caroline, you are a blessing. The love of Christ truly shines through! I was saddened to see certain posts causes controversy that drove you to tears… You follow Jesus, not any man-made rules, please be encouraged by the fact that I, as a complete stranger, can see that. May God continue to lead your family in a closer walk with Him this year!!

  2. I remember the jean post. As a young woman, who has grown up in church and had a relationship with Jesus since I was 5 years old, I FOUND THE COMMENTS ON THAT POST SICKENING, RUDE, AND DISGUSTING!! Above all, UNCHRISTLIKE. I was SO angered and sickened by how you were attacked for sharing your convictions with such grace, I literally wrote a HUGE email/comment in response, but decided eventually just to not post anything. My heart broke for you, Mrs Caroline. (And for the record, we attended a church for 8 years that pretty much preached it was a sin to wear pants, so I’m not some idiot who doesn’t know what she’s talking about.) I was surprised by that post from you, but there ARE some things you honestly can just do more MODESTLY in a pair of modest jeans! chasing your babies around a playground is one of them! 🙂 **I** appreciated your bold move and honesty in that post, and I’m so sorry you were so hurt by those comments 🙁 I hurt for you just reading them.
    I loved this little look back on the year type post 🙂 Several of the posts you featured were some of my favorites. ‘How to Make Herbal Glycerine Tinctures’ was a favorite of mine, as were ‘A Non-Disney Princess Birthday Party’, the adoption post, and the pants posts! I see several others I really enjoyed and some I seem to have completely missed that sound quite intriguing! Another post that hit me hard was the one about putting spiritual leaders on pedestals. Oi. did I need that one right at that time! 🙁
    I’m glad you and baby are doing well, too! And thank you so so much, Mrs Caroline, for your, this, ministry. I love this blog!

  3. Ahh, how sadly unsurprised I was at the comments on the jeans post. And yet, I believe God allowed it to happen so that we can see what fundamentalist Christianity’s natural progression looks like. Embarrassing, isn’t it, women? We can do better.

    Sometimes I read blogs such as yours and become nostalgic for the fundamentalist faith, and other times I am reminded why I left in 2002 and haven’t looked back! (Well, apart from following certain personalities online. You have hooked me, that’s for sure!) I sincerely pray you will find fulfillment in life apart from what a bunch of, for lack of a better term, mean women think of your outfits. Heavens, with all that’s going on in the world, to be so worked up over a pair of pants. They insult their own intelligence, that’s for sure. The other problem, which you’ve hinted at on this blog, is that they confirm many people’s suspicions of the homeschooling community (women don’t have beyond an 8th grade education, and act like it).

    Dear Caroline, there is so much more out there. May it be yours.

  4. Somehow I had completely missed the post on how to make your own magnesium lotion. I’m a little disappointed since I just made a trip to our natural foods store yesterday which is almost an hour drive from our home…Next time I’ll bring the list of ingredients so I can make a batch of this! I think I’ll use either ylang ylang or peace and calming to scent mine, although I love the joy essential oil too. Blessings for a happy new year, and thank you for all of the encouragement you give your readers! I admire your courage and Godly wisdom to follow your convictions from God 🙂

  5. Caroline

    I was saddened to read that you were so upset at the comments you received following your jeans post. Those people certainly did not demonstrate a christian attitude to you and should be ignored.

    I thought that you wore your jeans in a very modest way and I try to wear my trousers (pants) in a similar way when in public. I am really pleased that you still wear jeans occasionally.


    Rebecca Young

  6. Dear Caroline,
    First, thank you for blogging with such an honest heart. I am a first time mom, and I have been so encouraged by your posts. Your writing has been a blessing in my life!
    Second, you look adorable in your jeans! I wear jeans too sometimes:)
    God bless you,

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